His Son’s Eyes


Hello my friends

How’s life in your part of the world? It’s been warming up a
bit up this way. Today is supposed to be a high of 62 degrees
Fahrenheit. Tomorrow is supposed to get up to 64 hehehehe.
Right now at 11 AM it’s 50 degrees. I figured out why I had
been feeling out of sorts the passed few days. It seems that as
each year comes and goes, my subconscious remembers the
22 of April very well. That was the day I held my dads hand
until he breathed his last breath. I guess it affects my internal
clock in some way. Nobody wants to let their loved ones go,
for I most surely did not want my daddy to die, but he is well
now in Heaven just waiting for me and my time to come home.
Yet, now I understand why I and my mom have been having
the emotions we’ve been having. I have had many dreams of
things I could not explain until I thought of that. A dream can
seem to have lasted for an hour or so when in fact it was just
a matter of seconds. The brain stimulates the subconscious
and puts it into overdrive so to say. So you might think your
dreams lasted a long while, but if you awaken after the dream
then take a look at the clock. Often you will notice that only
a short time has passed. Yes, I do think too much LOL. I’ve
always been this way. Dad used to call me the thinker hehehe.
I felt like I was having an aneurysm Thursday to Saturday,
but the pain has subsided. Judy was ready to take me to the
hospital, but me being stubborn said no, I think/hope it will
pass on its own. I think it was just the stress of remembering
what I did not wish to at the time. My head is feeling better
today. At least the left side of my cerebral cortex (my brain)
doesn’t feel like it is going to explode LOL. It was raining a
bit this morning when Judy went to work, but it is supposed
to clear up this evening. my friend Brian was out flying his
planes yesterday evening, but I was in no shape to go outside
and video tape or take pictures. I’m sure we’ll have many
days this summer that we can do that hehehe. Brian’s a good
guy. I enjoy spending time with him often, yet he the same
as I gets to feeling under the weather being he is dealing with
some health issues from his work place and cannot always
do things. He’s much younger than Judy and I hehehehehe.
His wife is our landlords daughter. They have some cute
kids. I took a family portrait of Brian and his wife and kids
with them standing behind one of his largest RC Planes 🙂
I might make that picture as the stationary along with some
of the other pictures taken. I will most surely get pictures
ready for uploading to my Facebook this week as well as
sending to a few of you that do not do Facebook hehehehe
if you so wish. I am sure I will have many more pictures to
make as stationary this summer as well as to upload, being
Judy and I have already begun thinking about going out and
taking pictures as we’ve done in the past. Hopefully Judy
and I will both be up to par and able to enjoy some quality
picture taking moments. We both love to take pictures 🙂
I hope this summer is not all rain LOL. That would be a
bummer. I bought Judy and I a little 10 foot by 6 foot pool
to soak in this summer on days it’s nice outside 🙂 It came
with a pump that’s supposed to pump it up in less than 3
minutes and deflate almost as quickly and easy to store.
I have yet to of taken it out of the box LOL. No reason
being it’s still a tad too cool outside to sit and soak LOL!
The pool may turn out to be not be so great, but it was cheap
and I thought I would at least give it a try hehehe. We both
miss swimming in the swimming pool at our old apartments
in Texas. Judy would get off in the morning and as soon
as the pool opened, both of us would go and soak in it 🙂
and sometimes take videos of ourselves being silly LOL.
Yep, those days are gone, but I thought maybe we could
at least soak in this pool God willing it does as it supposed
to hehehe. I thank God for the mild winter we had this
last winter. It sure was a break from the previous ones 🙂
The bugs may be bad this summer due to the mild winter,
but I’m prepared LOL. I bought as many Hot Shot No
Pest Strips as Wal*Mart had displayed a month ago and
I have a bug repellent thing that when turned on repels
bugs up to 12 feet away, so we can soak in peace LOL
as well as take pictures hehehe. Yeppers, I’m an old
Boy Scout and believe in the motto Be Prepared. I also
have a generator radio flash light and cleats hehehehehe.
We’ve got solar powered Christmas lights also LOL.
Hehe I be silly! God has given me an over active brain
which seems to never shut down :), so I spend a lot of
time thinking. I tried not to think Thursday and Friday
being my head felt as if it would of exploded with just
a mere thought LOL. Yet it calmed down yesterday eve
and I was able to write some poems. God is always with
us even when we might feel He is faraway. Often God
will do as many parents, trying to teach their children
and watch to see how far we will stumble before we will
either learn or ask for His help. He also many times will
not help, being He knows we have the abilities built in and
we need to make them surface and often that will only
happen in the heat of a moment of need. God knows our
limitations and He knows our abilities. It’s us that will
often quit before we’ve done our best. Fear is sometimes
the factor, but we need to identify the fear and see if it
is a healthy one or just one that is fearful of the unknown.
Give God your prayers for guidance, then do your best
in life. God never expects any more than our best. He
knows what we are capable of. Don’t ever think for an
instant that you can hide or lie to Him. He can see you
through His Son’s Eyes. God cannot look at sin, but
through Jesus He can see where you are. Repent from
your wrong and let Him to guide you to where you need
to be. You might even find a gift within yourself that you
never knew existed. Now with that said, I guess I need
to be taking my little venture back through my rambling
words hehehe to that place of my recollection which I
like to call RECOLLECT VILLE and see if I can find
good word or phrase that I can use for the title for today’s
brand new poem. I believe I found a good title. Let’s
see what I can do with it now LOL!

His Son’s Eyes

Days are pictured
in our view
and we’re given
things to do.
Many blessings
found in phase
God has given
in our days.
Often troubles
will be seen
that so often
make ones mean.
Lord God knows
our alibis
through the sights
of His Son’s Eyes.
He sent Jesus
for our sins
to change progress
loss and wins.
His Son’s Eyes
shall show the way
through what seems
a little gray.
Times of troubles
will be found
but He’ll help us
tear them down.
Some acceptance
might need be
to make troubles

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 25, 2010

Ok, so there ya go hehehe! I hope you got something out of
either my rambling or the poem LOL. I have no clue of where
those thoughts came from. They tend to fluctuate as each day
moves ahead. I’ve got so many thoughts inside, that sometimes
it’s virtually impossible for me to type fast enough to get them
all hehehe. Plus, this would never have an ending LOL and it
would take you forever to read it. I didn’t write any haiku until
after Judy went to work this morning. My head was still giving
me trouble yesterday hehe, plus I had other things I needed to
do. So I decided to do the haiku this morning. I though got to
writing as I have so often and could not find a quitting place LOL.
I ended up writing 26 haiku instead of the usual 22 hehehehehe!
So, to tell ya real quickly hehehe I wrote 10 poems yesterday
(Saturday) and 26 haiku this morning (Sunday). I hope you like
some of it one or the other 🙂 With that said I guess I need to be
searching for that old off switch, but before I do that I must
wish you a most wonderful week. Remember, Jesus loves you
and we do too. Now where’s that confounded off switch at?
I see you hiding in my empty Mountain Dew can hehehehehe.
See ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems.
10 and 22 + 4 hehehe 🙂

Times Adjustments

Times displacement
might be seen
a little burned out
not so green.
Moments gathered
from our view
may be seen
as not so true.
Literal pages
found in phase
somehow paint
some other days.
We’re the artist’s
day and night
sometimes painting
not so right.
Times adjustments
might need be
in displacements
that we see.
Sometimes minutes
moments named
just confuse what
that’s attained.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 24, 2010

May Be Misled

One time a journey,
two times repeated
can in a way make
lifetimes defeated.
Not learning one day
what not to do
might make the journey
to turn into two.
Timeless is counted
paintings of age
sometimes assumed as
one simple page,
yet often journeys
ones will discard
as but a fraction
a little too hard.
One time a journey
may be misled
from what that someone
has done or said.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 24, 2010

Someone’s Perception

Under ones thinking
is but a thought
that’s maybe displayed
as what that’s not.
Maybe the thinking
might be absurd,
yet it takes actions
found seen and heard.
Under ones breathing
ones may believe
that they are striving
but only to breathe.
Many found thinking
may be the same,
yet to each other
seem quite insane
Someone’s perception
may be askew
and they may need your
help with the view.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 24, 2010

So Many Moments

Up on a hillside
views are perceived
as but a flavor
God has conceived.
Time is a porthole
hillsides around
some leading upwards,
some leading down.
Tremors of footsteps
echo of choices
up on a hillside
of many voices.
Paging a moment
of a mere time
might cause deception
found in design.
So many moments
seem to just say
maybe you’re needing
another way.
One that is different
from what you see
that maybe one day
you’ll then agree.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 24, 2010

Times Are Concluding

Effortless standing
sometimes is seen
many that we don’t
know what that mean.
Many have struggles
found deep inside,
yet they insist on
seeking to hide.
Some seen effortless
taking on chores
might in reality
live on Hells shores.
Many times outside
does not show true
what that is inside
living in you.
I know I often
try to conceal
many emotions
of which I feel.
Sometimes the moments
in their entire
are better unsaid
of my desire.
Wantings and wishes
take on a life
sometimes with goodness
sometimes with strife.
We are each human
with our display
as we continue
in our day to day.
Times are concluding
leaving us found
searching for quicksand
or solid ground.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 24, 2010

Finding Planets

Books to read
with heart and mind
can enhance
your daily find.
Some good books
of deep blue seas
can enhance
your discoveries.
Books of planets
far from reach
are what many
do beseech.
Seeking far from
sights we see
way beyond
our galaxy.
Books are power
yet they need
actions taken
to succeed.
There’s so much
beyond our stars,
yet some only
seek for Mars.
Now our future
can delight
with the conquest
of space flight.
Maybe one day
you and I
will be up
beyond the sky.
In the cosmos
beyond our view
maybe I’ll be
there with you.
Finding planets
out in space
with a sort of
human race.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 24, 2010

Times Aroma

Spring has sprung
and now I see
buds of leaves
upon each tree.
Soon the pictures
found in frame
will be from what
seasons came.
Summers prelude
in entire
might be filled with
nows desire.
Spring will leave
and then in place
I’ll see flowers
face to face.
Them all blooming
here and there
as they freshen
up the air.
Times aroma
summer shows
while it’s waiting
winters snows.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 24, 2010


Jingling coins
of a penny’s crusade
takes ones to gather
to make many made.
Plentiful moments
seem to await,
yet many gather
a little too late.
Jingling coins
of a greedy mans stride
do not give chances
for hope to reside.
Many with riches
think they are true
when they give pennies
to me and to you.
Yet oh so many
find that they’re not
filled with the blessings
from what they’ve got.
Often ones greediness
will just destroy
all of the good times
that they enjoy.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 24, 2010

Sometimes Our Lessons

Sought after lessons
might then in turn
give you what you’re not
wishing to learn.
Sometimes our lessons
come with a price
maybe with moments
not found so nice.
Yet we seek lessons
that we don’t know,
for we have no clue
of where we’re to go.
Many times fragments
we might perceive
with many lessons
left to believe.
Sometimes our lessons
might not be clear
and we’ll have no clue
how we got here.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 24, 2010

Timeless Discussions

Vertical standing
in today’s views
seems horizontal
in today’s shoes.
Many a viewpoint
seemingly sound
maybe be perturbing
all there around.
So many viewpoints
who’s where’s and why’s
leave many fractions
found in disguise.
So many meanings
from me to you
might in a way
get a little askew.
Vertical standing
in certain frames
might seem as sideways
in certain names.
Timeless discussions
that seem none ending
might be the moments
of truth that is bending.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 24, 2010

for Apr 25, 2010

is an unhealthy action
which does not draw friends.

often makes ones to attempt
to do something wrong.

Times unexpected
bring many destinations
with different views.

Judging ones feelings
by what’s seen on the outside
might lead you astray.

Dimwits of wanna
find many repercussions
from their ignorance.

In a seconds time
a mere moment is counted
in its own timeframe.

Only a moment
will determine what’s ahead
and God knows which one.

Answers from questions
written in alphabet soup
may turn out messy.

All ingredients
are combined in some manner
to create something.

An anger filled word
might be all that is needed
to tear ones apart.

Studying feelings
does not always shed good light.
Some hold it all in.

Someone with standards
may seem to have none at all
if they’re not like yours.

Pointless perception
makes ones find stupidity.
Therefore they folly.

Arrogant people
leave themselves opened for pain
gained from the lessons.

A flowers shadow
only displays its format,
not its aroma.

The greatest place
might be where you are right now,
but are not aware.

Playing with feelings
is toiling with dynamite.
They could just explode.

Minutes of prelude
sometimes do not show so well
until they get started.

Within swimming pools
you might find someone drowning
that got in too deep.

The signs of the times
so many misunderstand
due to misleading.

Inside ones pages
are the true times written well.
Many hide the words.

Entering springtime
left wintertime just waiting
for its time again.

Summers scenery
becomes bountiful beautiful
with time painted days.

A letter written
might not have all the meanings
ones will understand.

Sharing a blessing
could be without your knowledge.
You might be surprised.

A mere times moment
can create many outcomes,
so choose it wisely.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 25, 2010

God bless from Bill and Judy.

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