His Imagination


Hello my friends

I am back and feeling a little better, yet still in pain. I ended
up going to the emergency room 2 o’clock Wednesday morning.
It seems I had a contusion from when I fell Sunday before last
and it was in a path of massive arthritis that is in my side. It
seems my arthritis has gotten a whole lot worse through the years.
Anyways, they gave me a shot of phinigrin to ease the pain.
I was hurting so bad I almost blacked out in the bathroom and
I hollered for Judy to help me. She knew I was in pain, but
had no idea to the level of my pain. Yet she knew I must be in
a lot of pain to ask her to take me to the hospital LOL. I hate
hospitals, being I have spent the biggest part of my life in them.
The doctor gave a prescription for Diazepam which is generic
for Valium, Tremadol and Meloxicam. I’m still hurting quite
a bit, but nothing like I was. That was above and beyond my
threshold of pain. I didn’t write anything poetry wise until
yesterday evening and I didn’t write any haiku until just a little
bit ago hehehe. In any case, you have a lot to read. As for
my health, the doctor thinks my health is destined to get much
worse. I am going to try and get on as a patient of Judy’s
doctor, but time will tell. It seems nobody is accepting new
patients up here. Not that any of them could do anything for
my other health issues such as intestinal, but for such things
as my arthritis and its growing severity, the doctors might
be able to offer an ease for me. I’m sure nothing will cure me
of it, being I was born with it and have suffered all my life
with this mess, but maybe they can find a way that will ease
the pain at least a little. Ok, so off of my ailments hehehehe.
Life goes on. Judy is doing fairly well. Everybody is getting
antsy waiting for the day that the Elm Tree Diner makes its
grand opening. I know Judy will be thrilled to be back at
the diner. The Temporary Elm Tree Restaurant has served
as a good replacement and paycheck, but it’s just not the
diner :). The weather up this ways has been very mild in
the last few weeks. Almost a month now has gone by and
we have seen only temps above 30 during the day. That is
weird, but welcome in my book LOL. Yet, I have a feeling
that the bugs will be bad this summer, which is why I bought
a bunch a Hot Shot No Pest Strips LOL. I’m an ex Boy Scout
and I believe in the motto of being prepared hehe. Those No
Pest Strips seemed to keep the black fly’s away pretty darned
good last year and so I bought a lot of them for this year.
Hung them in every room. The snow seems to be melting away
as the days go by. We may see Spring for the first time in a
long while LOL. It will be the first time that I’ve seen it since
we moved up here in December of 2007 hehehe. I am hoping
on being able to fly to Texas this summer to visit my family
and friends. Keep me in your prayers for that. It all depends
on our funds as well as my health. Hehehe I have a hard time
going through security being every time they run that metal
search bar across me, my leg sets it off LOL. I’ve got wires
holding my left leg together and it always sets off the alarm.
Oh well, it’s nothing new hehe. I had that surgery when I
was 12-13. Like I said, I have spent many years in hospitals
which explains why I hate them now. They never figured out
my bizarre blood condition for having two types or the fact
that I have a double sized heart. They only know that I am
a one of a kind :). They’ve never seen anyone like me before 🙂
LIVING of course. I doubt they ever will hehehehe. My old
doctor in Greenville after seeing my tattoo that says Animal,
called me Animal and said I must not be human hehehehehe.
Got over the mumps in 3 days with no side affects. I guess
God made me different for a reason. Many things about me
make me wonder what’s in store, but then God only knows.
I’m guessing that there are many of you out there with things
about you that make you stand out. There are many things
I have not told you about my childhood and health issues
that would make you scratch your head hehehehehehehe.
Oh well, God has special gifts for us each one and we may
never truly ever know why it is that we are the way we are.
I never understood why I didn’t have a belly button and it
puzzled me for years. Mom and dad explained it to me
later in life, but there are many things about ourselves
that we may see as strange that are actually there for a
purpose. Mom and dad told me I had a double hernia in
my younger years of 1 and 2 and that was the reason for
the scar on my stomach leaving no belly button, but it
did leave me confused seeing other kids with one. We see
many that look different than us and wonder why we are
not like them or better yet why they are the way they are.
The fact is, God used His imagination and made us each
as He imagined with us each one with our own qualities.
Let Jesus help you find your qualities in life. You might
find that you have more than you ever knew. Blessings
come in many different shapes and sizes as well as names.
I myself try my best to use my gift that God has given me
to view life in a sense that many overlook and put it into
poetic form. Yes even my haikus are the words He has
given me to help others including myself to view life in a
different light. Let God guide you to where you need to be.
Now with that said, I reckon it’s time for me to be taking
my little venture back through all that I’ve written to try
and find a good word or phrase for the title for today’s
brand new poem. So it’s off I go to that place that I like
to call RECOLLECT VILLE. I believe I found a good
title. Now let’s see what I can do with it…

His Imagination

In His Image
we were done
to do what
that we’ve begun.
His imagination
was so great
that He made us
meet our fate.
He gave guidance
in His words
such as seen
as a flock of birds.
We so often
lose our way,
yet His Son
helps us each day.
His imagination
made so fine
us with gifts
in His design.
In His Image
we must do
the best we can
imagine true.
Though we’ll falter
all the while,
God will help us
to compile.
His imagination
then and now
will as always
show us how.
If He imagines
less of sight,
it will surely
be alright.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 14, 2010

I hope that I made a little sense to you. I never know if I am
speaking clear enough, but then God only knows. I guess I need
to be looking for that off switch, but first I must ask, did you
remember to set your clocks ahead for daylight savings time???
Of course I know that many of you in other countries such as
China, Japan, Russia, Malaysia, Holland, etc etc don’t do daylight
savings time LOL. But here in the USA for some dumb reason,
we do. I have no clue of what it is saving LOL. But then, nobody
asked me did they hehehehe. Just in case ya forgot to set your
clock ahead an hour,,,,,,,,YOUR LATE hehehe. Ok, so with
that said it’s time to be saying goodbye. But before I do that I
must tell you of the poems and haikus I wrote. Yes I know I
mentioned them in the upper half of this, but I thought I would
tell ya agin hehehe, I wrote yet another 10 poems Saturday and I
wrote 26 haiku this morning being I got to writing and could not
find a freaking stopping place LOL. Ok so have a wonderful
week and always remember Jesus loves you and we do too.
Now to find that off switch… Where is that thing hiding this
time?????? Hehehe found it hiding in my valium bottle LOL!
See ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

God Bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haikus 🙂
10 and 22 +4 hehehehehe LOL

A Seed For Growing

Weird states of wonder
fall into place
leaving so many
confused on their face.
Problems encountered
might not dissolve
and leave us answers
we can resolve.
Sometimes the moments
might just impair
what that you lately
said in your prayer.
You might not see
how God is alive
helping you daily
to then survive.
yet it’s the wonders
of weird factors found
that have the lessons
that help us around.
Sometimes it’s patience
or maybe just need
that is the moment
planting a seed.
A seed for growing
in our best design
God gives us daily
in our time to time.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 13, 2010

Let Every Moment

How is a vision
that many will seek
when they are seeing
what’s week after week?
What is a wonder
that many will view
when they are seeing
what they misconstrue?
When is a timeframe
that many will find
when they are seeing
what’s now on their mind?
Now is a minute
that many will see
when in confusion
of what that should be.
Time is a porthole
that many will view
as they are wondering
what they should do.
Let every moment
that God does display
be as the blessings
to show you the way.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 13, 2010

Sometimes The Lessons

Links to our troubles
may seem insane
when we see only
time without gain.
Doorways to minutes
may seem for hours
leaving us thresholds
troubles empowers.
Long winded journeys
might seem to be
segments of moments
troubles we see.
Let Jesus help you
see passed your view
and see what really
surely is true.
Sometimes the lessons
that we’ll discern
might not be truly
what we will learn.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 13, 2010

Seen As Sunshine

Paved through sunshine
sights are seen
colors in essence
of red, blue and green.
Images painted
in every display
now are as Spring
in March April May.
April’s beginning
is surely found
in all the sunshine
seen all around,
yet now in March
the shadows do show
springtime is melting
the white fallen snow.
Paved as pictures
seen as a prayer
springtime is giving
a day of fresh air..
Seen as sunshine
with essence divine
new days are coming
from Jesus sublime.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 13, 2010

Puzzles Connected

Pieces connected
are puzzles we view
sometimes of me then
and sometimes of you.
Places we’re seeing
and that we’ve gone
help us to make it
to a new dawn.
Places connected
within certain sense
might make us wonder
why that we went.
Links to our journeys
connected in time
may be the pieces
of rhythmic rhyme.
We may be finding
times there ahead
we might remember
things that we’ve said.
Puzzles connected
within time and space
might be the journeys
we need for a place.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 13, 2010

Times May Have Changed

Lines on a face
say certain words
as all the journeys
of millions of birds.
Words with opinions
painted in place
tell all the stories
as lines on a face.
Lines from the smiles
of which they have done
display the journeys
of which have begun.
Lines from the frowns
of times oh so sad
display the journeys
of which they have had.
Lines on a face
speak loud and clear
what that a word
might not be sincere.
Lines on a face
might also show
the worry and doubt
of what they don’t know
Use all the lines
to guide what you see,
but let the voices
to surely agree.
Sometimes the lines
might just be a way
displaying feelings
of another times day.
Times may have changed
and left then to view
lines on a face
of someone brand new.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 13, 2010

Life’s Perplexing

Hazards come
and hazards go
leaving thoughts
we just don’t know.
Times confuse
our mental states
leaving wonder
for what waits.
Life’s perplexing
with its view
as we wonder
false or true.
Troubles come
into our sight
and we wonder
day and night.
Use a moment
filled with prayer
to make hazards
have fresh air.
Sometimes problems
that we see
might just answer
you and me.
We might misread
a certain style
and not see what’s
all the while.
Life’s perplexing
with its gaze,
but God’s guiding
all the days.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 13, 2010

To Jump The Gun

Found in an image
sights we perceive
might be a problem
hard to conceive.
Signs all around you
might just display
what that you’re wanting
for them to say.
Some see the images
there plain in sight
as all the journeys
wrong unto right.
Yet many images
seen so to say,
might be the journeys
in the wrong way.
Listen to wisdom
others provide
and then let lessons
to then coincide.
Do not let hurry
make you to run,
for it makes problems
to jump the gun.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 13, 2010

Just Misconstrued

People found searching
may simply find
times of temptations
there on their mind.
People found looking
to see what is there,
may overlook
the moments of prayer.
Torment from fractures
painted in place
might only show
the pain on ones face.
We may be looking
and then seeing not
all of the blessings
that we have forgot.
So often people
find only viewed
what that they’ve daily
just misconstrued

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 13, 2010

Times We Remember

Withered perception
brings into grasp
times from a portholes
times other task.
Wintertime’s moments
fills up the void
with many moments
ones have enjoyed.
Yet ones remember
times other day
when ones we loved
were taken away.
Withered from sadness
many will find
wintertime’s moments
sad on the their mind.
Let all the sadness
of then that was done
live as remembered
goodness begun.
Withered perception
only will try
to leave you grieving
in your by and by.
Let Jesus help you
remember the good
that can be better
from times understood.
Times we remember
from that that is gone
should be the blessings
to help us move on.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 13, 2010

for Mar 14 2010

Our health is displayed
in a moments repercussion
as we remember.

Lack of harmony
comes from our disagreements
of right and or wrong.

Looking to the past
leaves you destined for sorrow
unless you’re prepared.

Pain is a feeling
that many can’t distinguish
due to its owner.

Life might seem hurried,
yet there’s times it might seem slow.
Our wants make the speed.

Anger’s brought to life
with jealousy, greed and pain
and creates sorrow.

In the universe
are things we can’t imagine,
but God made them be.

Between now and then
is a journey we’ve taken
or waiting to take.

Some see the darkness
and some see the good that shines.
We choose what we see.

Individual signs
are our destiny’s pathways
we might throw away.

A river flowing
might lead you to the ocean,
but it might be false.

Lands are occupied
by many that will mislead.
Take heed your journey.

Times recognition
evolves through our own discord
and creates sadness.

So young are the minds
that think they know everything.
There’s so much to learn.

Wisdom is folly
that’s pasted in our lifestyles
as all we have learned.

Time might deceive us
with us standing and waiting
for what we expect.

Doorways will open,
yet they may then close quickly
if choices aren’t made.

Hands make a pattern
holding together the essence
of God breathing life.

Look to the Heavens.
Search for that one special cloud.
Say hello to God.

Pointless is anger
when directed at someone
you don’t even know.

Conclusions are made
as time runs its gathered course.
Mistakes can conclude.

A chain needing oil
might not display it grandly.
It might be discrete.

Cornerstones placements
should be where there’s foundation
to give them reason.

Answers are gathered
from the questions that are asked
sometimes in silence.

Lingering footsteps
may be shadows existence
painted as echoes.

Tools of a caveman
are the same as ours today.
They are memories.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 14, 2010

God bless from Bill and Judy.

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