Our Wanna Reaches


Hello my friends

So, how was your 4th of July? I know hehehe, there are a ton
of you that do not celebrate that day, being you’re not in the USA.
So then, how was your day :)? I hope you’ve had a fairly decent
weekend. It’s been like clock work around here LOL. Judy gets
home from work and comes in here to the computer room. She
sits down at her PC and vegs for a bit and then I ask that daunting
question, so honey, what would you like for dinner? LOL I should
know better by now to ask that question, yet I still ask. I end up
saying, ya want me to surprise ya?! Yeppers, I then go see what
I can fix us to eat that she will like. After we eat, we each head
out into PC world and play our games. Then if there is a program
scheduled to be on later that we wanna watch, we sit back and
just veg together and enjoy the program. We got hooked on the
program called Deadliest Catch back when it first came on and
we’ve been hook ever since. I told her she was the one that got me
hooked on it and she says uhuh, I’m the one that got her hooked
on it LOL. No matter, we’re hooked! So that pretty much sums
up our daily routines :). OH yea, at some point and time, she goes
to bed and I try to lay down for a few minutes, yet sleep’s not a
thing that I get very often due to my many illnesses. That’s life!
Ok so I have filled you in on the lives of Bill and Judy hehehehe.
The weather up this ways is still on the rainy side a bit. We had a
few wireless internet outages. Fortunately we still have our dear
old dial up being it’s paid to March 2010. Yet after these little
outages due to minor things, I am wondering what it will be like
when we have 12 or 13 feet of snow and ice on the antenna hehe.
We may decide to hang onto our slow, but reliable 56K dial up :).
Heck the dial up only cost us $107 a year. Well, onto yet another
topic. This coming week it’s showing on my PC weather program
that it’s supposed to be sort of sunny Thursday. Yet rainy for the
rest of the duration LOL. I may try once again to cook out if my
dear old worn out body will allow me LOL. I’ve got to get started
on my new web page that my dear friend Ben Geurts bought me.
My eyesight has not been strong enough lately to do any serious
work on it, but I promised him I would attempt to get some of
my writings uploaded to it and designed. Back in the years before
my unwanted health issues, I used to be a webmaster and did
many websites. Yet due to the loss of my eyesight, I had to quit
that little hobby. Yes I said hobby hehe. I was a machinist by
trade. I was the lead man at a company and I programmed and
ran the CNC’s and Mazacs. My health got too bad and they
forced me into retirement. Yet they did not have a retirement
package. They did give me my severance pay which helped out
a bit. All in all we just make do with my social security disability
and her income. It’s not bad. God provides all our needs, but
many times we get greedy and want more just as I’m sure you
may do once in a while. Our wanna reaches out for the passages
of time that are many times not meant to be in our life. We all
have our dreams. Some greater than others, yet still dreams.
Let God make your dreams come true by bonding your wanna
with His. He wants us to be happy. Some happiness that we
seek might seem to be good at the time, but in the long run can
tear us down. Remember, God sees the WHOLE PICTURE.
Now with that said, I reckon it’s time for me to be heading to
that place of recollection through all that I’ve written today to
see if I can find a good word or phrase that will work for today’s
brand new poem. So it’s away I go to that place that I like to
call RECOLLECT VILLE. I believe I may have found a good
title. Now, let’s see what I can do with it hehehe!

Our Wanna Reaches

Our virtual fingers
are wanting to find
places to make us
a happier mind.
Our wanna reaches
to places foretold,
yet we will sometimes
find too great a toll.
We have the chances
to better our view
making our wanna
much better to do.
Don’t let your wanna
to discern your path,
for you might end up
with a bad aftermath.
Our wanna reaches
as human can be,
yet we’re best seeking
a Jesus degree.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
July 5, 2009

OK, so that’s it. Hope it made some sense to ya LOL. I never
quite know what words are going to show up on the screen until
I type them. Many times I will just begin typing and a poem will
materialize from my thoughts. God only knows how I am able
to pull off some of the writings that I do. Such as writing maybe
10 poems or so and 20+ haiku in ONE day. I will begin writing
and it just seems to flow. My sense of recall from the past seems
to help me out a bunch, but God is responsible for my abilities.
Thank you God! I guess I need be hushing now and finding that
old off switch on myself, but before I do that, I reckon I need to
be telling ya what I always tell ya LOL and that is, I wrote some
more poems, though this week I wrote an early Christmas poem
to put with the hundreds of others I’ve written LOL. Yes I wrote
some more haiku for all my haiku lovers out there hehehehehe.
With that said, I hope you have a wonderful week and always
remember Jesus loves you and we do too. Now where’s that
confounded off switch hiding at this time?????????????????
There it is, under the bills! See ya, CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems.

P.S. I should start calling them the 10 and 22 LOL, being that
seems to be the number of poems and haikus I do every week :).

Now on with the 10 and 22 ­čÖé hehehehehe.

A Solitary Moment

A solitary moment
in a temporary time
makes what that displays
as a special design.
Sometimes a second
may be more to view
when it is happening
to me or to you.
A solitary moment
in the minutes of a day
might be a threshold
to be the display.
So look more closely
at a moment at last,
because it will soon be
found in the past.
A solitary moment
leaves such a trace
as that of minutes
from place unto place.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
July 4, 2009

Blessings From God

Sunshine and rain
are what that surmise
what that is growing
right up to the skies.
Without the sunshine
and without the rain
there would be nothing
not ever to gain.
So welcome sunshine
and rain clouds you see
while thanking Lord God
for all He gave free.
Sunshine and rain
are a needed array
so to paint pictures
of a wonderful way.
Painted so blissfully
from seed unto sod
the sunshine and rain
gives blessings from God.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
July 4, 2009

The Windows Design

Windows of nature
are seen everyday,
such as the flowers
and clouds white and gray.
Also the fixtures
as a clear sky of blue
form in the windows
of here thereunto.
Windows of nature
are found everywhere,
such as the inflow
of breath full of air.
All of the windows
are planted as seed
giving the thresholds
of which that we need.
We may not feel it,
but they are in place
as all the windows
of sight, sound and taste.
Yes even touching
the windows design
enhances moments
of time after time.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
July 4, 2009

A Variety of Views

Summer has flourished
it’s red, green and blue
into the places
with a wonderful hue.
Summer’s awakened
and come through the door
yet I’ve a feeling
that there’s so much more.
Summer’s displaying
its sights that I’ve seen
such as the flowers
and grass shades of green.
Summer has flourished
yet more’s to detail
such as the flowers
that die and set sail.
Summer brings such things
as painted up skies
not to mention problems
as many black flies.
Summer has emotions
of a variety of views
which can envision
our choices to choose.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
July 4, 2009

Too Much

Too much of something
and too less of other
makes the decisions
of lesser or further.
Sometimes too much of
can destroy your view
and leave you standing
with lesser of you.
Yet also too less
can point out a phase
and leave you empty there
on future days.
So try to balance out
all that you do
and let God help you with
better for you.
Too much of this thing
and too much of that
can leave you wondering why
troubles to bat.
Let Lord God help you
with what all you choose
and you won’t find yourself
always to lose.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
July 4, 2009

Summertime’s Pages

Summertime wishes
for Christmastime joy
seems to be what that
I often deploy.
Summertime sunsets
in Christmastime views
makes me to want some
white snowy news.
Summertime’s wantings
are waited to be
as such as Fall colors
from every tree.
Summertime surely
will one day be gone
leaving the essence
of Christmastimes dawn.
Yet before Christmas
the fall colors find
scenes such as golden
that are so divine.
Summertime pages
are turning each day
and they will leave us
another fine way.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
July 4, 2009

Use Every Stumble

Many will stumble
and they will fall
as many travel
through their all and all.
Many are hardened
as time moves along
doing what timeframes
do surely belong.
Sometimes we stumble
and think it in flaw,
yet we must use it
to daily recall.
Use every stumble
as footsteps in time
so to help moments
get surely in line.
Many will stumble
and yes so will you
as we’re attempting
to do what we do.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
July 4, 2009

Clashing of Titans

A clashing of titans
is sometimes the view
when we are watching
what many will do.
Sometimes our viewing
is not good at all,
because we’re not seeing
how others will fall.
Many times outwards
is not showing great
the same as what’s inwards
to that time and date.
A clashing of titans
might be just a lie
found in the essence
of ones do or die.
Sometimes ones morals
are left to compel
them to live strongly
while headed to Hell.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
July 4, 2009

Another Fine Day

Watch as a cloud
just floats right on by.
See how it gathers
as others comply.
See how it billows
from here to afar
as it’s found hiding
a nights shooting star.
Watch as it hovers
with not but a breeze
and maybe rains on
the flowers and trees.
See all its beauty
that’s fluffy and white
and maybe darkens
to rain its delight.
Watch as a cloud
will sort of fade away
so then to gather
another fine day.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
July 4, 2009

Could Be Divine

Clinging tomorrows
will hold back today,
for it leaves no room
for now to make way.
Yesterdays sorrows
will also be found
sometimes with echoes
with lesser the sound.
Make today’s journeys
with eyes straight ahead
using what lessons
you’ve heard, done and said.
Clinging to minutes
might leave you insane
if you don’t use them
to better your gain.
Don’t let tomorrow
or yesterdays time
to take away from
what could be divine.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
July 4, 2009

for July 4, 2009

The signs of the times
might be in front of our eyes.
Look at the changes.

A harvesters prayers
fall on seeds that were planted.
Much can grow from prayer.

Yearning for something
might leave you feeling empty
if your want’s not good.

Flavors of billows
such as clouds in the morning
are God’s great designs.

Stand up dominoes
with one after the other.
They will surely fall.

Our imagination
is the strength of our designs.
Without it, nothing!

Little are the insects,
yet they survive what befalls.
Purpose is God’s world.

Some mind set people
leave no room for direction.
Be open minded.

A path leading up
finds a path leading back down.
What goes up, goes down.

The links of a chain
are what we are together.
Link with a good heart.

Portions of true love
can fill up an empty heart.
Give out a portion.

Breezes are blowing
as the day comes to an end.
God has given peace.

Grant another hope
when some others turn away.
We all need a chance.

Doorways to freedom
are a high cost to others.
Learn to be thankful.

A moments passage
might lead in bad directions.
Search your heart wisely.

Pitter patter rain
is a serenading sound.
It lulls me to sleep.

Hands held together
can make a great difference
in winning or not.

The tide comes inwards
then it washes out to sea
what did not hold ground.

People will watch you,
yet many will never know
what goes on inside.

Humble finds peaceful
while prideful finds much worry
when seeking better.

Gears of a heartbeat
make the world go round and round.
Be part of the cog.

Leave nothing wasted,
for waste only corrupts
with hurries design.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
July 4, 2009

God bless from Bill and Judy.

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