We Shall See


Hello my friends

Well to begin with it looks as though
we may have some new neighbors,  but
for how long hehehe we shall see.  We
have had people come and go and some
leave in less than a month.  So,  we shall
see LOL.  Benny and Rocky aren’t used
to neighbors and they keep barking every
time they hear them make a noise hehehe.
One of our neighbors has a little girl and
she loves our boys (Benny and Rocky) 🙂
The weather has been rather nice.  We’ve
done a few field trips with the boys.  The
bugs haven’t been too bad,  at least not
yet.  The black flies are growing abundant,
but the days we took a walk in the field
the wind was blowing pretty good and it
was keeping the flies at bay LOL.  The
boys loved it.  They were both grinning
ear to ear.  Although,  Rocky is still with
a lot of hair on him and we have tried to
give him a haircut,  but it’s hard,  being
Judy and I are not in the best of shape
to bend over and cut his hair,  so I got
on the phone and made an appointment
with a dog groomer.  Now he and Benny
will finally have decent hair cuts hehehe.
It will cost a bit,  but it’s worth it to us
to not have to hurt our backs trying to
bend over and hold them while trying
to cut their hair.  After the groomer
gets done it will be a little easier for us
to keep it trimmed.  Of course we always
let their hair grow out during the cold
winter months so to keep them warm.
Benny does love to play in the snow 🙂
Rocky is not as crazy about the snow,
but he does love to play in it with his
big little brother hehehe.  There hasn’t
been much going on around here other
than the regular,  but Judy has begun
remodeling our computer room.  She’s
ordered some shelves to put up in here
so to give us a little more room.  There
isn’t much space in here.  It’s a small
room.  No matter,  I’m sure as  Judy
gets done with it,  we’ll have a little
more space.  So,  what else is going on
at the Pearce’s Place?  Well,  not much
other than my continued writing and
Judy’s painting along with a her many
crafts hehehe.  We lead such an exciting
life huh LOL.  I’m taking the car to get
it inspected tomorrow.  I might pick us
up some donuts at Dunkin Donuts while
I’m in town 🙂 or not LOL.  We shall see.
Nope there’s not much else going on at
the Pearce’s Place.  The boys are excited
to meet our neighbors dog,  but we’re
not in a hurry about that.  They have
a BIG DOG.  Our landlord is mowing
now.  It makes it a bit hard to think.
Oh well,  life goes on.  We’re having
hot dogs right now.  I’m eating while
I’m writing.  God has been good to us as
always.  We do though have our share
of rough times,  but nothing that we
can’t make it through with God’s help.
I guess that’s all of the rambling for
now and so it’s time for me to begin my
search through all that I’ve written here
to see if I can find a good word or phrase
that I can use for the title for today’s
brand new poem.  I think I found a
good title just a few lines back and now
after checking I see that I have not used
it yet.  So,  as Jackie Gleason would say
on the Honey Mooners,  “Away we go”.

We Shall See

Time is a moment
awaiting to be
a minute a second
that we shall see.
The future is opened
with time to begin
as we make echoes
of where all we’ve been.
Often our journey’s
will twist and turn
while we shall see
what all we will learn.
The lessons in a day
might seem very small,
but when looking back
you’ll see them all.
The things we’ve done
and left debris
will become the times
that we shall see.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 4,  2017

There ya go.  I hope that made sense to
you.  Also I hope you enjoyed all of my
rambling hehehe.  If ya didn’t,  then at
least it pacified a moment of your life
that you would of otherwise been just
staring out into space LOL.  The mowers
are still going outside.  Making a bunch
of racket,  but I obviously managed to
write anyways LOL.   There’s not much
else to tell ya other that what I tell you
every week and that is,  I wrote some
more poems and haiku.  Yeppers,  10
more poems with of course an added
few,  9 to be exact hehehe.  So that ups
the count to 19.  There is 1 Christmas
poem in the mix.  I also wrote 22 more
haiku for all of the haiku lovers out
there 🙂  I hope you are able to find 1
or 2 of either or both that you like.
Now, I guess it’s time for me to start
my search for that hardly elusive off
switch,  but not before I wish you a
most wonderful and blessed week.
Remember,  Jesus loves you and we
do too.  Ok with that said,  where
is that infamous off switch trying
to hide this week?  Trying to hide
behind my goofy Halloween glasses
again are ya?  Might of worked,  but
the eyeballs kept moving telling me
that something must be moving them.
Yeppers,  there ya be.  Try harder
next time will ya.  Pick a new spot 🙂
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill,  Judy,  Benny,  Rocky
and the spirit of Milo Pearce

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Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10+9 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Tiny Garden

Life is flourished
times unfold,
tiny garden
stories told.
Scenic moments
fall in place
of God’s blessings
to embrace.
Tiny garden
fills the needs
from the smallest
planted seeds.
Scenes of grandeur
found so small
tiny garden
stands so tall.
Giving sustenance
breath of air
tiny garden
answers prayer.

©By Bill Pearce
May 29,  2017

A Winter Scene

With clouds of gray
and snow of white
a winter scene
displays its sight.
A page of wonder
from life’s storybook
a winter scene
with a shivery look.
Cold winds blowing
bring forth a day
a winter scene
with clouds of gray
It entails a vision,
a Christmassy theme
found as a picture
of a winter scene.

©By Bill Pearce
May 29,  2017

Message Out To Sea

Ones words might float
in a bottle of time
searching for a person
to fit in their design.
A message out to sea
of lives that live within
filling hopes and dreams
with true love to begin.
Waves of life might roll
and display times of toil,
but a message out to sea
may land on hopeful soil.
As the bottle’s floating
it might find rocky seas
as the human waves
find times of ones disease.
It is but just a morsel
of a distant point of view,
seasons filled with wonder
sought for something new.
Yet the bottle floats on
as heartbeats with a key
true life and emotion
a message out to sea.

©By Bill Pearce
May 29,  2017

Frozen View

A frozen lake
begins its day
keeping waters
beneath at bay.
Ice upon it
this frozen view
is found displayed
as a whitish hue.
The lake still lives
with fish below
beneath the ice
and fallen snow.
This is a moment
that’s standing still
a frozen view
that times reveal.
Winter’s concealed
the waters of blue
beneath the ice
with a frozen view.

©By Bill Pearce
May 29,  2017

Flavors Of Life

As a reflection
our lives might seem
timeless emotions
the past we’ve seen.
Flavors of life
are tastebuds of time
found as a moment
that seconds refine.
Times we remember
as distant memories
standing on the dock
just feeling the breeze.
Our dogs just looking
seeing reflections
flavors of life
in timeless connections.
As but a moment
a place comes alive
found as remembered
the flavors of life.

©By Bill Pearce
May 29,  2017

Railroad Track

A track through life
might seem to go
around the corner
to we don’t know.
It hides the journey
within its path
a railroad track
of slow and fast.
The scenes you see
might not delight,
but in time
show Heaven’s light.
God gives blessings
to travel upon
with our decisions
of right and wrong.
The moments seen
might be just time
with good and bad
the things we find.
Around the corner
of there and back
might show God’s gift
life’s railroad track.

©By Bill Pearce
May 29,  2017

Waters Running

Purest moments
timeless too
waters running
make the view.
Boy named Henry
finds his peace
waters running
sweet release.
Time is precious
waters pour
making timeless
days allure.
He smiles greatly
for this scene
waters running
natures stream.
Life’s fulfillment
finds a way
waters running
great display.

©By Bill Pearce
May 30,  2017

The Wedding Cake

A simple slice
of life’s array
can bring to life
a special day.
A cake of white
with times accord
becomes a time
for minds record.
A wedding cake
just waits its turn
for ones a slice
of time’s discern.
Two connecting
certain phase
now remembered
wedding days.
Time’s a journey
loves partake
the essence of
the wedding cake.

©By Bill Pearce
May 30,  2017

River Sight

Ripples melting
ice to flow
scenes becoming
melted snow.
Time is displayed
as a passion
as a moment
not old fashioned,
yet a theme
of times display
pictured as
a winter’s day.
Spring in essence
comes in view
flowing waters
oh so blue.
With the seasons
day to night
a moment finds
a river sight.

©By Bill Pearce
May 31,  2017

Moose Of Spring

A photograph
of timeless views
brings to life
a shadows news.
Moose of spring
of seasons fashion
displays signs
of their reaction.
A picture showing
how they are
taken from
a place so far.
Moose of spring
just seek to find
taste of leaves
now on their mind.
A mere memory
falls in place
moose of spring
a scenic taste.

©By Bill Pearce
May 31,  2017

Abstract Barbecue

Found on a day
of summertime
there are so many
an abstract mind.
Cooking for plenty
on a summery day
dogs and burgers
a seasonal way.
A time in the sun
with barbecue grill
becomes as a time
for tummies to fill.
It’s not the plans
for things to do,
but becomes an
abstract barbecue.

©By Bill Pearce
May 31,  2017

Clouds Of  A Day

Hills in the distance
might form in a scene
while clouds float by
so sweet and serene.
A little house standing
might enhance the view
as the clouds of a day
just float thereunto.
A peaceful little pond
might ripple its words
as reflections of time
with a passing of birds.
The trees might grow
to display such a sight
forming some shading
from moments sunlight.
The grasses of green
might also be found
in the clouds of a day
as you look all around.
Life is a journey
with an awesome display
with the mere formations
of clouds of a day.

©By Bill Pearce
May 31,  2017

Our Faded Memories

Those times in the past
that we found so alive
are now just a sparkle
that is trying to survive.
Maybe in a painting
or a picture we took,
our faded memories
inquire another look.
The scenes we recall
might not of been great,
but as time is passing
they shine of the date.
A moment in our lives
cooking on a old grill
or camping in a scene
you now wish to feel.
Our faded memories
are stories times tell
that a picture or painting
displays oh so well.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 1,  2017

Ripples Of Time

Scenes such as water
display such a sight,
ripples reflecting
the suns shining light.
Life is a portion
of ripples we see
some then as timeless
within you and me.
We’re but a moment,
a page to discern,
found in the ripples
of candles to burn.
Our wicks are often
lit on both ends,
displaying ripples
that our life transcends.
Truth of our findings
might surely be seen
found in the ripples
we thought as a dream.
Seen in the waters
of ripples of time
might be the pathways
we sought hard to find.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 1,  2017

Taste Of Spring

Scents of Heaven
found as gold
flowers blooming
are foretold.
A taste of spring
in such detail
becomes blessings
life’s set sail.
God’s Own beauty
finds a way
to seep on through
the clouds of gray.
A taste of spring
becomes as light
tasted with our
day and night.
Sights of beauty
angels sing
this is called
a taste of spring.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 1,  2017

Winter’s View

A sight of life
in winter’s days
becomes sights
of Godly phase.
With the essence
white as snow
winter’s view
is Heaven’s show.
Life is counted
snowflakes fall
a time sublime
of winter’s call.
A sight so sweet
a tasty dream
ones will make as
snow ice cream.
Snowy meadows
pure and true.
This is surely
a winter’s view.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 2,  2017

Snoopy’s Barbecue

Enjoying the summer
as waves roll in
is Snoopy the dog
and his little friend.
They’re barbecuing
beside the sea
on a summer’s day
with summer’s breeze.
Snoopy’s relaxing
lying on the ground
listening to the waves
a serenading sound.
His friend Woodstock
is also at best
lying by the sea
in his little bitty nest.
This is a scene
a real magical view
the sight of the day
of Snoopy’s barbecue.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 3,  2017

Bridge To Heaven

Heaven’s doorway
might not be clear
a bridge of time
that is so sincere.
Our view right now
might miss the scene
the bridge to Heaven
right by a stream.
As time goes by
you will partake
the sight of truth
for Heaven’s sake.
The bridge to Heaven
a timeless view
friends and family
that went before you.
Even loving pets
as your own family
the bridge to Heaven
will give you to see.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 3,  2017

Clouds Of Perception

Green grass of nature
and clouds in the sky
give forth perception
of life that will fly.
Conceived decisions
bring forth a new view
clouds of perception
in a deep sky of blue.
Life is imagined
as a time that we see
just like as clockwork
we sometimes agree.
There’s many minutes
that form in the day
clouds of perception
display as they may.
They might evade us
as flowers will bloom
as stages of beauty
are found before noon.
Seasons of grandeur
are formed in the mind
gifts that we’ve noticed
that God gave mankind.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 3,  2017

for Jun 1,  2017

Life is a story
that is written in time
as minutes accrue.

Finding a true friend
might need you to look within
and not what’s displayed.

Lost in liars worlds
will leave you feeling empty,
for life was a lie.

Beyond what we see
might be a reality
that is well hidden.

The scenes in time frames
can often become shadows
of our yesterdays.

A flower is life
as it struggles to blossom
despite the weather.

Autumn awaits us
while spring and summer preside
within their seasons.

Lost in a whirlwind
life might seem as confusion,
but peace is the eye.

Midmorning shadows
display their afterimage
in our memories.

Change is perception
and how we view the moments,
for choice will create.

Turnstiles of springtime
open up flourishing life
in many colors.

Butterflies flutter
from caterpillars to fly
as changes in spring.

A kite that’s flying
needs the wind to continue
or it falls to Earth.

Listening to life
you will hear a few heartbeats
maybe as a breeze.

A seasons journey
begins with a decision
to change or to not.

Violets colors
are the beauty of springtime
that’s found growing wild.

Pictured memories
bring to life the things we thought
that we now can’t do.

Knowing someone’s past
does not mean that you know them,
for they may have changed.

Various people
live their lives in ignorance
for they have not learned.

The ways of many
does not make others the same,
for we are unique.

Darkness can cause fear,
due to the things you can’t see,
but calmness can win.

A forest of trees
can become a lonely place
for many so small.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 1,  2017

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