Ill Direction


Hello my friends

I’m still kicking about hehehe. Ok maybe not kicking, more like
slow moving, but I’m still here with my bits of rambling. I hope
you are doing well. This darned weather has been weird hasn’t it?
Yes I am getting to where I hate satellite TV more and more every
day. It seems every time we get a sprinkle or anything, the signal
on the channel that we’re watching goes kaput. I’m calling Direct
TV tomorrow to give them a piece of my mind and let them know
that I will have it disconnected and find another satellite service if
they don’t get their rears over here and adjust or repair our satellite
receiver dish. If I had my choice, I would have cable anyways as
we had in Texas, but out here in the boonies, there’s not much of
a choice on that issue! OK onto yet another topic LOL! I’ve been
spending a lot of time watching my neighbor Brian flying his remote
control planes. Even got a few good videos and pictures :). When
I get them sized down and edited, I might upload a few of them to
my Facebook as well as send a few to you that are always asking
me to send pictures :). In time I will get it done, but for now, you
will have to wait LOL. It’s supposed to get up to about 46 F today,
but right now it is 43 F degrees. It sprinkled most of the night and
supposed to continue with a few showers till Tuesday. Judy and I
were watching Doctor Who last night on BBC and it seemed every
time it would get to a good part, the signal on the satellite would
start getting scrambled due to SPRINKLING and a few CLOUDS.
I used to watch Doctor who back in the 70’s hehehe. Yet the new
version updated has a lot more techno features that make it even
more intriguing hehe. We both like to watch those time travel type
movies hehehe. We both loved The Time Travelers Wife. That
was very touching not to mention at some points a bit comical :).
Judy and I have many types of programs that we love to watch.
I prefer the ones that have a little humor in them here and there.
But I watch many that don’t hehe. The TV stays on the Sci-Fi
channel often hehehe. Love science fiction as also reality in many
instances. So we like the science channel and Tru TV also LOL
as well as a few others. OK so what else do we love to do in our
spare time hehehe which it seems I have tons of and it drives me
mad at times, being talking to the walls gets old. It gets old being
stuck here day in day out, but that’s life. I reckon there are a lot
of you in similar predicaments huh. Worse possibly! That bit of
knowledge is what that keeps me going. Knowing that others are
dealing with it daily the same as I as best that they can. Actually,
that’s all that any of us can do is do the very best that we can with
the moments that we are given. We can choose to pout and cry
about it or look for the good within the moments. The good might
be hard to see, but it is there. It may be a memory or someone
you see daily that you often take for granted. Take for granted
no one, no time or place. All of it gives us a chance for a smile if
used wisely. The pages of time are written yet we are still writing
with our new outcomes through the vortex of life. Something will
be repeated due to us not learning the first time what we should of
learned. Often things will be repeated for maybe someone else’s
benefit of learning. God gives us moments. It’s up to us whether
we use them beneficially towards the good of mankind or decide
to seek for greed. I can tell you this much and that is greed will
only leave you empty wanting more. Ignorance evolves from the
turnstiles of repeated doorways entered that we should not have
ever entered through for we knew it from the past, yet many will
continue to seek different outcomes while doing the very same
thing that they did that got them in trouble before. Learn to look
and see the lessons God allows and use them wisely. We can paint
a canvas with beauty or we can just toss the paint upon the canvas
without caring. I can guaranty you that if you toss your life about
with ill direction, it will lead to but only a tainted canvas. I’ve
seen what can happen through my own eyes as I went through my
wilder years and I have many regrets. Yet I cannot turn back
time nor would I want to, being it was all that has concurred in
my life that has given me the words to write to you. So use your
memory not as always regretful, but thankful that God allowed
you to learn. Some of us are tough cookies and hard learners
which God is aware of and so He allows harder times to happen
to help us to grow. Some learn and some choose to ignore the
lessons that are there and continue to their death of their own
choice. Use all your yesterdays as a tool to get you through today.
You might find that you learned more than you ever thought you
could of learned. Mine comes out in words such as poetry and
haiku and often just my mere rambling, but I remember well
the things I’ve been through and all that I am going through as
time ticks away. Enjoy the company of a friend if it be but only
a second or two. That second or two adds up as each minute is
acquired. I guess I have rambled enough huh hehehehehehehe!
Time for me to be heading back through all I have written to
try and find a good word or phrase that I can use for the title
for today’s brand new poem. So it’s away I go to that place that
I like to call RECOLLECT VILLE. I believe I may have found
a good title. Now let’s see what I can do with it hehehehehehe
if anything at all LOL. Here goes….

Ill Direction

Paths we wander,
wonder too
might be wrongful
for to do.
Thoughts of passions
ill desires
can ignite
some deadly fires.
Ill direction
that we choose
surely leads
to how we lose.
Let your choices
be as good
doing what
you know you should.
Don’t let others
wrongful choices
become as your
inner voices.
Let God help you
find correction
from your pathways
ill direction.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 18, 2010

I hope my rambling didn’t bore you to death LOL. I can’t
help it hehehehe. I’m a rambler and I have so much to say.
You would not believe the life that I have been through, but
then when you read what I’ve written, you have to know it
comes from my lessons in life that I have learned through
all of the twists and turns. I’ve learned to grasp a sense
of humor and use it to deal with a lot of the issues, but at
times it’s hard to laugh. Yet now days I spend my time just
trying to make others find a smile. When I see them smile
or see the joy in the words written that I have given them
through my words, it reflects back to me and makes me to
smile. It’s a gift that we can each one give. You don’t need
to feel like smiling. Just smile at someone and you might see
its reflection as well in your eyes and your smile might then
become real. Sometimes a kind word will change someone’s
day dramatically. They might be having the worse day of
their life, but when you say you’re looking good today, you
might just see a smile to come out. Hehehe make sure they
don’t think you’re hitting on then though LOL. Many will
mistaken our intentions due to where they have come from,
so maybe just say good morning or good evening. Some
people just need a friendly hello once in a while to make
them feel better. My better half just got home from work,
so I guess I need to be winding this up hehehehehehehehe.
So I reckon I need to be searching for that off switch, but
before I do that, I need to tell you what I always tell you
and that is, I wrote some more poems and haikus LOL.
Yeppers 10 more poems, yet I got a little carried away
and wrote 25 haiku instead of 22 hehe. Oh well, I hope
you enjoyed my rambling and I hope you enjoy some of
my poems and haikus. Have a wonderful week and always
remember, Jesus loves you and we do too. Now to find
that off switch. Where oh where can it be hiding??????
Found it hiding in my bifocal glasses case hehehehehe.
See ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haikus.
10 and 22 + 3 hehehehe

Make Your Viewpoints

A second’s a second,
an hour’s an hour
yet we have minutes
which we can empower.
Seconds will happen
with minutes ahead
seeming as fragments
a little misled.
Sometimes tomorrow
might seem as today,
yet it is surely
a different display.
An hours completion
from seconds of time
might find minutes
a bit out of line.
A second’s a second,
an hour’s an hour
yet it’s the moments
we see oh so sour.
It is our viewpoints
found in a way
that will determine
our own day to day.
So make your viewpoints
better to see
from all the lessons
from your history.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 17, 2010

Deep Within

In each equivalent
ones value is true
yet maybe sometimes
not good for you.
Within our nature
our choices are seen
sometimes by others
so gruesome and mean.
Yet we will sometimes
what that the purpose
has there at hand.
Right this minute
you may be seeing
something of others
you’re disagreeing.
In each equivalent
sometimes our sight
will choose so wrongly
the wrong from the right.
So use good judgment
before you begin
and see what’s hidden
there deep within.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 17, 2010

Another Timeless Year

A moments glory
might just fade
if you let your
pride degrade.
By allowing
all you show
just as merely
your ego
you will also
tear apart
all the blessings
in your heart.
Many moments
timeless scenes
might not be
what you think means.
might come clear
yet another
timeless year.
So when good things
come to you
don’t let ego
in you brew.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 17, 2010

Others Are Others

Owning a feeling
can make a view
become the meaning
of that which is you.
Letting your feelings
to take control
sometimes will surely
defeat your days goal.
Often our judgment
is out of sync
from what that Jesus
would have us think.
Judging another
by all that we know
might just prevent us
a friendship to flow.
Many times feelings
are misconceived
just because how we’ve
always believed.
Don’t let bad judgment
always define
what’s in another’s
daily design.
Others are others
and not just like you
so search deep inside
to see false or true.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 17, 2010


A mere inconvenience
might not be so
for it might just be
a new way to grow.
Patterns of blowing
as winds so divine
may in an essence
give us a sign.
Sometimes the breezes
that blow around
might just be showing
new form of ground.
Moments so special
that we hold onto
might just be leading
to something new.
Some inconveniences
might want to say
that you’re just needing
another day.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 17, 2010

You’ll Find Lessons

Gracious times
seen in sight
maybe be seen as
not so right.
Sometimes people
will misuse
terms as gracious
as their dues.
Minds disheartened
from some pain
may seek refuge
just to gain.
If you’ve been in
times disgrace
seek to find
a better place,
yet don’t use
another’s mind
just to make you
seem so kind.
Use God’s lessons
given true
so to guide
what all you do.
You’ll find lessons
to attain
through the blessings
from His Name.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 17, 2010

Seeking Tomorrow

Onwards tomorrow
comes from today
within the minutes
of times that display.
Don’t get impatient
for what’s to come
for our tomorrow
will surely be done.
Yet our tomorrows
that we want true
might not be what
will happen to you.
Time is a destiny
written in age
painted in portholes
page after page.
Seeking tomorrow
might just display
what you’ve forgotten
from now today.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 17, 2010

Find The Blessings

Look deep within you
and see what’s there.
Find the blessings from
God’s love and care.
Do not hold anger
inside of your heart.
Let in forgiveness
and peace will impart.
Look for the goodness
in setting suns.
Don’t be as anger’s
bullets from guns.
Let all the sadness
that you have seen
motivate goodness
not to demean.
Look at the sections
God has allowed
and find the blessings
God has endowed.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 17, 2010

Runways Of Time

Onto the runway
the little plane goes
fighting the wind sheer
the harder it blows.
Times gust of wind
blows its design
onto the runway
of moments of time.
There’s no predicting
the way that it blows,
for it has no one
to guide where it goes.
Onto the runway
the remote control plane
tries to find moments
to seem to attain.
Yet it can’t fly
with breezeways design
in the unpredictable
runways of time.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 17, 2010

The Wrong Time And Year

Paired in a journey
someone might go
seen holding hands
with someone they know,
but in the journey
someone might find
that one that’s with them
has more in mind.
Journey’s confusion
might be just this
paired in a porthole
not filled with bliss.
Sometimes our journeys
take a long ride
leaving us feelings
that live inside.
We may not know them
those feelings we view,
so they are something
that we misconstrue.
True now this moment
might not seem clear
maybe because it’s
the wrong time and year.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 17, 2010

for Apr 17, 2010

Looking far ahead
might leave you missing today.
Take care of right now.

Answers come slowly
when you find that you’re confused.
Sometimes that is good.

Seamless are seconds
when we stare into hours
of minutes design.

A footsteps threshold
might be but just a moment
that was a mistake.

Anger that’s harnessed
can explode as atom bombs.
Find ways to release.

Tempting destruction
might just cause it to backlash
right back in your face.

Hearts that are burdened
leave holes in their hemisphere
which echo with torment.

Losing a battle
does not mean that you can’t win.
It means you have learned.

Innocence vibrates
as a child hears what happens
behind some closed doors.

Morning will follow
as nighttime says its goodbyes.
Give the day a chance.

Within given time
ones will repeat instances
that they did not learn.

Forfeiting timeframes
is sometimes best for yourself.
Learn when to give up.

Post it notes of words
are many times misconceived
due to misspelling.

A flowers journey
leads it on through wintertime
to bloom then in spring.

Ones that are searching
might find roadblocks in their path
that will deter them.

Pointless is anger,
for it has no gain in life
but many ulcers.

Hating a moment
might lead to hating someone.
Learn to deal with it.

Ones seeking friendship
needs to find a friend within
to be a true friend.

Time can be empty
if it is poured upon hate
and filled with despair.

Once upon a time
begins so many stories,
yet they are so true.

Found in the middle
are fractions of harmony
that need to be heard.

We each have errors
so don’t strive for perfection.
Do the best you can.

In but a second
now will have dissipated
leaving another.

Poetic patterns
make for us rhythms of words
that flow as rivers.

Being too cautious
might leave you without a life,
yet don’t be stupid.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 17, 2010

God bless from Bill and Judy.
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