Silly Thoughts


Hello my friends

Here I am once again with possibly another
bit of rambling to put you to sleep LOL. It’s
36 F degrees and a bit rainy outside right now.
My PC weather program says we might get a
little snow this week, but I’ll believe that when
I see it hehehe. This has been totally one of the
strangest winters that I can remember. As I
recall, we have always had snow to be falling
and below freezing temperatures beginning in
December, but we have quite a few days with
it above freezing here lately as we do right now.
Oh well, it might make up for it later on in the
month LOL. In any sense, there is tons of the
white stuff outside right now, but much of it is
mostly just ice that’s white LOL. Hehehe, yes
I know, that is what snow is, but this is not
fluffy by no means of the word LOL. It’s just
ice. I’ve had to go out with the snow shovel
and clean up the dogs poop land mines and
toss them aside. These boys have been doing
a whole lot of pooping hehehe. I just wish
they would not do it where everyone walks 😉
Ok, so off of that EWW topic hehehe. Now
it’s onto a hopefully less EWW topic. It’s
been a rather slow week for us. Judy and
I did though buy 6 POWERBALL tickets.
LOL we won 4 dollars YEAH. Like we had
a chance. Hey it could happen, maybe LOL.
Those are the very first lottery tickets that
I have ever bought for myself. I bought some
for my dad for a Christmas prank years ago,
but never for myself. I always figured if I
don’t spend my hard earned money on those
wishful dreams, I would have won and had
money to eat. I know of many that wasted
their paychecks on those things and ended
up having to borrow money to eat and that
in my book is stupid. I had one friend that
I worked with years ago that used to buy
5 scratch off tickets ever day. LOL I used
to call them scratch and sniff hehehe. He
came in one day and said I WON and I
said how much did you win Jay? He said
50 bucks and I said how many tickets did
you have to buy to win that 50 bucks and
he started figuring and said well I almost
came out even LOL. Anyways, you see
my point. So, back to the POWERBALL.
It seems that no one won it this time either.
We are going use the 4 dollar that we won
and buy 2 more tickets LOL. Hey roll it
over. You never know, we could win maybe.
So it’s onto another realm of our existence.
It seems that most of our favorite programs
to watch on TV are at their season breaks.
We’ve been just drifting around on the
TV channels trying to find something good
to watch in the mean time. Would you
believe it, 250 channels and nothing good
to watch aside from maybe the Weather
Channel LOL. I forgot for a moment that
it was Sunday, but when I started thinking
of what we could watch on TV it hit me 🙂
Hey Judy, it’s Sunday and I better get
started writing hehehe. That’s the life of
a retired person. Every day seems as the
same. I no longer look forward to Fridays
and get depressed when Monday comes
a dawning LOL. Every freaking day is
the same hehehe. Oh well, that’s life in
a nut shell for a person like me that many
think of as a nut LOL. Yes I can be silly
at times, or nutty if you will. That’s what
makes life more enjoyable. Not taking
things too serious that might be just a
moment that has fallen off of the shelf 🙂
I try my best to not let things get to me,
but sometimes they catch me off of my
game. I tend to drive Judy bunkers with
my silly thoughts and songs that I make
up off of the top of my head. I do have
a bizarre mind. Ask Judy, she’ll tell ya 🙂
Judy says that she would miss my weird
thinking if I were to go away hehehe.
I consider it one of my many gifts from
God. Judy is definitely one of my best
gifts. My daughter and granddaughter
are also some of my best gifts. My mom
and dad were gifts from the beginning
to show me right from wrong and they
are still some of the greatest gifts, for
even my dad being not of the living is
still my guide as his spirit watches over
me always giving me little nudges here
and there. My dad is alive in spirit as
he is my angel from Heaven. I’m sure
we have many angels watching over Judy
and I. Even Milo is watching over us
and is often more than likely playing
with Benny and Rocky for we cannot see
sometimes what or who they are looking
at and playing with. Life is a mystery
that comes into focus as we breathe our
last breath of life into our Earthly bodies.
Let God live with you and show you
the correct paths to take. Sure you
will have bumpy rides, but often those
bumpy rides are necessary to give
us the lessons that we will need in the
future. So now I believe it’s time for
me to cease my rambling and look
back on all that I’ve written here to
see if I can find a good word or phrase
that I can use for the title of today’s
brand new poem. With that, it’s away
I go to that place of my recollection
that I always like to call RECOLLECT
VILLE. I think I found a fairly decent
title just a little ways back. So now
I need to see if I can write anything
worth reading using it LOL. Here goes.

Silly Thoughts

Thinking of a minute,
a moments surprise
some silly thoughts
might find peoples eyes.
Thoughts of illusions
various to see
are silly thoughts
in time frames from me.
Silly bits of wording
or a face altered way
might bring a laugh or two
to you one day.
Silly thoughts arrival
might give you a smile
that you have needed
for a long while.
So don’t be so quick to
think ones as crazy
for their minds might be
anything but lazy.
A silly thought emotion
might be from Lord God
to help you in a moment
that you’re feeling flawed.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 10, 2016

LOL so there ya go. I know, it ain’t that
great, but that was what came to me and
in a matter of maybe 5 minutes, I think it
was pretty good if I don’t say so myself 😉
Yes, I write fast. It’s always been how my
thoughts come to me. I never have a clue
to what I will write even while looking at the
title, but I just start writing and it all comes
together. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my
rambling and hopefully even the poem LOL.
If not, then I am so sorry hehehe. Maybe
next week 🙂 I went in to get me and Judy
a soda water and Benny was barking at
something. I went in the living room where
he was sitting on the recliner barking at
Milo’s ashes that are sat atop of the TV.
They say dogs can see spirits that we can’t
see and he might of been looking at him
for all I know. I do believe in ghost and
spirits. Even the bible speaks of them.
I don’t fear them but only allow good and
peaceful spirits in our home. Milo is a
part of our home and he will always be
our family. So if Benny is enjoying the
visit from his big brother, I think that’s
great. Ok so I reckon I need to hush up
before I get caught up in rambles ville
again hehehe. Now I believe it’s time
for me to tell you what I tell you almost
every week and that is, I wrote some
more poems and haiku. Yep, 10 more
poems and 22 more haiku for all of the
haiku lovers out there. I hope you can
find 1 or 2 of either or both that you
like. I guess now I need to see if I can
find that darned off switch 🙂 , but not
before I wish you a most wonderful
weekend or whatever’s left of it and a
truly blessing filled week. Remember,
Jesus loves you and we do too. OK,
so where are ya hiding this time ya silly
varmint? Where can that off switch
be hiding hmm? Wait a minute, I see
ya you little whippersnapper hehehe.
Trying once again to hide behind my
tiny salt shaker has never worked for
you in the past. Why do you continue
to try to hide behind it? You silly thing.
Gotcha, see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill, Judy, Benny, Rocky
and the spirit of Milo Pearce

Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Scenes Within Scenes

A cloud floating by
brings changes within
scenes within scenes
for more to begin.
Some look like people
we’ve seen time to time
and many scenes display
a different design.
A stage set for building
a dream essence way
scenes within scenes
of our day after day.
Scenes slowly changing
from daylight to dark
give stages of sightings
that we can remark.
Scenes within scenes
with turnstiles to find
often as images
that are inside our mind.
A cloud that is floating
might glisten with gleams
pictures with portholes
scenes within scenes.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 9, 2016

Inside Right Now

This moment’s minutes
connect to the past
and also the future
within its contrast.
For inside right now
holds seconds to count
future and passed days
now to surmount.
Now gives the chances
to learn what you can
from what was gathered
a good or bad plan.
Then as the future
is found in our sight
inside right now then
can make it right.
So use those passed days
to help show you how,
so to make better then
inside right now.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 9, 2016

The Smallest Thought

Agitated thinking
can start a fire
inside of your mind
with wrongful desire.
The smallest thought
can become so large
allowing the wrongful
to then take charge.
For with a seed
of a flowers design
it can grow thorns
inside of your mind.
The fuel for disaster
is held in a hand
with the smallest thought
you don’t understand.
Often our wantings
are better not bought,
for they might be troubles
from the smallest thought.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 9, 2016

New Life Begun

With breathes of time
and moments passed,
a new life begun
is our shadows cast.
Chances for changes
from what all we’ve done
displays the glimmer
a new life begun.
Simmering passed days
need to cool down
allowing the future
with lesser a frown.
Look with new eyes
and see what can be
a new life begun
from our history.
Lose all your prejudice
past setting sun
and look with new eyes
a new life begun.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 9, 2016

He Never Fails

When we are weak
and cannot walk more
God will then enter
if you will implore.
For He never fails
to be there for you,
but often it’s us
that creates the view.
He never fails us
though we might not see
how God has sent angels
to you and to me.
The times that came
which left us so dry
might be the times
we’ve ceased to try.
No, He never fails us,
but we lose our way
and that’s when we need to
take time to pray.
Let God to help you
to find your way back,
for He can then help you
to get back on track.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 9, 2016

The Lighthouse Of Time

Motions of oceans
of waves rolling on,
the lighthouse of time
displays dusk to dawn.
Rocks in the distance
jagged and true
the lighthouse of time
will protect you.
Found as an echo
of friendships delight
the lighthouse of time
is there in plain sight.
Yet many waves will
come and destroy
your sight for a moment
as friends say ahoy.
The lighthouse of time
is there as a friend
to help when your weak
with time to transcend.
A friend as an angel
sent there from God
as the lighthouse of time
to help you abroad.
Sometimes surroundings
might seem as a haze,
but the lighthouse of time
can show better days.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 9, 2016

Sands Of An Hourglass

Each grain that falls
from the minutes that pour
sands of a an hourglass
show their contour.
Pouring down slowly,
but some wish to hurry
thus bringing patience
into such a flurry.
Sands of an hourglass
might seem too slow,
but to some others
fast as they flow.
Our time is a moment
that has just a frame
called by so many
a different name
Our lives are as grains
to fall in their place
sands of an hourglass
found with our face.
Scenes that are displayed
time frames to pass
minutes are then
sands of an hourglass.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 9, 2016

Awakened Thoughts

Yesterdays thinking
is not now the same.
Time has awakened
a different frame.
Awakened thoughts
lessons learned
showed me times
how I discerned.
Yesterdays thinking
found from desire
often but only
stoked troubles fire.
So many problems
come from our wants
becoming later
what all that haunts.
So as the beacons
of time shows its cost
you might find one day
awakened thoughts.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 9, 2016

Wings Of Silence

A bird in flight
in the sky of blue
surely looks down
with a different view.
Wings of silence
floating with ease
in the sky so blue
above the trees,
It gives a song
in winds romance
wings of silence
song and dance.
The bird looks down
and gives a smile
while it flies
another mile.
Wings of silence
show their grace
seeming as
an angels face.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 9, 2016

Silent Joy

A child without
a voice to speak
might display
what it might seek.
A silent joy
without a word
is found with signs
that are not heard.
A hopeful dream
to say and hear
a silent joy
could disappear.
Look beyond
what words you find
for some can’t
with words entwine.
Some can’t hear
or speak their name,
but try their best
to say the same.
So if someone
that you know
cannot speak
or hear you so,
look for light
inside their eyes
and speak to them
with loves device.
Let them know
that God is there
for silent joy
to kneel in prayer.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 9, 2016

for Jan 9, 2016

Today is anew
giving chances for better
and learning from old.

Wintertime’s snowflakes
bring their solitude to Earth
and paint it with peace.

Scents of lavender
are expelled into the air
as the flowers bloom.

Spring is but a dream
that wintertime’s awaiting,
as its winds will blow.

Fashioning snowflakes
is what billows from the clouds
as they fall to Earth.

Belief in journeys
gives meaning to the displays
as they are changing.

Disgruntled people
will often look for the bad,
instead of the good.

Life’s aforementioned
could become your destiny
if it’s not let go.

Links to family
only connect through the blood
and not our actions.

A simple flower
can change someone’s existence
when given through love.

Sought after seasons
often lead ones to forget
the beauty of now.

Various turnstiles
will seem to have the right room,
but with exceptions.

Nows desperation
can cause a whirlwind to form
and become problems.

Seasonal flowers
will show themselves and then die
as seeds will catch wind.

A treeless forest
holds no truth to existence
other than its roots.

Rivers of snowflakes
hold their pathways underneath
as melting of snow.

The sands of moments
flow as the scenes that we see
and often record.

An ocean has words
that roar upon the coastline
and then disappear.

Change is a value
that presents itself as chance
that many don’t use.

Mornings decisions
can make or break the future,
so use them wisely.

Grinding gears of life
could leave you standing empty
without any gears.

The suns arrival
shows sights of a brand new day
to choose your pathway.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 9, 2016

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