Sometimes Seems


Hello my friends

Are you ccccold where you are? It’s cccold up here, but I’m
guessing that it is scheduled to get much ccccolder before this
winter is over with hehehehe. Started off this morning with a
leaky toilet and had to call our landlord to come and fix it. He
came and thought he had it fixed, but I checked a minute ago
and it was still leaking so I had to turn the water off to it again.
Hopefully it gets fixed soon. I think it needs a new float valve to
stop it from filling. He saw how bad our driveway was and said
he’ll send the sand truck to toss some sand on it. It’s like an ice
skating rink out there LOL without the rink. Just one real long
runway hehehe all the way to the road and mailbox. Thank God
for cleats LOL. If it weren’t for the ice cleats that I strap to the
bottom of my shoes, I wouldn’t be able to check our mail hehehe.
That could be a good thing, being all we seem the get are bills
and catalogs anyways hehehehe. Though I think that the electric
company would turn off our electricity even if I said hehehehe
hey I never got the bill. Yeppers, they want their moolah! Well,
other than that, the past week has been rather same old same
old as Judy and I do our farms at FarmTown, FarmVille and
Country Life LOL as well as the other games. Of course we love
to watch game shows while doing so :). I’m doing my Country
Life farm off and on while I am writing this LOL. Hey. it keeps
me from totally going nuts hehehe. I’m stuck without anybody
to talk to other than call them on the phone or talk to Judy, so
what do ya expect. Hehehehe I love Judy, but I need others to
talk to being I’m a people person. Oh well, hehehe back to my
farm LOL. I do call my buddy Mark up once in a while to chat,
but it would be so much greater to chitchat in person. I call all
my friends time to time to chat, but it still doesn’t quite fill the
bill. Oh well, welcome to the what seems to be North Pole :).
Well, off of my bickers now 🙂 and onto yet another topic. The
weather is fairly nice considering what it was this time last year.
I saw on my weather program that hehe even Florida got some
snow LOL. I bet they were surprised and confused in the same
sense. Hey Marge, what’s that white stuff falling from the skies?
Don’t know, but it sure is cccold! Yeppers I think the last time
Florida got any of that cccold was in the 80’s LOL and it caused
a malfunction in a space flight by freezing the lines and gaskets.
I have tons of useless knowledge, did ya ever notice that LOL.
Funny thing is though I suck at trivia games hehehe. They never
ask the questions that I have knowledge about. Yet the other
night Who Want’s To Be A Millionaire had a row of questions
that I knew all the answers hehehe. Yet that my friends is a
one time thing LOL. Judy and I have surely been blessed with
our connection of interest. Not every couple can say that for
sure. I don’t care anything about sports hehehehe unless ya
call the Ice Capades sports. Yep, I lost my interest in football
when my blood and joints prevented me from playing. Don’t
care to watch if I can’t play. So my writing took the front seat
to my daily life :). God gave me this gift for a reason and I try
my very best to fulfill that reason as best that I can. There is
so much going on inside my head at times, it sometimes seems
like a word whirlwind. My thoughts will at times get jumbled,
but when I stop to put them down on paper on in this case in
text, the answers come jumping out. So often in my past, I had
the answers written down, but I was too clouded to read what
I had written. God gave me this ability as He gives us each one
our abilities and He wants us to use them as best that we can.
Not one persons gift is more important than another, for it’s
with the variety of gifts that makes up God’s plan. If you know
what your gift is, then try and use it as best that you can, yet
if you are unsure of what your gift is, pray about it and just
do what you do naturally and you might find that you’ve been
doing it all the while. Blessings can sometimes be found in
disguise and we may overlook them. Even death has a way of
being a blessing as it unites many together in harmony when
on any other timeframe they would not speak. 911 was one
of those times. It brought may together working side by side
that otherwise would not of had anything to do with each other.
Some saw just a loss of life, yet God saw many angels born
and ones united together for one cause. So each thing that
happens in life has a reason that we may not see. Praise God
for the blessings you may or may not see. Now it’s time for
me to begin my little venture back through all I’ve written here
to see if I can find a good word or phrase to use for the title for
today’s brand new poem. So it’s off I go to that place of my
recollection which I like to call RECOLLECT VILLE!!!!!!
I think I found a good title. Now let’s see what I can do with
it. Here goes, something I hope LOL!!

Sometimes Seems

Rekindled moments
of minutes we view
might sometimes seem
as a time oh so new.
Yes sometimes seems
as time gone away,
yet deep inside you
it lives day to day.
Echoes rekindled
as memento dreams
may be refurbished
as sometimes seems.
Using your playback
sound, sight and smell,
you can rekindle
your sometimes so well.
God gives us memories
for such a time
we can remember
later to dine.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 10, 2010

Ok so there it is. Hope the poem makes a little sense to ya hehe.
Judy got home from work just a few minutes ago, so I guess
I need to be winding this up 🙂 so I can fix her and I some dinner.
Before I go searching for that old off switch though I reckon I
need to tell ya what I’m sure you know I’m going to tell ya hehe
and that is I wrote some more poems and haiku. 10 more poems
and yes one Christmas poem as well as a wintertime poem and
yes of course I also wrote some haiku, 22 to be exact :), so ya
have a lot to read. I hope you like some of it. Now with that said
I guess I need to be bidding you all fairwell until I return again
next week. Always remember, Jesus loves you and we do too.
Now where’s that off switch hiding this time????? I do believe
I found it shivering in the other bathroom in a puddle of water.
Time to mop agin LOL??? Oh well, see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzz!

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems
10 and 22 🙂 hehehehe

God’s Picture Paintings

Winter’s upon us
as seasons go by
leaving us reasons
so many ask why.
Time chilling pages
are found in a way
such as the ages
of our day to day.
Winter’s arisen
with our to and fro
and painted pictures
of white fallen snow.
Yet oh so many
will just time again
see a bad penny
of wintertime’s pain.
Winter’s upon us
with new days to see,
such as the pictures
of snow on each tree.
The seasons given
a new to behold
that’s filled with beauty
by fresh fallen snow.
God’s picture paintings
are hung all around
as winters blessings
to daily be found.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 9, 2010

A Much Better View

Hard times will prosper
with things to attain
but we so often
won’t see any gain.
Many times hard times
leave us despair
thinking that no one
ever did care.
Yet it’s the hard times
that bring into view
better times hopeful
to one day come true.
Now is but a moment
as hard times arise
and now is the only
seen by our eyes.
God sees the future
beyond what that’s framed
and He knows goodness
will be then attained.
Learn from the troubles
that hard times accrue
and make tomorrow
a much better view.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 9, 2010

How We Succeed

Wise is the person
that leaves then alone
and does their best now
to always atone.
Wise is the journey
that’s not in display
as just a picture
for ones do or say.
Wise is the painting
that someone has done
when it is hanging
for God’s only Son.
Wise is a format
that many don’t see,
for they’re still living
in their history.
Wise is the story
of how we succeed
by leaving wanna
and filling with need.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 9, 2010

Lesser of Fools

Lines are formed
with steps in time
found in moments
yours and mine.
Feverish set backs
form into view
when in turnstiles
of here thereunto.
Footsteps are made
with gathering speed
with many wanting
what they think they need.
Lines are tangled
as webs of desire
while many wanting
are playing with fire.
Lines can change
with common sense tools
and find the ending
with lesser of fools.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 9, 2010


Here now tomorrow
will not be the same
even if seeming
it has the same name.
Tomorrow’s another
time to be done
found in the journey
that now has begun.
Places we’ve ventured
throughout our time
might in a way be
tomorrows design.
It’s with our choices
that we’ve gathered true
which make tomorrow
for me and for you.
Here now tomorrow
will not be as found
exactly the same as
what one day came round.
Tomorrow’s unique
in how it is made
for it is built on
what foundation’s laid.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 9, 2010

Christmas TV

Chimes are heard
as Christmas bells
from some songs
of Christmas tales.
All remembrances
found in a way
seem to be living
within Christmas Day.
So many gathered
together to see
all the old movies
of Christmas TV.
So many teardrops
fell from each face
while watching movies
of Christmas embrace.
Christmastime songs
in harmonized tune
sang of old Santa Claus
coming real soon.
Chimes are heard
in my memories
as I remember
now all of these.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 9, 2010

A Loser

One time a loser
means nothing at all,
for now’s beginning
of time to stand tall.
Just because losing
has taken your gain
it doesn’t stop you
from trying again.
Don’t let the loser
live within you.
Get up and strive now
for better to do.
One time a loser
does not mean the end,
for you can surely
then just try agin.
Leave all the losing
at yesterdays door
as you today now
try then once more.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 9, 2010

White Glistened Dew

Clouds are billowed
over my head
as they are forming
much to be said.
Words of snowflakes
fall from the sky’s
yet to be landed
right in my eyes.
Melting to water
on down my face
and into my mouth
I then have a taste.
I searched the clouds
to find but a word
of all the essence
seen but not heard.
Snowflakes silently
fell down to me
as I just watched on
what all I could see.
Clouds soon faded
and left in my view
snow painted hillsides
as white glistened dew.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 9, 2010

Hope is Gathered

Hope is shattered
with a thought
when it’s built on
what should not.
One with thinking
thoughts unclear
leaves a pathway
not sincere.
Hope can gather
with a prayer
if it’s given
true fresh air.
Moments heartaches
come to rise
when our timeframe’s
full of lies.
Hope is gathered
when we pray
and makes better
every day.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 9, 2010

Satan’s Dismay

The web of a spider
is spun so to say
to gather together
it’s food everyday.
Yet there’s a spider
within human form
that spins a web
to truly forlorn.
Satan’s that spider
through many seen
spinning his web
as an devious team.
Don’t let his spider web
encircle you
through all the things
you say and you do.
Seek for Lord Jesus
to guide you away
from all the devious
Satan’s dismay.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 9, 2010

for Jan 9, 2010

Climbing down heartbeats
leaves a long and rugged path
to the uncertain.

Havoc is blossomed
when our peace is forgotten
and left in the rain.

Looking at colors
makes ones eyesight blind to see
what that lives within.

Focusing on something
leaves so many things unseen.
Take a look around.

Don’t let ones judgment
be all that you are seeing.
Look with your own eyes.

Left might just be right
and right might just be no good
so learn to discern.

Together ones find
some good can be accomplished,
yet also can bad.

Out of bounds moments
leaves the journey without cause
and just a flawed game.

Doors to tomorrow
are opened and closed in time
as Lord God allows.

Today is a page
written in tomorrows book
to one day be read.

Lines are formatted
as people make their choices.
Let God help you choose.

Hindering process
is the ongoing turnstiles
paved with yesterdays.

Snow on the driveway
frozen as a block of ice
makes it hard to walk.

Effort is golden
when it’s done with true passion
and allowed its time.

Hindsight is blinding
if you only see wishes
and not the answers.

Looking at snowflakes
one can see God’s uniqueness
in each ones design.

The handle on doors
needs to be turned to enter,
otherwise stand there.

Climbing a ladder
might become rather awkward
if you’re not careful.

Search for the blessings
and you’ll most surely find them.
Don’t search for the lies.

Afterwards is found
as the timeframe that we see
the mistakes we made.

Jumbled confusion
leads many in their journeys
without asking why.

Trivial minutes
count the lifestyles of many
that are important.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 9, 2010

God bless from Bill and Judy.
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