Silent Prayers


Hello my friends

It’s finally the middle of August huh. Has anybody burnt to a crisp?
It’s not been hot at all up here lately, thank God. Actually it’s been
on the cool side. Being that we have not got an air conditioner, it’s
a great thing. I do remember living in Dallas in my childhood and we
had no AC other than a water fan and the summers got rather hot
even way back then. Hehehe I remember feeling as if I were going
to stick every one of my body parts together in my sweat hehehehehe.
Yep, I’ve got a good memory of the years. Well, I hope you survive
this summer without barbequing yourself, yet it looks as though our
summer is almost at end. Now quick to another subject of interest.
I have a special prayer request. My daughter Jamye’s mom has had
an heart attack and stroke as well as she had quit breathing for a
bit before the ambulance got there. She has been care flighted to
Tyler TX hospital by helicopter. Please keep her, my daughter as
well as my granddaughter Sami in your prayers. Prayer is all that
can help, for God is in control. Our lives are numbered while our
time ticks on. Ok, so onto a brighter topic. Our landlord Calvin
is plowing up the field behind the one that he did for years before.
I am guessing he is going to try and level it and plant grass. It is
rather a bumpy issue in the land formations out there hehehehehe.
Don’t think he will be able to do much over the hill though. In any
sense, in a few years it should look nice hehe. Well, not much
is going up here at the Pearce place. We have to drop our car off
at the mechanics to be worked on Monday morning early or either
leave it there this evening. The muffler as broken loose from the
tailpipe and the car is rather LOUD. Gotta get it fixed before our
hopeful trip to Texas this winter. Yes we are still planning on the
trip. Worried though whether our little 15 year old Mazda will
make the trip, but it’s the only way. I cannot fly due to health
issues of many. I was willing to stow the pain and all earlier
this year, but could not find a feasible way to get around when
I got there. Who ever picked me up would have had to taxi me
around here and there and then get me back to the airport on
my return trip. There was nobody that filled that bill. My mom
did not want to drive to DFW. Oh well, hopefully we will make
it there and back this winter without too much trouble. The car
seems to be running fairly well, yet using a bit of oil. Ok, so
what else is going on that you might wanna hear about? Judy
and I are still playing our farming games. I am trying to get to
level 100 in FarmTown so I can retire hehehehe, but sure as the
world they will do as they have done every time and extend the
final score to some higher digits LOL. Each time Judy and I’ve
gotten close to the final score, they upped the ending score hehe.
In FarmVille we are both having a dickens of a time with all of
the pop ups freezing the game. It’s getting on my last nerve LOL.
Well other than that, we are still continuing watching all of
our favorite TV programs. Hehehe I don’t know what I’d do if
I didn’t have any internet or TV. I guess all my conversations
to myself would become more abundant. I’m sure I have worn
out God’s ears hehehe. I know, He never gets tired of hearing
from us, but I need things to fill up the many voids of life that
I acquire up here in lonely ville. I am a people person and most
everyone that knows me, knows that. Being cut off as I am way
up here it takes a toll on my mind. I find myself making up and
reciting poetry when I’m trying to rest, watching TV, eating,
in the rest room, etc etc etc. It would be nice to have someone
my age other than Judy to talk to. Yet the choices are slim to
none in this little covey hole. Oh well, I’ve survive this long :).
I have myself and Jesus to talk to :). Yeppers I do spend a lot
of time in conversation hehehe. A lot of it is without any voice.
It’s deep inside. I feel that God can hear my thoughts as well
as my voice. The windows in my mind are sometimes clouded
by perception of my own and I need God to help me clear up
the view. I see many that think that they must always speak
out loud to God, but He also hears our silent prayers. So if
you have a prayer you want to ask, but don’t know how to
ask it, rest assured that God can read it through the confusion.
Now I must end my rambling session to begin my little venture
to that place of my recollection through all I’ve written to see
if I can find a good word or phrase that might work well for
the title for today’s brand new poem. So, it’s off I go to that
place that I like to call RECOLLECT VILLE to find that title.
I do believe I found a good title just a little ways back in my
rambling hehehe. Hope I can write a poem that makes any
sense. Here goes nothing! Hehehe That might be correct 🙂

Silent Prayers

Days and nights
of our own choice
we might find
a silent voice.
Words inside
we know not how
to give to God
to then endow.
Silent prayers
of days gone by
sometimes find
a clear blue sky.
Many emotions
subsequent seen
might be a matter
found in a dream.
So many blessings
found within stride
might be the answers
come from inside.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 15, 2010

So do you spend as much time as I do talking to God? Hehehe
I do talk to Him alot. The weather today is supposed to be good,
but around midnight tonight it’s supposed to begin the raining
again. It shouldn’t be too bad though. maybe a sprinkle or two.
It does keep it cooled down quite a bit, but when it is raining it
means we have to keep our windows closed LOL. Oh well, it
could be a lot worse, hehehe like Texas or the other states with
the unbearable heat waves :). Yeppers I do miss home in Texas,
but I don’t miss the heat. You can always do things to stay warm,
but you can just take off so many clothes before others begin
pointing and laughing hehehe. When you’re cold, you can always
put on more clothes, yet when you’re found wearing your whole
wardrobe it might be time to turn on the heat hehehehehehehehe.
Ok so I guess I started rambling agin didn’t I 🙂 I guess I need
to be searching for that confounded off switch so I can cease my
writing, but before I do that, I need to tell you what I tell you
every single week LOL and that is I wrote some more poems
and haikus. Yes I wrote 10 more poems with 2 of them being
Christmassy style. I also wrote 22 more haiku, yet I was on the
phone to my daughter and lost count and accidentally wrote one
extra haiku hehehe. Yes I do have a bizarre mind! Who else
do you know that writes 10 poems and 22 haiku in just a few
hours? Don’t ask me how I do it. Ask God. He gave me this
gift 🙂 and so I use it as best that I can. Now I guess it’s about
time for me to be saying farewell to you, so have a wonderful
week and always remember, Jesus loves you and we do too.
Now to find that eluding off switch! I think I see it hiding in
my dear old aspirin bottle just a rattling away. Gotcha hehe.
See ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Jimmy, maybe this year you’ll get some snow. Otherwise ya
might wanna move to where it actually snows more often dude.
Stay well 🙂 PEACE & LOVE

Now on with the poems
10 and 22 + 1 hehehe 🙂

God With Me

In the cloudy
sky’s above
I feel God
with all His Love.
I can see
from here and there
ways that He has
answered prayer.
In my view
of days ahead
I can see
God’s riverbed.
Filled with love
and peacefulness
with in time
to then progress.
In the cloudy
sky’s I see
I feel daily
God with me.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 14, 2010

Minutes of Summer

Minutes of summer
counted and seen
can be well viewed
from a flying machine.
Out through the waves
of winds that blow
the flying machine
will go with the flow.
Minutes will tick on
in times dusty trail
with a flying machine
that hasn’t a sail.
Beneath each wing
is winds full of force
carrying it on
its summery course.
Minutes will beat on
as summertime leaves
bringing the essence
of colorful trees.
Leaves during fall
will come into play
as summer vanishes
far far away.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 14, 2010

New Eyes

Inner most feelings
from times we’ve found
sometimes will guide us
all there around.
Sometimes the feelings
will not be right,
for they are gathered
within different light.
Yet inner feelings
of times that we see
can have perception
of a greater degree.
While seeing some
with a familiar look
remember that they might
just be mistook.
Often our feelings
are but a mirror
reflecting emotions
of time so inferior.
Look with new eyes
and see what’s ahead
not with the past eyes
feeling of dread.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 14, 2010

Show Them The Way

Lengthy discussions
found in ones mind
might be well hidden
and real hard to find.
All of ones feelings
from dusk unto dawn
live as emotions
to never be gone.
Many hide problems
of their own desires
within the moments
of times burning fires.
Words found within them
as riddles of time
speak of the problems
within their design.
Many discussions
of what they’re to do
reverberate the answers
that may not be true.
That is why many
will stay to themselves
hiding their discussions
high on the shelves.
If you are someone
that truly understands
why not be someone
that’s with helping hands.
Help all those lonely
that know not a friend
and give them someone
that they can depend.
Tell them of Jesus
and show them the way
how that tomorrow
can be a brighter day.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 14, 2010

Found in The Sky

Under the skyline
I see such a sight
that which continues
to first sign of night.
Then it is faded,
but still in my view
that very sight
in the sky oh so blue.
I see formations
of clouds floating by
deep in the darkness
found in the sky.
Under the skyline
I see a such glimmer
how that the starlight
will sort of shimmer.
Then in a twinkling
I see the big moon
shining so brightly
that I sort of swoon.
Feeling light headed
I look to the ground
and see the shadows
of all there around.
Now as nights leaving
and brings a new view
I see the dawning
of a big sky of blue.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 14, 2010

Temptations Fury

Temptation eyes
in a moments detail
can lead the way
to minutes of Hell.
Following tempters
without thinking clear
can lead the path
to ways insincere.
Watch as you journey
your footsteps ahead
and be real careful
to not end in dread.
Temptations fury
from wantings desire
can become volumes
of all your entire.
Let not temptations
to take full control,
or you might find then
a sorrowful goal.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 14, 2010

Christmas All Around

Songs of wonder
sound within
ringing how that
times begin.
Christmas wonder
sounding soon
ringing heartbeats
found in tune.
Moments journeys
starts in phase
as I dream on
in a gaze.
Seeking Christmas
things to see
now as lights
on a Christmas tree.
Songs of beauty’s
wondrous treat
that none other
could compete.
Christmas blessings
I am seeking
with my minds eye
sort of peeking.
In a moments
time that’s found
there’ll be Christmas
all around.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 14, 2010

Jesus Type Mind

Search in your heart
and see what you find.
Are you displaying
a Jesus type mind?
Search in your view
and see what is there.
Do you see answers
to moments of prayer?
We will most often
just seek the times
paved with perceptions
of our own designs.
Many times viewpoints
are but a phase
of which that lead to
our own displays.
Are you now seeking
Lord God’s way to be,
or are you seeking
your own times degree?

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 14, 2010

I’ll Just Sit And Wait

I’ve tallied mornings
and seen all the gain
in the surroundings
that’s found within Maine.
I’ve seen the blessings
of snow painted hills
bringing the pictures
that surely fulfill.
I’ve taken tallies
that my times acquired
and seen the snowflakes
of which I’ve desired.
True is the flavor
of snow covered leaves
as they each glisten
on all of the trees.
I’ve seen the fragments
of Christmas detail
within the snowflakes
that surely set sail.
Now that I’ve tallied
I’ll just sit and wait
here with my minds eye
that just anticipates.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 14, 2010

My Texas Summers

Lengthy hot summers
in southern type towns
brings many standing
with only some frowns.
Hot summer nights
what I used to know
are now as thoughts
of time to and fro.
Deep in my memories
I can recall
my Texas summers
from spring unto fall.
Summertime’s fun
swimming in the pool
splashing around
just trying to stay cool.
I can remember
my Port A delight
as we went walking
on the beach late at night.
Port Aransas Texas
in the heart of Padre
I can remember
each wonderful day.
Also the apartment
where home used to be
I can remember
some great history.
Us in the swimming pool
when she got home.
Us swimming around
right there all alone.
Splashing and floating
as I can’t forget,
we then went home
while both sopping wet.
Time tends to move
leaving bits of memories
found in the mind
as rustling of leaves.
Lengthy hot summers
stay deep in my mind
as I now see a
much different design.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 14, 2010

for Aug 14, 2010

Within illusion
there’s also reality
found in deception.

A moments mere scent
might be only misconceived
with false impressions.

The length of a chain
is sometimes predetermined
by choices we make.

Tomorrows journey
starts with one step at a time.
Don’t overstep time.

Minutes are written
as focal points are made up
with no room for change.

Loops holes of timeframes
are the things many search for
to get around truth.

While time might seem slow,
it might be going real fast
and beyond your sight.

In moments meadows
I see the seconds of time
that display today.

In remote access
there leaves so many untouched
by what’s truly love.

So many satires
arranged into words of wise
will often deceive.

Sufficient wordings
are what ones will often say
to cease conversation.

Summers recognized
as the heat waves arrival,
but also some fun.

Onslaughts of sadness
occur if we allow it.
Seek for happiness.

Found in our journeys
are colors that we may miss,
due to not looking.

Wintertime’s pleasure
brings snowflakes just floating down
creating a scene

In mornings sunrise
there’s a colorful scene found
just waiting for me.

Tearing down the walls
is sometimes a mere mistake
if you’re not prepared.

Deep in a valley
lies a flower all alone
just waiting to bloom.

Cinders of anger
can spark a raging fire
if not in control.

Passion is needed
to accomplish a true prayer
and then it is done.

The sights and sounds
of today and tomorrow
are all in God’s Hands.

Rhythms remembered
will beat uncontrollably
if not put in time.

Winters precursor
is a most colorful one
with coming of Fall.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 14, 2010

God bless from Bill and Judy.
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