Remember The Moments


Hello my friends

It’s a bright and sunny day today and 54 F degrees.
Of course there is still a ton of snow outside yet to be
melted away. Yep, ya still gotta wear sunshades to
look outside LOL. The good part is that there is no
more snow in the forecast. There is although a bit of
rain in the forecast LOL. We’re still gonna have some
freezing temperatures at night for a while. That’s the
way it is up here. If it ain’t snowing, it’s raining LOL.
I will be glad when spring does finally get here. Yet
right now, there are still just barren branches on the
trees. Of course all of the evergreens are still green.
That only changes when they have tons of snow on
them and in that case they’re white hehehe. Yep,
this is life up north in Maine. Judy and I are doing
well. Our heating oil seemed to of lasted, so we
didn’t have to by anymore, but we will most surely
have to start buying some more this summer to get
ready for next winter, because our tank is almost
empty. Benny and Milo are doing well. They are
as ornery as always hehehe. Milo is lying in a dog
bed right beside me. Benny is at his guard station
on the recliner in the living room. He lets us know
if he hears something. Of course dogs can hear
a lot better than you or I so he tends to hears stuff
that doesn’t really pertain to us, such as some cars
driving down the road or our neighbors LOL. Yep,
he’s our overactive alarm system. We are glad he
does keep tabs though, because sometimes our
doorbell is frozen and will not work, and Benny
lets us know that someone is at the door. If we
try to ignore him in that situation, he will come
and get us and in his own way say come with me,
there’s someone at the door LOL. Yep, that’s
the way this house rolls hehehe. Right now I’m
eating some generic Lucky Charms LOL. They
have gotten a little mushy since I am writing and
eating at the same time or at least attempting to.
Milo just woke up and went and knocked at the
door with his paw to tell me, he’s gotta go out.
I’ll be back……………. I’m back. My cereal is
really soggy now LOL. Oh well, it’s still edible.
I just opened a window to let in some fresh air.
Through the 6 months of winter it does tend to
get a little stuffy in the house being with all of
the storm windows and doors. My allergies are
still running strong. They never take a break.
I have all year round allergies. You might be
able to hear me sneezing if you live close LOL.
I do keep the tissue companies in business 🙂
I have tried every allergy relief med. that I can
find and so far only Benadryl does anything to
help me, but unfortunately it messes with my
eyes. It doesn’t do like it does for Judy. It
never makes me sleepy. It just makes it hard
to see until it wears off. Then I can see, but
it’s on with the sneezing and blowing my nose.
LOL that’s my life. Milo just got up out of the
floor and went into our bedroom and he has
hopped up on the bed and is now sleeping in
my spot hehehe. Oh well, I’m not using it at
this moment LOL. They both like to lay in
bed with us, but we only allow it if we’re just
watching TV or as the matter as it is now and
neither of us is in bed. They are both banned
if they have been outside in the snow and all.
Nope, that’s when I will point at the floor and
they will stay down there. OK so what else is
going on around this place? Well, I ordered
us a couple of trivia games from
and I had them free ship them to our Walmart
in town. Judy and I went and picked them up
yesterday. One is called I’m With Stupid and
the other is titled You Must Be An Idiot. We
like to play trivia games when we get together
with the family, so I thought I would find us
some cheap ones to bring that we could play.
Anyways, We’re looking forward to playing
them with the kinfolk. It’s 57 F degrees now
at 5 PM according to my weather program, but
the thermometer at our back door says 61 F.
All though a little heat might be escaping to
make it warmer, but I don’t think that much.
In any sense, it’s not freezing and the snow is
slowly melting away. Yes we still have tons
of that white stuff out there, but it’s gradually
diminishing. I just went outside to take a few
pictures of our receding snow and ice. Another
few days and it should be gone unless we have
some more weird weather pop up and we get
more snow. It doesn’t show it in the forecast
though 🙂 Maybe winter has finally run its
course. We shall see hehehe. It has been
known to make a come back in the middle
to near the end of April. Yessiree bob we
might finally see a portion of spring YEAH.
I might then take my conga drums outside
and do some video recordings. It’s way too
hard to do in the wintertime when the wind
is blowing and not to mention the frigid cold.
My conga drum skins can’t handle too much
cold. They are skins ya know. My fingers
can handle it for a short period of time, but
even so, when moving my hands at that fast
pace they still get a little cold and I my index
finger on my left hand got frost bitten many
years ago and it still gives me the fits LOL.
The rest my fingers do fine. Anyways, it
seems that we might be seeing the grass
growing sometime in the future. Yet, for
now, it’s still buried beneath tons of snow.
I can’t wait to start taking some springtime
pictures. Of course the beginning will be
sort of muddy hehehe, being with all of the
snow melting, but one day the grass will
begin to grow again and our landlord will be
ticked off, because it means it’s mowing
season again. For some reason though I
think he likes to drive his tractor hehehe.
I’m looking forward to all of the flowers
blooming. Of course we don’t have none,
but all of the wild flowers that bloom will
display their beauty. It’s their defense
mechanism. They try to look so pretty
that we won’t mow them or whack them
with the weedeater LOL. It only works
for a while and then hasta la vista, baby 🙂
Summertime awakens my wants for more
picture taking and Judy and I will head
out on a picture taking drive. Benny and
Milo will join us. It’s nice to have pictures
that we can look back on and remember
the moments. Hey, that might work well
for a new poem title hehehe. We shall see.
I just went and looked at the thermometer
on the back door and it seems to be cooling
a bit. Now, it says 57 F. Well the day is
almost over with and it is supposed to get
down to 30 F degrees by morning. Judy
just got home. She’s early. She said her
brother Ricky is sick and in the hospital
now. Judy’s sister Trudy got off from work
early so Judy came home early. Anyways,
it looks like Judy’s brother Ricky is in
a bad way. He hadn’t eaten in a week and
could not get up out of his chair. Why he
didn’t call anybody I have no clue. The
phone was right beside him. Keep him
in your prayers. God will most assuredly
watch over him. I guess with that said,
I need to be doing my little search back
through all that I’ve written here to see
if I can find a title that’s better than the
one that I found a bit ago hehehe. So it’s
away I go to that place of my recollection
that I always like to call RECOLLECT
VILLE. It looks like the title I find a
little bit ago will do. So here goes 🙂

Remember The Moments

Those times from another
day we’ve explored
might display sometimes
that we had adored.
Seasons found changing
as dusk unto dawn,
remember the moments
as time moves along.
You might find that one day
you’re needing a smile,
remember the moments
of a times little while.
See how remembering
can bring you on through
passed all the sadness
that might be with you.
Remember the moments
of hearts found united
and you might find then
that you’re so excited.
For moments remembered
can still live and breathe
as a joyful remembrance
that you can believe.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 12, 2015

So how was that? I hope it made some sense.
I also hope you enjoyed my rambling hehehe.
I know, you’re saying, How can this guy find
so much to talk about LOL? Well, I just start
writing and let my thoughts come alive. The
boys are asleep in the floor right behind and
beside Judy and I. When Milo saw that mom
was home he came back in here and plopped
down right behind me LOL. Amazing enough
he’s not barking for treats hehehe. I guess
he’s content. There’s not much else to tell ya
other than what I tell you almost every week
and that is I wrote some more poems and
haiku. Yeppers, 10 more poems, but yet
with one of them this time a Christmas poem.
I also wrote once again 22 more haiku for
all of my haiku lovers out there 🙂 I hope
you can find one or two of either or both that
you like. Now I believe it’s time for me to
begin my search for that not so elusive
off switch, but not before I wish you a most
wonderful weekend or whatever’s left of it
and a blessings filled week. Remember,
Jesus loves you and we do too. OK now,
where’s that freaken off switch hiding
this week? I saw ya duck for cover in my
Lifesaver Mint bag hehehe. Try harder
next time dude. Maybe try NOT peeking.
Gotcha, see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill, Judy, Benny and Milo Pearce

Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Pieces Of Time

An instant, a moment
with pieces of time
some seem as boredom,
some seem to rhyme.
Minutes that tick on
with pages of day
might become images
moments display.
Pieces of time
that somehow are found
when we each finally
just look around.
Often those pieces
of time fade from view
when we are burdened
with what others do.
So if we’d focus on
what that is needed
pieces of time might
be then succeeded.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 11, 2015

Years Pass

If but a moment
is found on your mind
you might then recall what
passed days will find.
As the years pass by
and time fades away
we each will get older
as hair turns to grey.
Scenes that we’ve found
as our echoes rejoice
find the years pass
with a shadowy voice.
Mesmerizing things
from days that are gone
might become cinders
that are still burning on.
Becoming images
that burn so bright
the years pass on
to our memorized sight.
Things we remember
that will never fade away
are as the years pass
to moments of grey.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 11, 2015

A Sea Of Thoughts

With waves crashing in
on a sunshiny day
a sea of thoughts is
a wonderful way.
Walking on the beach
with sand sifting true
a sea of thoughts
is me now with you.
Walking in the waves
of time evermore
we’re holding hands
on this old sandy shore.
An island of summer
as waters will toss
we are together
in a sea of thoughts.
This is but a dream
of a time faraway
you and I together
on one distant day.
A sea of thoughts
with you and I together
lasting in our minds
for now and forever.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 11, 2015

To Judy Pearce
from ME 🙂


Beginning real quickly
without much a thought
sometimes we head out
with what we should not.
A little impromptu
from a hurried way
begins a little journey
that might turn out grey.
An impromptus time
that becomes a pattern
could possibly end up
like rings of Saturn.
Whirling around emptily
without thinking true
where you will end up
with one impromptu.
Often our journeys
we thought up real quick
lead us to gateways
to time frames so sick.
Yet a little impromptu
can brighten our days
if it’s not without
the will of good ways.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 11, 2015

Pleasant Dreams

As night comes true
and sleep is found
pleasant dreams
come into town.
Needing only
you to find
pleasant dreams
within your mind.
Think of rainbows
colors bright
as you head off
in the night
Pleasant dreams
of fields of wonder
only needs your
mind to wander.
Relax and find
some peaceful streams
and you’ll find some
pleasant dreams.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 11, 2015

Hidden Thoughts

We might hide
our thoughts inside,
but to God
they’re opened wide.
Hidden thoughts
that we don’t tell
might one day
find us in Hell.
For Lord God knows
what we think
and if it’s good
or if it stinks.
Hidden thoughts
are best applied
with God’s help
to cleanse inside.
Yet if goodness
is your mind
hidden thoughts
are good to find.
Being God knows
who you are
and your thoughts
each day by far.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 11, 2015

Simply Remembering

Those December days
with Christmastime’s joy
I now remember
a young little boy.
It was my favorite
time to explore
gazing through windows
at the old toy store.
Watching the toy trains
just chugging around
as I knew Christmas
was coming to town.
Simply remembering
those pleasant days
brings me a journey
through Christmas arrays.
Scenes filled with laughter
with Christmas songs sung
I’m simply remembering
when I was so young.
Yet I never saw Christmas
with wintertime’s snow,
but I still dreamed of Santa
and his HoHoHo.
Those childhood moments
I’m simply remembering
are still alive
as those voices still sing.
My family and I
singing songs of such joy
simply remembering
when I was just a boy.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 11, 2015

A Moment In Time

I sometimes think that
I might of lost true
sometime or moment
that got passed my view.
A moment in time
from day unto night
that might of seemed to
evade my sight.
We all have moments
that make it on passed
seen now this moment
within our own past.
Yet there are moments
that we might just gaze
sometimes a minute
in times better days.
With recollections
of yesterdays view
a moment in time
might not be for you.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 11, 2015

Before The Dawn

Within the morning
sunshine is seen
finding its way passed
starlight and dream.
Before the dawn
the night does display
signs of its end
and beginning of day.
The essence of starlight
glimmers and shines
soon as the dawn breaks
with its designs.
Yet before the dawn
the glow does appear
that displays the time
that daytime is near.
Before the dawn
the night leaves a trace
found in the stars
as a smiling face.
Nighttime is moving
as time ticks on
to give us a glimmer that’s
before the dawn.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 11, 2015

Towards Much Better

With our passed behind us
as time marches on
we can find so much better
with some moments gone.
Often with so many
their days move ahead
not seeking for better
but the same ways instead.
Not toward much better,
but repetitive strides
that were just burdensome
temptations dives.
So try to move forwards
towards much better
while trying truly
to be a go getter.
Don’t let your passed days
of hardships to win.
Towards much better
is the way to begin.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 11, 2015

for Apr 11, 2015

As you imagine
you might begin seeing truth
beyond perception.

The length of a day
gives some the time to mess up
and others to shine.

Harvesting anger
from a time from long ago
will burden today.

Kindness of others
might somehow rub off on you
and make you to smile.

Today’s own hardships
could be just but some moments
that we thought larger.

Looking at the snow
as the sun reflects on it
needs you with sunshades.

Modern medicines
will often not be so good
because it’s practice.

Looking for the truth
needs you to know what it is
so you will know it.

Beyond a shadow
holds some images we see
that might confuse us.

Living in the past
guarantees a bad future,
for it is poisoned.

The weather of time
comes with tornadoes of life
that relocate us.

A license to drive
does not allow you to speed
and ignore the rules.

A little heartache
might cause you to shy away
and not get too close.

Snow within April
still finds a place on the ground
in northeastern Maine.

Sharing little grins
could cause an epidemic
as smiles will blossom.

Pouring on laughter
might make ones think your crazy,
so don’t laugh so hard.

Yesterdays journey
could find itself in today
as some leftovers.

Beyond the starlight
there’s another world to find
as life beacons on.

Similar people
will often find perceptions
not so similar.

While clouds pass us by
they create fluffy artwork
in the sky of blue.

Spirits within us
are often from family
guiding us through life.

Knowing boundaries
and acknowledging their truth
helps us move forward.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 11, 2015

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