My Share Of Bad Days


Hello my friends

It’s been another week in 2015 and Judy and I have been
trying to get used to the date 2015 LOL.  Me particularly :).
I forget how many times that I’ve gone and dated my poetry
2014 and when editing had to fix it LOL.  I still might have a
few slip by me,  but maybe not :).  I went to the doctor again
last Tuesday and he started to try and remove the cyst on
my shoulder and he found something more.  It was not a cyst.
It was a tumor and when I went back to see him Saturday he
told me that he thinks it’s cancer.  He sent for test results
and said he would call me and let me know one way or the
other.  Keep me in your prayers.  I want a few more years
with my family.  Plus I have a lot more to ramble about :).
Surely God’s not done with me :).  I’ve got a whole lot more
orneriness to spread hehehehe.  Anyways,  I having faith
that if it is cancer that it’s benign.  He removed what all
he could at the moment which was 2 inches long and about
an 8th of an inch thick.  So,  now it’s onto a hopeful brighter
topic hehehe.  The boys are doing well.  Judy is over at her
sisters house as she does every Sunday.  Oh yea,  we got
us a new bed.  Ok,  so it’s a used bed.  It’s better than the
one that we had LOL.  Our box springs were busted and
the mattress had springs come up out of it.  Plus our old
bed was only a full size and the new one is a queen size.
A lot more room and it’s in real good shape.  It cost us
80 dollars and well worth it.  It’s supposed to snow in
the morning.  About 1-3 inches expected.  That’s not too
bad.  We’ve still got tons of snow outside.  It snowed a
little bit last week.  It’ll still be white outside for a few
more months LOL.  I don’t see it melting any time soon.
Benny is loving it as always hehehe.  He’d be happy if
there was snow all year round LOL.  I do love snow,  but
hate ICE which the snow tends to turn into when it melts
a bit in the sun and then refreezes.  That’s what ends up
causing a lot of slips and slides.  Our landlord slipped
on his steps last week and broke his ankle.  Now he’s
got a little sign on his front door that says,  “Careful,
the steps are slick” hehehe.  Yep,  I’ve had more than
my share of slips and slides on our front steps hehehe.
One morning Milo slid down the steps in the snow and
ice.  Thank God he’s lower to the ground than I am or
he might of got hurt.  He just shook it off and did his
business and then came back inside :).  Milo is in here
with me right now lying down in the floor beside me.
Benny comes and goes as he keeps a look out for
mom/Judy to come home LOL.  Last time I looked,
he was on the recliner watching the front door :).  Our
little watch dog hehehe.  Every time I get up to go to
the bathroom or go get a soda water,  Milo will be
right behind me like a little shadow.  He’ll wait till I
get out of the bathroom or kitchen and then follow
me back in here and lay down in the floor beside me.
Gotta love them boys :).  I enjoy every minute with
them.  Judy and I are so blessed to have found one
another.  I enjoy just being in the room with her.
God found 2 people that lived thousands of miles
apart and put them together as one and then found
two little boys/dogs that fit in our lives like a glove
and blessed us with their love.  It has been a life
that I never could of imagined.  I pray that I have
many more days together with them,  but only God
knows.  I’m sure that many of you did the same as
me for a few years,  lived seeking perfection and
not what God had for us perfectly.  Sometimes our
greed can cause us to seek beyond what we truly
need and end up with misery.  Then there are
times that you might have gotten depressed and
let the blessings fade from view.  That is my life.
I thank God that He allowed me another chance
to find true love and happiness.  Yes of course,  I
have my share of bad days,  but it’s the bad days
that make the good days shine.  I am thankful for
my gift of writing,  because it helps me to deal with
my problems.  Also I am able to share with you my
life through the turnstiles of ups and downs.  I do
hope that you are finding the joy of life.  Life is
short and we need to learn to be happy even when
we’re thrown a rotten egg :).  I guess it’s time for
me to be venturing back through all that I have
written here to see if I can find me a good word or
phrase that I can use for the title for today’s new
poem.  So,  it’s away I go to that little place of my
recollection that I always like to call RECOLLECT
VILLE.  I think I found a decent title that I’m sure
I haven’t used yet being it’s one long phrase,  but
I’ll check anyways hehehe.  Nope it hasn’t been
used,  so here goes,  being used LOL.

My Share Of Bad Days

When troubles come counting
and bad days surmise
time comes with chances
to find some blue skies.
Often my journeys
are with some potholes
found amidst storm clouds
just taking there tolls.
My share of bad days
might seem light to you,
but it’s the owner that
sees their own view.
You might be found with
some torment and pain
days each amounting
that seem as insane.
So let the good times
become as a tool
when there are times that
are oh so cruel.
It’s with the good times
that help all the greys
when I am found with
my share of bad days.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 11,  2015

Ok,  it might not be one of my better poems,  but as I’ve
said before,  it’s what that came out.  I hope it makes at
least a little sense to you :).  If not,  sorry,  maybe next
time hehehe.  Milo is still lying in the floor beside me
and he’s snoring LOUDLY.  It makes it a little hard to
think hehehe.  None the less I shall finish this.  I didn’t
write any poetry yesterday being I was a little depressed
due to my doctors report that I got yesterday.  Oh well,
we all get down time to time and I’m no exception LOL.
Life goes on :).  It’s 19 F degrees right now at  6 PM.
It’s supposed to be 13 F and snowing by morning,  Yea.
So far the weather has been fairly mild or should I say
mild for up here LOL,  but I’m sure Mr Winter will
turn down the air and all.  He always does LOL.  Yep,
it is most definitely wintertime.  Judy and I are going
to try and save up to get our car door fixed next month.
If nothing else happens we should be able to do it :).
The driver side door handle on the outside is messed
up and does not work.  We’ve gotta climb in on the
passenger side and reach across and open the driver
side door LOL.  That does get a tad OLD ya know.
It’s gonna cost us $606 dollars to get it fixed.  They
will have to replace the inside of the door.  Anyways,
hopefully it will be fixed next month.  We’re having
it fixed at Yorktown Auto.  I know Judy will be happy
when it’s fixed.  She drives the car more than I do :).
Well,  that’s about all that’s going on around here :).
I guess it’s time for me to tell you what I tell you
almost every week and that is,  I wrote some more
poems and haiku.  Yep,  I wrote 10 more poems with
1 of them being sort of Christmassy.  Also once agin
I wrote 22 haiku.  Yep,  I wrote all of the poems and
haiku today hehehehehe.  I hope you find one or two
of either or both that you like.  Now,  it’s time for
me to be searching for that not so elusive off switch,
but not before I wish you a most wonderful God
filled week.  Remember,  Jesus loves you and we
do too.  Now,  where’s that blasted off switch hiding
this time?  Hehehe I see ya you little varmint. Did
you think I wouldn’t see you riding side saddle on
Milo as he goes to get a drink of water hehehehe?
Saw ya!  Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill,  Judy,  Benny and Milo Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Mornings Calm

As night is ended
day’s begun
with the sight of
mornings sun.
The nights departure
leaves a trace
found within
the mornings face.
Scenes of grandeur
found by dawn
become essence
mornings calm.
With a portion
night has poured
mornings calm
is then assured.
Yet some mornings
might fall prey
to the troubles
Try and see what
can be done
mornings calm
with rising sun.
Find the goodness
to perceive
maybe just
a chance to breathe.
Look around you
dusk to dawn
and then find a
mornings calm.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 11, 2015

When Our Time’s Done

If death came knocking
at your front door
would you be ready
for then evermore?
Would you be waiting
at Heavens front gate
with many questions
and that many debate?
When our time is done
the chances to change
are then as faces
we can’t rearrange.
Do you know Jesus
and have you made peace
with all your anger
that you need release?
One day we’ll arrive
with the sight of God’s Son
as time goes ticking
when our time is done.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 11,  2015

The Winters Sun

With snow of white
the winters sun
shines so bright
on everyone.
The days are cold
with flakes of white
as stories told
from scenes delight.
As winters sun
displays its view
a new days done
for me and you.
The snow of white
paints many scenes
day and night
and betweens.
The winters sun
brings forth a gaze
northward done
some snowy days.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 11,  2015

Lost Bird

A tiny bird
in snow of white
seems so lost
within my sight.
A small lost bird
of winters way
wanders around
from day to day.
A tiny bird
on mounds of snow
hops around
in oh so cold.
Yet it flutters
wings deployed
on what all
it has enjoyed.
A small lost bird
not lost at all
loves to watch
the snowflakes fall.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 11,  2015

Joyful Memories

Those days remembered
of joyful hue
live as the echoes
of times oh so new.
Christmastimes blessings
wonderful sights
now are the magical
days I delight.
Joyful memories
painted with time
live as the wonderful
days on my mind.
Joyful the journeys
magical scenes
painted with colors of
reds,  blues and greens.
Wonderful moments
that my mind still sees
become as remembered
joyful memories.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 11,  2015

Floating Dreams

Waves come rolling
making sounds
such as lapping
on the ground.
Upon a beach
there’s ocean waves
rolling in
those sunny days.
Floating dreams
so faraway
oceans deep
from day to day.
Waves bring portions
of the scenes
as so many
floating dreams.
Passions doorway
opens wide
floating dreams then
come inside.
A paradise
ones hand in hand
floating dreams
found on the sand.
Waves come crashing
on the shore
floating dreams
Remembered times
of her and I
floating dreams
shall never die.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 11,  2015

To Judy Pearce
From Bill Pearce 🙂

Just Because

With our pathways
come our choices
with some answers
saddened voices.
Many people
blame their flaws
on the answers
just because.
Not allowing
truth to be
what they chose
from history.
Just because
becomes ones view
when they answer
me and you.
Yet that answer
does not show
why you really
did them so.
So if someone
ask you why
answer truly
do not lie.
Just because
is not so great
because it’s often
a little late.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 11,  2015

The Blinding Snow

The sun shines brightly
on the snow.
It’s hard to see
where all we go.
The blinding snow
of winters way
becomes a hindrance
day to day.
It acts like mirrors
said and done
reflecting bright
the daily sun.
The blinding snow
is also cold
winter displays
times unfold.
The suns reflection
that I see
becomes a snowbound
The times I’ve sought
where I’m to go
I only saw
the blinding snow.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 11,  2015

The Distant Trees

Looking out
I see the trees
snowy fields
of whitish seas.
My distant sight
sees high and low
trees all covered
with the snow.
Sparkling essence
in the sun
the distant trees
dial 911.
The weight of snow
upon their view
makes it hard
to stand there true.
Yet I find some
joy in these
found within
the distant trees.
Sparkling brightly
in the sun
until the moments
day is done.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 11,  2015

A Beautiful World

So many pages
of our history
get tainted by words
that ones don’t agree.
A beautiful world
lies here now today
that needs us to find
a more peaceful array.
We’ve allowed our anger
and hatred of others
to become killers
of sisters and brothers.
Let’s pull together now
and try and agree,
this wonderful world
has so much to see.
Look passed your differences,
find common ground
for a beautiful world
is there to be found.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 11,  2015

for Jan 11,  2015

With a few footsteps
yesterday becomes today
leaving memories.

While winter winds blow
they might give snowflakes a ride
if the weather’s right.

Soon now will pass on
leaving only some shadows
that we’ll remember.

Portions of winter
might bring forth some ice and snow
with some freezing rain.

Looking for perfect
might leave you feeling empty
when you see the flaws.

The echoes of time
that we recall from our past
might show some regret.

Today is a chance
that has many beginnings,
so do not give up.

Less might be better
if it’s what you only want
and don’t really need.

A glimmer of hope
comes from the tiniest things
that we overlook.

With just a moment
you can change all that you are,
so why not begin.

Death is not the end,
but the beginning of life
of everlasting.

Windows of lifestyles
are often pretty dirty,
but hidden from view.

Ones anxiety
can cause them many problems,
so take time for prayer.

A glimpse of today
from yesterdays perception
could find you despair.

Our lives are as links
connected invisibly,
each one together.

Heaven awaits us
while many still will choose Hell
as their direction.

Living in the now
brings chances for much better,
for yesterday’s gone.

Resting on laurels
might one day just fade away.
Try to do better.

Each snowflake that falls
has a personality
that is of its own.

Nighttime images
might create many shadows
that we misconceive.

Leftover heartbeats
from a devastating ride
might have some baggage.

Hearing ones wording
does not mean you understand.
It might be deeper.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 11,  2015

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