Lose The Sight


Hello again my friends

How have ya been?  I sure hope the weather has been good
to ya.  It’s been fairly nice around these parts lately aside from
a little rain here and there.  Today it’s supposed to get up to
around 71 degrees F.  I have to add the F for Fahrenheit for
those of you that measure temperature in Celsius, because 71
in Celsius would be 159.8 Fahrenheit and that would really be
global warming LOL.  Anyways,  back to the journal and my
rambling hehehe!  Our landlord plowed the field in front of
our house this passed week for what reason I know not.  His
wife said he is planning on planting a garden and she said that
we could plant stuff too.  Yet as I look at this plowed up field
I wonder who is gonna dig up all those weeds LOL?  Not I :)!
Oh well,  he’s trying.  He may not be through with the plowing.
In any sense,  it has been nice around here weather wise.  We
had a bit of rain yesterday and last night.  Though it looks like
it will be sunny today and tomorrow.  Rain is scheduled for the
rest of the week LOL.  Judy’s place of business is still having
trouble finding good workers.  They had to fire the guy they
hired a month ago due to him not wanting to do the job right
and not getting along with the boss.  That’s life!  They’ve hired
one new guy that is the brother of another that had worked
there back when Judy worked there almost 8 years ago and
I’m hoping for Judy’s sake as well as the others that he does
well.  Well it’s on with the Greetings.  The shadows of spring
are upon us,  yet not in a heavy perspective LOL.  So far, the
only flowers I’ve seen growing are Dandelions/weeds LOL.
I wish I owned a weed eater.  I would try to whack down all
of these dandelions around our house.  I have a machete,  but
it will surely mess up my back and shoulder as well as the
rest of my body swinging it.  I hate getting old.  My old body
can’t even closely do what it used to do when I was younger.
I know,  to you 52 ain’t old,  but I’ve had some rough years
piled upon me as well as many health issues that have sped
up the wear on my body.  I have a degenerating disk disease
that is causing my spine to fuse and it hurts.  Yet,  I can still
walk around and take pictures,  so I am happy LOL.  Ya
gotta do what ya gotta do with what that ya have to do it
with hehehe, or at least give it a try hehehe!  God has given
me many gifts through time,  such as my abilities and in the
past I used and abused them.  Today I try my best to use
them for good and help others to see through the darkness
of the times there upon them and find some good and in the
process I also help myself.  I also get sad due to not being
able to see my friends and family.  I also get sad for not
being able to go to Port Aransas of where part of my heart
is still in existence.  Judy and I both love Port Aransas TX.
Maybe one day,  God willing,  we can go and visit.  In the
mean time,  I reckon here I’ll stay,  so I try to always find
some beauty in the surroundings to magnify in photography.
I thank God for all of the beauty that He has put for me
to view.  Sometimes though, we need to look over the way
to find it.  Take some time out today and search for the
beauty of God’s work in your surroundings.  Let yourself
if not but for a moment to lose the sight of the ugly that
may be in your line of sight and look for a new dawn :).
Let peace then find its way into your heart.  Well,  it’s
about time for me to be searching for a word or phrase
to use for today’s brand new poem in that place found in
my recollection through words I’ve written.  To that place
that I like to call RECOLLECT VILLE.  So, it’s away
I go,  on through the dusty travels of written words and
I do believe I have stumbled upon a good title.  Soooooo,
let’s see what I can do with it Hehehe!!!!!

Lose The Sight

Let your vision
seek the view
of much better
in front of you.
Lose the sight
of dismal days
as you look
on through the haze,
Let your vision
to be found
looking at
what does astound.
View the sky
and clouds above
and then think
of all God’s love.
Glance at flowers
blooming great
and then think
of a better date.
If it’s snowing
then delight
on the vastness
pearly white.
Let your sadness
fall from you
as you let God
to help you.
Lose the sight
of then and there
as you kneel
and say a prayer.

©By Bill Pearce
June 7,  2009

I hope that made some sense to ya.  It does to me and yes
I do take my own advise hehehe.  In most cases I’m talking
to myself LOL.  I spend a lot of time reflecting on the poems
I’ve written,  because God speaks to me through them.  He
has done that for years,  yet for many years I was too drunk
to read and understand the words I had written down.  For
some reason the words evaded me,  but then I awoke and
saw the answers in a recovery clinic 19 years ago.  Yeppers,
I’ve been clean and sober for 19 years this coming June 11th.
My counselor (Larry H) in Glen Oaks Hospital was the one
who started me using my poetry to help me.  He saw some
of my poetry and said hey dude, ya got anymore of this???
Yes he spoke like that hehe!!!  I said yep,  tons.  It’s all at my
parents house though.  He said, call em and have em bring it.
“Dude this will really help” and yes it did and I saw how it
helped me, so I began writing more and sharing it with the
AA and NA as well as prayer chapels and the hospital.
I even for a while had my poetry read on the local radio
station every Sunday morning as the thoughts for the day.
Then in the mid 90’s I got hooked up with the internet
and the Animal’s Greetings came alive.  So that in a sense
is how it all began 🙂 if by chance ya were wondering hehe.
OK so it’s about time for me to be hushing and looking
for that old off switch,  but before I do that I need to tell
you what I tell ya every week and that is,  I wrote some
more poems and haiku.  I even wrote 2 of my old style
poems.  I don’t write that style often,  being the lyrical
is my favorite.  I do hope you enjoy some if not all of
the poems and haiku.  Now,  with that said,  it’s time for
me to wish you a wonderful week.  Remember, Jesus
loves you and we do too.  Now where’s that off switch at
this time?  Hehehe found it in a ton of old thoughts!!!!!!
See ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Hehehe Judy bought me a hat that says I love Judy :).
Guess I will wear it in place of my Port Aransas hat
ever so often hehehe.  Yet me thinks people already
know that I love Judy,  ya reckon :)!!!!!

Now on with the poems.

Leave The Moments

The quest for peaceful
sometimes finds
places with just
confused minds.
The journey to
and back agin
leaves a few just
with a grin.
The mere quest
for breath of air
finds a few
within a prayer.
Many seek for
sudden peace,
yet some things
they won’t release.
Leave the moments
done and gone
and then quest for
brand new dawn.

©By Bill Pearce
June 6,  2009

Within A Book

Within a page
of written words
there can be
a flock of birds.
Stories read
of long ago
can become
your to and fro.
Within a page
of written time
there can be
a great design.
Words as pavement
for a road
so to carry
a heavy load.
Within a book
of words and more
there might be
an open door.

©By Bill Pearce
June 6,  2009

Wait For The Minute

Wait for the minute
of time ticking true
and then let patience
to live within you.
Hurry from wanna
can drive you insane
and leave you empty
without much to gain.
Wait for a minute
of time now today
as you are kneeling
to God as you pray.
Do not let wanna
to take your control,
because it can surely
empty your soul.
Wait for the minute
that speaks to your heart
before you let wanna
to make you to start.

©By Bill Pearce
June 6,  2009

Points in Time

Some see the curtain
and then rant with rage
yet many others see
a promising stage.
Some see half empty
and others see full,
yet it’s the mixture
that make wise or fool.
Some see a painting
as colors aren’t right
yet others see it
as a fantastic sight.
Some see a storm cloud
and begin to complain
yet many others see
much needed rain.
Some don’t do changes
in life very well,
yet others see them
as Heaven from Hell.
Some find the mornings
as just points in time,
yet others see them
as so very fine.

©By Bill Pearce
June 6,  2009

Learning Times Lake

Now is a threshold
from then unto there
that I am watching
while fanning the air.
Then is a timeframe
that passed right on by
on through the threshold
of wonder and why.
Tomorrow holds minutes
of now then and done
as a mere story
that has not begun.
Now is a threshold
that swings in the wind
leaving me choices
of when to begin.
We have the thresholds
as gates to and fro
that lead to places
we leave and we go.
Every single minute
of choices we make
leads us down rivers
to learning times lake.

©By Bill Pearce
June 6,  2009

They Stuck With You

Friends may come and friends may go,
yet some friendships will stay
even if they’re miles apart
their hearts will find a way.
Times will come and times will go,
yet some time will stand out
and on days you’re all alone
you’ll think what they’re about.
Fragments of a yesteryear
might be the hope you find
that helps you out from day to day
to somehow ease your mind.
People come and people go,
yet some turn into friends
and they make the days ahead
with lesser bitter ends.
Friends may come and friends may go,
yet you’ll find out true,
that some friends are better yet,
because they stuck with you.

©By Bill Pearce
June 6,  2009

A Brand New Plant

The trees are blowing
and they’re sowing
seeds from here to there
while bestowing
all they’re growing
as breezes in the air.
So look quick
to see the trick
of seeds upon the ground
and depict them
brick by brick
as what soon will be found.
The trees are shaking
and they’re making
rustling sounds I hear
while awaking
not forsaking
their seeds so sincere.
The seeds all plant
their times enchant
what soon will be anew
a brand new plant
that stands extant
from God to me and you.

©By Bill Pearce
June 6,  2009

A Moments Time

A plowed up field
is sought to yield
the foods for days ahead,
yet some fields
will just reveal
some dusty trails instead.
A simple scene
from brown to green
may find its sudden day,
yet between
the moments seen
might be a field of hay.
A summers page
from age to age
might be what you remember,
yet the stage
might be a page
remembered as December.
A moments time
of nows design
might just live within you
as you find
that time to time
you do what you must do.

©By Bill Pearce
June 6,  2009

We Need Some Action

Many are wanting
for days here and there
to be of a blessing
and filled with a prayer.
Many are standing
awaiting the view
of simple blessings
to bring forth anew.
Many are watching
the times moving on
while they are seeking
to find a new dawn.
Many though stand there
with hands opened wide
waiting for blessings
to just jump inside.
We need some action
to do as we wait
and then not always
just anticipate.

©By Bill Pearce
June 6, 2009

Folded in Place

So many voices
are muffled each year
while many act as
they just do not hear.
So many heartbeats
are not seen and heard
simply because we
think they’re absurd.
So many people
get lost in the grind
and we don’t see them
their bad state of mind.
So many needing
are found in the waves
of all the oceans
of similar days.
So many echoes
are heard year to year,
yet we will many times
not ever hear.
So many people
are folded in place
and they need Jesus
to save them by grace.

©By Bill Pearce
June 6,  2009

for June 6,  2009

Let yourself begin
your tomorrows state of mind
and make it better.

Sort through the flowers
and find the thoughts deep inside
that make brighter days.

Scenes on a hillside
may be needed part of time.
Search for the answers.

Count every breeze
as it blows gently on by
and then find some peace.

What may seem as bad
may be goodness that’s hidden.
Take the time to look.

On muggy mornings
you may need to say a prayer
to get you moving.

Simple little clouds
may combine altogether
and design paintings.

Summer comes slowly
in this New England city
in northeastern Maine.

Upon my doorstep
I am looking far and wide
while searching for spring.

Rivers are flowing
with their directions laid out
as patterns of time.

Leave a little time
for a brand new breath to breathe.
Exhale the bad air.

Sort through emotions
and seek for the right to feel.
Sometimes now is bad.

Study a painting
that is hanging on the wall.
Search for the picture.

Lessons of moments
may be shattered dreams gone by
and they were needed.

Flight of an eagle
shows so proud in the blue sky.
It displays power.

Glance down at the ground
and watch your each footstep.
Try not to stumble.

Gaze up at the sky
while searching for all the stars.
You might be amazed.

A feather blowing
is like a weightless moment
that’s found in the breeze.

Search through your friendships
and I am sure you will find
a few that are true.

Simplify a minute
by not letting every hour
to fill up your view.

Castles in the sand
will most surely wash away.
Build on solid ground.

Each day with seasons
brings the coming of anew
with blessings ahead.

©By Bill Pearce
June 6,  2009

God bless from Bill and Judy.

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