Rekindle Your Peace


Hello my friends

It’s another rainy day today and it looks as
though it will continue for a few more days.
Judy and her sisters went down southward
to Massachusetts for her cousins wedding
and they’re all staying in a 10 person tent
at the park where the wedding ceremony is,
being they couldn’t afford a motel.  Anyways
Judy headed out at 6 yesterday morning to
pick up her sisters in town and then headed
south.  Judy won’t be home till maybe late
tonight.  I miss her and the boys miss her too.
Every time they hear a sound,  they think it
is her coming home and that was cute for a
while,  but now it’s getting a little irritating.
LOL,  Benny will hear something and start
barking and heading for the front door with
Rocky not far behind spinning in circles 🙂
When Rocky gets excited,  he spins in circles.
Anyways,  they have calmed a bit coming to
the conclusion that every thing they hear is
not Judy coming home.  They’re good boys
and they miss their mom.  So does daddy 🙂
Last night was very quiet.  I did enjoy the
time to myself though.  I believe everybody
needs a little alone time.  Being that both of
us are retired,  we are together quite a bit.
That doesn’t mean that I don’t miss her when
she’s gone.  Anyways,  onwards to another
topic.  Our bike cover came Thursday and
now we can put the bikes outside and when
it rains they won’t get wet.  I ordered us a
bicycle  pump to keep our tires aired up and
it should be here no later than Friday. Next
I need to get us some chain oil to keep the
bikes lubed so they don’t rust up.  I might
in the next month buy us some bike lights,
but I doubt we will ever be riding them at
night 🙂  I cannot believe I was able to buy
an Urban Schwinn 700c 7 speed bicycle
for only 50 dollars 🙂  I got a great deal at
Walmart.  It had been marked down at least
three times and then the sticker price said
75 dollars and when she scanned it at the
desk it was 50 dollars.  So yes,  I got a good
deal 🙂  Judy’s Huffy Cruiser cost well over
twice the price of mine.  My bike’s red and
hers is pink.  So we’ve got some bike riding
planned for this week.  Of course slowly but
surely being neither of us has ridden a bike
in a few decades hehehe.  We both took some
practice rides in the driveway the other day.
Hopefully the weather will clear up a little
so we can begin riding.  If it’s not raining it’s
snowing LOL.  Judy called me last night
from Massachusetts after the reception and
said it had rained a little bit there.  I sure
would of loved to see her and her sisters
camping in a 10 man tent.  Although,  the
tent that her sister brought is a big one.  I’m
sure it would be a noteworthy photo to be
put in the record books LOL.  Judy said
she took tons of pictures with her camera.
I sort of feel like I’m trapped here,  being
Judy took the car.  It would be horrendous
if anything happened,  but I don’t foresee
that.  Of course,  who does hehehe.  Maybe
someone totally paranoid,  but that’s not me.
I do though worry about her and her long
drive home,  but she does have her sisters
with her.  Barbara,  Trudy and Dena went
with Judy.  They’re splitting the finances
for the drive.  I hope they had a great time.
They’ve got a long drive back home,  but
Judy said they were going to stop at their
brother Arty’s house in Connecticut on the
way home.  So she might not be home till
late tonight.  I’m listening to my Moodcapes
radio station right now.  It’s very relaxing.
I do most of my writing while listening to
it.  There is only music,  no singing.  I sent
my mom one of the songs from the radio
that one of my good friends on Facebook
wrote and recorded. Kevin Kendle is his
name.  I’ve got a lot of musician friends.
I guess it might have to do with me being
a musician too hehehe.  Oh yea,  I was
listening to a dude play a harmonica the
other day and it made me remember when
I too used to play one.  I then went and
ordered me one from Amazon.  I used to
be pretty good with a harmonica.  I took
piano lessons when I was real young and
my dad gave me guitar lessons,  but I still
prefer the drums.  If we lived in a larger
home and I might buy another drum kit,
but my old messed up joints don’t function
well enough to play as I used to when I
was younger.  So I guess it’s just as well
that I jam on my conga drums.  I can still
make them sing hehehe.  When I get my
harmonica I’ll see how that goes and then
I might buy a harmonica holder that fits
around my neck so I can play my conga
drums and harmonica at the same time 🙂
We’ll see LOL.  In the mean time,  life
continues on.  My appetite has been none
existent the passed few days.  Due to my
many health issues along with Judy not
being here,  I have not had the urge to eat.
I ate 3 and a half donuts yesterday with
Judy before she left at 6 AM,  but that is
all I’ve eaten.  I might grab a bite if I get
hungry,  but being food just goes right
through me,  it does not make me want to
eat.  I’ll survive 🙂  I can remember way
back before I met Judy that I did not eat
but once in a while and I survived.  LOL
so before you tell me to eat,  don’t.  Here’s
a bit of ignorance to share with you.  My
so called doctor/CNP (Community Nurse
Practitioner) called me a liar when I told
her I did not have a colon.  I told her she
needs to review my records before calling
me a liar.  She said but first she wants to
set me up for a (get this) Colonoscopy.
She also argued with me about my blood
and my potassium level saying,  you do
know that a low potassium level can kill
you don’t you.  Sheesh,  my temper began
to skyrocket along with my blood pressure.
I told her that my body does not retain
potassium and it has been as is for over
2 decades and yes I am fully aware of it.
She just rolled her eyes which made me
even more angry as she just pushed on.
That has to be the one time in my life that
I wanted to hit a woman,  but I held back
and just walked out of the office with the
little gal that worked for her on my heels
saying, here are the papers to get the work
done and all.  I told her to go back in there
and tell her I said NO.  Now to add to this,
I got a message from the Katahdin Valley
Health clinic apologizing that they had not
entered in my medical records that I gave
them LAST YEAR and that was why Dawn
did not know.  I told them that somebody
needs to be fired and for that matter Dawn
had no right calling me a liar.  She didn’t
come right out and say it,  but she said it
in her actions and wording.  Anyways,  that
has been something that has had my dander
up LOL.  OK now,  I’ve vented hehehehehe,
on with the journal.  Right now it’s looking
real rainy outside,  but it’s only 58 degrees.
Tomorrows high is supposed to be 54 F 🙂
Again,  not too bad.  It’s 2:40 PM right now.
I cannot believe how quiet it is in here aside
from the music on the radio of course LOL.
I think Benny has given up barking at every
little thing he hears coming to the conclusion
that maybe mom will be late hehehe.  Rocky
is lying in the floor right beside me.  Benny
might be in here after a bit.  I cannot wait
for mine and Judy’s bike rides.  That has me
all excited.  We’ll take our cameras with us
to snap a few pictures of the scenery here
and there,  of course when we stop to rest 🙂
Not while riding LOL.  I thank God for all
of the blessings He has given us.  We might
not have the greatest life,  but we have love
alive in our home.  Yes we get angry at each
other from time to time,  but that’s part of
life which means forgiveness is a large part
of our lives as well.  Forgiving others does
not always mean allowing them to hurt you
or lie to you again,  but you can clear your
side of the fence.  Judy and I are faithful to
each other and trust keeps us from throwing
stones/words.  There will be times that we
need time alone,  for as I,  you surely need
that time to rekindle your peace.  Too much
time together with anyone can become as a
ticking time bomb waiting to explode.  Take
some time out for yourself,  if it’s but only to
just sit and watch the clouds floating across
the sky.  Thank God for the many blessings
that you have and ones that you might not
yet be aware of.  Now I believe it’s time for
me to be taking my little journey back on
through all of my thoughts I’ve written here
to see if I can find a good word or phrase
that I can use for the title for today’s brand
new poem,  So it’s away I go to that place
of my recollection that I always like to call
RECOLLECT VILLE.  I though believe that
I may have stumbled on a fairly decent title
just a few lines back.  Now to see if I can do
anything with it.  Here goes 🙂

Rekindle Your Peace

Let not your worry
to leave you in fear.
Rekindle your peace
through God so sincere.
Look for the blessings
that you might of missed.
Rekindle your peace
through times reminisced.
Find in an instance
times that have been.
Rekindle your peace
let God enter in.
When anger befalls you
with times bitter ways,
rekindle your peace
to shine other days.
Let not foretelling
to fill you with woe.
Rekindle your peace
and let it to flow.
So now as today
might not be so great,
rekindle your peace
before it’s too late.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 12,  2016

There ya go.  I hope you liked the poem and
it spoke to you.  Also I hope you enjoyed my
ramblings.  As many of you know,  I began
writing this to myself back in 1994 and now
to this day I’m kind of still writing it to me
to help me clear my mind and all.  Hopefully
it helps you too.  I did something yesterday
that I have never done and that is posted my
sobriety date.  Yesterday was my 26 years
of sobriety.  Yep June 11,  1990 is when I
made the decision to change my life being
I hated my life and how things were going.
So,  now you know hehehe.  I’m sure that
I’ve posted all of this in my journal at one
point and time,  but it was a long while
back.  Anyways,  my sister is still needing
your prayers.  The cancer treatments are
making her very weak.  I love you Peggy.
If you ever want to talk to me,  you can
call anytime.  I understand that you and
I are not the same and you don’t like to
talk on the phone,  but I just wanted you
to know that you are welcomed to call.
So hmm,  I can’t think of anything else to
tell you other than what I tell you almost
every week and that is,  I wrote some
more poems and haiku.  Yep 10 more
poems with 1 of them this time being a
Christmas poem.  Yeppers,  Christmas
is always on the brain.  I love snow and
I love Christmas.  So sue me hehehehe.
I also wrote 22 more haiku for all of the
haiku lovers out there.  I hope you can
find 1 or 2 of either or both that you like.
LOL Rocky got a hold of a squeaky toy
that I had hidden over here right beside
me and he’s having a blast with it LOL.
So I reckon it’s time for me to begin my
search for that off switch that has yet
to have found a good hiding spot,  but
before I do that,  I need to wish you a
wonderful weekend or whatever’s left
of it if anything and a blessings filled
week.  Remember,  Jesus loves you
and we do too.  Now,  where is that
off switch hiding or maybe trying to
hide this week?  Hmm,  I believe I see
a bit of movement in Rocky’s fur that
I’m fairly sure is not fleas hehehe.  Yep,
there ya are.  I might not of seen ya
if you would not of been playing as
an explorer fighting through the brush
also known as hair hehehe.  You silly!
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill,  Judy,  Benny,  Rocky
and the spirit of Milo Pearce

P.S  A link to Judy’s new book as at
the end of the journal along with the
others.  Enjoy 🙂

P.S. again
The last poem is about my dad 🙂

Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Dance Of A Star

Night’s filled with moonlight
are seen near an far
with a telescope vision
of a dance of a star.
Seen only as a twinkle
many miles another day
the dance of a star
is wonderful display.
Dancing through the cosmos
as a little ballerina
the star shows its passion
in a skyline arena.
At times like a heartbeat
and others like a dream,
the star continues dancing
as a magical scene.
Time seems to stand still
from near to afar
with a telescope vision
of a dance of a star.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 11,  2016

Evenings Parade

Marching in as seconds,
minutes are acquired
as time continues onwards
with all that is transpired.
The evenings parade of then
might bring a certain view
sometimes as a cloud
or painted with some dew.
The evenings find a way
to become all they can be
a sight from Heavens skies
or a place in you and me.
Shadows might seem marching
to their own times beating drum,
but yet the evenings parade
might be guitars to strum.
Seconds go unnoticed
sometimes within awhile
as the evenings parade
shows us its moments style.
Time is but a story
sometimes within the shade
painted as a turnstile
found in evenings parade.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 11,  2016

Love Awakens

The passion of Christ
is more than a gleam.
It’s that of a turnstile
to our greatest scene.
True love awakens
as His Heart is found
filled with true passion
in each sight and sound.
Heaven pours mercy
as raindrops so pure
as love awakens
with its great allure.
God gives us moments
that we might not see
filled with His Love
in a wondrous degree.
When the right footsteps
are found then partaken,
that’s when we’ll see that
true love awakens.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 11,  2016

Animated Thoughts

Tracking through actions,
some standing still,
often some people
will never fulfill.
With no animation
in their thoughts and ways
there will be only
the shadows of days.
No animated thoughts
to do what is right
leaves just a dreamer
with no actual sight.
Don’t let your footsteps
to become just a nail
hammered with denial
no life to set sail.
Find your own way now
with a certain degree
with some animation
much better to see.
Yet don’t be stupid
to move at all cost,
for you might be wrong with
animated thoughts.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 11,  2016

Sky Of Beauty

Blue skies displayed
sometimes pink,
sky of beauty
Heaven’s ink.
Cloud formations
change the sight,
within daytime
and in night.
Sky of beauty,
scenes are made,
blue with white clouds
Poured as patterns
time fulfills,
blessings counted,
Heaven spills.
Then as nightfall
comes to be,
sky of beauty
turns to sea.
Oceans vessels
in the night,
sail with Heavens
own starlight.
Then as nighttime
holds its place,
sky of beauty
fills with grace.
In the moonlight
there is found,
sky of beauty
all around.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 11,  2016

Sunflower Memories

Portions of a time
that live in my mind
are as my memories
of sunflower seas.
Poured across the way,
a sunshine day,
becomes as a smile
a wonderful while.
Texas and each bloom
my mind is attune,
moments I recall
spring, summer and fall.
Those fulfilled days
in sunflower phase
still live and breathe
in how I perceive.
Those days are gone,
for time’s moved on
those bright yellow seas
sunflower memories.
Yet I can still dream
of a bright yellow stream
of sunflower days
and a wonderful gaze.
Sunflower memories
are the best harmonies,
songs from my past
are now shadows cast.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 11,  2016

A Magical Story

This is a story
about me maybe you,
things around Christmas
that we used to do.
Shopping with your mom
to show what to buy,
displayed in a window
a store caught your eye.
Maybe a dolly
or a choo-choo train
that you have wanted
sometime and again.
A magical story
about Santa Claus dreams
with letters written
of wonderful things.
Then out with daddy
to fetch a good tree
to put in the house
and light up to see.
Then singing songs
so Christmassy great
of wonderful moments
that you cannot wait.
Maybe even making
some paper ornaments
with so many colors
from wonderful prints.
You might even pop up
some popcorn to be
ornaments strung up
hung on the tree.
Your siblings might laugh
as you smile and say
I’m waiting for Santa
to come on his way.
Yes a magical story
so many have read,
that still lives and breaths,
a time never dead.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 11,  2016


Windows of visions
might often find gaze,
found as bewildered
a moment of phase.
Scenes we’ve discovered
while we look around
fill with bewilderment
and quite astound.
Scenes such as motions
of leaves in your view
blowing around then
here thereunto.
Unending moments
that God does bestow
find us bewildered
of wintertime’s snow.
Yet even before that
the colors will fall
leaving bewilderment
found over all.
Leaves found so magical
painting the ground
as an unseen Artist
guides them around.
God can do wonders
with most anything
summer through fall
and winter through spring.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 11,  2016

A Lake of Ripples

Floating in a boat
with pole in hand,
a lake of ripples
looks oh so grand.
A splash when I cast
in waters depth,
a lake of ripples
shows its breath.
Rocking the boat
as a baby to sleep,
a lake of ripples
is very deep.
A fish then jumps
and splashes me,
a lake of ripples,
much to see.
Sometimes glassy,
time moves on,
a lake of ripples
is never gone.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 11,  2016

I Think Of You

The minutes gain
as time moves on,
I think of you
from dusk to dawn.
The days I search
to find your face,
I know that you
are in God’s grace.
My loving dad
of timeless age
I now recall
as center stage.
Thinking of you
is getting clearer
whenever I look
within the mirror.
Our faces match
so very true,
my life forever,
I think of you.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 11,  2016

for Jun 11,  2016

The light of the moon
becomes a romantic dream
for ones to hold hands.

Noble is a rose
as it flourishes beauty
for a summers day.

The sweet summer rains
come to revitalize the Earth
helping things to grow.

Oceans waves of time
become the essence of life
as pulsating scenes.

A trees branches sway
as a breeze shows its power
and rustles the leaves.

Distant thoughts of time
can sometimes seem they’re alive
when they are long gone.

Countless emotions
might be troubles desires
that fuel your problems.

A minute that’s passed
might of had some importance
that can’t be retrieved.

Life in your viewpoint
can look like an empty room,
but be filled with hope.

Breathing in today
allows God’s blessings to thrive
and be part of you.

Various flowers
are merely only just weeds
attempting to live.

The bird that’s early
does not always get the worm,
but might get eaten.

Airplanes in the sky
keep the wind beneath their wings
so to stay airborne.

A lazy person
will acquire others patience
or watch them leave.

Flavors of ice cream
describe so many lifestyles,
but they all will melt.

Perceptions of life
might not look like it belongs,
but it might blend in.

Because of our past,
the future might not look good,
but change is within.

Delivering rain
from the Heavens above us
is the work of God.

Peace can be procured
through Lord God and meditation,
then patience will gleam.

Beyond a storm cloud
lives the life of a rainbow
waiting to be seen.

As the sun finds rest
and the eastern sky goes dim,
the night sky is found.

Knowing right from wrong
is truly bred into us,
but we will still learn.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 11,  2016

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