On My Shoulder


Hello my friends

It’s been another white and bright week gone by and
it’s seeming that this snow will never melt, but I know
it will sooner or later LOL. We might get some more
snow this week, but according to my weather program
it won’t be too much and it will be joined with some rain.
The daytime temperatures are supposed to be warmer
and above the freezing mark, but the nights are still in
the freezing temperature range. I am going to get my
PC packed up this week and sent to Texas to get it
hopefully repaired. It has many of the programs that
I need that I do not have on this PC. I’ve got my XP
PC switched over to my large monitor so I can see to
do what I need to do. The other monitor is a 15 inch.
This one is 28 inches. I can see it better. Anyways,
I’ve found all of my poems, journals and haiku’s so
I have them updated on this PC. Actually, the only
reason I use this PC is for my journals and sending
them using Outlook Express. Windows Live sucks.
It will not do my email folders or stationery as my
Outlook Express will. If I were to have to do it all on
Windows Live, I would just have to quit because it
will not work. So, thank God for Windows XP and
Outlook Express. I have all of the programs I need
on it to keep it safe. I don’t need Windows updates
I’ve got all of the preventive programs that I need.
This PC is a lot faster than the other also, being the
other one was only a 1.4 GHZ hehehe and I bought
it new a year or so ago from Walmart. I’m going to
see about getting my friends in Texas to put a faster
processor in it while they have it. This one has a
2.99 GHZ processor. It boogies hehehe. Oh well,
life goes on. Anyways, onto another topic. This
passed week Judy went for an Aortogram which is
Angioplasty on her leg to unblock the arteries in
her leg. She’ll have the other leg done later. They
can only do one leg at a time. She’s doing pretty
good. They said she could remove the bandage
in 48 hours and that was last Tuesday, but she
left it on for a couple days extra just for safety’s
sake. I removed it for her last night. It’s healed
nicely. We’re going to buy us some bicycles when
we can afford them and some dog/kid carriers to
pull behind them so Benny and Milo can go with
us on our rides 🙂 Yeppers, Judy and me wanna
lose some weight and we figured that’ll be a good
way. Today it’s bright and sunny and when you
look outside, you can go snow-blind, because it’s
white as all get out hehehe. Yep, we’ve still got
megatons of snow outside. Benny is sitting on
the porch enjoying the sunshine. He loves to sit
on the porch. I have no idea why, but he does.
I think I’ll go see if he’s ready to come in. I’ll
be back. I opened the door and said, are ya
ready to come back inside and he just looked up
at me as if to ponder the thought and then he got
up and slowly came inside and he was greeted by
Milo. OK back to writing. It’s 37 F degrees and
with the sun shining it feels a little warmer than
that. It’s supposed to get down to 21 F degrees
tonight. That’s still not too bad. It’s not subzero.
Well, what else is there to talk about? The boys
are resting quietly in the other room. I think Milo
is on our bed watching cartoons and Benny is in
the living room on the recliner hehehe. Judy’s
daughters came over the other day to check and
see how her surgery went. We had a great visit.
They brought Helena’s son Christian with them.
Helena is Judy’s youngest daughter. I was in
the middle of fixing Judy and I some breakfast
when they came by, but we sat and ate it while
we visited. Judy had already taken her diabetes
medicine and she had to eat. I took a few pictures
of her and the girls along with Christian in the
mix hehehe. I might put one of the pictures in
the stationery. Oh yea, me and the boys had
to wait out in the parking garage at the hospital
for 8 hours while Judy had her operation and
went to recovery. I went to visit her a couple
of times, but got lost on each occasion being
I get turned around easy hehehe and that is a
big hospital down in Bangor. I had to ask for
help to find her and then get back to our car 🙂
My asthma was kicking in bad and they ended
up wheeling me around in a wheelchair hehehe.
The Valet took me to our car. LOL, they didn’t
park it, but they could tell that I was not going
to be able to walk out to it, being I had moved
the car to the wrong parking lot hehehe. Hey,
I didn’t know. The doctor told me that I might
wanna move our car to the outside parking lot
so the boys could go potty. He never told me
which lot LOL. Anyways, I ended up moving
our car back to the parking garage as close
to the door as possible, so that when Judy was
ready to come home, they could see our car.
The boys never went poop. I guess they were
both a bit nervous. They did number 1 though.
LOL when we finally got home, they both ran
to find a place to go potty hehehe. Bangor
is 115 miles south of us LOL. Judy and I were
hungry so we stopped off at Wendy’s and got
us each a burger and fries to eat before we
headed on the long 2 1/2 hour drive home 🙂
Yep, Benny and Milo held their bowels until
we finally got home and quickly got out of the
car and ran to do their thing LOL. Yes we
love our little boys. God has so blessed our
family. My granddaughter Sami is doing a
little better. They had to amputate part of
her foot, but she is dealing with it as well as
to be expected. For those of you that don’t
know, Sami was born with Spinal Bifida
and her legs are paralyzed. She does real
good with braces. Please keep her and my
daughter Jamye in your prayers. Jamye is
doing her best, but I do know that all of the
problems can often overwhelm her at times.
They would me or anybody for that matter.
Thank You God for all of the blessings You
have given us and all of the angels that You
have sent to watch over us. There are many
times that I can feel the eyes of angels as
they stay beside me helping me to do what
I need to do. I can often feel the presence
of my dad as it seems his hand is laid on
my shoulder while watching me write. That
is what he used to do on Sunday mornings
when I was writing my journal. I can still
at times feel his hand on my shoulder as
he smiles and says, “Where’s my sermon”.
He always took my journal to church to use
in his lesson for the day. So, I reckon my
dad is always hanging out around our house
watching me write and keeping an eye on
us. I love you dad. OK so I guess I need
to cease my rambling and take my little
trip back through all that I’ve written here
to see if I can find a good word or phrase
that I can use for the title for today’s new
poem. So, it’s away I go to that little place
of my recollection that I always like to call
RECOLLECT VILLE. I think I may have
found a decent title and now after checking
I see that I have not used it yet, so away
we go hehehe.

On My Shoulder

Those times I felt
a sudden touch
that I loved
so very much.
The hand of dad
while watching me
on my shoulder
so Heavenly.
The pages turned
from faraway
to right now
another day.
My dad in Heaven
watching me
and so often
felt so free.
On my shoulder
I can feel
my daddy there
so very real.
His hand of love
and guidance true
on my shoulder
says I love you.
In his actions
words are found
on my shoulder
he’s around.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 29, 2015

To dad
I love you

Ok, so I got a little deep in the poem. I do think
of my dad often and can sometimes feel him here
watching us. I often hear his voice talking to me
when I am all alone. He always inspired me and
helped me in what ever I was interested in be it
music, poetry or whatever. Thanks dad 🙂 Ok
time to get out of that mode hehehe. Milo just
strolled in and laid against me and my chair LOL.
I guess he missed me hehehe. Now he’s over in
a doggie bed right beside me. I haven’t heard
Benny bark for quite a while. There must not
be much going on outside today 🙂 We have
new neighbors. They look to be older than us.
I hope they can handle it way out here in the
boonies 🙂 There’s not much else to tell ya
except for what I tell you almost every week
and that is I wrote some more poems and haiku.
Yep, 10 more poems, but once again, none
of them are Christmas poems hehehe. I also
wrote 22 more haiku for all of my haiku lovers
out there. I hope you can find one that you
like out of either. Now I believe it’s time for
me to be searching for that confounded off
switch, but not before I wish you a most
joyful weekend or whatever’s left of it and
a truly blessings filled week. Remember
Jesus loves you and we do too. OK now,
where’s that off switch hiding at this week?
LOL, trying to act like a flea on Milo don’t
work. He ain’t got fleas and you’re a bit
large to be thinking you could pass as one.
Gotcha, see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill, Judy, Benny and Milo Pearce

Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Approaching Springtime

Wintertime’s leaving us
white snow to melt
showing its signature
times that it dealt.
Springtime’s beginning
with its scenic way
approaching with footsteps
of day after day.
The sunrise each morning
is brighter to shine
when winter leaves us
approaching springtime.
The days become flourished
with so much to grow
that were once hidden
beneath winters snow.
The days have more colors
as white fades away
while approaching springtime
with April and May.
Up here where the winters
seem to hang on real tight
springtime’s arrival
is a wonderful sight.
When approaching springtime
the warmth reappears
showing us its beauty
as it perseveres.
Filling up the distance with
beauty complete
giving us wonders
of a springtime retreat.
Green grasses growing
and flowers to bloom
approaching springtime
gives moments to swoon.
With every essence
of its own design
wintertime leaves us
approaching springtime.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 28, 2015

Under The Moonlight

The night air breathes
a moonlight sky
with stars that twinkle
up so high.
Under the moonlight
scenes do appear
flavored as shadows
that often seem near.
Then as the moonlight
breathes a bit more
there are more stories
that you can explore.
Essence of starlight
moonlights companion
that in the night sky
seems like a canyon.
Rivers and valleys
a wonderful sight
are many wonders
under the moonlight.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 28, 2015

It Takes Two

Two in a story
written in time
might find some pages
that somehow remind.
Written reminders
found deep inside
might repeat problems
of an ongoing ride.
It takes two people
to start up a war
letting the passed days
to go on too far.
It takes forgiving
but maybe not forget
the horrid yesterdays
a moments mindset.
Learning your lessons,
but not allowing them
to be your now days
of agin and agin.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 28, 2015

Beyond The Portal

As doorways are closing
some open real wide
finding our pathways
with footsteps inside.
Beyond the portal
of moments remain
choices we’re choosing
sometimes so insane.
Many a doorway
will not be so good
showing us pathways
there aren’t understood.
Beyond the portal
of then unto there
time frames might falter
and seem without prayer.
Yet every portal
of life we go through
has better choices
for us then to do.
Choosing to change up
which way that we go
beyond the portal
then teaches to grow.
Lessons from journeys
of yesterdays miles
can make the difference
from our frowns and smiles.
Beyond the portal
learn how to breathe
finding God’s blessings
while learning to believe.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 28, 2015

Just Imagine

With just a thought
you can be found
with times so sweet
on solid ground.
Just imagine
what that you see
is but a doorway
to a sweet mystery.
Now take a moment
to look deep within
find you a dream to
just imagine.
Seek for the times
of momentous smiles
now just imagine
how it compiles.
For every moment
of each time we see
we can imagine
a great mystery.
Now just imagine
a blessings filled day
and then let Jesus Christ
make it that way.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 28, 2015

Springtime’s Lullaby

Within a sweet lullaby
of springtime’s desire
there is a moments time
in its entire.
Painted with morsels
of flowers and trees
and many birds
with a few bumblebees.
Springtime’s lullaby
sings ones to sleep
with all the blessings
of moments to keep.
Found in a lullaby
springtime displays
sweet birdies chirping
their wonderful ways.
Found in a gateway
of oh me oh my
are the great blessings
springtime’s lullaby.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 28, 2015

Ocean Of Wisdom

The wisdom of waters
waves rolling in
is but an ocean
that times do begin.
An ocean of wisdom
brings forth a prayer
found in the waves
that none can compare.
Scenes so transfixing
as ships out at sea
an ocean of wisdom
displays then for free.
Waves of emotions
roll onto the shore
an ocean of wisdom
of time ever more.
Pictured in a seccond
of minutes of time
an ocean of wisdom
forms its design.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 28, 2015

All Day

Looking outside
looking in
we might all day
see just sin.
Sometimes all day
isn’t found
what that’s truly
all around.
All day might seem
as you blindly
search to see.
Yet all day might
be real good
if we’d look
the way we should.
Let not all day
be disgrace.
Seek for time
a smiling face.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 28, 2015

The Evening Shade

The day rolls by
and sun goes down.
The evening shade
might then be found.
Counting minutes
through the day
brings the times
that go away.
The evening shade
is welcomed true
giving peace
from distant view.
For the sunset
brings its shine
sometimes brightly
time to time.
Then as sunlight
fades from view
the evening shade
is found brand-new.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 28, 2015

A Longing Spirit

Beyond our heartbeat
Heavens shine
a longing spirit
so Divine.
The sweetest heartbeat
up above
a longing spirit
fills with love.
The sweetest passion
Christ bestows
a longing spirit
Heaven knows.
Sending blesssings
a longing spirit
seeks to see.
It’s with Lord God
through His Son
a longing spirit’s
surely won.
A sweet heartbeat
then bestows
a longing spirit
Jesus knows.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 28, 2015

for Mar 28, 2015

The warmest people
could have a colder inside
that they hide from you.

Losing perception
makes distant thoughts deception
that could hurt someone.

The leaves on the trees
create abundant displays
as the wind will blow.

With every viewpoint
comes a different story
that many will tell.

Beyond now today
we cannot truly see clear
tomorrow’s results.

The river of time
flows as an secondhand of life
that’s misunderstood.

Searching for true love
could find you with many flaws
so let God help you.

Blessings in a life
are often hidden from sight
until the right time.

Harboring sadness
might find you stood all alone,
so learn how to smile.

As today moves on
it leaves traces of itself
written in your mind.

Sunrise of springtime
displays the dawn of flowers
and other species.

Heartbeats that unite
can become a thriving force
if God is with them.

The snow melts away
as winter breathes its last breath
and springtime arrives.

Destitute people
need some help from you and I
along with Jesus.

When one door closes
you’ll find another will open,
but it might be wrong.

The fear of darkness
gives strength to what’s within it
so have faith in God.

Tomorrow’s journey
begins with footsteps in today
so take heed your steps.

Losing your footing
can cause ridiculous words
to come from your mouth.

Following someone
might find you in their shadow
looking real stupid.

Allowing others
to depict your emotions
could make you the fool.

Hardships of others
might be a little rougher
than you thought they were.

Today marks a time
that yesterday helped to grow
through the good and bad.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 28, 2015

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