Wanting Treats


Hello my friends

How have you been? We’ve been doing pretty good.
We’re both well and the boys are as ornery as ever.
Judy has gone with her sisters up to Eagle Lake to
see her brother Ricky. He’s in a nursing home up
there. Me and the boys have run of the house while
she’s gone hehehe. Of course, Benny is barking at
everything he hears thinking one of those things is
his mom coming home and he’s driving me crazy 😉
Rocky is lying in the floor right behind me quietly
as he waits for his mom to come home. I just ran
out of orange juice. I’ve gotta go fill my glass back
up, be right back 🙂 I’m back. I’ve gotta have my
orange juice for the day for my good old vitamin C.
It’s cold and wet today, Right now at 3:00 PM it’s
30 F degrees. It doesn’t look or even feel like it’s
February at all. I’m not complaining. It saves on
our heating oil, but I hope it doesn’t follow suit
through the summer. I can’t handle much above
80 F degrees. I’m very hot natured even more so
due to the loss of my colon and all. I’ve always
been hot natured and the heat would cause me to
dehydrate quickly. Oh well, enough about that.
Now on to another topic LOL. Judy went with
her sister Dena down to Bangor hospital Friday
so that Dena could have some test done and they
were gone all day, so me and the boys once again
had the run of the house and we just enjoyed our
guy time hehehe. OK so they’re dogs. They’re
still of the male species LOL. I was planning on
writing my poetry while Judy was gone, but it
did not happen due to Benny barking at anything
he heard thinking it was his mom coming home,
so I had to wait and write my poetry and haiku
Saturday 🙂 No matter, it got done. I managed
to get them all written in about 3 hours, just a
few minutes before our TV programs came on.
Yes, I know, we live such an exciting life LOL.
We don’t need much to be happy. We have each
other and that’s all we need. Us and the boys
live a peaceful life with a few four legged runs
through the house all through the day. Benny
and Rocky keep us amused with the silly antics
they often will do 🙂 I still find myself wishing
that I could visit my friends and family down
south, but it is what it is and so here I am up
here praying for a friend. It would be great to
have a friend which was also a musician like
me that I could jam with, but for now I will
just play alone. Thank God for my camera 🙂
I can take pictures of the scenery and our silly
little boys. I wish that the scenery would get
a bit more pleasant to look at, but due to this
weird weather, it has turned all icy, but there
is still some great scenery 🙂 We just have to
drive for it LOL. Benny and Rocky always
enjoy going for a ride with us. They love to
look out the windows hehehe. So if you have
not guessed it yet, there’s not much going on
in the Pearce’s Place hehehe. I had to let the
boys out to go potty and just now they were
at the door barking to come back in. It was
really just Rocky barking hehehe. Benny lets
Rocky do all the talking on that instance but
when it’s wanting treats, Benny is the old
chatterbox hehehe. Rocky will just jump up
and down and spin in circles LOL. Of course
in time if Benny’s barking doesn’t get a treat
he will start barking and trying to tell us what
he wants. Yep, this house has gone to the
dogs hehehe. Rocky is right beside me now
with his paw up asking for a treat, because
his brother Benny is in the living room LOL.
I mentioned Benny’s name real loud, but it
seems he’s to caught up with watching for his
mom to come and get a treat hehehe. Oh
well, I’ll give him one when he decides to
comes in here. LOL Rocky is looking up
at me with that face saying, I want another
treat. Nope, you’ve had one and that’s all
you need. I’m sure mom will give you more
when she gets home. LOL She always does.
Rocky has finally laid down in the dog bed
beside me. Benny is still in the living room
on the recliner waiting for Judy as he does
most often. She should be home soon and
then maybe we’ll eat brunch or supper LOL.
I ate a Croissant about 10 AM, but that’s
long gone hehehe. Judy drove into town
Saturday and bought us sub sandwiches
from Subway and took the boys so that I
could write and we both still have half of a
sub to eat. It sounds like Judy might be
home or Benny is just barking at nothing
again thinking he heard something hehehe.
As I presumed hehehe, it was nothing 🙂
He misses his mom. He’s the same way
when I am gone. Both of them are. They
sit by the door waiting for me to come
back from checking the mail and then
pounce on me when I walk in LOL. Yep
we’ve got some silly boys, but they are
loving little boys and we love them a lot.
Well it’s time for me to get a Mountain
Dew. I finished my orange juice. I’ll be
back as Arnold Schwarzenegger would
say LOL. I would hate to have such a
long last name as Schwarzenegger. Can
you imagine having to always spell it
out for people. (Oh forget it, just call
me Short) Yep, it’s bad enough with
the last name Pearce, because people
will automatically start spelling it the
other way as Pierce. That’s when I’ve
gotta tell them, we’re the Pea Pearce
not the Pie Pierce LOL. There’s a road
and stream in Houlton that’s named the
Pearce’s. Well there’s not much else
to tell you aside from the usual, which
is that we are still hanging in there as
struggles come upon us. Yep, we do
have our fair share of problems, but
God is always with us to give us the
strength to carry on. I thank God for
all of the blessings that He has put in
our lives. My life before Judy was
filled with much loneliness, but God
found the right person to fill that void
and show me a different world with a
snow filled winter and colors that I’ve
never partaken with my eyes as fall
explodes with beauty. Thank You God
for all that You have given me and all
that You have allowed in my life. If it
were not for the rough roads, I would
not see the beauty as I do. The troubles
have made me more thankful. Now, I
believe it’s time for me to begin looking
back on all that I’ve written here to see
if I can find a good word or phrase that
I can use for the title of today’s brand
new poem. So, it’s away I go, to that
place of my recollection that I always
like to call RECOLLECT VILLE and
it looks like that while reading back,
I may have found a decent title about
halfway into the journal talking about
our two ornery boys hehehe. Now to
see if I can write anything that makes
any sense using it hehehe. Here goes.

Wanting Treats

Many people
only seek
pleasures from
another week.
Wanting treats
without the pain
might just find
themselves insane.
Treats of days
and weeks are best
when we’ve tried,
to complete the test.
Yet so many
will just stand
wanting treats
with opened hand.
Don’t letting wanting
to be found
with you only
looking around.
Find the best
that God completes.
Don’t just be one
wanting treats.
Search for truthful
in your gain
not just wanting
treats of fame.
Allow yourself to
try and fail
while your efforts
then set sail.
When your day is
what completes,
then it’s time for
wanting treats.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 28, 2016

That might not make a lick of sense to you. but
I hope it does for somebody LOL. I also hope I
didn’t lose you in my rambling LOL. I do tend
to drift from one topic to another in a moments
time hehehe. It’s 30 F degrees now at 5:25 PM.
It might snow a bit tonight. I had my weather
program set on a station up in Eagle Lake a bit
ago and thought, that weather doesn’t seem to
be correct hehehe. I had changed it to see what
Judy and her sisters would be driving up into.
So now it’s back on Houlton weather and yes it
is 30 F degrees. It’s 21 F at Eagle Lake which
is 90 miles north of us. I hope Judy gets home
soon. Benny is just about to drive me bonkers 🙂
I think he’s also driving Rocky bonkers hehehe.
It’s 5:34 PM now and I guess it’s time for me
to be telling you what I tell you almost every
week and that is, I wrote some more poems
and haiku. Yeppers, 10 more poems with
1 of them being about the boys. I also wrote
22 more haiku for all of the haiku lovers out
there. I hope you can find 1 or 2 of either or
both that you like. Now I believe it’s time for
me to begin my search for that hardly elusive
off switch, but not before I wish you a most
joyous weekend or whatever’s left of it and
a truly blessings filled week. Remember,
Jesus loves you and we do too. OK, where
are ya hiding this week ya little varmint?
LOL OK, I had to look a little harder this
time, but still, you could do a whole lot
better. Hiding behind my K2 Meter was a
pretty good spot and would of been better
if you would not of been poking your head
up to see if I could see you hehehehehehe.
Gotcha, see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill, Judy, Benny, Rocky
and the spirit of Milo Pearce

Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Windows Clear

Tinted windows
sometimes seen
hide a nightmare
show a dream.
Dirty windows
often are
seen on people
near and far.
Some are windows
of the heart
sometimes found
a work of art.
Yet some windows
are disgust
filled with hatred
dirt and dust.
We need windows
found sincere
filled will Gods love
windows clear.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 27, 2016

Places Remembered

Long ago pathways
of footsteps we trod
find what’s remembered
a blessing from God.
Places remembered
that pictures remind
often are pathways
a one of a kind.
Scenes we’ve discovered
and places we’ve found
become as the places
that do so astound.
That place at the moment
might not seem so great,
but seem a lot better
another times date.
Places remembered
will often come alive
inside of our heartbeat
as thoughts do derive.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 27, 2016

Countless Stars

Twinkling in the sky above
are seasons seen at night
countless stars so far away
that twinkle oh so bright.
Echoes of the universe
are seen as distant signs
forming patterns in the sky
as wonderful designs.
The big and little dipper
shine so free and fair
along with the moonlight
in crisp nighttime air.
The scenes all exploding
as nighttime’s own cuisine,
countless stars and moonlight
seeming as a dream.
Maybe a cloud or two
might come into the sky,
but countless stars will still be there
as time goes marching by.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 27, 2016

Beyond The Sea

Upon a sandy beach of time
there’s sights ones can see,
an ocean vessel’s mast and sails
are then beyond the sea.
Just as a painting far away
it seems to be in air
floating in the distant scene
beyond the seas out there.
Even sunlight’s morning view
is found to glimmer on
found out then beyond the sea
with early mornings dawn.
Beyond the sea of memories
the ocean shows its waves
as a moments time to dance
as it all behaves.
The minutes counted then are found
as a moment free,
a segment of a blessing found
far beyond the sea.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 29, 2016

My Looking Glass

Within my own reflection
is a person I can see
found within my looking glass
I’m looking back at me.
This person filled with moments
that are time to pass
me with minutes ticking on
within my looking glass.
I sometimes see my wrinkled face
and say how old am I
and then again on other days
I focus on each eye.
I look real deep into my eyes
and see someone that’s there
standing with a moments time
just needing breath of air.
Those reflections that I see
are often found within
while looking in my looking glass
I see the new begin.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 27, 2016


While decisions might be
of an uncertain style,
some might be moments
that lead to a smile.
Yet many decisions
might lead us astray,
while giving us lessons
found Hell to pay.
Uncertain decisions
will often find a price
maybe much greater
than the sought for device.
Looking for pathways
of journeys to trod
uncertain footsteps
might not be of God.
So make sure your decisions
are not Hells design,
for uncertain choices
can be a land mine.
Pray before acting on
uncertain pathways
and God will be with you
making good of your days.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 27, 2016

Life In A Movie

Seen as a storyline
sometimes is found
life in a movie
with time going around.
Scenes of a decade
might come into view
with stories remembered,
the things that you’d do.
Life in a movie
of a seasonal glance
might at times seem like
a real song and dance.
The minutes found ticking
will often inlay
life in a movie
of a distant display.
Not a real movie,
but a lifetime you see
life in a movie
of your history.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 27, 2016

Little Feet

Footsteps in the night
as a pitter patter sound
are little feet running
here there around.
Tiny feet, little feet
prancing with joy
are the sounds we hear
of our two little boys.
Four legged children
just running about,
little feet running around
now in and out.
Dodging our footsteps
they’re so often seen,
little feet running around
just like a dream.
These little doggies
make us complete
our two little boys with
their little feet.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 27, 2016

Forest Of Thoughts

Thinking as a thought full
of forest of thoughts
my mind will often be as
a little bit lost.
Found in a moments time
beyond what I see
in a forest of thoughts
through my history.
Lost in a battle with
my many illusions
a forest of thought will
create confusions.
Sometimes as snowdrifts
blinding my ways
a forest of thoughts is
like distant days.
Some seeming similar,
but not as the same
a forest of thoughts will
confuse my brain.
So as the problems are
finding me lost
I seek for Lord Jesus
in a forest of thoughts.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 27, 2016

The Blade of A Knife

Sharp is our wording
when spoken in anger
the blade of a knife,
that leads us to danger.
Speaking in the heat
of a moment on fire
the blade of a knife
might be like barbwire.
Not only cutting
the one standing there,
but striking on you
as barbs unaware.
The blade of a knife
are the words that we say
cutting ones down
in a harmful array.
Don’t let your wording
to end in pure strife,
for it might cut you
as the blade of a knife.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 27, 2016

for Feb 27, 2016

Guiding lights of stars
give forth a moments glimmer
guiding ships captains.

The brisk blowing wind
displays an awesome journey
of its own design.

Confusions morning
comes as dawns of perception
found in the seconds.

A nowhere person
leaves trails from where they have been
coming from somewhere.

Backwash of rivers
often finds leftover time
displayed in its path.

An anchor of time
holds many firmly in place,
while new days move passed.

Mornings gentle breeze
could become a large tornado,
so take precautions.

Life as an echo
only shows what has been done,
while creation seeks.

Various people
have various decisions,
for we are unique.

The past of haters
leaves a trail of misery
that might just explode.

Searching for true love,
ones will often look blindly
without first praying.

Allowing an instance
to become all that you see
will blind your future.

Ongoing fighting
might seem to have a purpose,
that may just be you.

A winter birds flight
often finds it in the snow
as it seeks to land.

Nevermore is thought
when a past is recorded,
but it might return.

Hurting ones feelings
should never be a pleasure,
for that leads to hate.

The love of Lord God
brings many through their problems
with lessons well learned.

A ship out at sea
will often rock back and forth
as the ocean churns.

Keeping a secret
needs to know what’s important
and what needs be heard.

Relaxing the mind
will allow peace to be found
as a butterfly.

An open doorway
will allow the good and bad,
so guard your passage.

A true friend of yours
will remain your friend always,
no matter what’s done.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 27, 2016

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