The Human Race


Hello my friends

This passed week has been sort of warm,
especially today.  Of course nothing that
would compare to what it is down south of
us LOL.  Though with all of the freaking
humidity,  the 80’s are sweltering.  LOL I
can remember Judy and I talking on the
phone back in 2001 and her telling me it’s
hot and me asking how hot is it.  She said
85 F and I laughed and said it’s a 105 here.
But now I see that there is more humidity
up here at least it sure feels like it.  That
is what makes it feel hot.  If it were not
for all of the humidity,  it would not be so
bad,  but then our AC dehumidifier would
not cool us off LOL.  We’d have to always
use the air conditioner cool settings and
that would run our light bill up a ton more.
Our granddaughter Rylee had a birthday
last week.  She turned 9.  They waited to
celebrate it Saturday,  so yesterday they
had a Hawaiian luau.  I stayed home and
watched the boys.  I still had my poems
and haiku to write.  Plus I still don’t care
for going over to Judy’s ex’s house.  It
just bothers me.  Although I know all of
her kids live with him,  it still makes me
a bit unnerving with the thought of being
in his home.  Oh well,  me and the boys
had a good day.  I wrote all of my poetry
and haiku and edited them looking for
those nasty old type’s LOL while Benny
and Rocky stayed in the living room just
watching for mom/Judy to come home.
I stopped ever so often and went in and
played with them.  Then back to the old
writing grind.  We took the boys out for
a little field trip Wednesday and I took
them out again Thursday so they have
had a few runs in the field and loved it.
They are so cute how they will run side
by side bumping into one another.  It’s
a joyous sight.  It has rained off and on
this passed week.  Judy and them got
rained on a bit yesterday,  but it soon
passed.  She took a lot of pictures of the
luau.  Rylee got a lot of nice gifts.  When
I got done writing my poems and all as
well as editing,  the boys started barking
saying mom’s home.  Yep,  good timing.
She got home just in time to watch TV
with me.  One of our favorite programs
was just coming on,  Ghost Adventures.
Right now it’s 82 F degrees and yes it’s
humid.  My PC weather program says
there’s 90 degrees humidity in the air.
It’s going down.  Earlier it was 100 🙂
Both of the boys are in here with Judy
and I enjoying the AC 🙂  Being we only
have this portable air conditioner,  we
can only do one room at a time hehehe,
but by the time we’re ready for bed,  the
temperature has already cooled down
to where it’s actually quite nice.  Though
on the nights that it does not,  then that
portable AC gets aimed into our bedroom.
But for now,  the fans do a pretty good
job.  The weather up here is a far cry
from the weather in Texas and that’s no
lie LOL.  One thing that I truly miss in
Texas is my family and friends along
with the ability to drive down to Port
Aransas time to time as well as swim in
the swimming pool at the apartment
complex.  But now I see that Greenville
has acquired a Splash Kingdom and that
looks like a fun place to go.  Yet,  the
miles that separate us is too grand and
the travel is too much for us to be able
to do.  So,  we just enjoy the days that
God gives us.  I’m looking forward to
our lil trip down to southern Maine to
Baxter State Park next month.  Judy
said that her sister would watch the
boys for us,  but I think it would be
worth the money to take them to the
Katahdin Critters and let them meet
some new dogs and maybe even swim
in the doggie pool.  They aren’t much
on the liking of playing in water,  but
I figure if they see other dogs playing
and swimming in it,  then they’ll want
to as well.  Ya know,  that old monkey
see,  monkey do syndrome.  Yep,  if we
find that they liked swimming in the
pool then and only then will I dig out
their doggy pool.  It gets tiring trying
to keep the pool clean and all just for
them to get a drink of water out of it.
They do have water bowls ya know 🙂
And it’s hard on me to change out the
water when it gets scuzzy.  I’ve gotta lift
up the edges to get the water to pour
out.  Anyways,  we shall see.  One day
when we have enough money and can
find a doghouse that both of the boys
can use together,  we’ll get it.  The little
doghouse I bought for Benny is just too
small,  plus it is getting old and rickety.
It’s underneath the kiddy pool and the
picnic table covered with a tarp and too
hard to dig out.  Benny and Rocky are
inside dogs anyways aside from their
love to go out and play from time to
time,  but when they’re done,  they’re
ready to come back inside with mom
and dad.  We might not be wealthy
with money,  but we’re rich when it
comes to God’s love.  He has watched
over us an protected us while giving
us what we need.  Maybe not what we
want,  but our needs none the less 🙂
The boys are playing right behind me
and bumping into my chair hehehehe.
They will often play chase throughout
the house running from one end to the
other LOL.  Yep,  life at the Pearce’s
Place has gone to the dogs.  Now I
have to unload some of my aggravation.
I am literally sick of politics and will
be ever so glad when November is
here and gone.  It seems politics brings
out the worst in people.  People that
were once friends,  become enemies
and unless that friendship was tight,
they never become friends again.  I’ve
had a few of those moments.  I just
wish everyone would unite for the
common welfare of humanity and
cease with all the prejudice,  sexist,
racial and religious bickering.  We
are of the HUMAN RACE or that’s
what I had thought.  We should love
one another no matter their creed or
color.  Yes there are some bad people,
but that doesn’t make them all bad.
That’s like saying an American killed
a Mexican and that makes all of us
bad.  Nope,  there are bad seeds in
the lot of us,  but we need to look
for the good in people and not judge
them just because of something one
of their race,  creed or lineage did.
I have friends of many different races
and beliefs.  God looks at us as His
children.  Not black or white or other.
So many translate the bible to fit in
their own beliefs and not what it is
meant to say.  I have met many that
do not believe in ghost,  but in the
bible you see them spoken of many
times.  Even the Holy Ghost.  Yes,
there are many that pick the bible
to pieces to say what they want it
to say and not what it means,  Don’t
be one of those people.  Seek for
the blessings of love and peace and
release the doorway to anger that
you might now have the knob firmly
in your grasp.  Let God show you in
His way the things you need to know.
Let His Words resonate within you
as you try to do your very best in
life.  Yes you will falter,  but that is
our humanity.  We fail so to learn a
lesson.  Someone that’s never failed
has never done anything,  but then
yes they have,  because they failed to
try.  I think I have gone and rambled
quite enough now and it’s time for
me to be taking my little trip back
through all that I’ve written here to
see if I can find me a good word or
phrase that I can use for the title
for today’s brand new poem.  So it’s
away I go to that little place of my
recollection that I always like to
looks like I may have found me a
decent title just a little ways back
in my rambling.  Now it’s time to
see if I can do anything with it 🙂
Here goes…….

The Human Race

The you and I
in me and you
is human race
not what we do.
We’re a family
you and I
the human race
with where and why.
We ask questions
you and me
the human race
we don’t agree.
So the doorways
paths we find
the human race
needs save mankind.
Seek the sameness
you and I
the human race
as time goes by.
Let God guide you
now and then
the human race
to less of sin.
Yet we’re sinners
you and me
the human race
that many see.
But we’re truly
seen the same
the human race
God’s Holy Name.

©By Bill Pearce
July 24,  2016

There ya go.  I know it’s not one of my
better poems,  but I gave it a gungho 🙂
I hope my rambling didn’t bore you to
sleep LOL.  I know I tend to drift from
1 topic to the other in a heartbeat LOL.
My sister is doing well.  I believe she’s
only got 1 more day of radiation  that’s
scheduled.  Then God be willing she will
be cancer free.  Please keep her in your
prayers.  Mom says she’s gotten really
weak due to the radiation,  but God is
with her.  So what else is there to tell
you before I continue with closing this
mess?  Oh yea  my bro Mark Green
came through surgery with flying colors
and he is doing very well.  So I reckon
that’s about all to tell you aside from
what I tell you every week and that is,
I wrote some more poems and haiku.
Yep,  10 more poems and 1 of them is
a Christmas poem 🙂  Also once again
I wrote 22 haiku for all of the haiku
lovers out there.  Now I believe it’s
time for me to begin my search for
that not so elusive off switch,  but not
before I wish you a most wondeful
weekend or whatever is left of it and
a blessings filled week.  Remember,
Jesus loves you and we do too.  So
OK,  where are ya hiding this week
ya silly little off switch?  Hmmmmm,
what is that I see behind the bubbles
that I bought to blow and let the boys
chase them?  LOL,  yeppers,  that
is you.  Ya thought I wouldn’t look
over there didn’t ya!  Well stand up
and bow,  because you’re caught 🙂
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill,  Judy,  Benny,  Rocky
and the spirit of Milo Pearce

P.S  A link to Judy’s new book as at
the end of the journal along with the
others.  Enjoy 🙂

Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Too Deep

Beneath a thought
and waves of time
there might just be
a thinking mind.
Too deep the focus
and moments gaze
many continue
their stir minded ways.
A cup of emotions
filled with conceptions
might be too deep
for others perceptions.
Within a road
with footsteps upon
there might be many
with right and wrong.
Life is a story
that time frames will keep
sometimes too shallow
sometimes too deep.

©By Bill Pearce
July 23,  2016

So True

A chocolate dream
and raspberry mind
builds an emotion
that so many find.
So true the minutes,
so true the days,
a peanut butter scent
on chocolate parfaits.
Desserts so Heavenly
as pie a la mode
while filling ones tummies
to make them explode.
Maybe a cherry
on top oh so sweet
of the fabulous moment
soon you will eat
Caramel covered ice cream
with berries so blue.
This is what many think
ice cream so true.

©By Bill Pearce
July 23,  2016

Essence Of Style

Rippling waters
of oceans divine,
the essence of style
is now on my mind.
Time as a painting,
pictures for free
so many memories
of the blue sea.
The essence of style
brings forth a scene
a minute, a moment
found in a dream.
Somewhere a picture
brings moments alive
where time is remembered
to surely survive.
Found as a memoir,
a moments turnstile
there is oceans time
essence of style.

©By Bill Pearce
July 23,  2016

A Christmas Summer

Those magical moments
of Christmastimes joy
bring back the memories,
me as a little boy.
The heat now of summer
cannot prevent time
the thoughts deep within me
of Decembers mind.
Within every second
of heartbeats array
a Christmas summer
lives on now today.
Throughout the mornings
until every night
a Christmas summer
lives on I delight.
Though as the minutes
and hours pass by
a Christmas summer
soon tells us goodbye.
Then with November
and December to come
Christmas awakens
in wintertime’s sun.
Yet now my memories
are helping me find
a Christmas summer
to live on my mind.

©By Bill Pearce
July 23,  2016

Beneath The Sky

A page of beauty
blue and white
I look up seeing
day and night.
Beneath the sky
I sit and gaze,
watching moments
changing phase.
The clouds float by
creating scenes
some as magical
rushing streams.
Times a portal
some to fade
beneath the sky
a moment made.
Looking up
some birds fly by
I see this all
beneath the sky.
The change of date
and times attained
beneath the sky
looks as it’s framed.
A picture portrait
of you and me,
the clouds might form
so we can see.
Beneath the sky
I search so deep
to find some peace
to help me sleep.

©By Bill Pearce
July 23,  2016

In An Instant

Quick as a flash
you might be there
a place,  a face
in need of prayer.
In an instant
life moves on
then one day
it’s surely gone.
Peoples choices,
peoples dreams
might just end up
filled with screams.
In an instant
you might be
a place,  a time
in history.
As repeated
time that’s passed
in an instant
shadows cast.
Lessons values
might foretell
what that’s Heaven,
what that’s Hell.

©By Bill Pearce
July 23,  2016

Rush Hour

In a hurry
people move,
striving for
their daily groove.
Minutes ticking
pages turn
while rush hour
brings the burn.
Scenes pass quickly
not to show
when you hurry
where you go.
Take it slowly
time to time
leave rush hour,
find sublime.
See the passing
scenes of day,
look for blessings
wondrous way.
Peace be with you
less rush hour.
Search to see
a blooming flower.
Heart to heart
Lord God appears
as rush hour

©By Bill Pearce
July 23,  2016

Wheel Of Fortune

The wanting of many
are the needs of a few
as the wheel of fortune
spins around me and you.
Wishers and dreamers
are often found sad,
not being thankful
for all that they’ve had.
Yet dreamers of truth
and what that can be
bring to life visions
that one day we’ll see.
The wheel of fortune
is a moments desire
often with passion
that might just catch fire.
But yet that big wheel
is often found flat
with ones in depression
of where that they’re at.
Sometimes that fortune
is found deep inside
as a big wheel of hopeful
with Lord God applied.

©By Bill Pearce
July 23,  2016

The Lone Ranger

Stood in a large room
I searched hard to see
the connection to others
that I found in me.
Yet the lone ranger
was I as I stood
the days of my life
I my own neighborhood.
So many people
would think they’re the same
with their own version
that they would explain.
But I was so different
as life went its way
as I the lone ranger
went day after day.
Only a few knew me,
but even they lacked
the knowledge of me
with thinking off track.
My poetic phrases
that came to my mind
was I the lone ranger
with my own design.
Even my insight
in life to and fro
was I the lone ranger
with no one to know.

©By Bill Pearce
July 23,  2016

As Time Goes By

The blink of an eye
can miss such a view
as a cloud overhead
or a true sky of blue.
As time goes by
and minutes are seen
time finds a way
for a magical bean.
Maybe no beanstalk
and no Jack at all
in the blink of an eye
for a giant to fall.
But a few flowers blooming
will grow from a seed
as time goes by
sometimes as a weed.
The viewpoints of life
are versions ones see
you within yours
and mine within me.
We need many blessings
from Lord God on High
to give us good guidance
as time goes by.

©By Bill Pearce
July 23,  2016

for July 23,  2016

A minutes moment
might leave a large emotion
in your memories.

A change in lifestyle
does not prove change from within,
only time will tell.

Mysteries of life
are as flowers yet to bloom
and pages to turn.

Lost in a whirlwind
the seed of a flower blows,
to still be planted.

Beyond the starlight
holds visions of miracles,
not yet discovered.

Life in a bubble
will leave you without lessons
from the bumpy roads.

Trial and error
are the patterns that teach us
what we’re not to do.

Debating choices
often leaves ones in anger
if they choose other.

A true friend in life
will not care about issues,
accepting you as you.

War is a disease
that contaminates our lives,
thinking we’re better.

Many challenges
are but only challenges
and nothing much else.

Elusion of life
finds many empty pathways
without a lesson.

Shadows in the dark
show choices of perception,
but not always right.

Hopeful tomorrows
come from good choices today
and our yesterdays.

Our envisioned dreams
can become what that’s better
or what that is not.

Fruitful devices
can give us all that we need,
but also much bad.

Breathing in a breath
gives life a chance to flourish
or to spew hatred.

A worried mans face
might expose many pathways
of sadness and joy.

A soul in silence
will hold its breath and not breathe
to go unnoticed.

Darkness comes to life
as a ghost might hide within
to just seek some peace.

Disillusioned minds
will often head the wrong way
in search of the truth.

A thunderstorms roar
speaks of lightning within it
that brightens a night.

©By Bill Pearce
July 23,  2016

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