Quickly Changing


Hello my friends

How have you been?  I’ve been sort of under the weather
a bit and incredibly sore due to our bed sort of needing to
be put to rest LOL. My side and chest hurt so bad it felt
like a machete cut me each time I tried to get a breath of
air.  It really freaking hurt when I sneezed or coughed LOL.
We rotated the mattress last night and that seemed to do
the trick.  At least for a bit hehehe.  One day when we’re
rich,  we’ll buy us a new mattress,  but I’m guessing that
it won’t be any time soon.  So it’s on with my rambling :).
Saturday Sept 20 was my grandmothers birthday.  She’s
107.  Yep,  still alive.  My mom said that Grandmother
was in a good mood yesterday and had a great time at her
birthday party.  I sure wish I could have been there too.
I wonder how many candles they put on her birthday cake.
I bet the fire department was waiting close by hehehe :).
I love my grandmother as a second mom.  Paw Paw and
her were always a big part of my life.  Anyways,  Happy
belated birthday Grandmother.  I love you bunches and
bunches :).  I wish you could see well enough and were
even interested in computers so you could see this,  but
you are from a different decade/century.  BIG HUGS to
you anyways :).  Ok, so what else is there to write about?
As I said in the beginning,  I have not been feeling well
lately and I didn’t write any poems or haiku yesterday.
I did though write them all today (Sunday).  I might even
get this finished and published later tonight.  God only
knows hehehe.  If I don’t get it done tonight,  I’ll most
surely finish it tomorrow (Monday).  It’s 8 PM right
now and the boys and I are waiting for Judy to come
home.  She might be home in an hour or so.  She said
she was going to stop at WalMart and pick up a few
necessities before she came home.  Me and the boys
took a little stroll out in the field today.  It was so windy
we almost blew away hehehe.  It seems to have calmed
down a bit now though.  It rained a little bit this evening
and it’s suppose to rain some more Monday.  I sure
wish I could send some of this rain to my mom in Texas.
Oh well,  I can pray.  Ok,  so onto another hopeful topic.
The seasons are quickly changing up here.  I’ve noticed
a few trees with leaves already turning colors,  but I’m
sure the full color change won’t happen for another few
weeks at least.  You never really know until they start
changing.  Most times we will see the beginning of the
change right outside our front door.  Judy’s gotta buy
some new batteries for her camera before we head
out on a fall color photo drive.  It seems that all three
of her batteries have gotten old and won’t hold much
of a charge.  I sure wish her camera used regular
batteries LOL.  No matter,  we’ll get some more soon.
So,  what else is happening up here?  I can’t think of
anything hehehe.  We’re pretty much doing our same
old routine.  Always trying to find something that we
can watch on TV.  I just checked and I found a couple
of good TV programs we can watch.  So,  hopefully
Judy will be home in time to watch them :).  I’m sure
she will be.  Even still,  if she’s not,  I’ll just record
them.  Ice Road Truckers comes on at 10 o clock.
That’ll take care of an hour :).  Of course we always
seem to end up watching cartoons if we can’t find
anything else to watch.  We love Tom and Jerry :).
Milo is in the floor beside me sleeping soundly.
I’ve started calling him Lumberjack being he does
saw some logs LOL.  Benny’s in the living room as
always guarding the house from his perch upon his
favorite recliner hehehe.  If he hears something
he’ll start barking and if I don’t come,  he’ll come
and get me hehehe. He’s such a cutie LOL.  We
love them both as our little boys.  Thank You God
for filling our home with love.  I know we have a
few bad days,  but we always know that you are
here with us to make it better.  Of course there
will be sadness,  for with humanity and free will
comes happiness and sadness.  They are sides to
the same coin.  Sadness makes us more grateful
for the happiness.  Without sadness and hard times
we would just take each day as boring without joy.
When you are sick,  do you not feel grateful to
be well when it passes.  Yes many ailments never
pass,  but they can make us stronger as we deal
with each day and we find ourselves in prayer.
Don’t let the sadness of a moment to destroy
what happiness that can be found as time moves
on.  Learn to truly forgive and put things where
they need to be,  in the past.  You may never
forget,  but use then as lessons to make a better
future.  Our choices in life create the pages of
our book of time.  There might be a few that you
want to bookmark,  but others you might want
to consider as lessons learned and not harbor on
the thoughts.  With that said,  I reckon I need
to be taking my little venture back through all
that I’ve written here to see if I can find a good
word or phrase that I can use for the title for
today’s brand new poem.  So,  it’s away I go to
that place of my recollection that I always like
to call RECOLLECT VILLE.  I think I found
a good title and after checking I see that it has
not been used yet BY ME hehehe.  I hope I
can write something that makes sense using it.
Here goes.

Quickly Changing

Sudden moments
not so briefly
change the times
of which we see.
Doorways squeaking
in our view
quickly changing
Worded vessels
carry on
quickly changing
dusk to dawn.
Morning comes with
sights to see
that God gave
to you and me.
Yet some moments
quickly changing
might not be but
We might just be
in a hurry
quickly changing
in a flurry.
Don’t let hurry
be your style
take the time
to wait a while.
Quickly changing
might need slow
sometimes when you’re
feeling low.
Allow a moment
changed in time
to be found
with God Divine.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 21,  2014

Ok,  did that make any sense to you?  I’m never sure.
There are a few moments that even elude my mind.
Don’t try to figure it out LOL.  I just write so fast at
times that I don’t even think about what I’m writing.
I Just start typing.  Of course the hardest part’s coming
up with a new title.  When I have a title,  the thoughts
just start coming to me.  Well it looks like Judy is home.
I hear Benny raising a fit in the living room hehehe,
so I’ve gotta go help Judy bring in the groceries.  Ok,
so all of the groceries are put away.  I guess it’s time
for me to tell you what I tell you every week and that
is,  I wrote some more poems and haiku.  Yeppers,
10 more poems with one of them being Christmassy.
I also wrote 2 poems about Benny and Milo LOL
and yes I wrote 22 more haiku for my haiku lovers
out there.  I guess I will be finishing this tomorrow.
Ice Road Truckers is on 🙂  It’s over now and we
watched a few home improvement programs.  Now
I think I need to go and lie down and try to get some
rest.  I took two aspirin and two Benadryl or the
cheaper generic form of it LOL.  I’ll finish this in
the morning sometime.  Peace and out!  I’m back :).
I had to wait until the Benadryl wore off.  It always
messes with my eyes and being that I only have one
good eye,  it really put a damper on doing anything
for a bit hehehe.  It’s 12:30 in the afternoon and I’m
going to try and get ‘er done,  but not before I fix
us something to eat.  I’ll be back hehehehe.  I fixed
us EGGO’S  and sausage links.  Yummy yum yum :).
Now to finish this mess.  Let’s see,  I told you about
the poems and haiku,  so now I need to begin my
search for that poorly elusive off switch,  but not
before I wish you a most wonderful God filled week.
Remember,  Jesus loves you and we do too.  Ok,
now where is that dad burned off switch hibernating
this week LOL.  It had an extra day to find a good
hiding spot and I wonder if it used it?   Nope,  I can
see you ya silly thing.  You did though do a little bit
better than last week,  didn’t ya :),  but hiding behind
my nose spray wasn’t gonna work,  at least not today.
My allergies are really giving me heck hehehehehe.
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce
and also Benny and Milo Pearce 🙂

P.S.  I had to save the email and reboot my PC due
to my mouse pointer going AWOL hehehe.

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehe 🙂

The End Of Summer

A summer’s day
with gusty winds
I am found with
my two friends.
Four pawed fellows
white and brown
these true friends
remove my frown.
We go walking
running too
in the field
within our view.
The end of summer
brings in phase
autumns colors
future days.
A summer’s day
we will remember
after fall
and through December.
Pictures taken
one by one
the end of summer
and its sun.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 21,  2014

A Dog Day Of Autumn

With all the doorways
that open and close
a dog day of autumn
makes colors compose.
Displayed as paintings
with colorful trees
found as a flavor
that our eyesight sees.
A dog day of autumn
with four paws delight
Benny and Milo
are anxious for sight.
My wife and I also
are awaiting the view
a dog day of autumn
with colors so true.
Those little footsteps
of four pawed design
soon will be running
in fields so divine.
Seeing all the artwork
that God’s given them
a dog day of summer
is out on a limb.
Leaves many colors
red,  yellow and brown
joined with some green
that’s found all around.
A dog day of summer
will then pass on by
as all the tree leaves
fall from so high.
Falling from the branches
of a seasonal sun
us and the boys see
a new day begun.
Then with the ticking
of Father Time’s clock
we’ll feel the presence of
wintertime’s knock.
Hiding all the colors
that fall leaves have changed
a dog day of autumn
is winter arranged.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 21,  2014

Not Learning Why

So many heartaches
will often be found
when we are walking
just looking around.
Sometimes those heartaches
can be better seen
when we seek truly
what that they mean.
Often they are lessons
with miseries disguise
displayed in timeframes
with so many whys.
Us asking questions
about everything
acting maybe blindly
as a puppet on a string.
Time shows us answers
that many will deny
while the truth is there
but they’re not learning why.
Left in a darkroom
with no answers found
as some people live
not turning around.
Not seeing shadows
of their own mistakes
and not learning why
through all that it takes.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 21,  2014

Without A Thought To Find

Beyond our ventures
thoughts are made
where and when
with who displayed.
Without a thought
to find the light
so many troubles
come in sight.
Beyond our eyesight
seems devoid
without a thought
of time deployed.
Without thinking
many find
things less thought of
in our mind.
Hidden deeply
maybe lost
in a moment
without a thought.
Books of thinking
lost in words
might end up as
flocks of birds.
So conclusions
someone’s time
is without
a thought to find.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 21,  2014

Lost In Time

Believing is seeing
or so that they say,
for so many blessings
will come day to day.
Without a sight of
The True Hand of God
so many blessings will
find no applaud.
So many people
will lose sight of love
not seeing truly
God’s love from above.
The lives of so many
will just look away
while lost in time
with only the gray.
Losing ones footing
on pathways we climb
so often find ones
scenes lost in time.
Footsteps that stumble
while going too fast
might lose the shadows
that God’s love has cast.
So let not hurry
to cause you to fail
leaving you worry
so grown in detail.
Find now the footsteps
of your best design
and don’t let yourself
to be lost in time.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 21,  2014

It’s Coming Soon

Soon autumn’s leaves
will fall to the ground
while waiting patiently
for what that’s found.
White snow to follow
the autumn fall colors
as snowflakes fall then
with one then the other.
For it’s coming soon
that most precious day
when there is white snow
to cover the gray.
Then as the snowflakes
fall down to the Earth
there will be Christmas
highlighting A Birth.
Jesus Christ truly
with each day we find,
it’s coming soon now
that great frame of mind.
That day so special
with each Christmas tune
is found on my mind now
for it’s coming soon.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 21,  2014

Sometimes A Journey

A stone trodden pathway
with rocky road smiles
sometimes a journey
is much more than miles.
Pebbles laid loosely
to point out the way
sometimes a journey
is there on display.
Driven by turnstiles
of moments and dreams
sometimes a journey
is of rushing streams.
Then all those footsteps
might just wash away
sometimes a journey
then without display.
Many a pathway
is just but a mile
sometimes a journey
to bring you a smile.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 21,  2014

Breath Of Life

One breath another
with more then to breathe
a breath of life is
then to conceive.
Two times connected
with more times to grow
a breath of life is
more than just show.
Truth of ones breathing
is heartbeats in time
a breath of life that
comes from Divine.
Echoes of people
with timeless detail
a breath of life then
sets lives a sail.
For with a true breath
of loving so sweet
a breath of life can
make ones complete.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 21,  2014

Snowy Afternoons

Soon in December
I’ll only see white
with every day then
and then every night.
Mornings will blossom
with wintertime tunes
of white flakes just blowing
some snowy afternoons.
Decembers glimmers
of icicles strung
found on some doorways
so magically hung.
Then on the tree limbs
the snow will display
snowy afternoons
in the midst of each day.
Icicles hanging
as winter comes soon
now is imagined
of a snowy afternoon.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 21,  2014

Friends With The Moon

Daylight meets nighttime
with stars in the sky
but so many look up
and still wonder why.
The moon is hung thusly
in its home in space
showing itself sometimes
a much different face.
Often it’s hidden
only a partial degree
as it continues
its bond with the sea.
Making the sea swell
with tides coming in
and then to leave
with time and agin
Friends with the moon
is an ocean of time
displayed so often
as scenes so divine.
Friends with the moon
are heartbeats so great
for it’s there always
with love to create.
As two stand together
with their hearts in tune
the bond is then magnified
friends with the moon

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 21,  2014

for Sept 21,  2014

Ashes to ashes
begins many blind viewpoints
when judging others.

Looking out windows
can only give a good view
if they are clean.

When blinded by time
the past can become distant
and maybe saddened.

Look for the good times
that your yesterdays brought you
and lose the sadness.

A sunny morning
becomes a glistening sight
as it turns brighter.

The fresh wind of time
blows in with much emotion
leaving trails behind.

Lessened are the days
that we allow to slip by
when joy was within.

Losing your journey
inside of empty pathways
needs new direction.

A single moment
can determine your future
so be real careful.

When finding yourself
make sure it’s really you
and not someone else.

Looking back through time
you might see some bitterness
that still holds you back.

A mountain so high
becomes someone’s photograph
that’s seen from afar.

As the day draws nigh
there is nighttime to exist
with the moon and stars.

Without true effort
you cannot grow with lessons,
so get off your butt.

A warm summer sun
brings many a day of fun
and some wants for rain.

When looking upwards
we might run into something
right in front of us.

Looking for stardom
might lose all your privacy
so heed the warning.

Moments of peaceful
come when you let go of things
that you can’t control.

As seconds tick on
our minutes become hours
that make our lifetime.

When now meets a need
that was hidden in the dust
many then see God.

Changing perception
can create better viewpoints
while seeing both sides.

Some dreams do come true
and some turn into nightmares.
Careful what you wish.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 21,  2014

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