The Safe Zone


Hello my friends

It’s been another week gone by and Judy and I have been
getting a few more fall colors caught on camera.  They’re
almost all gone away though with just a few lingering,  but
we did manage to catch a few on camera.  Judy went to see
the dentist in Houlton Tuesday and while she was in being
taken care of,  I walked around outside and found me a few
nice spots to take pictures.  One of which was downtown
from where we were.  The colors were beautiful.  I took a
few pictures on our drive to town as well.  Yep,  we’re still
taking the boys for walks in the field.  We had missed a few
days and when we headed out for the field Thursday,  little
Benny was all a twitter.  He was like a little BB as he shot
here and there as fast as his little legs could run.  Milo of
course took it nice and slow just like us LOL.  He’s old :).
As soon as I finish writing my journal, I’m gonna take them
out for a stroll in the field.  I managed to get back into the
rhythm of writing my poems and haiku on Saturday.  Of
course that is subject to change being I’m human hehehe.
It got cold last night.  By midnight it was 30 F degrees brrr.
We had to turn on our radiator heaters.  It’s sort of cold
right now.  It’s 50 F degrees at 11:30 AM,  but supposed
to get back down to the lower 30’s again tonight.  Winter
is baring its teeth at us.  I wouldn’t be surprised if we got
an early snow this year.  It’s happened before!  Yep,  the
year is almost at its end once agin to start off yet another.
Benny wanted to go outside and explore around the house
so I let him out.  Last time I looked,  he was walking along
the side of the house.  Milo came with me to check on him.
He’s always keeping tabs on his little brother hehehehe.
If Milo thinks Benny has been out too long,  he’ll start
pawing at the door the same as he does when he’s gotta
go potty,  but the difference is,  he won’t go outside LOL.
He’ll just wait for Benny to come back in hehe.  After me
checking on Benny, Milo is resting in a doggy bed right
beside me.  It’s partly cloudy right now,  but that doesn’t
mean that the sun isn’t shining bright,  because it is. It’s
blinding to look outside without sunshades.  Me and the
boys will go out for our stroll sometime later in the day.
As you may have guessed it,  Judy is over at her sisters
house taking care of her mom while her sister goes to
work.  Judy does this every Sunday,  so the boys and
me have kind of gotten used to it.  Hehehe Benny got
shocked the other day when he apparently forgot that
he was not to go out in the field without us,  but he was
reminded by his electronic collar :).  It governs how
far they can go,  just like an electronic fence.  I’ll never
forget the first day that we tried it on Benny.  He went
too far and instead of coming back when he heard it
beeping,  he kept going and it shocked him,  but he ran
ahead instead of turning around and so I had to run
and tackle him and bring him back to the safe zone :).
He learned after that,  that when he hears it beeping,
to turn around.  Milo is hard of hearing,  but he can
hear the high pitched beeping.  The first time he went
too far,  he came back shaking his head and we knew
why LOL.  He might of gone a bit too far,  but we had
to start making them wear them agin,  due to after our
visits to the field,  they thought they could roam that
far always.  NOPE!  I’m trying to teach them that we
are to accompany them whenever they go out in the
field.  They’re learning.  Benny has gotten in a habit
of playing a little game with me in the field hehehehe.
When I say come here,  he looks at me as if to not hear
me,  but when I start slowly walking his way,  he comes
running LOL.  It’s his form of playing chase hehehehe.
He loves to try to get Milo to play chase with him and
then there are times that Milo will comply and it’s on.
It’s looking like more clouds have blown in.  I just took
a few pictures of them.  I love how they decorate the
sky.  I swear,  it seems that every time I walk out of
the room,  I have a little 4 legged shadow LOL.  Milo
follows me everywhere.  Benny is in the other part of
the house playing.  I can ever so often hear the jingle
of his collar LOL.  It’s warmed up a bit.  Now it’s only
53 F degrees hehehe.  I’m guessing that’s as warm as
it’s gonna get today.  It’s not that bad.  I’m used to
the winters with much colder,  so 53 is quite warm :).
In other words,  I can handle the cold much better
than the heat.  Yes,  I get cold,  but I can always put
on more clothes,  but I can only take off so many till
the neighbors start complaining LOL.  Plus I do love
snow,,,,,,,,,,, for a month or so,  but even I get a bit
sick of it after a while,  especially when it has turned
to merely ice and the driveway turns into a skating
rink and I don’t skate LOL.  I do have a pair of cleats
that I bought that I can attach to any of my TWO pair
of tennis shoes.  Nope,  I ain’t got a ton of shoes,  but
I do have one pair of hunting shoes for walking in the
woods from time to time.  I don’t hunt.  I don’t like
killing animals,  but me thinks if I had to,  I would
maybe kill a snake or something that threatened my
life or someone else’s.  I had to chase off a porcupine
the other day that was getting a bit too close to our
house and Benny was really getting anxious hehehe.
I didn’t want Benny or Milo to end up with a bunch
of spines stuck in their face.  Back in 2013 a skunk
took up residence in Benny’s doghouse and Benny
was bound and determined to get him out on his own,
but thankfully I was quick to snatch up Benny and
put him in our house.  Then,  I had the pleasure of
finding out how I was going to get that little bugger
out of his doghouse.  I tried poking and prodding to
make him lose his stink while I was protected behind
the house,  but that didn’t work.  So then I thought
of carrying him and doghouse out to the field near
the tree line and shake him out.  It was dark by then.
Well,  I made it out to the field,  but when I began to
try to shake the skunk out of the doggy door,  the
worst scenario happened.  The bottom of the house
fell out with the little skunk falling right before me.
LOL,  I wasn’t sure where he had fallen,  being it
was real dark,  so I shined my flashlight down on the
ground and there he was,  him and I with eyes locked
on one another.  I grabbed up the dog floor and took
the house and ran like the wind.  Fortunately,  I was
not sprayed.  I guess the little guy had pity on me
for what I had gone through hehehe.  I looked out
there a bit later,  I saw that he had gone back to
the woods WHERE HE BELONGED hehehehehe.
So,  you see,  I don’t kill unless I really have to.
Spiders,  yes I kill them because they creep out
Judy hehehe and yes of course rodents such as
mice and rats that get in the house from time to
time.  I know,  some of you out there have mice
as pets,  but these are not pets LOL.  When I was
young,  my Paw Paw found out in a aggravating way
that I don’t like to kill,  when he took me with him
when he went hunting LOL.  He was all ready to
shoot a rabbit and I hollered run for your life little
bunny hehehe.  I had guns,  but only shot at cans
and bottles.  Nope,  he never took me hunting with
him again after that LOL.  We did though enjoy
many a night fishing and I for some odd reason
didn’t mind catching and cleaning fish for my dear
grandmother to fry them up for us to eat :).  So,
I guess you could say,  I’ve killed fish.  Oh well,
none of us is perfect hehehe.  That’s why God did
what He did when He gave us His Son.  We will all
make mistakes,  for none of us is perfect.  Some
may think that they are,  but if they look at their
lives in a true mirror,  they will see many flaws in
their lives.  I have tons of flaws,  but I just do the
best I can to correct what I am able and let Jesus
have the rest.  He forgives us each one if we will
allow Him in our lives.  Don’t push Him away and
walk in the world blindly.  There are many things
out there that we cannot handle,  but Jesus can.
Let Him have them.  Don’t just sit and expect Him
to do it all,  for Jesus expects us to at least try to
do our part.  When you are weak, you will find Him
there just waiting to help.  Ok so now that I have
gone and rambled longer than on most days LOL,
I reckon it’s time for me to begin my search back
through all that I’ve written here to see if I can
find a good word or phrase that I can use for the
title for today’s brand new poem.  So,  it’s away
I go to that place of my recollection that I always
like to call RECOLLECT VILLE.  I think I found
a decent title and after checking it looks like I have
not used it as of yet,  but it’s being used now :).

The Safe Zone

When some people move
they only will be
found as so safely
not tried a degree.
Not allowing new days
to come into view
many in the safe zone
will do as they do.
Don’t let your pathways
to be timeless chained
not learning anything,
lessons abstained.
The safe zone is good,
but it pays to step out
and learn how to live
much better about.
For if you will only
be found safely so,
you just might then also
not find life to grow.
Yet don’t be stupid
and walk through a door
without first then safely
checking before.
Bring Jesus with you,
please don’t go alone
for He will be guidance
as the daily safe zone.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 12,  2014

There ya go hehehe.  Yes,  I know,  it’s not that great,  but
I did my best with the title I found :).  I hope you understood
the poem :).  Benny started barking a minute ago and I went
to look and it was only the neighbors as usual hehehehehehe.
Judy won’t be home till late tonight so I knew it wasn’t her.
The temperature made it up to 54 F degrees,  but I think it’s
going back down from there.  So,  I guess it’s time for me to
be telling you what I tell you every week and that is,  I wrote
some more poems and haiku.  Yeppers,  10 more poems with
2 of them being sort of Christmassy and I wrote 1 poem about
Benny and Milo.  Also,  I wrote once again 22 haiku for all of
my haiku lovers out there.  I hope you find something you like.
Well,  it’s almost time for me to begin my search for that not
so elusive off switch,  but not before I wish you a blessings
filled weekend and a wonderful God filled week.  Remember,
Jesus loves you and we do too.  Now to find that off switch.
Ok,  I think I can see ya.  I thought I saw a screw roll out
from behind my monitor hehehehe.  Ok,  so now after you
peeking to see if the screw was yours,  I can see ya LOL.
Got ya,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehe 🙂

I Can Hear
(Benny and Milo)

Scenes with volume
I can hear
now and then
throughout the year.
Moments coming
into view
I can hear them
Even footsteps
oh so small
I can hear them
down the hall.
Running playing
in and out
I can hear
without a doubt
Each with sounds
so very clear
our two dogs
yes I can hear.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 11,  2014

Without Warning

Changes coming,
changes going,
things might just be
without warning.
Tides of living
rolling through
without warning
might find you.
You might think that
you’re prepared
but you’re often
timeframe snared.
Without warning
times might show
things in life
you didn’t know.
So let Jesus
find your heart,
don’t let life
tear you apart.
Without warning
ends can come
so find peace
in God’s Own Son.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 11,  2014

A Winter View

As autumn fades
and leaves a trail
found as many
leaves set sail
winter’s coming
into view
with its daily
there and to.
A winter view
comes in so cold
just the same as
times of old.
The season brings
the shade of white
a winter view
each day and night.
Yet now autumn
still holds on
day to day
from dusk to dawn.
The book of seasons
turns with time.
Pages display
their own sign.
A winter view will
soon be seen
white snow falling
like a dream.
Fluffy snowflakes
landing true
painting up
a winter view.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 11,  2014

Stormy Weather

Clouds come floating
in with rain
falling on
our windowpane.
Then those clouds might
as they open
their flood gate.
Stormy weather
might find you
through the days
of clouds of blue.
They might not
be what you see,
but be clearly
soon to be.
Stormy weather
with its drive
comes with clouds
up in the sky.
Yet then after
it might show
a peaceful sight
of a big rainbow.
Across the sky
with colors bright
stormy weather
will be out of sight.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 11,  2014

Simpler Times

As a child I dreamed of
nickels and dimes
to buy small things
in simpler times.
I thought of a wagon
the radio flyer
simpler times
within my desire.
A Daisy Red Ryder
BB gun
to shoot at some cans
till the day was done.
A Gumby toy
to twist and turn
as what a child
could only discern
Silly Putty
to bounce so high
and copy the funnies
when pressed just right.
Those simpler times
of long ago
now live and breathe
in things I know.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 11,  2014

Doorways Of Christmas

Seasons come knocking
on doorways of time
some maybe troublesome
some then sublime.
Often the doorways
will open so wide
that it seems each day
is just multiplied.
Then as the winter winds
blow in their view
doorways of Christmas
are waiting thereto.
Scenes mesmerizing
as holly and mistletoe
doorways of Christmas
are seen to and fro.
So many blessings
of Christmastimes days
come through the scenes
of winters doorways.
Sometimes as snowflakes
falling so white
doorways of Christmas
show seasons delight.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 11,  2014

Christmas Comes Closer

As a child waits patiently
watching and waiting
he or she might be just
Thinking about the toys
that they asked Santa for
while watching and waiting
each day a bit more.
Christmas comes closer then
and they get excited
with all their wants and more,
needs found divided.
They look to the stars at night
searching the skies
seeking to find Santa Claus
seen with their eyes.
Christmas comes closer then
as time moves along
and the kids start just singing
a little Christmas song.
Maybe one of Rudolf
and one of Santa Claus
ending with some joyful
Christmas applause.
Christmas comes closer then
and to their surprise
they see old Santa Claus
real high in the skies.
He looks down while smiling
and says with a grin
Children it was Lord Jesus
that made this begin.
He said to give freely
of love every day
even if Christmastime
is real far away.
Christmas comes closer
with each gift you give
as a girl or boy learns
how they’re to live.
Christmas comes closer
with each day that’s done
so why not be thankful
for God’s Only Son

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 11,  2014

Imagining True

A life full of dreamers
might come into view
filled with reality
imagining true.
Sometimes what’s imagined
can become reality
for dreamers will dream up
things that will be.
It’s our imagination
that becomes so much more
as a train with a train track
or airplane to soar.
So let your imagination
to show a better view,
one that just maybe
might truly come true.
For it’s imaginations
that make wondrous things
such as TV
or airplane with wings.
Imagining true now
can make future styles
sometimes to help ones
make more of their miles.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 11,  2014

When Now Is Gone

After this moment is
no longer here
will you be wanting it
another year?
When now is gone
will you just wonder why
then was so quick to
just fly on by?
But of course moments
of now that we see
are not as so quick as
we future perceive.
When now is gone
will you just let it go,
or seek to repeat it
with flavors of woe?
Now gives us chances
to do what we should,
but when now is gone
will it be as no good?
Let now be found as
your best then to be,
for when now is gone
it’ll be history.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 11,  2014

Life Finds Wonders

Timeframes perceived
are sometimes unclear
as our life finds wonders
year after year.
Our books are written
with actions and words
flying in the skies
as a large flock of birds.
Life finds wonders
as time moves along
often with right ways
often with wrong.
Many connections
through our own desires
become as doorways
to lifetimes of fires.
Burning and churning
what that we see
as life finds wonders
for you and me.
Mysteries format
becomes oceans tide
while life finds wonders
eyes opened wide.
Let your imagination
look passed thereunto
and see all the wonders
that God gave to view.
Sometimes the wonders
are hidden in time
that we’ve yet to imagine
inside of our mind

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 11, 2014

for Oct 11,  2014

Many ideas
become as soured viewpoints
as time moves along.

Looking through windows
might prove that you’re a pervert
or looking outside.

Winters mysteries
come as either fallen snow
or icicles hung.

Today brings changes
that may or may not be seen
due to our eyesight.

So many breezes
are shipments of surprises
wrapped up in minutes.

As the seasons changes
they display new beginnings
found in each moment.

When today subsides
the night slowly comes alive
with moonlight and stars.

Without differences
we would become very bored
and just waste away.

Yesterdays turnstiles
could become today’s hindsight
of what we wanted.

Listening to birds
as they sing their chirping songs,
I find it peaceful.

Echoes of a yell
often come back with answers
to how far it went.

When life becomes sad
find a viewpoint of happy
that you remember.

Nobody did it
is what that many conclude,
for it wasn’t them.

Needing some insight
finds many in bad places
that they should not be.

Looking for some peace
needs your journey done within
and let flow outwards.

Wintertime from Fall
comes with cold winds blowing in
and maybe some snow.

A hurried soldier
might run into much trouble
he did not expect.

When anger explodes
seek for peace to release it
or trouble will burn.

Life finds disaster
as doorways to our heartaches
become remembered.

The turn of a screw
will either loosen a heart
or tighten it up.

As today closes
look for the lessons in it
that make you stronger.

Hate becomes heightened
when words are repeated
that make you angry.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 11,  2014

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