Things Will Happen


Hello my friends

So how’ve ya been? Judy and I have finally managed to get the
flu bug off our backs LOL. I was beginning to think that we were
never gonna get well hehehe. We sure went through the tissues
with our runny noses and sneezing LOL. Well, the weather up this
ways has been a lot milder than the previous years thank God :).
Yep, we haven’t had any of the drastic below zero temperatures
as we had last year and year before. We have had a few nights of
below zero temps, but the days have been above the zero mark 🙂
most of the time. I know, it ain’t over with until the fat lady sings
hehehehehe. Start singing gal :). It would be nice to see Spring
this year LOL. Spring up here consist of more snow or at least
that is all I’ve seen this far since we moved up here hehehehehe.
I’m gonna try to hurry and get this thing written so I can go and
fix myself something to eat :). I’m famished. I didn’t eat nothing
for breakfast. My tummy’s growling hehehe. This passed week
has been a rocky one with Judy and I still bouting with the flu bug,
but we both seemed to get over it Thursday evening LOL. I guess
it ran its course in both of us and said time to go hehehe. It’s nice
to be able to breathe again without sneezing and snorting as well
as feeling more puny than normal :). We’re waiting to get our
income tax money back so we can pay to have DOC’s come and
fill up our oil tank :). Yet, I have managed to make our heating
oil to spread out and last by using the radiator heaters to sort of
help out. I’m learning how to survive up here hehehe. I do love
snow, yet I do believe there is such a thing as overkill in anything.
LOL, I can remember the long hot summers in Texas. Yeppers,
OVERKILL. Yet up here we have 6 months of winter and in my
book, that is WAY TOO MUCH hehehe. Oh well, what are ya
gonna do. Anywhere ya live, there are a few draw backs. Even
in the Bahamas ya got rain and hurricanes and such. Weather
never stays perfect anywhere LOL of course excluding HEAVEN.
That’s why I welcome the day that God calls me home to be in
that wonderful place. I’ll see all my friends and family that have
gone on before me as well as ones that will arrive in their time.
Yet, I must continue my life here on Earth and do the best that
I can until that blessed day of Heaven arrives. I just try my best
to find the good in the moments. It’s not always easy, for there
are times I get disgruntled with circumstances out of my control.
Life will go on. Things will happen. It’s part of life. Too many
will blame God for things, not realizing that sometimes, things
are just happening because they are part of our humanity that
God has allowed. He allows many things for a purpose beyond
our perception. He sees the full picture. We only see a glimpse.
Trust that all will be well one way or another as long as we do
our very best with what tools and gifts God gives us. I guess
with that said, I need to be taking my little venture back through
all I’ve written here to see if I can find a good word or phrase
that I can use for today’s brand new poem. So it’s off I go to
that place of my recollection that I like to call RECOLLECT
VILLE. My tummy’s grumbling still hehehe. I better hurry :).
I believe I found a good title. Now, let’s see what I can do
with it if anything LOL. Here goes something nothing anything
hehehehe whatever :).

Things Will Happen

Time will portray
things we see.
Things will happen
to you and me.
A moments journey
through a decade
might show messes
of which we made.
Seen by vision,
heard by sound,
will come around.
Places and people
we find on the way
might be the blessings
of some other day.
Things will happen
in places we go
that will be lessons
to help us to grow.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 24, 2010

Ok so how’d I do hehe? I hope that made some sense to ya.
I reckon I need to be hurrying and telling ya about the poems
and haikus that I wrote yesterday before my stomach decides
to start barking and biting hehehe. It’s growling at me as it is!
I wrote 10 poems yesterday and 3 of em are wintry Christmas
style poems :). Also I wrote 22 haiku for my haiku lovers hehe.
Hope some of them speak to you. Now with that said, I need
to be searching for that old off switch, but not before I wish
you a most wonderful week. Remember, Jesus loves you
and we do too. Now to find that off switch. Where did that
thing hide at it??? Hehehe I see ya peeking at me through
the leftover tissues hehehe. See ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems.
10 and 22 hehehe 🙂 Peace

Shows The Lessons

Similar seconds
in minutes we see
create the hours
in our history.
Moments repeated
in similar views
find us with lessons
in yesterdays news.
We may be blinded
by our day to day,
but soon the seconds
will make their display.
Similar moments
we’ve one day seen
may show us clearly
what they all mean.
It may be torment
and yes maybe pain,
that shows the lessons
from time and again.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 23, 2010

Future From Past

Some see the potholes
and others see humps
in all the patterns
of hurtles and jumps.
Some see the ugly,
and others see none
in all the pictures
from sun unto sun.
Some seek the answers
and others seek clues
in all the broadcast
in our daily news.
Some make the troubles
and others repair
as days are gathered
with ones unaware.
Some see the struggles
and others see task
which are the portholes
of future from past.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 23, 2010

Beauty For Free

Seasons explosion
might sometimes seem
as all the images
seen in a dream.
Pictures with colors
of green yellow red,
sometimes will blossom
inside of our head.
Seasonal blessings
may be the sight
such as the wintertime
painted in white.
All the explosions
of colors we find
are but the fragments
of Lord God’s design.
Winter brings snowflakes
a magical view
that are the seasons
wonderful hue.
Seasons will follow
their path that we see
so as to display
their beauty for free.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 23, 2010

Smiles and Frowns

Lines on a face
might not be clear
as they describe
how many got here.
All of the lines
may seem out of phase
but they may be just
from some other days.
People are varied
in how they react
to all the problems
of stack after stack.
Some may get burdened
and twisted inside
from all the problems
that they wish to hide.
Some may just be
all the lines in a row
found on their face then
that time did bestow.
Some are just people
as each days acquired
leading to the future
that’s somehow required.
Lines on a face
might just simply be
days they’ve acquired
through their history.
Smiles and frowns
will wrinkle the face
leaving the trademarks
of some time and place.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 23, 2010

It Will Find You

In but an instance
time can appear
as but a fragment
not oh so clear.
Rekindled journeys
might just be found
leaving a moment
not oh so sound.
Sometimes a moment
needs put to rest
for it was surely
not all the best.
So many heartaches
are in a way
found as the echoes
from their day to day.
Sometimes people
need but a hand
that can surely
help them to stand.
So many values
leave them a void
from what that’s happy
and what that’s enjoyed.
Open your heart up
and seek for what’s true
and then most surely
it will find you.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 23, 2010

My Daily Display

Tiny white snowflakes
seem to just float
on a gentle breeze
just like a boat.
Floating so graceful
they land on the ground
one by one surely
as others are found.
It’s winters paintings
of seasons delight
floating as snowflakes
that are pure white.
Christmas envisioned
in then and before
seems as the snowflakes
of which I adore.
Time table moments
of snowflakes cuisine
paints all the pictures
of scene after scene.
Tiny little snowflakes
gather each day
so as to be my
daily display.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 23, 2010


Handfuls of teardrops
fill up a view
sometimes with people
like me and you.
We may have problems,
no ones aware
and just think no one
ever did care.
Don’t keep the problems
locked deep inside,
for you will make ones
help as denied.
Teardrops are blessings
bleeding out pain
as a tea kettle
displays its gain.
Let a friend help you
when you are sad
and then your teardrops
won’t be so bad.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 23, 2010

Better To View

Images displayed
as morning arrives
may be the pictures
of yesterdays lies.
Often ones lifestyle
will misconstrue
all that the morning
has there to view.
Don’t let the images
be only found
as all the mornings
sadness abound.
Learn how to live
with truthful esteem
and you might find
a life you can dream.
Nightmares will cease
when truth is in you
and you will find then
better to view.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 23, 2010

On My Journey

Out on my journey
to mailbox and back
I always seem to
follow my track.
Step after step
I walk to and fro
daily to the mailbox
there in the snow.
While on my journey
I seem to find
things that my heartbeat
takes unto mind.
Passionate flavors
wintry and sweet
found as the white snow
that I can eat.
I remember mom
making us snow ice cream
out of the white snow
there in a dream.
Way back in Dallas
when I was a lad
I remember all the
good times I had.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 23, 2010

Look To The Past

Lands of our fathers
fall in disgrace
as so many people
lay it to waste.
So many people
try as they will
to destroy what our
father’s fulfilled.
We’ve let so many
to take and destroy
many of the things
that we did enjoy.
Freedom of choices
of what we can say
seems to be lessoned
when we can’t pray.
Look to the past now
and reach for the truth
that brings the lessons
learned from our youth.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 23, 2010

for Jan 23, 2010

Time in the making
is the passion of moments
continued ahead.

Longevity forms
as the links to bicycles
ridden in good health.

A simple heartbeat
is our life’s motivator
that leads to true love.

Breezes found blowing
change directions in moments
without asking us.

So many people
will watch us from a distance
while scratching their heads.

Manners of children
are created by parents,
yet also destroyed.

The moon is shining
even in the darkest of nights.
We just can’t see it.

Efforts from many
can make blessings to come true
if they will unite.

The horror of time
is the vision implanted
and not forgotten.

Galaxy favors
are the stars that we wish on
and make out our plans.

Nomads of journeys
are left without a reason,
yet just to move on.

Flowers in winter
may be found in the pages
of inside delight.

Many will gather
in the heat of emotions
that lifestyles portray.

A forest of trees
makes way for the beginnings
that may just destroy.

Shallow are ones looks
when they are all that you see
and there’s nothing more.

Misprinted people
with a bittersweet mindset
will end all confused.

Errors are chances
to correct and make better
as time moves along.

Through the looking glass
we will see our reflection
that others see different.

Midwinter’s secrets
are unleashed as the snowflakes
float down to the ground.

Waiting for Heaven
needs be done with open arms
and love for Jesus.

Managing minutes
might sometimes become trouble
if there is no time.

While facing turmoil
you might lose track of Jesus.
Remember He’s there.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 23, 2010

God bless from Bill and Judy.
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