Hello my friends

I hope all of the dads had a wonderful
Father’s Day last Sunday.  Mine wasn’t
that great being I was terribly sick and
barely amongst the living.  Judy had to
practically carry me to bed.  I could not
stand up.  That’s the reason you didn’t
hear from me last Sunday :).  Anyways,
I’m much better now.  So onwards with
the journal.  We were with well problems
for almost 2 weeks.  Our landlord though
has finally gotten it fixed.  The well is for
all 4 of the mobile homes.  The pump was
going out and had to be reset every hour
on the hour for us to have any water.
Thank God that’s over with.  It’s quite a
walk out to the well house.  LOL Yes I
know,  I need the exercise :),  but it was
not doing me any good last weekend with
me not being able to walk without falling.
One of our new neighbors tried to keep the
pump reset for me as much as he was able.
He knew I was in bad shape.  Life goes on.
Our landlord got onto us about our dogs
barking,  but I think it has to do with all
of the problems he has been having around
here with the well pump and other tenants
being he has never had a problem with the
boys barking to come in before and we’ve
had them for over 5 years LOL.  Milo used
to bark to come inside when he was done
outside just the same as Rocky does hehehe.
Benny is content with sitting on the porch
or under the car watching life go on until
we let him back inside.  Oh well,  hopefully
things will get back to normal around here
now that the well is operational again,  but
time will tell if the new neighbors stay or
go.  Judy and I actually sort of prefer to
not have any neighbors.  We kind of like
the quietness and privacy.  OK next topic.
We finally got new tires,  brakes and rotors
put on our car and got it inspected.  It’s
ready for another year of Maine weather.
I bought an air conditioner recharger for
our cars air conditioner,  not that we use
the AC that much up here when driving 🙂
Most of the time I have my window open
and I’m taking pictures of all the scenery
while Judy’s driving.  For instance,  the
high for today is 75 F and the forecast for
the week has tomorrow’s high of 70 F as
the same for the rest of the week with a
couple of days with a high of 72 F.  Yep,
the weather up here is nothing compared
to Texas or the other southern states LOL.
I do not miss that heat.  Though,  it will
get a bit warmer beginning around the
middle of July,  being July is the hottest
month up here,  to where in Texas August
is the hottest month.  I’ve got our AC in
here set on dehumidifier right now and it
can almost freeze you out just with that
settings alone brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr LOL.
So what else is going on around this place?
Well,  we’re still scheduled to get our dogs
hair groomed this week.  Hopefully the
boys don’t give the lady too much of a
problem.  I cannot wait to see them with
their hair trimmed nice and tidy hehehe.
We’ll post pictures of them on Facebook
when she’s done 🙂  Judy’s sister gave her
a Fitbit and she’s been keeping tabs on
her food intake and exercise.  She has
even finally uncovered the treadmill and
began using it every day.  As soon as I get
back to feeling more like myself,  I’ll be
using it,  but then I do a lot of walking
outside.  We’re planning on taking the
boys for a field trip tomorrow (Monday)
after she gets back from her doctors visit
in Bangor.  I might go out and run around
with the boys/dogs a bit before she gets
home.  Yep,  we live an exciting life hehehe.
We have our share of problems,  but all in
all,  God pulls us through.  Problems hit
us all from different sides of the fence,  but
none the less it’s the owner of the problems
that has their own perspective on them and
views them as such.  Tomorrow’s journey
is a pathway  to the unpredictable,  for we
can only guess and do the best we can with
now and today.  So,  with that said I guess
it’s time for me to begin my journey back
through all that I’ve written here to see if
I can find a good word or phrase that I can
use for the title for today’s brand new poem.
And so it’s away I go to that little place of
my recollection that I always like to call
RECOLLECT VILLE.  I think I may have
found a decent title just a few lines back
and now after checking I see that I have not
used it yet,  which freaking surprises me for
the simplicity of the word LOL.  OK,  so I
hope I can write something that makes sense
using it hehehe.  Here goes nothing LOL.


Life is a window
that we look through
some seeing differently
the things that we view.
Time’s a perspective
that comes as a phase
written in lifestyles
of so many ways.
Shattered are dreams
that so many will strive
when lost in perspective
of how to stay alive.
Seek for the life light
of Heaven above
find the right perspective
in your life then thereof
Don’t allow your sight
to become only gray
as your own perspective
gets lost in the day.
Let God and His angels
to guide you on through
to a better perspective
of your daily view.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 25,  2017

There ya go.  🙂 I know it’s not much of a
poem,  but it’s what came to me.  So if you
didn’t understand it or like it,  then maybe
it wasn’t for you.  Maybe next week it will
be for you.  Only God knows.  So,  hmm,
I wonder,  is there anything else that I need
to tell you aside from the regular?  Oh yea,
our good friend at Graham’s Redemption
center where we return all of our cans and
what not,  passed away.  He was 3 years
younger than Judy and I.  Please put his
wife and kids in your prayers.  His wife is
continuing on with the Redemption center
being that is their only form of income.  He
will most surely be missed.  I thought of him
as family.  Such a wonderful man.  I feel
sad for his wife.  She was in tears when we
stopped to return cans the other day.  I did
the best I could to try and cheer her up,  but
most know that in instances such as these
the only thing you can do is pray for them.
Oh yea,  something else.  I finally got done
with book 4 of Pearce’s Poetry Pictures and
Judy and I spent most of yesterday evening
getting it all put together and uploaded to
the site for it to be reviewed and then when
they send me an OK and link to it,  I’ll go
and buy a proof copy to check it out myself.
Then if I find it is ready for publication,
I’ll OK it and it will be for sell along with
the others.  I’ll let ya know when it’s ready.
So,  OK,  now I believe it’s time for me to
tell you what I tell you almost every week
of course aside from last week LOL and
that is hehehe,  I wrote some more poems
and haiku.  LOL many of them are from
the week prior to this passed week though.
Yeppers,  10 more poems with an added 11
with 1 being sort of Christmassy HoHoHo.
I also wrote 22 haiku for all of the haiku
lovers out there.  I hope you can find 1 or
2 of either or both that you like.  Now I
believe it’s time for me to begin my search
for that hardly elusive off switch,  but not
before I wish you a wonderful weekend,  or
whatever’s left of it and a truly blessings
filled week.  Remember,  Jesus loves you
and we do too.  Ok now,  where is that
silly off switch hiding at this week?  He
had an extra week to look for a good place
to hide this time LOL.  I think I see him
in my bag of greeting cards as the bag’s
seeming to be leaning just a bit more than
it was before due to weight of the cards 🙂
Yep,  I see ya.  Why don’t you try hiding
in a spot next time that is not right square
in front of me or thereabouts hehehehehe.
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill,  Judy,  Benny,  Rocky
and the spirit of Milo Pearce

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Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10+11 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂


As life becomes
a scene to see
it also becomes
a mystery.
Plants that grow
as scents detail
and foods to eat
with pungent smell.
This is life
a moments mind
a scene or smell
we often find.
Even the texture
that life displays
is like Allium
in its ways.
A pungent smell
or taste of life
will often cut you
like a knife.
Yet the moment
of which you see
might become
the best to be.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 12,  2017

Suddenly Scenes

Just but a dream
of then but a time
can become a scene
of a wondrous design.
Seen oh so suddenly
life is portrayed
sometimes within us
the waters to wade.
A simple field
of a memory
can become as a time
that we wish to see.
Some distant horses
watching time pass
as they are standing
and eating the grass.
Suddenly scenes
become such a phase
a moment recorded
of our distant days.
As but a blessing
from a story book
the pages are found
just seeking a look.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 12,  2017

Another Look

Life as Heaven
are times displayed
as sights are given
so softly laid.
God’s own beauty
as a certain sight
another look
with left and right.
We tend to sway
so many thoughts
as another look
gets surely lost.
Many dimensions
ours to perceive
Heavenly blessings
are hope to weave.
Another look
brings time to life
a scene so serene
as lesser of strife.
Time is a blessing
that’s often mistook
so we might need
yet another look.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 12,  2017

Monochrome Skies

Living reflections
of waves that roll
an ocean is found
a momentous goal.
Underneath scenes
of monochrome skies
they are reflected
in a dreamers eyes.
Sounds of the waves
are as Heaven’s peace
with monochrome skies
to give their release.
A couple might stand
and enjoy the view
as the ocean and skies
display such a hue.
Monochrome scenes
with waves rolling in
as dim clouds above
play Heaven’s violin.
Love and emotion
the seas ebb and rise
as the waves roll in
with monochrome skies.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 12,  2017

Signs Of Life

Scenes of green
and colors within
are found displayed
as seasons begin.
Spring to flourish
summer to shine
signs of life
a wondrous design.
Life is transferred
in many things
as grasses will grow
and birdies will sing.
Life is a pattern
that’s put into place
as signs of life
filled full of grace.
Just like a doorway
a turnstile of peace
the signs of life
give us their release.
Displayed as stages
counted so true
the signs of life
display a new view.
Often a vision
a sign of a dream
seasons will display
a wonderful scene.
The signs of life
are beauty divine
things remembered
a wonderful time.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 14,  2017

Imagination Nation

Charismatic clouds
float with the breeze
telling their stories
of oceans and seas.
Creating pictures
of a scenic divine
imagination nation
moments entwined.
Painted with life
a cloud filled dream
ones imagination
might see a stream.
Flowing up above
in the sky faraway
imagination nation
is a magical day.
Seen as an ocean
waves tried and true
ones imagination
can create a view.
A moment recorded
a skyline plantation
this is what can be
imagination nation.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 14,  2017

Old Point Of View

Seconds of weather
become as a time
an old point of view
of a distant design.
Life may have faded
and left in its place
an old point of view
of a somebody’s face.
Time may of gathered
while displaying pain,
an old point of view
of a time and again.
Life is a farmhouse
of wood colored life
painted as memories,
some filled with strife.
An old point of view
might be all it is
for you might surely
be a little amiss.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 14,  2017

Evening Falls

The day finds end
and time moves on
as sunshine fades
and soon is gone.
Found as shadows
are sights to see
as evening falls
on you and me.
Within the settings
the sun’s surmise
it’s time to go
and fade the skies.
Leaving glimmers
of each detail
the evening falls
to let stars sail.
The moon appears
with it’s large face
as evening falls
with Heavens grace.
Then the starlight
through the clouds
tells a story
words to browse.
For the sunshine
seeks the west
to find another
place to rest.
As evening falls
and becomes night
the stars above
shine very bright.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 14,  2017

Cherry Blossoms

Living colors
as the clouds
cherry blossoms
time endows.
White and pink
are trees of style
often seen
to give a smile.
They are often
called sukura
cherry blossoms
life much purer.
Some as paintings
life to see
found as clouds
amidst a tree.
Seasons display
scenes so awesome
that of colors
cherry blossoms.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 15,  2017

Times Unfold

Old to new
found now today
life begins
to fade away.
Times unfold
as memories
life’s displayed
within the trees.
Many scenes
will come alive
a page in time
that does survive.
Times unfold
to new desires
many scenes
a mind transpires.
Life’s a journey
new to old
found on days
that times unfold.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 15,  2017

Ocean Of Dawn

Pictures taken
upon the beach
display a life
within ones reach.
Waves of life
that gently roll
become a path
for ones to stroll.
Ocean of dawn
becomes a theme
a life partaken
like a dream.
One might stand
to catch a breeze
in their pictures
of the seas.
They photograph
as waves roll on
the life and time
ocean of dawn.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 15,  2017

Breath Of Heaven

Looking through
an open path
I found a scene
to surely last.
It came to life
within my eyes
this view I saw
beneath the skies.
A mountainscape
of Earthly love
a breath of Heaven
from above.
The scene I saw
was history
this mountaintop
my eyes could see.
I brought it home
in a photograph
a breath of Heaven
from the past.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 15,  2017

Sky’s Reflection

Many days ago
in fondest of views
I saw a reflection
in wonderful hues.
The sky’s reflection
was a scenic sight
with life awakened
reflections of light.
A bird is walking
with a magical gaze
while I am standing
watching the waves.
The sky’s reflection
is scented so sweet
as a mere moment
waves at my feet.
It’s but a story
a rhythm of rhyme
the sky’s reflection
of Heaven’s design.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 15,  2017

Ready To Sail

Seen on the shoreline
a ship readies way
a journey a lifestyle
on one distant day.
It’s but a shadow
of yesterdays dreams
ready to sail
to life’s fishing scenes.
Time’s but a moment
that came into place
as ones seek to sail
to oceanic space.
Weighing the anchor
for seas of beyond
beginning a journey
for life to move on.
Time is of clockwork
as the waters inhale
breathing in lifestyles
now ready to sail.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 22,  2017

The Well Of Life

Living breathing
heartbeats find
life is furthered
time to time.
The situations
come and go
bringing choices
high and low.
The well of life
is there to pull
living essence
filling full.
Let the moments
find their place
the well of life
with saving grace.
Find the waters
pouring strong
in the well
of mornings dawn.
Allow the minutes
that arrive
to fill you with
the well of life.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 22,  2017

Silhouette Summer

The hot summers heat
displays with a sight
some scenes well hidden
from summers sunlight.
Found in a threshold
of lifetimes disdain
some plants might hide
just awaiting the rain.
Silhouette summer
is a seasonal stage
filled with creations
of age unto age.
Green leaves to blossom
and give forth their due
as daisies put forth
their wonderful view.
Time is a doorway
that swings to and fro
giving the flowers
a season to grow.
Each life is as if
it has its own drummer
displayed as a moment
silhouette summer.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 22,  2017

A Flower’s Life

Like a flower
life will bloom
seasons journey
times attune.
With a blossom
time will be
a flower’s life
to surely see.
We are also
seen to show
a flower’s life
and how we grow.
Certain moments
ones perceive
might be turning
of the leaves.
Counted seasons
bring to light
all that’s wrong
and all that’s right.
Like a mirror
time displays
as reflections
of our ways.
On the days
of by and by
our life blooms
a flower’s life.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 22,  2017

Wending Away

Miles we’ve driven
time’s displayed
the winding roads
that life has made.
As a mere journey
thereto and back
wending away
might seem off track.
Minutes and hours
gather their speed
giving the lessons
that we daily need.
Some as a season
and some as a trail
as we wend away
lifestyles set sail.
Seeking the blessings
on down the road
many will falter
with life’s heavy load
Often our journeys
will seem a bit gray
as we are traveling
wending away.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 23,  2017

The Gardening Table

I now remember
those sweet days of old
with my grandparents
a life to unfold.
Gardening side by side
we gathered crop
and when we were done
put it on the tabletop.
The gardening table
awaited our gain
all that we gathered
before season’s rain.
Life was a blessing
as each day was found
with me in the garden
knees on the ground.
Me either planting
or harvesting crop
with my grandparents
and never to stop.
The best I could do
and all I was able
to provide us with food
on the gardening table.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 23,  2017

Pier And Time

Calmness on one side
waves on another
finds then a place
for a time to discover.
Footsteps as stories
written in a rhyme
find a few doorways
in a pier and time.
Waves as a sentence
repeating a path
ones on a journey
with a ocean of class.
Time is a novel
that often comes true
then with some wording
creates a new view.
Scenes such as waters
waves of design
find then a portal
of a pier and time.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 23,  2017

Winter Memories

The passing of time
on an old country road
displays such a scene
of a Christmas bestowed.
Seasonal settings
with snow on the ground
those winter memories
with a seasonal sound.
Songs on the radio
playing sweet tunes
Christmastime blessings
then to come soon.
While one day driving
seeking for a sight
we came across moments
of a Christmas delight.
Many winter memories
came into view
as an old snowy barn
with the whitest of hue.
It spoke out as memoirs
with shadows it cast
of its winter memories
now from the past.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 23,  2017

for Jun 16,  2017

Beyond the sunrise
is a moment to behold
and find the blessings.

The length of a day
gets lost in our perceptions
and creates a void.

Living in a dream
there will often emerge lies
that grew from wanting.

Hate is a feeling
that’s often spawned from egos
that grew from the past.

Time in a bottle
will often sail like a ship
in oceans of waves.

Thought without thinking
is often filled with despair
just like loose cannons.

The last rose will bloom
and then autumn will begin
colorful changes.

Life is a doorway
that swings as a pendulum
as lifestyles unite.

Love is perception
with the way that ones choose friends
and choose enemies.

A page out of now
might find its way inside life
of our tomorrows.

Senseless are players
that don’t know when to give up
and admit defeat.

Dandelions grow
with the lifestyles of a weed,
but seen as flowers.

A soapy shower
might leave some scum in places
that you cannot see.

Nearing a stop sign
many will only slow down
just to read the sign.

Distance is a glance
when seen from wanted travel
and where you’re happy.

Spring flowers will bloom
as summertime soon follows
to flourish more life.

Seeds of a moment
are the chances we can have
if they are nourished.

A painting of life
can mimic what someone sees
or what they dream of.

Decisions of time
find the seconds adding up
to our good and bad.

Morning brings secrets
to be seen and acknowledged
or be washed away.

Life’s bewilderment’s
are the scenes that come in view
that do not make sense.

Evening brings the stars
to say goodbye to the sun
and hello to night.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 16,  2017

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