To The Wayside


Hello my friends

Well I made it back LOL! Ain’t this weather been weird!!! I tell ya,
it’s been so slushy up here that even cleats don’t do any good being
there isn’t anything to grab hold of. The temps have been real high
even still. Yet this morning I would of rathered a dry ground without
snow on it to work on the car. The under guard of the car due to all
the snow finally worked loose and began to drag. I had to climb up
under the front end of the car and unscrew the last screw holding it on.
I’ll put it back on when the weather gets a little bit better. Right now
it’s good frost bite weather. And my left leg almost got it. My fingers
are in bad shape as well, being I had to take my gloves off to be able
to use the pliers. Oh well, that’s life in a nut shell up this part of the
world LOL. Have you been keeping up with the Earth quake that hit
Chile? It was supposed to cause a bad tsunami. Thank God it was
not as bad as expected, yet there were over 300 this far found dead
in Chile as the count rises. The reason there’s not more deaths was the
fact that Chile has been known to have many Earth quakes and have
upgraded building conditions to withstand most Earth quakes. The
tsunami was supposed to hit Hawaii real hard, but turned out at least
50 percent less than expected and all went well. Thank God for that.
Ok so it’s onto yet another topic hopefully a little more on the lighter
side LOL. It’s still snowing up here as usual hehe. We have been
weathering it fairly well. I still cannot find a reason why ones would
want to live up here. It’s a bloody nightmare hehehe. I guess I will
always be a Texan. It would be nice to be able to see my friends once
in a while or anybody for that matter. This morning I fell again on
my left hip when my feet slipped out from under me on the steps.
I hope it didn’t mess me up any worse hehehe. God knows I don’t
need no more problems. Judy and I are still messing with all of the
farms in FarmVille, FarmTown and CountryLife :). They seem to
take up a lot of our time LOL. Especially CountryLife hehehehe!
I try ever so often to call a few of my friends up on the phone and
find out how they’re doing. Yet there is no way for me to be able
to call everyone :). Ain’t that much time in the day hehehehehehe!
OUCH, I just raised my head up to take a drink of my soda and
my neck cracked. Sounded like a firecracker LOL. My old body
is falling apart. I couldn’t be a organ donor hehehehe. I don’t
think I could pay anybody to take them off my hands LOL. I’m
an old clunker with no good parts hehehe. Ok so my brain is still
working a little 🙂 LOL! Nobody could find out how to operate
it being the user manual never got printed hehehe. God gave me
this brain to use to find ways to do things and thoughts to think
and so I shall continue until it can no longer do the job. We all
have tools that God has given us, yet many do not use them and
let the gifts fall to the wayside. Don’t throw your gifts away just
because you feel they aren’t as good as someone else’s. Every
gift is great and in God’s eyes needs to be used. Your gift might
be not so standoutish, but none the less important. Don’t let
envy become your downfall and cause you to look down on your
own gifts. We are all important, just in different fields of need.
It’s time for me to be using my gift by searching back through
all I’ve written to try and find a good word or phrase that will
work for the title for today’s brand new poem. So it’s away
I go to that place of my recollection, to that place that I like
to call RECOLLECT VILLE. I believe I found a good title.
Now let’s see what I can do with it LOL :), if anything!

To The Wayside

Times of envy
leave ones found
seeing themselves
as really down.
To the wayside
many fall
when they lose
their daily call.
Letting envy
destroy you
makes your vision
In mere moments
ones are seen
as screen doors
on a submarine.
Closing doors
to hide away
yet in flows
the light of day.
So don’t envy
and lose pride.
Don’t just fall
to the wayside.
Show your blessings
of a smile
and help others

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 28, 2010

Ok, so there ya go. I hope that makes some sense to you. It does
to me hehe, but then I have always had a weird way of thinking:).
I guess I have just about said all that can be said or at least hehe
all that I can think of LOL. So I reckon it’s time for me to tell ya
what I tell ya all the time and that is, I wrote some more poems.
Three of em are Christmassy style poems. The rest are hehehehe
well ya know, just my style of poetry. Also yes of course, I wrote
22 more haiku for my haiku lovers out there :). I hope you like
a few the poems and haikus. With that said, I guess I need to be
searching for that old off switch to cease my writing, but first I
must wish you a most wonderful God filled week. Remember
Jesus loves you and we do too. Now where’s that off switch at
this time???? Hehehe found it under my rear end LOL. Ok so
see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and yes haikus hehe
10 and 22 🙂

Daily Reunion

Points of confusion
display some themes
layered with tremors
of nightmares and dreams.
Many times moments
are out of sync
of the way Jesus
would have us to think.
So when confusions
rocking your boat
seek to find signs of
a happier note.
Written in blood stains
Jesus has bled
let the confusion
seep from your head.
Let Jesus help your
points of confusion
by making Him a
daily reunion.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 27, 2010

Winters Midmorning

Winters midmorning
sings its sweet tune
sometimes of stories
coming up soon.
Its featured displays
come with such force
painted with echoes
with no remorse.
Winters remembrance
states its own name
from Christmas season
of which it came.
Winter then dances
its own display
scented with paintings
of that great day.
Snow covered hillsides
tasty and sweet
seeming that they are
so good to eat.
Winters midmorning
centers its theme
that is like Christmas
found in a dream.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 27, 2010

May Have Lessons

Waves of problems
show their face
sometimes with a
slight disgrace.
All those problems
that will come
might be answers
from God’s Son.
So much time
of worry and doubt
take over many
in their daily route.
Waves will burden
if you’re not ready
standing with Jesus
ever so steady.
Yet there are times
that we’re not strong
for we’re not always
where we belong.
Our humanity
causes despair
when we forget
the answers from prayer.
So many praying
might forget true
what that is God’s Will
for me and you.
He may have journeys
we must go down
that may have lessons
come from a frown.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 27, 2010

Shortsighted Views

Shortsighted people
find moments gone
when they’re not looking
to a new dawn.
Looking to closely
might just mislead
seeing shortsighted
and not the need.
Look to the future
what can be done
if we will trust in
Jesus God’s Son.
Don’t be shortsighted
with all you see.
Have faith in Jesus
and see what can be.
Shortsighted people
with shortsighted views
only see fragments
of falses and trues.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 27, 2010

Winters Playground

Snow is falling
from the skies
painting all
within my eyes.
Scenes awaken
with pure white
as snow’s falling
left and right.
Winters playground
seen today
takes my troubles
far away.
Snow white moments
have now said
snow is falling
on my head.
Tasty snowflakes
north and south
now are melting
in my mouth.
In this seasons
morning noon,
evening comes
a bit too soon.
Daylights fading
snowy white
to the shades
of dark of night.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 27, 2010

Put On A Smile

Wearers of smiles
dissolve a frown
when they are smiling
all there around.
Even pretended
a smile so to say
can make the difference
between night and day.
So if you’re saddened
colored with blue
put on a big smile
and take it with you.
That smile you’re smiling
might reflect back
from one another
to help you on track.
Then that mere smile
of faking degree
might just become
your own reality.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 27, 2010

Do What You Can

Long lines of hurry
and worry about
leaves many standing
without a way out.
Tomorrows worries
are hurried each day
and are the causes
of so much that’s gray.
Gray hairs of frequent
worries begun
leaves many standing
with nothing done.
All the tomorrows
long lines arrays
become confusions
minds in a maze.
Look to today
and do what you can
and then tomorrow
will find ways to stand.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 27, 2010

Spring Through Fall

Looking outside
I see only snow
white all surrounding
where all I go.
Out through the windows
painted in sight
I see the white snow
each day and night.
Dreaming of springtime
looking outside
I find the snowflakes
taking a ride.
White snow is falling
here in my view
looking outside
the way that I do.
Springtime and summer
one day will be
without the white snow
that I now see.
Yet then dear winter
will come agin
bringing its season
to then begin.
Christmas will follow
with its display
and Spring through fall
will then go away.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 27, 2010

Use The Lessons

Walking blindly
without thinking
might be what
that’s caused your sinking.
Letting others
think for you
might sometimes
be wrong to do.
Use your brain
as best you can
with opened eyes
and with a plan.
Yet don’t ignore
what ones might say,
because they might
help you today.
Walking blindly
endless miles
might destroy
your chance for smiles.
Use the lessons
days displayed
to make choices
better made.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 27, 2010

As A River

Seen as a river
our time might flow
in the directions
wrong to go.
Our river’s winding
through each day
sometimes headed
in the wrong way.
Discern your moments
weathered whiles
and determine
better miles.
Seen as a river
our time might be
headed out to
the deep blue sea.
Thoughts might vanquish
leaving found
moments seeking
some solid ground.
Discern your minutes
rivers wild
and let blessings
be compiled.
Let the sections
that you flow
seek where Jesus
wants to go.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 27, 2010

for Feb 27, 2010

Mirrors reunion
might be what you remember,
yet do not want to.

Looking to the past
can leave today as empty
without a mere thought.

Uncanning anger
sometimes misleads so many
that don’t understand.

Headstrong with hurry
leads many down empty roads
leading to nowhere.

Leaning against wind
might just become your folly.
You might blow away.

Marking down timeframes
is good at certain moments.
Some we must forget.

In helter skelter
there is not much united
that is worth a thing.

Jesus is watching
as many do their on thing.
He awaits our prayers.

Notions are followed
which might lead into trouble.
Please think it over.

Gathering fragments
that time has dispersed to you
might resolve to bad.

Look into your heart
and find that beating essence
of Jesus inside.

Minutes will prosper
if they’re experienced proper
with God as your guide.

Out through my window
I see nothing but white snow
that’s painted all around.

The Jingle Bell rhythms
in the songs that we have sung
remind me of then.

Nighttime is coming
with the day moving along
as footprints of time.

The sound of a loon
on a sweet hot summers night
becomes as echoes.

A wolf in disguise
might be someone you’re trusting,
so make sure they’re true.

An octave real high
might be heard by a dogs ears,
yet not understood.

Guides to tomorrow
are the patterns through today
as they each will come.

While making your mark
don’t use someone as your pad
to scribble your lines.

Ongoing trouble
might be caused by repeating
what you tried before.

Jumbles of oceans
hold waters of our journeys
that may run aground.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 27, 2010

God bless from Bill and Judy.
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