Sense of Humor


Hello my friends

Well, it’s another week gone by at the Pearce’s and summer has
still yet to have painted its true colors up here. I hear through my
friends and family though that in Texas ye old summer has made
itself clearly known LOL. The rain has subsided a tad though up
here and I am happy for that. I was gonna cook out on Judy’s days
off, but I didn’t quite feel like it, but Friday I cooked out being it
looked like Judy was feeling good when she got home from work
and I was feeling fairly well also hehehe. So I fixed us a couple of
Bubba Burgers LOL. Ya know hehehe Texas style hamburgers :).
We had a good evening trying to put our mouths around those large
burgers LOL while we played on our PC’s. I had to clean up our
eating area after we finished. Don’t wanna attract ants or any other
hungry insect LOL. I had Judy buy some No Pest Strips as I had found
one last year that when I hung it up this year seemed to thwart the
confounded black flies that almost drove us crazy last year. She found
5 at the store and bought em hehehe. I remember when I was a little
kid, mom and dad using those things and they worked, so I thought,
they’ve been around that many years, they’ve gotta be good hehehe.
We haven’t seen one fly in the house since shortly after hanging
up the one in the PC room. I though after Judy brought home the
others, hung them in our bedroom and living room LOL. It’s nice
being able to write or do anything for that matter without swatting
those little buggers. We have two left for next years little black fly
epidemic hehehe. It looks like the weather is going to pretty much
repeat itself this week from last week. Chances of rain today and
on through the week until maybe Wednesday and then Thursday
it’s supposed to slide back into view. Yet the percentage according
to my PC weather station shows not much rain, so we may see the
sun from time to time each day LOL. We had forgotten what that
thing looks like hehehe. The state of Maine went into a panic when
a big yellow thing showed up in the skies hehehe. I thought we were
being invaded LOL. Nope, it was Mister Sunshine! My mom asked
me to send her some of the cool weather we’re having being our temps
are ranging from mid 60’s to mid 70’s during the day LOL. I asked
her if she wanted me to send her some of the cool temps we get during
ye ole wintertime and she said we can keep that LOL. She wouldn’t
know how to function in 40 and 50 below zero LOL. I barely was
able to function myself LOL. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr that is just way too
cold for this old Texan. Yet I guess you deal with what you must, huh!
I have finally began using the webpage that my friend Ben Geurts
bought me and I will soon be publishing it as soon as I get it up and
running to the best of my ability. It’s hard though, being my eyesight
has its chosen ups and downs. When my potassium level drops due my
spending much of my life in the bathroom LOL, my eyesight does
also, being I only have one eye to see out of anyways hehehe. It
gets weak fast while trying to do the work of two. Oh well, it could
be worse. At least I can see sort of for part of the day 🙂 LOL. Life
up here in Northeastern New England Maine USA is different from
what this old Texan is used to, but I’m adjusting slowly. I’ve moved
our picnic table and chairs back in front of our house. It seems the
winds have slacked off from where they were a week or so ago :).
I thought we were gonna blow away for sure hehehe. On this hill
we have no windbreaks and we get the full brunt of it LOL when
it blows. Our picnic table though is fairly heavy and not much of
a chance of it blowing away, yet our chairs are another story :).
They are yet fairly low to the ground and don’t leave much room
for wind to get up under them and blow them, but it would have
on them days as we’ve had. I had them stored at the end of our
house being blocked off from the brunt of the wind by our trailer.
Judy and I are finding that we both love playing some of the games
we’ve found on FaceBook and MySpace. I though have to back
away time to time, being I get weak and my eyesight gets weak
and then I cannot see the monitor. But I will lean back and rest
for a short while and maybe grab a snack and I can goof around
a little more in-between my many bathroom breaks LOL. I have
to do that with anything I do. That’s my life! We both find the
humor in my silly antics I will do time to time through it all. I do
have a sense of humor ya know LOL. I thank God for that also.
If it were not for my sense of humor, all of this would drive me
nuts. Hehehe, Ok, it does drive me nuts, but not as bad as it
would without laughter. Laughter is one of God’s many blessings
that He has given us to deal with the troubles of life. Sometimes
just sitting back and laughing at the ignorance can make it more
tolerable. Find the humor in the bitter parts of your life, and
you may also find strength to carry on. With that said, I guess
it’s time for me to begin my little quest for a word or phrase
that I can use for the title for today’s brand new poem through
all of my rambling . So it’s away I go to that place of recollection
which I like to call RECOLLECT VILLE. I think I may have
found a good title. Now let’s see if I can write anything worth
reading using it hehehe. Here’s goes!!!!

Sense of Humor

Laughter brings amongst us
some help to daily gain
ground from all the minutes time
that will drive us insane.
A simple sense of humor
will maybe be the tool
to use on days insanity
of lifetimes minutes school.
Laughter is a blessing
from which Lord God has gave
to help us out from time to time
when troubles try enslave.
Let yourself find laughter,
yet use it really well.
Don’t just laugh at others
when some minutes do compel.
Sometimes we need stow it
and maybe give a grin
while helping ones in trouble
to find where their to begin.
Yet if you are needing
some time to get on by
use a bit of laughter
when you feel that you could cry.

©By Bill Pearce
July 12, 2009

I sure hope I made a little sense with that LOL. Heck,, I never
know if what I’m writing is making sense to anyone but me LOL.
None the less, I seem to hit the mark once in a while when others
tell me I wrote what they needed to read. It makes me feel good
to know that my writings are helping someone deal with some of the
troubles they are encountering. I have my share of troubles, but
I know that sometimes the way to deal with it, is to change your
perception. Skew your view a little and look at if from a lighter
side. I’ll call my mom time to time and tell her all of the insanity
and we will both begin laughing so hard we can’t breathe hehehe.
I love you mom and miss you. I’m glad we can touch base ever
so often on the phone as well as by email, yet I would love to be
able to give ya a big hug and kiss. I miss all of my friends and
family. Grandmother, I know you don’t do the internet thing :).
but I love you. Mom would you please tell her that. Jamye, I love
you and Sami too and miss you. Maybe one day, you can come
up here and visit. That would be nice. OK so enough with the
sentimental journey hehehehe. Yes of course I get lonely, Hey,
I’m human OK!!!! So it’s time for me to be telling you what I tell
you every week and that is, I wrote some more poems (10) and
yes some more haiku (22) for my many haiku lovers. Hehehe it
seems that my haiku lover list is growing rapidly too! It’s catchy
or at least for a few. Well, it’s time for me to be searching to
find that old off switch on myself so I can end my rambling, but
before that, Have a wonderful week and remember Jesus loves
you and we do too. Now where’s that dad burn off switch at
this week?????? LOL, There it is hidden under my soda can.
See ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

P.S. Dennis and Trudy (brother-in-law and Judy’s
twin sister) just dropped off their four wheelers so
that they don’t have to drag then back home. They’re
coming back next weekend along with our grandson
Christian and Judy’s daughter Helena and we’re
gonna do some riding……Can’t wait……. 🙂

Now on with the poems.
10 and 22 hehehe.

Set Them A Sail

Wonders united
are visions to see
when they are portions
of good history.
Things we remember
from times long ago
are all the wonders
that many times show.
Wonders united
as timeframes away
are all the paintings
of wonderful way.
All the good moments
of picturesque plain
sometimes will display
with time and again.
When we are saddened
from lonely’s detail
we take those wonders
and set them a sail.

©By Bill Pearce
July 10, 2009

To Surely Show You

Summer has spoken
with words so compiled
with all the minutes
so timeless and wild.
Summer brings stories
that so many see
such as the paintings
of all God’s beauty.
Many though miss it
as they move along
and only see what
they think is all wrong.
Moments in blenders
of a daily cuisine
are all the pictures
that need to be seen.
Summer has spoken
with its own array
knowing its moments
will soon go away.
Fall colors gleaming
will follow for sure
bringing the essence
of a wonderful tour.
Then winter follows
with cold painted white
here in New England
most every day and night.
Yet summer’s spoken
with much more to say
as we awaken
each wonderful day.
Turnstiles are creaking
as each day’s amiss
followed with blessings
of God’s holy kiss.
Surely the summer
has hidden from view
things to awaken
to surely show you.

©By Bill Pearce
July 10, 2009

The Fan Blades Delight

Fan blades are turning
as breezes will blow
here in this room where
I write what I know.
Thought comes as patterns
as fan blades will turn
giving the minutes
I try to discern.
Fan blades are speaking
with syllables said
one after another
until I go to bed.
I listen to them
as they turn around
while they are swishing
their wonderful sound.
They give a breeze
where surely was none
here late at night
as quickly their spun.
Round and round nature
is the fan blades delight
as they spin smiling
for me late at night.

©By Bill Pearce
July 10, 2009

We Must Have Faith

Morning will follow
the nights time to come
with maybe clouds
that block out the sun.
Yet morning follows
without much ado
and gives us glimmers
of blessings anew.
Morning gives chances
to start a new day
and let the troubles
of past fade away.
Morning is given
as night fades from sight
to be as chances
to get today right.
Morning has blessings
that God’s given you,
yet we must have faith
that they will come true.

©By Bill Pearce
July 10, 2009

Each Summer’s Day

Out in the field
the weeds stand their ground
making their essence
to surely be found.
Dandelions blossom
as daisies soon come
with every setting
of the bright morning sun.
Out in the field
I see how they grow
looking like pages
of bright yellow snow.
I watch them daily
as time ticks along
while sometimes hearing
their little summer song.
Out in the field
they sing and they sway
as they all blossom
on each summer’s day.

©By Bill Pearce
July 10, 2009

I Await Heaven

I can feel Heaven
with doors opened wide
awaiting for me to
one day walk inside.
My time is painted
on God’s Holy door
and when that day comes
I won’t hurt no more.
I can feel Heaven
inside of my heart
ticking as rhythms
to help me to start.
Each day I wonder
when surely I’ll see
blessings in Heaven
with daddy and me.
I’ve found the fractions
of Heaven’s delight
as they give minutes
of hopeful in sight.
I can feel Heaven
as sure painted signs
giving me hopeful
of much better times.
Peace without worry
and surely no pain.
I await Heaven
with so much to gain.
I’ll see my daddy
and we’ll camp and fish
while then in Heaven
a wonderful wish.

©By Bill Pearce
July 10, 2009

Ye Soldiers

Onwards ye soldiers
of Jesus our Lord
as you march onwards
in Holy accord.
Onwards ye soldiers
no matter the view.
Let nothing tear down
your Jesus Christ view.
Onwards ye soldiers
of His daily Word
as you try making
yourself seen and heard.
Onward ye soldiers
and do not be found
letting your faithful
to just wash around.
Onwards ye soldiers
of Jesus Lord God
and do not seek for
your own times applaud.

©By Bill Pearce
July 10, 2009

Each Wonderful Way

Time as a poet
is rhythm and word
displaying maybe
what I’ve seen and heard.
Maybe though many
a word here and there
is but a rhythm
of moment of prayer.
Time as a poet
is sometimes just found
painting the pictures
of all there around.
Such as the scenery
here to afar
helps me in painting
the way that things are.
Time as a poet
makes some days complete
as I find wordings
down rhymes rhythm street.
Pictures are displayed
with each turn and twist
as I find moments
to put on the list.
Moments remembered
from thens other day
helps me describe all
each wonderful way.

©By Bill Pearce
July 10, 2009

Hurry’s Type Tour

Jumping in a hurry
might just slow you down,
because of the flurry
of patterns around.
Find some patience
to replace your climb
and you may find then
a more peaceful mind.
Jumping in a hurry
can sometimes explode
when you have too much
of times heavy load.
Leave a little timeframe
for peaceful at last
and don’t let hurry
to wear you so fast.
Jumping in a hurry
will age you for sure
leaving you aching
from hurry’s type tour.

©By Bill Pearce
July 10, 2009

Seeds of A Way

Plant a little seed
in someone you know
such a the blessings
of Jesus that grow.
Spread a little love
each day of the year
and let God’s blessings
to surely endear.
Plant a little seed
in the soil of another
and let the blessings
to then go much further.
Let every moment
be chances to give
blessings to others
and help them to live.
You may be watering
seeds of a way
that someone planted
on some other day.
Then help to nurture
those seeds that you know
and help them blossom
and surely to grow.

©By Bill Pearce
July 10, 2009

for July 10, 2009

The links to a chain
find sometimes a weak moment
that leaves others strained.

Hearts in a friendship
will many times be pressured.
True friends will prevail.

When glancing above
our vision may become blind
to what that’s below.

Poetic people
put together many rhymes
to help ones to see.

A simple flavor
found in an ice cream parlor
can make someone smile.

It’s the little things
that a lifetime has to give,
many overlook.

Throwing a tantrum
shines a bright light on yourself
with a bad shadow.

Leave room for wisdom,
for you never know it all.
There is much to learn.

Don’t hold too tightly
to the past that you have seen.
It will hold you back.

We see the seasons
as they come and go in time.
Each has its moment.

Awaited journeys
are wishes of so many
that need us to pray.

Be humble today
and let your ego be calmed.
Peace will come knocking.

When you are sinking,
search for solid ground of Christ
and then find footing.

A glimmer of hope
lies in many unaware
that they are blessings.

Give someone a hand
and then let yourself be helped
when times turned around.

Stood at a river
you can see the water flow,
but yet not how fast.

A plus in today
might be minus tomorrow.
Each day is itself.

Winners and losers
are determined from egos.
Some will lose to win.

Friendship far and wide
leads trails as tender footprints
no matter how far.

Laughter of moments
will cure many saddened hearts.
It’s good medicine.

Tomorrows doorway
needs today to get inside,
so deal with today.

The heat of trouble
leaves trails of many worried.
Peace is found through God.

©By Bill Pearce
July 10, 2009

God bless from Bill and Judy.
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