Need To Hurry


Hello my friends

It’s me again. I hope you have been staying out of trouble. I’m not
feeling too good right now, so this will be short and sweet. My left
side/hip is hurting real bad due to my fall last week. I will though
give an attempt to fill you in on a little of our escapades. Judy and
I have been doing our regular game playing LOL when possible, but
most of the time we have been watching movies together. I’m glad
we have a TV in the bedroom hehe. I have been laid up quite a bit
due to my body having its conniption fits. My intestines have been
acting up tremendously also and making me weak. Oh well, that’s
all expected. The doctors said it would get worse. Oh and before
you go offering your remedies, remember, I’ve been dealing with
these intestinal issues since 1994. It ain’t nothing new. It’s the price
of having no colon and missing a third of my small intestines due to
Ulcerative Colitis. The doctors knew little then about it. They had
not seen a problem like mine where my stomach ripped open 5 inches
wide. They were unable to do a colostomy bag on me so they had to
hook up what intestines I had left back to my rectum which leaves
me camping in the bathroom 24-7 with diarrhea hehehe. Ok so onto
another topic hehehe. Our weather up here has been rather warm
compared to the previous years that I’ve seen. Last year was brrr :).
It’s 43 degrees F right now which is weird, but it takes a load off of
the heating oil. I think I might need to hurry and begin my search
for a title for the new poem before I black out LOL. So it’s off to
that short winded place of today’s recollection that I like to call
RECOLLECT VILLE. Found a title. Now to write a poem using
it hehe. Here goes…

Need To Hurry

Many people
seen so blurry
think they daily
need to hurry.
Times will pass
on by their view
and then leave them
all askew.
Need to hurry
finds a way
to make many
fall away.
Don’t let hurry
live inside.
Let Lord Jesus
help your stride.
Let the minutes
fall in place
as you seek for
God’s Own Grace.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Mar 7, 2010

Ok, so there ya go. I hope you liked it. Well, I guess I need to be
telling you about the poems and haikus I wrote. I wrote once again
10 poems and 22 haiku. No Christmas poems this week LOL. Maybe
next week. So I guess I need to be finding that off switch, but before
I do, I must wish you a most wonderful God filled week. Remember,
Jesus loves you and we do too. Now where’s that off siwtch??????
Found it behind my eyelids hehe. See ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haikus hehe.
10 and 22 ­čÖé

Sewing Together

Similar seconds
come and behold
times we remember
from now from the old.
Things we’ve repeated
time and agin
sometimes are pages
to help us begin.
Recognized moments
help me and you
so we can one day
start as anew.
It is the timeframes
that we perceive
which are the patterns
to help us conceive.
Sewing together
the similar views
with all the lessons
that our time ensues.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Mar 6, 2010

Looking Glass Black

Looking glass fragments
reflect so to say
what we will sometimes
want for one day.
Yet in the mirror
some things can be seen
flavored with moments
we know not what mean.
We will see stages
of actors reflections
maybe not knowing
they’re needing corrections.
Looking glass fragments
might sort of seem
that they are pieces
found in a dream.
Countless persuasions
are found looking back
from our reflections
of looking glass black.
Dark times emotions
are found in a way
as what’s remembered
from some other day.
Looking glass fragments
can be as a tool
leading from then days
from looking glass school.
See what’s disheartened
in looking glass frame
and then make changes
to not be the same.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Mar 6, 2010

Alcohol Moments

Intimate moments
bring ones alive
giving them minutes
of which they will strive.
Yet it’s the moments
that many obscure
when they are seeking
for times not so sure.
Intimate people
sometimes will find
them in a breezeway
of losing their mind.
Doors to their passion
will open and close
leaving them fragments
of times highs and lows.
Surreal intimacy
many will think
that in a bar scene
true lovers drink.
Yet in those moments
many will find
that only trouble
will brew on the mind.
Alcohol moments
might misconstrue
what that is really
a good thing to do.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Mar 6, 2010

Let Yourself Blossom

Doorways have opened
allowing me in
new days encompassed
of which to begin.
Hard times have driven
the tides of forever
leaving me tools now
to use as a lever.
Windows have opened
allowing my view
of something surely
to start as anew.
New ways of thinking
with thoughts to arrive
how that my past days
will help me survive.
Doorways have opened
with new to perceive
as Jesus guides me
throughout all of these.
Windows of visions
have opened today
to give me rhythms
of some other way.
Lifestyles are changing
each day we survive
and it’s the changes
that keep us alive.
Do not let boredom
to dissipate you.
Let yourself blossom
to something brand new.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Mar 6, 2010

Plot Better Courses

I’ve plotted courses
to here there around
with every footstep
of time I’m abound.
Unruly people
have come in my day
and I have had to
head some other way.
I’ve plotted courses
with so many views
and I have worn out
a lifetime of shoes.
I’ve found so many
that sought for my sight,
yet I’ve discovered
that many aren’t right.
There are some courses
that many will plot
leading to places
that they better not.
I’ve plotted courses
to so many places
seeking for people
of like minded faces.
Yet the very truth is
that only God can
plot better courses
to my fellow man.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Mar 6, 2010

Time Done and Said

Wise is the echo
that repeats the same
time and again
of a better last name.
Wise is the section
of minutes we wonder
thinking it over
before we’re to blunder
Wise is a person
that looks clear to see
before taking dives
into the deep sea.
Wise is the passion
that’s sought so true
passed all the flavors
of all that you view.
Wisdom is pointless
if it is found
as just the minutes
of thought there abound.
Wise is an issue
that time does foretell
if it is used
in your life very well.
Wisdom is gathered
through minutes ahead
from all the moments
of time done and said.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Mar 6, 2010

Perfect Lace

Sunrise has dawned
and brought in today
flavors of morning
as snow white display.
Sunrise has fully
come into my view
leaving the shadows
of night to ensue.
So many snowflakes
are laying in wait
for the conclusion
of timeless debate.
Whether the seconds
will show as they will
what that the sunrise
will surely fulfill.
Sunrise has dawned
and noon now displays
leaving the passage
for some other days.
Winter still beckons
with its frosty hand
stretching it tightly
as a snow rubber band.
Sunset is coming
so surely in place
as God is knitting it
with perfect lace.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Mar 6, 2010

Words Are Misleading

Many discussions
behind closed doors
are not as hidden
as thought of before.
Words that are heard
by ones so small
might be the echoes
that stand so tall.
Don’t let your anger
to guide what you do.
Think it over clearly
before it is true.
So very often
so many will hide
locking their doors
with mouths opened wide.
Many discussions
are heard very clear
by many people
you don’t think can hear.
Words are misleading
when anger’s alive,
for you might have just
a fool then to drive.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Mar 6, 2010

Springtime So Scented

I’m awaiting flowers
to come here and bloom
maybe in April
or May, maybe June.
I’m sitting dreaming
of all I will see
when all the flowers
are given for free.
I’m watching daily
the sights all around
as I am searching
the snowy white ground.
I’m awaiting springtime
to come and display
it’s very essence
of wonderful way.
In midst of wintertime
I seek to find
pages or journals
inside of my mind.
Journals with flowers
that bloom within spring,
I’m now awaiting
the birds that will sing.
Springtime so scented
with flowers that bloom
maybe in April
or May, maybe June.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Mar 6, 2010

He Paid The Bill

Money’s misleading
as it cannot buy
time for tomorrow
to live or to die.
Money can only
buy but a minute
and it will fade then
as time isn’t in it.
Many will falter
with money to grasp
as they are making it
their only task.
Money can buy you
clothing and food,
but all the rest is
just misconstrued.
Do not let money
to make up your life,
for it will only
lead you to strife.
Let Jesus guide you
the way that He will
and you will find then
that He paid the bill.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Mar 6, 2010

for Mar 6, 2010

Meanings misleading
might be found in our anger
as words tossed about.

Found in moon shadows
are the echoes of the night
that we may not know.

Learning differently
is done when ceasing today
how you are to learn.

Summertime’s display
makes its way into the scene
as spring leads the way.

Owners of sadness
are often seeking for it
and do not seek joy.

The language of love
can be painted as heartbeats
with passionate words.

A moments flavor
might be ascertained clearly
when further away.

When leaves are blowing
from the branches of today
they seek tomorrow.

Many things written
will sometimes be misleading
if not understood.

The ships own anchor
might prevent it from sailing
if it’s not hoisted.

Healing a threshold
might mean standing and waiting
before going in.

Lengths of tomorrow
are counted as we remember
from past escapades.

Caution when knocking
on doors to another timeframe.
You might find trouble.

Letters and numbers
are the building blocks of time
that many misread.

Fortunate people
might not see it fortunate,
because of their view.

While a flower blooms
it drinks from the soil below
the water it needs.

Seeking a turnstile
might find it opened and closed
with you unprepared.

An error in time
marks something that can be learned,
but yet not undone.

An idiots guide
can be pages without words.
Why even bother.

Lessons are rivals
that are pitted against you
with your will and God’s.

Take care of true love,
for it does not grow alone.
It needs some water.

Heaven in the clouds
floats high above our shadows
with mansions sublime.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Mar 6, 2010

God bless from Bill and Judy.
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