The Doors


Hello my friends

I hope you’ve had a great week and the
weekend has been fair enough for ya. It’s
been just another week gone by up here.
Not much changed.  Judy and I didn’t do
much all week.  Though Friday we sort of
made up for it :).  We went to the Dollar
Tree store and Walmart.  Then we stopped
off at Houlton Farms Dairy to get us an
ice cream before they shut it down for the
year.  Then we headed home and when I
went in the house to let the boys out of
their cages,  they went running outside to
only be joined by our neighbors and their
little pup Mayor.  Benny and Rocky were
all ecstatic hehehe.  Also a few of the kids
from next door had come over to play
with the boys and I got a lot of pictures
of all of this LOL.  After the kids all left,
Judy and I took the boys out for a little
field trip,  but dagnabit the little girl with
her puppy came out to join us.  Benny
and Rocky began focusing on Mayor 🙂
and when Jazmin took Mayor back home
the boys wanted to follow,  but I hollered
NO real loudly and they stopped in their
tracks.  Of course I had to holler a few
times before they actually quit turning
around to chase after Mayor LOL.  After
all of that the boys began doing as they
always do,  just investigating anything
and everything that caught their eye LOL.
Rocky got pooped and so I picked him
up for a while and carried him,  but then
Benny saw that and wanted me to carry
him too hehehe.  So,  after I put down
Rocky I went and carried Benny for a
while LOL.  Judy got a few pictures of
me carrying the boys.  LOL we both got
quite a few of the little girl and her puppy.
Judy had a craft night Saturday night and
me and the boys just hung out together.
I recorded a few programs for Judy and
I to watch and wrote a few poems.  The
boys spent most of their time lying in the
kitchen floor waiting for Judy to get home.
They would come in here from time to
time and hang out,  but spent more time
in the kitchen floor LOL.  I knew when
Judy was home due to all of the whining
and barking from both of the boys hehehe.
Judy got home around midnight as she
does most times on paint or craft night.
When her and her sisters and daughters
get together,  there is no telling when
Judy will come home LOL.  I also spent
a few hours out in the addition cleaning
the freezer that came with it getting it
ready to use when our landlord finally
gets the electricity hooked up.  Although
I am thinking of using the heavy duty
orange extension cord and just running
it out to the freezer to start using it now 🙂
I might do that this evening.  Anyways,
God is still looking out for Judy and I.
I sense many spirits around us guiding
us and protecting us.  Judy and I tend
to get on one anothers nerves from time
to time being we are both retired LOL,
but for the most part life is good.  It
could always be worse.  Judy has been
busy creating clothing designs on the
internet and trying to sell them.  Maybe
one day our books and stuff will begin
selling,  but for now,  it just seems to be
but only a hobby to keep us busy. Time
marches onwards.  The doors to tomorrow
are awaiting as the windows often show
what’s inside,  but maybe of a distorted
view. Let God help you choose the right
pathway.  At first the path might seem
as the wrong one,  but lessons are for
us to learn.  So,  now I reckon it’s time
for me to begin my little journey back
through all that I’ve written here to see
if I can find a good word or phrase that
I can use for the title for today’s brand
new poem.  So it’s away I go to that little
place of my recollection that I always like
to call RECOLLECT VILLE.  I believe
I may have found a fairly decent title just
a few lines back and now after checking
I see that it has not been used as of yet,
so used it shall be today.  Here goes…

The Doors

Within a doorway
a time we view
might be a moment
a little askew.
A scene that’s waiting
for now and again
filled with lessons
a time to begin.
Some doors might be
of a dusty style
ones with sadness
nary a smile.
Yet many lessons
can come to be
the sights and sounds
for you to see.
Then as a teacher
your time explores
lessons from God
seen through the doors.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 17,  2017

So there ya go.  I hope the poem makes at
least a little bit of sense to ya.  Also I hope
that my rambling was not too boring LOL.
I know I tend to ramble about the weirdest
stuff hehehe.  Anyways,  hopefully something
I said made ya smile.  There’s not much else
to tell you.  The weekend has been not too
eventful.  I’m almost done with the poetry
pictures for book 5 or V 🙂 and then I’ll be
ready to start the publishing phase.  Still
it seems to be but only a hobby being our
books are not selling.  I had thought that
they would of begun selling before now,
but nope.  Hopefully before we die they’ll
start selling HaHaHa.  So that’s about all
I have for ya.  Now I guess it’s time for me
to tell you what I tell you almost every week
and that is,  I wrote some more poems and
haiku.  Yeppers,  10 more poems with an
added 6.  There’s 1 Christmas poem in the
mix hehehe.  Also I once again wrote 22
haiku for all of the haiku lovers out there.
I truly hope you can find 1 or 2 of either or
both that you like.  Now,  I believe it’s time
for me to begin my search for that hardly
elusive off switch,  but not before I wish
you a wonderful weekend or whatever is
left of it and a truly blessings filled week.
Now,  where is that off switch attempting
to hide this week?   LOL I see ya you little
varmint.  Hiding behind my old K2 meter
again are ya,  Well next time try hiding
on the other side of it.  I can see ya plain
as day LOL.  Try harder next time will ya.
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill,  Judy,  Benny,  Rocky
and the spirit of Milo Pearce

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Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10+6 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Evenings Awakening

With time and sight
of evenings view,
the life of scenes
becomes anew.
Evenings awakening
becomes a thing,
a sight and sound
that surely sing.
Lifetimes within us
as our memories
are as the journals
of oceans and seas.
Evenings awakening
is valued so great
as it becomes as
a place to escape.
Not letting sadness
to live as your sight,
evenings awakening
shines Heavens light.
Stars up above us
shimmer and shine,
filling a dreamer
with a lifetime divine.
Twinkles of starlight
are stories to tell
as a lighthouse light
helps ships that sail.
Guiding journeys
through seas of love,
evenings awakening
displays from above.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 11,  2017

Dark Skies Surprise

A gloomy sight
might have to tell
a story time,
a wishing well.
Scenes are exposed
as lifetimes charade,
the skies of eve
that time portrayed.
Dark skies surprise
that mimic a time,
clouds as rivers
with oceans of rhyme.
Minutes might show
a beckoning scene
across the sky
as a rushing stream.
Seen as a season
the moments detail
clouds of formation
as a ships mighty sail.
These are emotions
of the end of day
dark skies surprise
of a wonderful way.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 11,  2017

Special Times

Snow filled passion
filled with peace
are special times
for eyes to feast.
A wintery day
of seasons delight
brings a glimmer
of bright sunlight.
Those are the scenes,
those are the days,
those special times,
those wondrous ways.
Christmas in essence
as hearts agleam
become as the best
that I’ve ever seen.
Snow filled blessings
the season unwinds,
Christmas with love,
those special times.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 11,  2017

White Of Winter

As an ocean
white snow flows
as the waves
of life bestows.
White of winter,
sky of blue,
gives a picture
then to view.
Winters stage
is snowy white
in a picture
now in sight.
I remember
those cold days
as the season
Christmas phase.
Life is portioned
front and center
in a photo
white of winter.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 11,  2017

Abstract Mind

A painted time
from memory
becomes a find
that’s given free.
The colors blend
into the days
as the moments
abstract ways.
Life’s a painting
done by God
often abstract
a little odd.
Yet the seasons
times details
may be colors
as pastels.
Many colors
that we find
might be brighter
abstract mind.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 11,  2017

Seagulls Flight

We are searchers
found in flight,
seeking often
for daylight.
Through the days
our wings may be
flapping quickly,
none can see.
Though sometimes
in futures day
we might wither,
we might sway.
Yet when joined
by others strength,
we can fly a
greater length.
Our hearts flapping
seeking sight,
grows with others
seagulls flight.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 11,  2017

Thoughts We’ve Had

Through a window
life we’ve seen
might be only
a passing dream.
Ways we thought of
as time went on
became as windows
to all that’s gone.
Thoughts we’ve had
each time of day
are still existing
within their way.
An ocean cruise
a vessel of time
can then enhance
within your mind.
Allow the moments
to live and breathe
the thoughts we’ve had
on distant seas.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 12,  2017

Searching For Time

When in the shadows
of our passing days
we’re often searching
for the much better ways.
The scenes remembered
as they faded on through
and turned into shadows
of me and of you.
We’ve each got stories
of times we recall
found in the shadows
that then were so small.
Searching for time
in a place we remember
might find just a view
of a mild burning ember.
Yet time moves onwards
as footsteps are made
leaving but an essence
that time will degrade.
One day your memories
will fade from your mind,
so reach out to find them
while searching for time.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 12,  2017

Through The Mind

With time comes life
that passed us by
leaving us to wonder
how and why.
Through the mind
those scenarios
expose themselves
as memoir shows.
With each new day
that time explores
our mind unlocks
some brand new doors.
Some as an ocean,
a breeze blowing in
and some as a time
awaiting to begin.
You might see waters
in a passageway
as moments evolve
to a passing wave.
Yet each and every
moment in time
can be remembered
on through the mind.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 14,  2017

All Alone

Sometimes within
is a lonely sight
that nobody sees,
for time isn’t right.
Being with others,
but still all alone
is a pattern of life
so many have known.
Wading through life
in a watery flair
leaves oh so many
without love and care.
They might elude us
due to hidden attire
found with so many
a hopeless aspire.
Don’t be so quick to
discern who they are,
for they might just be
all alone from afar.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 14,  2017

Another Glance

Among our pathways
journeys find
another glance
of a point in time.
They may seem bland
those times we see,
but now stand out
in our history.
Old photographs
of timeless days
now seem to be
of a magical phase.
Our hearts beat faster
with each detail
with another glance
of an empty well.
Maybe just a wall
of a moment in time
becomes a wonderful
scene so sublime.
The simplest things
that then were grey
are the things we love
of another day.
A wall by the sea
or an ocean of blue
with another glance
our sights are anew.
With another glance
in shadows of life
we might find an end
to all of our strife.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 14,  2017

Colors Of Life

The brightest hues
within our gaze
can be enhanced
on sunshine days.
The colors of life
are pretty to see
as flowers bloom
through history.
We are the colors
of life you and I
as we together
seek life to apply.
Allowing the beauty
of now and then
to be much grander
than that of our skin.
Become a blessing
to share with time
the colors of life,
a wondrous design.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 14,  2017

Certain Memories

A time long gone
that then was age
becomes a time
a turning page.
Old and weathered
falls from view
to then become
as something new.
Certain memories
fall in place
as time displays
a sight or face.
Those old scenes
that passed us by
are then recalled
as seasons fly.
Our minds will then
become a breeze
as time displays
certain memories.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 15,  2017

Time Displays

The days and weeks
of then and past
become the times
we thought would last.
The certain scenes
of then and there
become as ages
with great flair.
Those are the moments
that come into view
as time displays
what then was new.
The past has ways
of displaying sights
times we remember,
days and nights.
Yes,  time displays
what’s left behind,
a now so special
point and time.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 16,  2017

Friends Of Past

I can remember
what time has gone by
those friends of past
that seasons apply.
So long ago
the times displayed
friendly connections
that minutes had made.
Times I remember,
that working career
that brought me friends
that were so sincere.
Those days are gone
as time expired
leaving a friendship
that working acquired.
Yet now those days
are found to increase
with friends of past
as memoirs of peace.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 16,  2017

Moment’s Escape

Lifetimes of travel
with mindset ambition
can become doorways
with a bad transition.
Look beyond wants
and see all that’s there
within a mere moment
of seasons fresh air.
Find the true beauty
of a moment’s escape
within the daylight,
a form or a shape.
Look for the glimmers
of hope in a scene
such as a clear sky
of aquamarine.
Maybe even mountains
or hills within sight
can display a day
to one you’ll delight.
Life as a window
that time seeps through
is a moment’s escape
we can see as anew.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 16,  2017

for Sept 17,  2017

Beneath the surface
might be a hidden attire
that you cannot see.

Counting the minutes
can make moments seem longer
than they really are.

A times hurricane
might seem as mere destruction,
but teacher of life.

Finding emotions
can unlock times mysteries
that you never knew.

A floral lifestyle
brings forth many that will bloom
and some that wither.

Chance is a second
that becomes either the best
or the wrong pathway.

Looking for shadows
in the midst of the darkness
might show images.

Allowing a thorn
to be embedded in life
can grow more problems.

A journey through time
might look like pathways of Hell,
but good can be found.

Time in a bottle
can be as someone’s hobby
that turned into strife.

A camera’s lens
can become cluttered with life
and lose its focus.

Joined by our mindset
we can either destroy life
are help it to grow.

Without first thinking
we chance to cause destruction,
so think it over.

The grass seems greener
from another point of view,
but it might be dead.

Various people
wear their problems in the open
seeking sympathy.

Within a morning
holds chances for a new day
that you can change you.

Driving country roads
displays stories to be seen
that time has weathered.

Patterns of a rose
are as petals in the wind
awaiting to bloom.

Now is a moment
that will soon pass from our sight
leaving memories.

Consisting in time
leaves a portion of ourselves
found within the past.

A blank mind that speaks
puts forth no intelligence,
for it hasn’t learned.

Belief is hopeful,
for without belief is dead
without any gain.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 17,  2017

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