A New Day


Hello my friends

I hope you have a Merry Christmas.  Judy and I did.  We spent
it home with the boys watching Christmas movies and eating :).
I’m guessing we might of gained a few pounds hehehe.  Oh well,
we enjoyed our time together with the boys.  We opened up our
gifts Christmas morning.  We got some T shirts for us that say
Official Dog Walker and Benny and Milo got tube shirts that
say Official Human Walker LOL.  My loving wife bought them
for us :).  We’ve still got tons of snow outside.  Our neighbor
and his brother or one of his friends made sure the driveways
were plowed.  LOL they got out last night and played with the
snowplow.  I moved our car so they could plow our driveway
and noticed the BIG oversized tires on his truck and made a
comment.  “I bet they dig in huh”  and he said” watch this”.
They took off through the deep snow in the field and pushed
and shoved their way through.  I took a video of them and my
neighbor said “send it to me”.  I had to size it down first LOL,
but I got it done and emailed it to him hehehe. I bet he gets
a kick out of the video.  They were hollering at me way out in
the field saying oops.  hit a wall,  then he backed up and gave
another running shot at it and plowed right through hehehe.
The snow was about 3 or more feet deep,  but he managed
to plow through.  I thought sure he was gonna either blow up
his motor or hit a spot that was too deep for even his large
tires to trudge through.  Thoughts in my head said,  he might
have to wait for spring thaw LOL.  But,  he made it.  They
had a blast.  This was all going on at around 1 AM in the
morning LOL.  He said, “we we weren’t too loud were we”?
I said naw,  Judy and I are night owls and were just messing
around Facebook.  Anyways,  that is pretty much all of our
excitement from our little spot in the world hehehe.   Yep,
The Pearce’s Place on most days is a quiet one aside from a
couple of happy barking dogs.  Benny and Milo keep us
entertained.  Judy went over her sisters house Saturday
and me and the boys had some guy time LOL.  I laid down
for a bit and then got up and did the dishes.  Judy got home
late and brought us burgers and fries from McDonalds :).
We watched Pit bulls and Paroles and then played our word
game Fowl Words.  She played on her PC and I played on
mine.  We often get stumped and help one another figure
out the words LOL.  She’s better at it than me. My brain
doesn’t unscramble letters very well LOL.  Anyways,  we
enjoyed the evening and actually went to bed at around
3 AM which is actually a bit early for us compared to what
we normally do LOL.  I need to hurry and finish this so
I can fix her and I something to eat.  She is still in bed,
but neither of us has eaten anything today and I’m getting
hungry.  God has kept His Mighty Hands of love over us
protecting us from evil.  We’ve found the blessings within
our being joined together.  My life has been changed as
it has turned a new page from my life that had begun in
Texas to a different perspective with different scenery.
I had to stop and write few haiku LOL.  I had forgotten.
Ok, so back to the journal.  There’s not much else to tell.
Benny and Milo just came in here wanting my undivided
attention LOL.  I gave them each a treat that should keep
them busy for a bit.  They are good boys 🙂  God knew
that they needed a loving home and that we had much
love to give.  We can’t imagine our lives without these
little boys now.   It seems like they have always been
here with us.  Thank You God!  I guess it’s time for me
to begin my little search for a word or phrase that might
work for a good title for today’s brand new poem.  So,
it’s away I go to that place of my recollection that I like
to call RECOLLECT VILLE.  I think I found a good
title,  but must check to make sure I haven’t already
used it LOL.   Nope,  so it’s a go.  I hope I can write
something that makes sense using it LOL.  Here goes!

A New Page

A new year
with new to see
begins with time
from history.
A new page
of life that’s turned
brings to view
a new discerned.
Minutes pass
as ticking time
with impressions
that might rhyme.
For some moments
that we see
might be same
in you and me.
A new year
with a new page
gives a chance
for age to age.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 29,  2013

Ok,  so I hope you enjoyed my rambling,  oh yea and the poem.
Yeppers,  it’s been a week to remember around here.  Mostly
due to the snowplowing escapade of my neighbor last night LOL.
Yes,  Christmas was wonderful too :).  Ok so there’s not much
else to tell you,  so I guess it’s time for me to tell you what I tell
you every week and that is I wrote some more poems an haiku.
Yet,  this week I only wrote 5 poems being it was the Christmas
holidays.  Two of the poems are Christmas poems which brings
my total for Christmas poems this year to 102 LOL.  I also wrote
22 haiku for all of my haiku lovers out there,  but I accidently
wrote one extra before I caught myself hehe.  I hope you find
something that you like.  Now,  it’s time for me to be searching
for that ornery off switch that loves to TRY to hide from me :),
but not before I wish you a most wonderful week and a Happy
New Year.  Remember,  Jesus loves you and we do too.  OK,
where is that off switch hiding this time?   I think I see it there
right behind my eyedrops.  Hey dummy,  next time find a place
that’s a least a little larger than you to hide behind hehehehe.
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
5 and 22+1 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Among The Stars

A snowy sky
of winters smile
displays as
a scenic while.
Among the stars
are views not seen
as winters style
a snowy dream.
The ventures found
are winters way
among the stars
of day to day.
The chilling frost
that comes and goes
is shadowed by
how winter snows.
Among the stars
is hidden well
the glaze winter
ones foretell.
The Earth goes round
as scenes are made
leaving footprints
ones have laid.
Among the stars
are you and I
upon this Earth
and snowy sky.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 29,  2013

Wings of Prayer

Winters stories
Christmas found
each December
comes around.
Wings of prayer
so many see
come with Christmas
you and me.
Scenes all decked out
lights aglow
with some displays
in the snow.
Ornaments hung
from every tree
for Christmas hearts
to surely see.
Christmas blessings
fill the air
brought by Jesus
wings of prayer.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 29,  2013

Snowflakes of Christmas

Dreams of a snowflake
falling from the sky
are often found sweetly
as a Christmas reply
Snowflakes of Christmas
become every view
as many see pictures
of Jingle Bells true.
Silent Night images
also are seen
snowflakes of Christmas
found in a dream.
So many Christmases
come and will go
with ones just dreaming of
flakes white as snow.
Snowflakes of Christmas
become every wish
found as a blessing
of Christmas delish.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 29,  2013

The New Year Comes

The days of past
are shadows seen
that which was
a fluent stream.
The ticking minutes
now are gone
the new year comes
with a new dawn
With the movement
times bestow
the new year comes
as rivers flow.
True the past
reflected gaze
the new year comes
with better days.
Choices voices
said and done
the new year comes
to be begun.
Leave the passed days
troubles found
and look for good
this time around.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 29,  2013

Shadows of Thoughts

As years pass by
and each day changes
shadows of thoughts
our time rearranges.
Our views of then
in yesterdays frame
might now recall
a much different name.
For all the shadows
of thoughts we see
might be a lasting
Those days are gone
as years pass by
leaving so many
just asking God why.
For every minute
brings forth a view
shadows of thoughts
that once were you.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 29,  2013

for Dec 29,  2013

Life is a turnstile
that often swings real loosely,
but often will squeak.

When life brings sadness
find the joy of passing days
and then give a smile.

Mysteries of life
often live within our hearts
as two lives connect.

When Wintertime fades
it leaves thoughts within our mind
that recalls beauty.

Looks can be shadows
of what a person’s thinking,
but not who they are.

With every snowflake
there’s a building block of life
that’s displayed as white.

Windows of winter
bring us displays of snowflakes
with cold winds that blow.

A simple lifestyle
can become a disaster
if out of control.

A world connected
can become unbeatable,
but also trouble.

Living with peaceful
needs a little excitement
to not be boring.

A glimmer of life
can spark a new perspective
if death was in mind.

The spirit of God
brings strength to a passing gaze
as hope is alive.

With every minute
there are chances for a change,
either good or bad.

A journey of miles
begins with a few actions
backwards or forwards.

Tinsel on a tree
makes it to glitter and glow
like smiles on a face.

Beyond December
holds January’s intro
with New Year begun.

Today’s reflection
might not be so very great
when seen tomorrow.

Lessons from struggles
will stay with you much longer
than ones that you read.

Believing in someone
can give them strength to live
if you tell them true.

Today shows blessings
that many will not perceive
due to clouded minds.

A life that’s ignored
might wither away and die,
so show them your love.

Forgiving someone
is sometimes real hard to do
due to memories.

The shadow of love
finds it way inside a heart
and begins breathing.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 29,  2013

God bless from Bill and Judy

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