Many Plans


Hello my friends

Sorry for being so late writing. My health has taken another
trip and it seems due to the meds the doctor prescribed me for
my side and hip, it has escalated my other ailments, plus it
seems that I have a case of pneumonia. Still trying to find a
doctor that will take me on as a new patient, but as is, the
emergency room is my only hope at the moment. I’m figuring
that when the doctors get the info on my health issues hehehe,
they’ll run for the hills. Oh well, life sort of goes on in my
case :). I have been bedridden most of the time, yet I force
myself to get up time to time and cook or go outside. Keep
me in your prayers. Keep Judy in your prayers as well. She
is having to help me now with the cooking, dishwashing and
laundry off and on, being my strength is depleted. I am hoping
for this to pass soon. I hate the feeling of being useless. No
I didn’t write any this week, but I did attempt to write a few
poems yesterday (Sunday). I will give an attempt to write a
little more as well as writing a few haiku before I finish this
journal. Ain’t life weird!!! I never know what to expect life
wise. So now I guess I need to get off of the depressing note
and onto a hopefully happier one. I have been tinkering with
my farms on the internet time to time being they seem to be
a good form of meditation for me. Yet I can’t sit here long
doing them so I have to limit myself to a few minutes every
once in a while. Hehehehe my crops all withered in Farmville
due to me not being able to get there and so I used my last
unwither to restore it. LOL, I’ll just have to replant the next
time that happens hehehe. A few of my crops in FarmTown
also died due to me not being able to get there, but oh well.
I just had Judy re plow them and I planted this time 3 day
crops LOL. No more 1 day crops for me :). Countrylife
thank God does not have all those problems. The crops don’t
wither no matter how long it takes me to get there LOL.
I love that. Hehehehe I know, a lot of you are saying what
on Earth is Bill talking about???? LOL, it would take too
long for me to explain. These are all games that Judy and
I play on FaceBook. We don’t do MySpace much anymore.
I am feeling a little bit better right now, but that can all
change in the wink of and eye. Yet for the moment, I am
feeling pretty good. My lungs are still wheezing, being I
also have asthma hehehe…… Like I need more problems!
Hehehehe, that’s life in the fast lane. Ok maybe it’s the not
so fast lane LOL. The emergency parking lane hehehehe.
I went out yesterday and spent some time watching one of
my neighbors flying his remote control planes. Brian seems
to be a great guy. I may have finally found me a friend to
spend some time with. I video taped him flying his planes,
or at least I tried my best to keep up with the plane LOL.
It was a white plane on a cloudy day hehehe. Figure it out.
Anyways, he gave me a DVD to use to put it on so he can
watch it on his TV hehehe. He might be disappointed, being
I kept losing the plane. Maybe on another day, we will do
it again and I will be able to get a better video of the plane
in flight. Hopefully on not such a cloudy day :). None the
less, I am going to put the video on a DVD for him. He’s
disabled also so we have a lot of time to maybe connect if
I live that long LOL. I’m sure God still has many plans for
me and He isn’t throwing in the towel on me yet :). None
the less, as I said before, I will try to write a bit more
poetry as well as a few haiku real quick before I begin my
little quest through RECOLLECT VILLE. So I’ll be back.
Ok, so I’m back. I managed to get 5 poems written, but
only 12 haiku. So sue me LOL. I could just post some of
my old poetry and haiku from years passed, but I thought
I would try to see if I could pull a few thoughts out of my
head. The Valium is helping a little. Yet it doesn’t affect
me as it does normal people. It don’t make me drowsy or
have ya figured that out hehehehe. I just wrote 5 poems
and 22 haiku LOL. I wrote 5 poems yesterday afternoon.
So now it’s time for me to be heading back through all
I’ve written to that place of recollection that I like to call
RECOLLECT VILLE to see if I can find a good word or
phrase that I can use for the title for today’s other brand
new poem LOL. Yes I know, I’ve already written 5 today,
but here goes. I found a good title. Now let’s see what I
can do with it in my weakened state hehehe…

Many Plans.

Plans are reckoned
thought on through
thinking things
that we should do.
So many plans
are each conceived
how we’ve learned
and each believed.
We’ve each ventured
many places
many plans
with many traces.
We’ve got Jesus
and His view
with His Plans
for me and you.
So many plans
are left undone
because of fear
to be begun.
We got choices
with our stands
but we need God’s
many plans.
We need survive
and not destroy
and not make life
as a toy.
Life’s a blessing
that we’ve found
so make plans
for common ground.
So many plans
are thrown away
because of what
ones do and say.
Make your wording
many plans
that lead to good.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Mar 22, 2010

I sure hope that made sense to ya. I’ve gotta go lay down now.
My eye is throbbing. Catch ya later. Oh yea, as if ya didn’t
know, I wrote 10 poems and 12 haiku, Sorry about being a
bit late, but for most of you LOL, you don’t even read it till
Monday or Tuesday anyway hehehe. Have a great life. Now
to find that off switch which shouldn’t be too freaking hard LOL.
But before I do that, remember Jesus loves you and we do too.
Now where’s that confounded off switch. Hehehehe hiding in
my Tramadol bottle hehehe. Stay safe. Peace and Love…
See ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haikus ­čÖé
10 and 12 hehehehehe LOL

Sometimes As Lessons

Sometimes time
seems to stand still
when things are seeming
as a bitter pill.
Moments reverberate
as echoes of wonder
seen as we recall
times over yonder.
Things are the minutes
counted as days
found in a turnstiles
reverberated maze.
Sometimes meanings
get out of sync
the way we view
and the way we think.
Some see the journeys
and others see the pain
not seeing clearly
the time of the gain.
Reverberating minutes
echo in time
sometimes as lessons
giving a sign.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Mar 21, 2010

We Can’t Resist

In mornings mist
the scenes we see
might be illusions
or just make believe.
Just like the clouds
we ponder their sight
seen in the daytime
also at night.
Looking passed then
to see far beyond
there in the mist
might be a small pond.
A frog on a lily pad
waiting it seems
within the mist
of oncoming dreams.
In mornings mist
the fractions behold
times that repeat
minutes of old.
Moments transpire
through scenery found
in through the mist
of all there around.
Looking passed then
and on through the mist
is time recorded
that we can’t resist.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Mar 21, 2010

Where is The Passion?

Where in the wonder
is dreamers surprise?
Is it well hidden
in some kind of disguise.
How can we find it
when now is so bad?
Can it be memories
of which we’ve had?
Where in the wonder
is sweet tasty rain
when it is painted
how many complain?
So often people
forget how to view
things that are given
each day so anew.
Where is the passion
that needs to be seen?
Is it now changing
to things so obscene?
Look to your heart
and see what you find.
Do you see love
for all of mankind?

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Mar 21, 2010

It Takes The Sadness

Lingering pain
strives to mislead
yet it is sometimes
things that we need.
For without pain
the things up ahead
might just be fragments
someone has said.
We each will view
our own you and me
as all the minutes
of which we can see.
If we see goodness
all of the time
then all that goodness
might lead us to crime.
For we’ll interpret
what that is done
as that of boring
that’s daily begun.
It takes the sadness,
sickness and pain
to help us see what
all there’s to gain.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Mar 21, 2010

To Perplex Us

Times perplexing
found in the dark
leave us directions
confused to embark.
Leaves on the trees
of branches array
find us wishing
our lives all away.
Times we’ve seen
and times we’ve heard
find us wanting
what’s really absurd.
Perplexing minutes
stand as a time
some think is surely
a God given sign.
Yet often moments
that we perceive
are just perplexing
to help us conceive.
We need the minutes
God gives to view
so to perplex us
and see something new.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Mar 21, 2010

So Many Tales

Winters exposure
now sort of seems
things that are found in
my daily dreams.
The snow is melting
slow out of sight,
yet I still wonder
what happens to white.
The snow in essence
found on the ground
seems that it’s painted
white all around.
Winters exposure
sometimes might be
a seasonal setting
that my eyes can see.
Yet I’m still searching
so diligently true
for the remainder
of snow through and through.
Wintertime’s painting
is in a frame
displayed in essence
the way that it came.
Some winter’s milder
and some just is not,
but it’s the winters
that many have sought.
Seeking for playing
with snowmobile trails
is but a story
of so many tales.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Mar 22, 2010

Times Burning Ember

Home is a place
that I wish to find
in a mere minute
inside of my mind.
Home is remembered
as hanging your hat
the place you recall
that is all of that.
Home is a place
that’s found inside
that oh so often
your heart does reside.
Pieces remembered
painted in time
seem to be blessings
now does refine.
Often our memories
take on a cruise
that’s down a river
of win and to lose.
Use that memory
to paint so well
home in the places
that now does compel.
It’s but a place
that you hang your hat
and that should be where
that your home is at.
Leave the memories
remembered so fine
as but a blessing
to see time to time.
Seen as a visit
from memorized tools,
but don’t let them be
makers of fools.
Sometimes the moments
of which we remember
are meant to be
times burning ember.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Mar 22, 2010

Cannot Determine

Anytime’s presence
could be a flame
carrying thresholds
timeless to gain.
We find the moments
God gives to see,
but we so often
do not agree.
Anytime’s segment
might just conclude
as but a moment
that we see as rude.
It is our viewpoints
found in a phrase
that will determine
how we see days.
Anytime’s action
made in a time
might be envisioned
as just a crime.
So many viewpoints
seen in a while
cannot determine
a frown or a smile.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Mar 22, 2010


Landing on verdicts
leaves ones despair
due to the findings
that not many care.
Often the formats
of verdicts we find
leave us with pictures
confusing our mind.
We may see someone
running away,
and misconceive
what they do or say.
Sometimes moments
that we each view
may be illusion
and not be so true.
Landing on verdicts
needs ones to see
all of the paintings
that timeframes agree.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Mar 22, 2010

On The Whale

Books can enlighten
as they are read
with all the journeys
to take into bed.
Dreams are enlightened
as books are found
with all the words
of sight unto sound.
Take up a journey
in a book of time
flavored with rhythm
and also of rhyme.
Books make moments
to seem so clear
as if a porthole
of time does appear.
Read of a journey
with oceans of waves
and be enlightened
for your future days,
Let the book take you
on journeys so far
which you can imagine
the way the things are.
See in your journey
a whale in your view
and then imagine
that it’s there with you.
Ride on its back
as you take the lead
and then turn pages
and continue to read.
Feel as the waves
all splash in your face
and if you feel sleepy
then just mark your place.
You can continue
your ride on the whale
on another journey
of night to foretell.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Mar 22, 2010

for Mar 22, 2010

Some people wonder
why timeframes are confusing.
They look way too hard.

Heads banged together
make conclusions of turmoil
with nothing gathered.

While waiting for time
we might overlook what’s there
and miss the grand view.

Landmarks are laid out
when we each make our footsteps
from here unto there.

Look for the reasons
and then look for conclusions.
They may not match up.

Many hear the thunder,
but only fear the lightning.
Lightning brings thunder.

Gearing up for time
might just leave you unaware
for what God intends.

Open your eyes up.
See life as it really is
and then do your best.

Let your anger go,
for it will just deter you
from what you can do.

Lost in make believe
will make your perspectives bad,
for truth will be seen.

Imagine a place
with only seconds to be.
It makes minutes long.

Ages are added
as we grow through our lifetime.
Numbers are nothing.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Mar 22, 2010

God bless from Bill and Judy.
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