Start Climbing


Hello my friends

I hope you had a happy Easter.  Judy and
I stayed home and enjoyed being with each
other.  Judy had cortisone shots in her knees
Thursday and her knees are still a little bit
tender,  but they’re easing up.  Judy went up
to Northern Maine to see her mom yesterday.
They had Easter dinner at the nursing home.
Judy took a few pictures of her and had one
of the nurses take a picture of Judy and her
mom together.  I’ll put some of the pictures
in my stationery.  Here lately Judy and I
have been watching live feed of a pregnant
giraffe in the Animal Adventure Park and
April the giraffe has been pregnant for over
a year and she was ready to give birth any
day.  Well She gave birth yesterday almost
exactly 1 hour after Judy headed to Eagle
Lake Maine to see her mom LOL.  I got
out my camera and tripod and recorded
the birth and the little guys first steps for
her to watch when she got home.  LOL it
figures just when Judy heads off is when
April decides to do it.  When Judy left 2
hooves were sticking out of Aprils hind end.
So now the little guy is bouncing around
having a blast.  They’ve yet to of come up
with a name for him and they are asking
people to give them ideas.  He’s 5’9″ and
129 pounds.  Hehehe we live an exciting life
don’t we.  Yeppers,  the Pearce’s Place is
1 lively place LOL.  Oh yea,  tomorrows
forecast has rain and snow in it and then
forecasted for Thursday to Saturday more
of the same hehehe.  Spring’s a little bit
confused it seems 😉  so what else is going
on around this place?  Well,  now that the
snow has begun to melt,  we have a lake
in our front yard LOL.  Also now that
Rocky can get to the back door,  he thinks
he should come in the back door and he
proceeds to sit on the back steps and bark.
I have to holler,  come around to the front
you big dummy hehehe.  We’ve got a chair
and our radiator heater in front of the back
door which makes it a little hard to open
at the moment.  Of course as springtime
finally gets a footing and the temperatures
start climbing,  I’ll move the heater,  but
what to do with the chair.  Hmmm I have
not thought that far in advance hehehe.
Judy’s watching a video from Adventure
Park right now.  It seems we’ve gotten
hooked on that.  I guess there are worse
things to get hooked on hehehe.  Right
now at 6 PM it’s 52 F degrees.  Tonight’s
low is supposed to be 36 F.  Tomorrows
high is supposed to be 40 F and tomorrow
nights low is supposed to be 26 F,  so you
see,  it still gets a tad cold up here even
though it is springtime.  We’re used to it.
It’s a yearly thing.  Right now there are
still a few patches of snow here and there.
I feel sorry for the people in low lying
areas LOL.  They’re getting all the melted
snow and river ice jams.  Again,  that’s a
yearly thing.  Judy and I watched one of
our favorite programs,  Deadliest Catch.
It’s on Tuesdays.  We’ve watched every
season of it.  This is the 12th season of it.
Yep,  we’ve been watching it for 12 years
now.  So I guess you could say that we
like to watch it hehehe.  We’ve got many
different TV programs that we like to
watch.  Believe it or not,  all of them are
ones we both like.  Of course I may not
like Finding Bigfoot as much as Judy,
but I do like it.  It’s funny or at least it
is to me hehehe.  Benny and Rocky are
right behind me wanting treats.  I figure
I might as well give them a treat so they
will leave me alone for a while hehehe,
or at least until I get done writing.  The
chew sticks should pacify them for a bit.
There’s not much else to tell you.  Judy
is over at her PC now,  sitting filling out
the papers for our doctors fees.  We had
to print out the last 3 months of our bank
statements to show how much we make.
It’s for the sliding fee.  Anyways,  God is
still taking good care of Judy and I.  We
have a happy home or semi happy hehehe.
No home is always overjoyed LOL.  Life
is life and it has its ups and downs,  but
we manage to find a smiling face through
it all.  Always remember,  today,  this
minute,  this second is but just a moment
and it will pass.  Look for the blessings
that might hide in the corners of your life.
We all have our own share of struggles,
but many do not advertise them.  Many
prefer to keep them to themselves and
try to make like they have no problems.
Don’t try to keep them from God,  for
He knows even if you do not tell Him,
so let Him help.  Now I believe it’s time
for me to look back on all that I have
written here to see if I can find a good
word or phrase that I can use for the
title for today’s brand new poem.  So,
it’s away I go to that little place of my
recollection that I always like to call
RECOLLECT VILLE.  I think I found
a decent title about halfway through
my rambling and now after checking I
see that I have not used it as of yet,  so
used it shall be 🙂  Here goes…

Start Climbing

Through a threshold
walking straight
you might find
a dismal date.
Yet the portal
of which you see
might just find
your history.
Memories makings
counted true,
the things you did
and things you’d do.
So start climbing
passed that frame
and find blessings
to attain.
Don’t let people
hold you back
by their choices
found off track.
Now start climbing
learning true
what that’s better
then to do.
Leave the sadness
on the floor
and start climbing
Let God’s blessings
find your face
while you’re climbing
in His grace.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 16,  2017

There ya go.  I hope you liked the poem.
If not,  then Oh well LOL.  Right now at
7 PM it’s 50 F.  The temperature’s dropped
a couple of degrees.  We’ve got our heater
set on 52 F LOL so it only comes on late
at night.  Of course the house retains a
lot of heat from sunshine,  when we have
some hehehe.  The problem is,  we don’t
see a lot of sunshine LOL.  When it stops
snowing,  it starts raining.  Fortunately
our solar lights that we have outside are
motion activated,  so they get enough
of a charge,  even through the clouds
to work.  They only come on when the
boys go outside to potty and stay on for
about 30 seconds without any activity.
We love them.  If we go shopping and
it’s dark when we get home,  the lights
come on so we can see to unload the car.
Well that’s about it.  I guess it’s time
for me to be telling you what I tell you
every week and that is,  I wrote some
more poems and haiku.  Yeppers,  10
more poems with an added 2 due to
the many poetry pictures I’ve been
writing hehehe.  I know,  the poems
might not make much sense without
the pictures,  but hey,  maybe that’ll
give ya a urge to buy our books LOL.
Ok and so I also wrote 22 more haiku
for all of the haiku lovers out there.
I hope you can find 1 or 2 of ether or
both that you like.  Now I believe it’s
time for me to begin my search for that
hardly elusive off switch,  but surely not
before I wish you a Happy Easter and
a Blessings filled week.  Remember,
Jesus loves you and we do too.  Now
to find that off switch.  Hmm,  what
is that behind IR camera?  LOL I see
ya.  You might of not been seen if you
had not of twitched your switch LOL.
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill,  Judy,  Benny,  Rocky
and the spirit of Milo Pearce

P.S  A link to our brand new books
Pearce’s Poetry Pictures
and Pearce’s Poetry Pictures 2
is at the end of the journal along
with all of the others.  Enjoy 🙂
Please buy our book 😉

Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10+5 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Luna Moth

This moth of the moon
it flutters and flies
an endeavoring scene
found low in the skies.
It’s a wonderful sight
this moth of the moon,
it makes many hearts
to magically swoon.
Within its wingspan
it’s found to display
the heartbeat of life
in a wonderful way.
Its life is very short,
but it still seeks to give
a portion of itself
to show how to live.
It seems as created
from stars up above
this moth of the moon
that’s filled full of love.
This creature of life
is like a flying cloth
fluttering flying
the Luna Moth.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 11,  2017

Inside A Thought

Forests of feelings
find such a view
seen as a moment
that might come true.
Thinking a pattern
a pleasant array
inside a thought
with colorful sway.
In autumns turnstile
is life’s spinning wheel
presenting pictures
that our hands can feel.
Life as a journey
with its scenic style
becomes a conquest
to blossom a smile.
Mimicking patterns
of yesterdays frame
inside a thought
grows life to attain.
Scented aromas
of life that’s displayed
inside a thought
can be true promenade.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 11,  2017

Wintery Scenes

A splash of a snowflake
with others in style
paints a perfect picture
of a momentous smile.
Those wintery scenes
that then come to be
a sight that’s displayed
for our eyes to see.
An ocean of whiteness
with scenes oh so cold
those wintery scenes
that our hands can hold.
They become just a day,
a time we remember
a seasonal stage
as life’s burning ember.
A puppy dog playing
in the snow fluffy white
those wintery scenes
such a wonderful sight.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 11,  2017

Easter Basket

With but a notion
a certain array
one’s found painting
an Easter display.
Two bunny’s sitting
in an Easter basket
watching the day
a tisket and tasket.
With some red roses
found there in place
this Easter basket
shares but a taste.
An Easter design
of a day so sweet
as two Easter bunnies
make it complete.
Waiting for eggs
to spread all around
to become children’s
things to be found.
Some colorful eggs
for children to find
to put in their basket
for Easter time.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 12,  2017

The Coldest Hue

Scenes so cold
yet oh so fine
are the seasons
that we find.
Whitish hues
of winters days
are coldest seen
within a phase.
The coldest hue
of day and night
is found within
a moments sight.
With arrangements
times astound
life becomes
a look around.
A simple scene
that comes in view
of wintertime
the coldest hue.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 12,  2017

Past Times Remembered

The changes of autumn
are colors so sweet
past times remembered
that none can compete.
We take many pictures
of the colors divine
to be the recordings
of a wonderful time.
Seasons awakened
with life to partake
past times remembered
of a beautiful lake.
Trees on the shoreline
enhance every sight
with the many colors
of a scenic delight.
Past times remembered
are seasons to see
found in the pictures
of autumns beauty.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 12,  2017

A Distant Field

Times of wonder,
times of bliss
give us blessings
Heaven’s kiss.
Scenes of beauty
colors grand,
a distant field
of wondrous land.
Colors grandeur
works of art,
timeless portions
filled with heart.
A distant field
becomes alive
with the colors
that arrive.
Autumns makings
so complete,
often moments
found discrete.
Yet the colors
of autums yield
are within
a distant field.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 12,  2017

Two Owls

A moonlit night
with times detail
shows two owls
that hoot and wail.
Their two voices
sound so clear
they seem to sing
of yesteryear.
Two owls found
in a tree so high
on some branches
near the sky.
The moon is bright
and clearly seen
while these owls
work as a team.
Searching through
the scenic sight
to find some food
amidst the night.
These two owls
just sing a song
of the night
before the dawn.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 12,  2017

Little Reminders

Life in a picture
a portrait of time
displays a portion
of seasonal wine.
Snowflakes gathered
to paint an embrace
found in a moment
of winter to taste.
Simple reminders
come into view,
life in a picture
of here thereunto.
A simple homestead
sits to remind
painting a picture
it’s so designed.
A wintertime scene
is great in its glance
little reminders
moments enhance.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 13,  2017

Moonlight Kite

The nights of a child
with fun and joy
is a moonlight kite
with a little boy.
Life as an illusion
painting a dream
a moonlight kite
is a wonderful scene.
A child finds peace
up high in a tree
while flying a kite
that the moon can see.
The sight is painted
as night is displayed
a moonlight kite
so magically made.
Found as a shadow
a glimpse of the night
is a little boy
and a moonlight kite.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 13,  2017

Clouds Of Thoughts

Amidst the clouds
holds many scenes,
things we wish for,
things we dream.
Time is gathered
so fluffy white
clouds of thoughts
within our sight.
Heavens vision
within the skies
becomes doorways
for our eyes.
They might rain
or send some snow
all these clouds
that surely flow.
Time’s a fraction
that they don’t see
clouds of thoughts
above you and me.
They hold a world
of imagination
as they float to
a new destination.
They billow as love
in the sky so high
clouds of thoughts
that never run dry.
Time is a meadow
our minds get lost
gazing up at the
clouds of thoughts.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 14,  2017

Faded Time

Life of a decade
a timeless stage
might seem faded
because of age.
Time is beating
a heartbeats style
with some minutes
a moments mile.
Often memories
become tainted
as a mere moment
the past had painted.
All of our memories
can become dimmer
as faded time is
just but a glimmer.
Life is a doorway
to times dimensions
that is the keeper
of our intentions.
Then as a pebble
a rock of design
life is displayed
with faded time.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 14,  2017

Ducks Find Flight

A pond of springtime
holds a view
ducks just swimming
there and to.
Snow’s still holding
fast in place
yet it’s melting
none to waste.
Ducks are swimming
in the pond
while they’re watching
time go on.
Then so quickly
they are found
taking flight
with quacking sound.
Many swim on
day and night
while some other
ducks find flight.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 14,  2017

for Apr 15,  2017

Today’s beginnings
are learned from our yesterdays
whether good or bad.

Without thinking first
ones can become volatile
in their directions.

Lost in a meadow
a flower will join many
and find family.

Life in a journey
has many different views
that might be hidden.

The storms of a time
might be but only ourselves
and how we perceive.

Dissolving friendships
might one day come and haunt you
do to missing them.

A springtime morning
brings a field of life alive
with some daffodils.

Beyond emotion
holds a place of perception
filled with confusion.

Dreams will come alive
as we unleash reality
with what that’s needed.

Sheltering yourself
preventing any damage
prevents lessons too.

A page from our life
might become another book
thriving on content.

The dance of loners
are found hidden in darkness
that only they see.

is a doorway to splendor
that can come alive.

Without our knowledge
time might elude our vision
as seconds pass by.

Without leaving past
you cannot find better days,
for the past still lives.

Believing in love
will allow it to blossom,
but not always good.

A rose is a rose
while it may not be the same
as the rest of them.

Nobodies Heaven
is the same as another,
for each has its own.

Counting the minutes
will make time to pass slowly
and thrive impatience.

Looking for springtime
through the season of winter
creates a dreamworld.

Pointing at someone
draws attention to yourself
that might show clearer.

Longing for summer
brings alive passed perceptions
that lives in summer.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 15,  2017

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