Connecting The Dots


Hello my friends

The weather up this ways has been on what
I call confusion hehehe.  Today’s high is 57 F
and it’s 55 F right now.  It’s supposed to be in
the 60’s and 70’s all week aside from Tuesday
which is showing a high of 80 F.  In my long
distant forecast it’s showing mid to upper 60’s
for next week LOL.  So it’s looking like June
isn’t going to be that bad,  at least not up here.
Youngest grandson Christian came to spend
the night with us last night.  Judy went to her
daughter’s house yesterday for game night and
I wasn’t feeling much like going so I stayed
home with the boys.  I took them out in the
field for a little field trip and they loved it 🙂
Judy called me later that evening saying that
Christian wanted to come over and I said to
bring him on.  She said she would bring him
when they got done playing games.  So Judy
and Christian walked through the front door
at around midnight hehehe.  The boys were
all excited when they heard the car pull up.
Anyways,  I reckon I need to stop here and
fix us all some brunch.  So I’ll continue with
this later :).  Okie dokie,  I’m back!  We had
just begun eating when Judy’s daughter came
and picked up Christian.  We all had a nice
visit in the living room.  Helena brought her
dog Khione and the boys had a blast with
her.  Though I think Rocky loved playing
with her more than Benny.  None the less we
had dogs running all throughout the house.
I had to shut the door to in here to keep them
from messing up stuff with their playfulness.
It’s kind of funny,  Benny loves our neighbors
dog named Teddy,  but Rocky isn’t all that
crazy about him,  so he just sits back and
watches them play pretty much the same as
Benny did with Rocky and Khione hehehe.
We love our boys.  Helena and Christian
have left now and it’s back to the journal.
It’s looking like it could rain at the drop of
a hat,  so please,  nobody drop a hat LOL!
So after Helena and Christian left,  Judy
and I came back in here and fed the boys
the sausage and eggs that I made for them.
They love it!  So,  where am I?  Hehehe,
oh yea,  right here.   Now it’s onwards with
my rambling.  Tomorrow’s Memorial day
and I’m guessing that most stores will be
closed,  so I reckon Judy and I will just
hang out around the house and watch TV.
I can imagine that there will be fireworks
booming in the distance as people celebrate.
Judy and I don’t care much for fireworks.
They used to be illegal in Maine up until
a few years ago.  Before that you could buy
sparklers,  but that was it, unless you had
a license to shoot off fireworks.  I think
Texas has always allowed fireworks,  but
I myself think they cause too many fires
and injuries because of people that don’t
know what they’re doing.  That’s the way
I feel about guns,  but then,  nobody ever
listens to me or cares about my opinion 🙂
LOL oh well,  life goes on.  It’s 5 o’clock
now and 55 F degrees.  It’s supposed to
get down to 49 F by morning.  This is one
thing I love about living up here.  Escaping
the heat.  Texas is a bit too warm for me,
even if I was born and raised in Texas 🙂
My old body can’t handle the heat.  I’m
hot natured in a big way especially after
the loss of my colon and all LOL.  So,  it
looks like Maine is where I need to be 😉
Judy’s now trying to find something good
for us to watch on TV tonight.  I recorded
UFO’s The Untold Stories last night so
we’ve got that to watch if there’s nothing
else,  but it looks like she may have found
something for us tonight so The Untold
will maybe wait until tomorrow hehehe.
I feel blessed to be married to someone
that brightens my life.  God knew what
He was doing when he put us together
like connecting the dots.  God drew a
line from Texas to Maine and wove in
the connection.  LOL these little boys of
ours are pooped from all the running
and playing.  They’re both lying in the
floor in their doggy beds right between
Judy and I.  Hehehe I got up to go and
shut the front door and windows in the
living room and they both came running
right behind me.  Now they’re back in
their little beds where they were before.
Gotta love those boys 🙂  Thank You
God for all that You have done and all
that You continue to do in our everyday
lives.  I reckon I should stop here and
begin my quest back through all that I
have written here to see if I can find a
word or phrase in something that I’ve
written here that I can use for the title
for today’s brand new poem.  So it’s
off I go to that place of my recollection
that I always like to call RECOLLECT
VILLE.  Hmm it looks like I may have
found a decent title just a few lines back.
So,  let’s see what I can do with it,  if
anything hehehe.  Here goes!

Connecting The Dots

The lines of times
of thereunto
can become places
better to view.
Connecting the dots
to then and there
the times we see
may be with prayer.
An answer from time
that you prayed for
that God awoke
for you to explore.
The scenes we see
that time portrays
connecting the dots
shows many ways.
The path we have gone
away from the lost
is God’s Own way
of connecting the dots.

©By Bill Pearce
May 29,  2016

So,  how’d I do?  Did it make any sense to
you at all?  I hope it did and I also hope that
my rambling didn’t bore ya to sleep,  but if
it did,  at least ya got a nap hehehe.  So what
else is there to tell ya?  Well,  the boys are in
their treat wanting modes and pestering Judy
for treats LOL.  Hehehe at least they’re not
pestering me 🙂  OK,  they’ve finally calmed
down a bit.  Judy said NO TREATS.  You
have food in your dog pans.  I think I have
told you all that there is to tell.  Life here at
the Pearce’s Place is pretty much just a day
to day search to find something to watch on
TV and playing with the boys LOL.  We’re
not that exciting,  but we’re happy.  If our
health was better,  we might be happier 🙂
but that’s life and this is the way it is.  The
boys have gotten in their playful moods and
they’re playing chase.  I turned around and
they were both just staring at me with those
wanting eyes hehehe.  So tossed in a dog
toy and Rocky ran off with it.  Benny just
decided to lie back down in his bed beside
me.  Rocky just found a treat that Benny
had hidden and he’s munching on it LOL.
Benny don’t care.  He knows that there
are more treats.  LOL probably ones that
he has hidden throughout the house.  I’ve
caught him numerous times stashing them
in our spare room hehehe.  Anyways,  it
looks like I have slipped off into Rambles
Ville and I need to put on the brakes,  so
I can tell you what I tell you almost every
week and that is,  I wrote some more poems
and haiku.  Yep,  10 more poems with 1
of them being sort of Christmassy,  but as
I have done many times in the past,  I wrote
a few more poems,  3 to be exact,  so you
have 13 to read hehehe.  I also once again
wrote 22 haiku for all of the haiku lovers
out there.  I hope you can find 1 or 2 of
either or both that you like.  Now,  it’s
time for me to begin my search for that
hardly elusive off switch,  but not before
I wish you a most wonderful weekend or
whatever’s left of it and a truly blessed
week along with a happy Memorial day.
Remember,  Jesus loves you and we do
too.  OK now,  where is that dadgum off
switch hiding this time?  LOL,  so you’re
taking up reading are ya,  well by using
yourself as a dog ear kind of made you
stand out.  Hiding in Judy’s new book
that I have here on my desk wasn’t the
greatest hiding spot.  Better luck next
time.  Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill,  Judy,  Benny,  Rocky
and the spirit of Milo Pearce

P.S  A link to Judy’s new book as at
the end of the journal along with the
others.  Enjoy 🙂

Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10+3 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Stars Of Nigh

The darkness finds
a place so high
where future’s met
with stars of nigh.
Footsteps made
with shadows seen
stars of nigh
might be a dream.
Leaving footprints
very clear
stars of nigh
of yesteryear.
Yet those stars
that you beheld
might just be
where troubles dwelled.
All those times
you put so high
might of been
just stars of nigh.

©By Bill Pearce
May 27,  2016

Thoughts At Dawn

Night finds ending
when it’s gone
bringing mornings
thoughts at dawn.
Time’s a passage
counted true
thoughts at dawn
from thereunto.
Reminded moments
live to tell
thoughts at dawn
a wishing well.
Mindful quarters
tossed on in
thoughts at dawn
for peace to win.
Yet the morning
brings along
nighttime’s wonders
thoughts at dawn.

©By Bill Pearce
May 27,  2016

Faded Dreams

The hands of time
might fade away
with our dreams
another day.
The things we want
or think we need
faded dreams
will take the lead.
Sometimes seeming
it’s unfair
faded dreams
of then and there.
They might even
seem so cruel
faded dreams
to make a fool.
Yet our hopeful
does survive
giving time
to stay alive.
So as doorways
come in view
faded dreams
will be there too.
But don’t let those
faded dreams
take away
the greatest scenes.

©By Bill Pearce
May 27,  2016

Those Christmas Thoughts

That Christmas play
of long ago
is now just something
that I know.
The stage with friendship
counted true
those Christmas thoughts
I wish to view.
My heart’s now yearning
times agin
those Christmas thoughts
of where I’ve been.
The hands of time
moved so fast
leaving only
a shadows cast.
The Christmas story
from a book
was read on stage
and not mistook.
Many loved ones
watched and cried
those Christmas thoughts
that then applied.
My heart’s still beating
missing true
those Christmas thoughts
I wish to view.

©By Bill Pearce
May 27,  2016

Viewed From Within

Our outer shell
might not so well
display what’s right
within ones sight.
The ones that see
both you and me
might not see clear
our lives sincere.
Viewed from within
helps ones begin
to grow in time
and not just rhyme.
Scenes of things
as diamond rings
are not so great
with shallow state.
So as a quest
look for what’s best
beneath the skin
viewed from within.

©By Bill Pearce
May 27,  2016

An Empty Soul

Sounds of rhythms
beating drums
many shadows
are reruns.
An empty soul
of hearts desires
creates stages
filled with fires.
Without moments
found in prayer
an empty soul
has shallow layer.
Peace and love can
heal the phase,
an empty soul
for future days.
The love of God
can make you whole
and lesser of
an empty soul.

©By Bill Pearce
may 27,  2016

Art Of The Sky

Clouds in formation
as white fluffy scenes
are the art of the sky
as rivers and streams.
Flowing as torrents
and sometimes with peace,
the art of the sky
is a wondrous release.
Often with raindrops
and often with snow,
then maybe coldness
making icicles grow.
The art of the sky
holds wonderful sights
seen during daytime
and on through the nights.
Changing with seasons
each cloud has its own
true art of the sky
with winds that have blown.
Time becomes countless
as clouds float on by
making many pictures
as art of the sky.

©By Bill Pearce
May 27,  2016

Afternoon Delight

Each day’s beginning
is that with the sun
sometimes with business
and sometimes with fun.
Time becomes counted
as day unto night
with minutes displaying
an afternoon delight.
Some might not see it
the glimmer so great
that Lord God has given,
so many will debate.
An afternoon delight
is a time so to tell
found as a pattern
that minutes compel.
With God The Father
we’ll all be alright
blessings concurring
an afternoon delight.

©By Bill Pearce
May 27,  2016

Summertime Waves

A time of existence
with summertime waves
lives on as memories
those wonderful days.
Wading in the waters
as they come ashore
those summertime waves
that live forevermore.
Thriving as the shadows
of times from my past
those summertime waves
will continue to last.
Displayed as a journal
that time has written down
those summertime waves
the ocean brought around.
Mesmerizing moments
of God’s magic wand
are those summertime waves
that live on and on.
Alive in some photographs
and some videos too
those summertime waves
are as each day anew.
The rhythms of the tide
are that of the days
found as remembered
those summertime waves.

©By Bill Pearce
May 27,  2016

Writing My Mind

Stories I’ve written,
words that I’ve said
are what that’s begun
inside of my head.
Writing my mind
with letters and words,
sometimes might seem
as a large flock of birds.
Often what’s written
is just within me,
shared as a turnstile
through my history.
My life is a book
with pages to turn,
some that so many
will never discern.
Yet,  I’ll continue
with my own design,
sharing my thoughts
while writing my mind.

©By Bill Pearce
May 27,  2016

Sunshine Bright

Day came dawning
sunshine bright,
giving truly
divine sight.
Scenes of blessings
painted free,
by The Artist
we can’t see.
Brightest moments
come at glance,
often causing
ones a trance.
Each day’s beauty
timeless dream,
could be sunshine
on a stream.
Morning comes with
great daylight,
found amidst the
sunshine bright.

©By Bill Pearce
May 28,  2016

A Blast From The Past

The decades of passed days
live now as a journey,
found as the conclusions
sometimes on a gurney.
Those times of long ago
when I saw life immortal,
for I was just a child
down a life banter portal.
A blast from the past
gives me reason to smile,
for I know that Lord God
loved me all of the while.
Those times were as numbers
that I counted as waves,
as a child with emotions
those summertime days.
Yet now as I’m older
with shadows contrast,
I see I’ve learned lessons
from a blast from the past.

©By Bill Pearce
May 28,  2016

Traipsing In The Field

The grass is greener
in fields of wonder
as I am watching my
boys over yonder.
Yes they’re so happy
together today
traipsing in the field
as they run and they play.
The day is soon ending
with times evening sun
and traipsing in the field
is soon to be done.
Those four legged brothers
run fast homeward bound
with each one so happy
that the other’s around.
Traipsing in the field
we will once again do
on a day filled with clouds
or a sky painted blue.

©By Bill Pearce
May 28,  2016

for May 28,  2016

A fraction of time
can hold many decisions,
either right or wrong.

Without butterflies
we would not see the blessings
of transformation.

The sound of the wind
has a few voices in it,
just passing the time.

Leftover moments
can be baggage not needed
that we must let go.

Wonders of the clouds
are within their formations
and how we view them.

A chance for changes
can procure many problems
with change and no thought.

Fields of emotion
spawn an imagination
that could be run wild.

Without a journey
there can be no beginnings
as footsteps stagnate.

Various pathways
lead to many directions
and some have potholes.

Tomorrow’s sunshine
is still just a mystery,
so deal with right now.

Sometimes as a ghost
your loved ones will protect you
from the dark of night.

A Dandelion
shows its yellow blooms so bright
to distract from weeds.

The beauty of love
is much deeper than our sight,
for it’s within us.

Cherishing portions
of a moment that is gone
can become baggage.

A book that you see
might have deception inside
as the cover lies.

Years of a heartbeat
become a rhythm of life,
with the good and bad.

Without emotions
our lives would be as robots
with no love to thrive.

Stood beside a tree
you will hear it in the wind
as the branches sway.

While you are waiting,
time continues its footsteps
marching in its style.

If without patience
you might find yourself troubled
while clocks keep ticking.

The oceans memories
are as waves inside my mind
and sunrise to see..

Amongst some liars
holds the key to misery
that unlocks the truth.

©By Bill Pearce
May 28,  2016

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