Moments Perception


Hello my friends

Well, the weekend was hectic being that our
landlord accidentally cut our DSL line and left
us without internet. He was trying to move the
old mobile home from behind us and he snared
our internet line with his backhoe. We are waiting
for Pioneer to come and get us reconnected. So,
I put off writing all of this until today (Monday).
They are supposed to come tomorrow morning
and see about getting us back on line and if they
charge us, our landlord will most assuredly be
hearing about it and it will come off of our next
months rent. I hope that’s not the issue, being
I would prefer not to cause a scene. Anyways,
hopefully I will be able to send this tomorrow
(Tuesday). If not, then I’ll get it out whenever.
Anyways, other than that, life has been fairly
well. Our Grandson Christian came over and
spent Saturday and Saturday night with us. We
watched Dragon Ball Z videos for most of the
evening Saturday LOL. Being we could not
get on line, we watched DVDs. We had a nice
visit. Today I moved our VCR player into our
PC room. That way if we want to watch some
of our old movies, we can. We’ve gotten to
where we watch more TV in here than we do
in our bedroom. Especially now that we can’t
get on the internet LOL. Hopefully though that
is rectified soon. Friday night along with the
loss of our internet, our electricity was knocked
out due to a wind and rain storm. They got it
back online in a few hours. I keep flashlights
and a battery powered lantern ready for such
encounters. Right now our landlord has the
replacement mobile home stuck in the middle
of the driveway heading to the main road LOL.
We’ve gotta drive around it. I hope he gets
that fixed soon 🙂 So, other than all of that,
I guess life has been pretty good. Judy went
to her sisters house Thursday and all of her
sisters have a craft day once a month. They
made photo albums this time. Next month
will be dream catchers. Me and the boys
always just hang out together. Sometimes
I’ll take them out for a field trip or just sit
in the house and enjoy the day. They keep
me entertained with their running around
playing chase and wrestling LOL. Right now
Judy and I are watching Family Feud hehehe.
The Voice comes on at 9 PM EST. We love
to watch that, although we had problems
watching it last week due to NBC being put
into hiatus for about a week, but it’s back
now, but it’s not a local NBC. It’s NBC
out of New York, but none the less it’s the
same time zone as us. We do love to watch
our TV programs LOL. We managed to do
some catch up on The Voice last week with
Dish On Demand, but even that ceased due
to the loss of our internet. Oh yea, here’s
some news. Benny has been learning how
to talk and he is getting better every day 🙂
He tries really hard to pronounce syllables.
LOL he is so cute. The different octaves
that he reaches trying to say words. Milo
used to try to talk also, but Benny has gone
and surpassed him 🙂 Benny was paying a
lot of attention to Milo and he learned a lot.
Now if Rocky would just start learning from
Benny hehehe. I guess in time he will learn.
We’re watching The Voice right now and I’m
writing a little during commercials hehehe.
I just stopped to go and look and see what
the temperature outside is. According to
the thermometer it’s 48 F degrees right now.
I have no clue to how cold it’s supposed to
get tonight or tomorrow, being without
my weather programs on my PC that need
internet. I watched the Weather Channel
on TV earlier, but I’ve forgotten what it
said LOL. I probably should just forget
about this weeks journal and write one
next Sunday, but I’ve done got started 🙂
so continue I shall. Rocky is behind us
now playing with his squeaky toys 🙂 Him
and Benny have been wrestling around in
the floor behind Judy and I. Those little
boys truly love one another and Rocky
totally loves the doggy toys. Benny and
Milo had one or two of their favorites, but
Rocky seems to love them all. LOL we
have to take them back to the toy boxes
quite often, because this room gets filled
with them. Rocky brings them in one at
a time until everywhere you step, there’s
a squeaky toy hehehe. Judy and I are
planning on a fall color drive soon. We
do that every year. Hopefully we can find
some great colors to catch on camera.
We’ve caught many in the past. I’m sure
that the winter snow isn’t faraway. Judy
thinks I’m crazy to be excited to see the
first winters snow LOL. Hehehe I want
to test out my new snow blower, plus
the snow gives everything a magical glow.
I also love the fall colors, because they
give the distant scenes a Walt Disney feel.
This year seems to have just flown on by,
but then earlier this year it seemed to be
going in slow motion hehehe, so I guess
it’s just the moments perception. The
shadows of then often find themselves
with things that we had forgotten, but
bring us memories. I thank God for all
of the things I have experienced up here.
Of course much of it was painful, but
it helps me to remember the good times.
We’ve each got a time or 2 in our lives
that we remember as only nightmares,
but it’s with those nightmares that we find
the blessings uncovered. I will often find
myself wishing that my past hadn’t of
happened, but then remember that it’s
with my past that I have become stronger
and I would not have anything to share.
I do regret taking paths that I took in my
life, but I realize that there is nothing
that can be done about them except to
learn from the bumpy roads. My future
is a path with brand new footsteps to
be made. You can make a better life
for yourself, by not allowing the past
to become your daily nightmares, but
turn it into dreams through the lessons.
Thank You God for all that you have
done for Judy and I. You have blessed
us so much and these 2 little boys that
You put into our lives bring us peace
when stress is so alive. Have you got
a past that tends to haunt you and fill
you with despair? If so, then why not
let God to help you find the lessons
and the joy that you have overlooked
due to the hauntings. Blessings are
present, but you might not see them
due to your focus on the past. OK, so
I just called Pioneer up and they said
they will have to merge with our phone
company in efforts to fix what our dear
landlord messed up, so it means that
we will be without internet for at least
2 more days. In this case I might not
be able to send until maybe Friday, so
I might just wait and skip last Sundays
and send it this Sunday 🙂 . I just got a
call from Pioneer and they said that they
will be working with our phone company
tomorrow and get us back on line, but
we shall see LOL. In any case, I might
not publish this until Sunday, but time
will tell. Judy and I are fixing to head
out for a drive to search for some fall
colors to take pictures of. We’re back.
We went up north of us and found some
great fall colors though we ran into a bit
of rain hehehe, but that didn’t stop us 🙂
If we get back on line tomorrow which
is Wednesday, I might just go ahead
and finish and send this and get ready
to start on more poems and haiku for
next Sunday hehehe. Once again, we
shall see LOL. Well we’re back on line
today (Wednesday). I might go ahead
and send this today LOL. I have a few
pictures from last week that I’m wanting
to use for stationery. I’ll wait and use
the fall pictures we took in this coming
Sundays Journal that I picked out from
all of the pictures we took yesterday
(Tuesday) on our fall drive. I hope you
don’t mind :), but if you do, so sorry :).
So, I guess it’s time for me to begin
my search for a word or phrase that
I can use for the title for today’s brand
new poem. Therefore it’s away I go
to that place of my recollection that I
like to call RECOLLECT VILLE.
I hope it comes out making sense 🙂
Here goes……

Moments Perception

With but a minute
a moments perception
might be because of
a times recollection
Scenes we remember
from decades ago
a moment might display
as on going woe.
Yet many viewpoints
are seen as surprise
a moments perception
with shadowy eyes.
Sometimes a minute
a moment displays
brings us conclusions
found distant days.
A moments perception
might just be found
with someone looking
filled with confound.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 14, 2015

There ya go. I hope you understood the
poem and my rambling didn’t lose ya LOL.
Hehehe I began my rambling Monday so
that makes this a 3 day journal hehehehe.
The weather is fairly nice today, but still
a little cloudy. It was misting on me a bit
when I was outside with the internet guys.
The temperature is going up and down as
each day goes by hehehe. Right now it’s
61 F degrees and supposed to get down
to 36 F by Thursday morning. We have
a chance for some snow this weekend,
but that could all change with the drop
of a hat LOL. So, start dropping your
hats people 🙂 We’re not quite ready
for wintertime. I still need to put some
more money on heating all, before we
will get a delivery. They don’t deliver
less than 100 gallons without charge.
If you want less it will cost 30 dollars
to deliver it. We live a long ways out
of town hehehe. The phone company
had trouble finding our road, being
that our dear not so dear landlord
knocked the road sign down and has
never put it up. I take that back, he
put it back up a while back before he
pulled this trailer in and knocked it
down again and he has yet to of put
it back up again. The phone guy
was just a tad upset. He said that
he drove passed our road 3 times
before he got notice of the trailers
and got curious. He asked the guy
across the road where our road was
and he pointed across the road. He
said it’s not actually a road, but a
long driveway LOL. It’s looking like
Calvin (our landlord) has almost got
the mobile home backed into its spot.
LOL the pioneer guy said it’s not the
first nor second or third time that he
has messed up the wires with his
bad backhoe driving LOL. He keeps
us entertained for sure. So I reckon
it’s time for me to tell you what I tell
you almost every week, but not so
late in the week hehehe and that is
I wrote some more poems and haiku.
Yeppers, 10 more poems, but none
are Christmas poems. I might right
some next time. I also wrote 22 more
haiku for all of the haiku lovers out
there. I hope you can find 1 or 2 of
either or both that you like. So now
I guess it’s time for me to be searching
for that not so illusive off switch, but
not before I wish you a most wonderful
week or the next day or 2. Remember,
Jesus loves you and we do too. Now,
where is that confounded off swtich
hiding at this time. LOL, it looks as
though he wasn’t aware that he was
supposed to hide being so late in the
week hehehe. He’s sitting right on top
of the F8 button on my keyboard LOL.
Gotcha, see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill, Judy, Benny, Rocky
and the spirit of Milo Pearce

Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

The Far Sky

With every distance
a scene is displayed
some as a painting
so Heavenly made.
Some might be found
a little obscured
filled with the presence
of God reassured.
The far sky is seen
sometimes as pure blue
filled with the blessings
of Lord God so True.
So many moments
might not be so clear
the far sky above
of year after year.
It takes a little faith
to unlock many doors
and find what can be
as a true heart explores.
The far sky above
is a place filled with love
with a stairway that leads
to Heaven above.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 9, 2015

Reliving The Years

Time in a bubble
floats to the skies
and might just burst
as tears in ones eyes.
Scenes of a decade
or more that are found
might just dissolve
to the dirt on the ground.
Then as an echo
you might find a day
that seems the same
as ones faraway.
Having a picture
with time stamps upon
helps to remember
the times that are gone.
Some as a heartbeat
filled with your tears
and ones with smiles
reliving the years.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 9, 2015

Indigo Skies

Morning brings glimmers
of indigo blue
with a little purple
found in its hue.
The beauty becomes as
a photo to take
of indigo skies
as a beautiful lake.
Waves of a passion
attracting a glance
of indigo skies
with colors romance.
Each minute passing
brings more to see
of indigo skies
that God gave for free.
My eyes are locked on
and can’t look away
from indigo skies
of a blessings filled day.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 9, 2015

Little Thoughts

Beyond a sentence
words are said
little thoughts
inside our head.
Things we’ve thought,
but did not say
little thoughts
from day to day.
Those little thoughts
might seem to come
as the sound
of a beating drum.
Though sometimes
those thoughts might need
a sound in time
to help succeed,
but so often
thoughts we find
might just need
a rested mind.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 9, 2015

Answers To Come

Winds of questions
blow around
seeking answers
up and down.
Answers to come
might be so slow
within our patience
needing to know.
Words spoken quickly
might not be right,
as the days change
from day to night.
Answers to come
are as ticking clocks
second hands moving
a minute walks.
Hours and days
might surely succumb
lessons from life
as answers to come.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 9, 2015

Living For Others

Allowing another
to be all you are
will limit your life
to minutes by far.
Living for others
and not for yourself
might put you on
an old dusty shelf.
It’s OK to love
and want to display
your life for someone
a wonderful way,
but don’t lose yourself
in passings of time
and then forget how to
make up your mind.
If you need change
to let go of trials
change for yourself
and you’ll last the miles.
For if for someone
you change who you are,
then the path of change
won’t go very far.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 9, 2015

The First Snowflake

Soon winters mornings
will be paved with white
as the first snowflake
meets more in flight.
The glistening essence
of snow floating down
becomes as a painting
seen all around.
The day will blossom
more snow to fall
as the first snowflake
connects with them all.
The season will become
a magical scene
white snow to gather
on most everything.
The first snowflake finds
a family so grand
as it is joined
with more where I stand.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 9, 2015

Peace In The Mirror

When filled with anger
a peace can be found
when looking in the mirror
and seeking higher ground.
Let God to guide you
and help you see clearer
as you seek blessings
peace in the mirror.
Don’t let your anger
to reflect all the while.
Look in the mirror
and then give a smile.
Let that smile blossom
into the real thing.
Peace in the mirror
will help you to sing.
Lose that old frowny face,
let smiles be clearer
as you find life with
peace in the mirror.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 9, 2015

Filled With Stars

Night brings blessings
filled with stars
seeming like road maps
magical cars.
Driving through the sky
with starlight cuisine
and some with a twinkle
of a bright tangerine.
Sought by a gazer
the night sky of black
has there within it
stars smiling back.
The sky’s filled with stars
that make up the night
sometimes becoming
a magical sight.
Often the night sky
seems to display
things we can look at
to God as we pray.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 9, 2015

Fear Of The Dark

Many will worry
and fear in the night
what that is hidden
without any light.
Yet often darkness
holds all the same
as that in daylight,
but without flame.
Fear of the dark
can be understood
if what you fear
is just not no good.
But many times though
fear is just there,
because of the darkness
found everywhere.
Remember a blind man
lives in the dark
not seeing daylight
or faces remark.
So think of darkness
as just but a phase
maybe with the same
that’s seen in the days.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 9, 2015

for Oct 9, 2015

Each day has doorways
that have good and bad in them,
so choose them wisely.

An ocean of life
comes as a pathway so deep
that’s beneath the waves.

Discerning faces
might find you making mistakes
with what that you thought.

Love can be crazy
as people are united
with different styles.

When catching your breath
you’ll need to lose the old one
to get a new one.

Beyond mysteries
lives the excitement ones find
in being surprised.

Adding one and two
does not always get you three,
for sometimes it’s one.

Looking for peaceful
in the backyard of right now
might need you to pray.

Various turnstiles
will open and close with time
showing good and bad.

Changing your lifestyle
could find you with confusion
from what you don’t know.

Energy of life
can be much stronger with God
and decreased without.

Stepping stones of now
will often find us stumbling
teaching us lessons.

The need of ego
is that of a lesser thing
than being happy.

A flower that grows
leaving others just to die
will be real lonely.

Money causes pain
as its value grows too large
and loses what’s best.

Within a shadow
there might be another one
needing to be seen.

Reliving past days
could turn into a nightmares,
due to bad timing.

Mornings beginning
comes with new choices to make
and dealing with them.

A deer that frolics
finds harmony in its life
as it is grazing.

We as humans seek,
but often have not a clue
of what we’re after.

Inside of a song
could be different meanings
that others perceive.

When some awaken
they start the day off angry
without good reason.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 9, 2015

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