Wait A Minute


Hello my friends

It’s been a fairly nice passed week.  The weather
has been a bit cool and wet.  We’ve gotten a bit
of snow here and there,  but it’s not quite began
its true winter onslaught LOL.  I’m sure it’s soon
to begin though.  Yep,  it’s that time of year and
I’m looking forward to it,  being I love the snow.
I especially love to watch it snow.  It brings peace
to my heart watching those flakes falling from the
sky.  Thanksgiving is this week or at least it is in
the USA.  Canada celebrated it October 9 hehehe.
I believe Canada’s Thanksgiving day is the 2nd
Monday of October where we celebrate it on the
4th Thursday of November.  So,  that means that
we will be feeding our faces and spending time
with family.  Maybe not my family,  but none
the less family.  This passed week hasn’t been too
eventful.  Nope,  it was quite mundane.  Although
it did end fairly well.  Our youngest grandson came
to spend the weekend with us.  We always love to
have him.  It brings a little bit of life in our home.
🙂  hehehe other wise,  Judy and I just write and
paint while also watching many of our favorite TV
programs.  Of course with Christian here we still
watch a lot of TV,  but it’s nice having him here
to watch them with us 🙂  Hey hehehe,  we’re old
folk.  Ok so next topic.  As I said before we will
be celebrating Thanksgiving Thursday.  Other
than that,  I’m guessing it will be a pretty much
same ole same ole.  Yeppers,  the Pearce’s Place
is one exciting place LOL.  I’m ready to test out
my new snow blower.  I’ve just gotta wait on the
snow 🙂  It shouldn’t be too long of a wait,  being
it’s getting colder with each passing day.  But then
it’s only the middle of November,  so who knows.
It did snow a little bit this morning,  but it also
did a bit of raining which washed the snow away.
It’s still raining.  Christian’s mom will be here
in a few hours to pick him up.  It’s going to be
sad when he gets to that age that he doesn’t want
to spend time with us anymore.  Oh well,  we’ll
enjoy it as long as we can.  I wish there were a
way to save the best parts of life and relive them
whenever life has gotten depressing.  I guess the
best we can do is video and pictures and that is
always welcome.  That is one reason that I take
so many pictures and videos.  I wish that in the
past I would of owned a good camera as well as
a video cam so I could of recorded more of the
good times,  but as is I was only able to capture
a few with no videos.  I’m jealous of the ones
that were able to capture great quality pictures
and videos.  My childhood is but just a mere
memory with just a few photos and slides and
most of those are gone.  My dad was the one in
our family that loved to take pictures.  I may
have gotten that from him and thanks to the
digital cameras of today,  I am not limited to
the film in a camera and I’m able to see what I
took a picture of as I take it and take another
if it was blurry.  The old cameras,  you had to
wait for the film to be developed to find out if
you forgot to take the lens cover cap off or
the film was damaged in some way or as the
old Polaroid One Steps were,  you might be
able to tell if it was blurry or not,  but you still
had to wait a minute and even then you were
not guaranteed a good picture LOL.  So,  yes
I love our digital cameras 🙂  You would have
never known it if I hadn’t of told ya huh LOL.
Anyways,  God is still with us even when we’re
in our not so well moods hehehe.  He still has
His mighty Hands protecting us with His many
angels watching over us.  Thank You God for
never giving up on me even on my bad days.
Now I guess it’s time for me to take a little trip
back through all that I’ve written here to see
if I can find a good word or phrase that I can
use for the title for today’s brand new poem.
So,  it’s away I go,  to that little place of my
recollection that I like to call RECOLLECT
VILLE.  Hmm it seems I may have found a
decent title just a few lines back and now after
checking I see that it has not been used as of
yet,  so,  used it shall be hehehe.  Here goes…

Wait A Minute

Passing minutes
come and go
while we’re often
seeking so.
Seeking better
than before
times encountered
each new door.
Wait a minute
things will change,
time sometimes
will rearrange.
Time becomes
as you and me,
hearts in motion
a raging sea.
When in want
of then to find,
wait a minute
on the time.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 19,  2017

There ya go.  A poem about patience,  which
is something that I am lacking in LOL.  Yep,
impatience tends to attack me when I haven’t
got anything else to do hehehe.  Impatience is
something that lives in us all at some point in
time.  Or should I say points LOL?  Christian
just left.  I put the journal on hold for a brief
until his mom got here to take him home.  She
called to let us know she was coming because
the roads are nasty.  Anyways,  that’s about
all that’s gone on around here.  We watched
some of our favorite TV programs and videos
last night.  We all enjoyed ourselves.  It’s sad
Christian had to go,  but I’m sure he’ll be back
soon.  Until then,  here we are.  So I guess it’s
time for me to be telling you what I tell you
almost every week and that is,  I wrote some
more poems and haiku.  Yep,  10 more poems
with 1 of them being a Christmas poem.  Nope,
no extras this week LOL.  I did though write
22 more haiku as always for all of the haiku
lovers out there.  I hope you can find 1 or 2
of either or both that you like.  Now I reckon
it’s time for me to begin my search for that
hardly elusive off switch,  but not before I
wish you a most wonderful week and happy
Thanksgiving.  Remember,  Jesus loves you
and we do too.  Now,  where is that ornery
off switch hiding this time hehehe and I use
the term hiding loosely LOL.  Hmmmmm,
let me see,  is my glasses case supposed to
be rocking back and forth?  No it is not 🙂
Come on out,  I can see ya LOL.  How about
next time trying to at least find something
to hide behind that won’t move as you do.
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill,  Judy,  Benny,  Rocky
and the spirit of Milo Pearce

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Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Milo In The Mist

Essence of a moment
is found within a mist,
the sight of one we love
that life does not exist.
He’s our old boy Milo
and he is still around,
found within the mist,
without a single sound.
His spirit is here with us,
as love does so survive,
yes it’s Milo in the mist,
with love he’s still alive.
We can feel his presence,
and his brother feels it too,
for Benny sees his spirit,
his brother when in view.
Brother Benny loved him,
but had to then move on,
for his brother passed away
and in flesh he now is gone.
But yet he still remembers
the greatest of each day,
times that him and Milo
would then romp and play.
We’ve got another dog now
that Benny loves so true
and even our dear Rocky
can sense old Milo too.
We sense him oh so often
as he does so coexist,
for he’s our loving doggy
he’s Milo in the mist.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 15,  2017

Peace Of Life

The rising sun
of time and place
gives peace of life
of God’s Own grace.
The scene’s alive
as time unfolds
watching waves
of daily goals.
Peace of life
is found to be
the life and times
within the sea.
Thoughts we have
that time displays
can come alive
in will and ways.
Peace of life
is found in prayer
as an ocean breeze
and breath of air.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 16,  2017

Such As Flight

Our wings of flight
are gathered so
as time becomes
the winds that blow.
Minds may seem
to flutter about
with hope and truth
and fear and doubt.
Such as flight
as times we’ve seen
the sky above
may seem a stream.
As birds of thought
are found to fly
with winds of change
are Earth and sky.
We each have chance
to change our view
as thought begins
for me and you.
Such as flight
of another day
with how we change
our will and way.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 16,  2017

Butterfly Dreams

Flying through space
in times of sleep
we might be found
in life so deep.
With butterfly dreams
with wings to span
into a distant
foreign land.
A place far beyond
our daily view,
in a dream of time
with a wonderful hue.
Scenes come alive,
new things to see
with butterfly dreams
so God given free.
A wonderful place
that came so alive
that now you recall
your dream did derive.
A time remembered
when it’s at its end,
a butterfly dream,
a time to transcend.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 16,  2017

Threads Of Time

Sewed together
scenes we see
come from threads
of history.
Natures seamstress
sews together
threads of time
to last forever.
Yet humanity
of lesser care
is changing daily
the Earth and air.
The water too
and so much more,
we’re leaving trash
to wash ashore.
We need to seek
for a better view
threads of time
for me and you.
A better way
for our design
to save the Earth
and threads of time.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 16,  2017

Light That Shines

Evenings journey
begins its phase
as it gestures
in so many ways.
Maybe a lighthouse
or maybe a time,
a scene as a dream,
a wondrous design.
Life as an ocean
begins its details
with ebb and flow
as time entails.
Light that shines,
a wondrous thing,
maybe a sunshine
highlighting scene.
Fantastic moments
evening defines,
a moment within,
a light that shines.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 17,  2017

Views Of Flight

Truth is a doorway
to flight of time,
for it gives way for
a better design.
Wings of truth
in a world of lies
leaves ones watching
as another flies.
The scenes become
a window setting,
found in proportion
of all we’re forgetting.
Sometimes a flight
might leave another
to wait for the time
for them to fly further.
Time is a secondhand
that ticks slow and fast
with the views of life
as shadows we cast.
Leaving in our wake
a moment’s design
the views of life
that others will find.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 17,  2017

Holiday Style

Peering through time
of a holiday style,
life begins a journey
found with a smile.
Time’s but a scene
that lifetimes expose,
winters with Christmas
where it surely snows.
Hearts find blessings
of timeless displays
in holiday styles
of wonderful ways.
Christmas beginnings
and all thereunto
bring hearts together
with a glorious view.
You might see a sight
that makes you smile,
a time that reminds
of a wonderful while.
It’s as the stages
of a story book rhyme,
that holiday style
of a blessings design.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 17,  2017

Hidden Views

Passing phases
times and places
might have hidden
frowning faces.
Seeming happy
times might show,
but they might
be filled with woe.
Just like a time
that passed you by
just like a river
that soon ran dry.
You may have seen,
but never knew
the hidden views
of thereunto.
It might be life
of a passing day
as hidden views
now gone away.
Those hidden views
that missed our sight
may still exist
in anothers light.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 17,  2017

To The Skies

A row of crop
that surely grew
can be the same
as me and you.
A planted sight
of beating hearts
begins a path
of many parts.
To the skies
we look to see
the changes in
our history.
The light of day
as clouds pass by
can hold within
our how and why.
As our thoughts
begin to grow
to the skies
we seek to know.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 17,  2017

for Nov 8,  2017

Today marks a time
that yesterday used to be
as but a shadow.

Glimpses into life
give notice of our failures
and accomplishments.

Tomorrow’s headline
might hold so many regrets
that come from today.

Life is a teacher
that often scolds its students
in form of lessons.

The flavors of time
are as ice cream’s surprises
that change time to time.

Glimmers of winter
are as snow that has fallen
and left scenes of white.

Beyond a flower
is the life of a moment
that springtime began.

Sunshine shines always,
but it’s often not in view
just as someone’s life.

Pain’s often hidden
as it’s clouded by laughter
that choices obscure.

Green grass of summer
has a place that’s remembered
beneath winter’s snow.

A starry night sky
gives many sets of viewpoints
that may be our lives.

Various people
act in a suspicious way
just to be funny.

Yes is deception
when no is what’s meant to be,
but fear guides their words.

Shadows of a mind
are as glimmers into life
that ones only feel.

Countless occasions
put forth journeys we regret,
but must continue.

Time is but a place
that is counted as moments
that give and take life.

Longwinded people
often have no conclusion,
so they ramble on.

Looking to the clouds
you will see so many things
that you envision.

Having breath of air
does not conclude the living,
for fish need water.

A glass bottom boat
holds a view down below it
that it can’t control.

Autumn’s beginning
comes as leaves changing color,
while death is their life.

Need for someone’s love
can blossom a true romance
or pain from without.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 18,  2017

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