Like Family


Hello my friends

It’s been a fairly peaceful week these
passing days.  Not much has gone on.
Judy’s coffee maker died and so we
ordered her a new one.  She’s gotta
have her coffee ya know 🙂  I ordered
a side chute for our lawnmower so it
can go bag less.  I haven’t been using
the bag on the back of it.  I’ve been
just stopping ever so often to clean
out the grass that has collected under
it.  LOL Not to worry.  It’s a battery
operated lawnmower and when I let
go of the safety lever,  it turns off :).
I have to push and hold the button
on the side and then grab the handle
which is the safety on before it will
operate.  Anyways,  the side chute
should be here tomorrow.  Of course
our landlord mowed our lawn for us
the other day,  but there are times
that it gets away from him and the
grass is always growing,  of course
not in the wintertime,  which then
I break out our battery operated
snow blower and snow shovel on
the snowy days.  Our landlord has
our driveway plowed,  but it’s my
job to do around our car and steps
as well as any other area that needs
done.  We manage 🙂   It has been
a little warm the passed few weeks,
but I am sure it’s nothing compared
to temperatures down south LOL.
Today’s high is 78 Degrees which
is not bad,  mostly because we’ve
got an air conditioner hehehehehe.
This week is supposed to be in the
low to mid 80’s.  Still thankfully
we have our air conditioner,  being
I can’t handle too much over 75 F
degrees.  I am very hot natured and
have heat strokes very easily.  My
old body has undergone a lot of
health issues and surgeries,  but
before all of that I used to be able
to handle it a little warmer without
passing out LOL.  I was born and
raised in Texas ya know hehehehe.
Next topic.  I have finished all of
the 160 poetry pictures needed for
book 8 now and so now I need to
begin work on getting the book
all together and published.  I’ve
already written 10 poetry pictures
for book 9 LOL.   Writing and
photography help me to find a
bit of peace through my many
aches and pains that my health
provides.  I’ve been blessed with
a gift that helps me deal with all
that life throws at me.  So,  what
else is there in the Pearce’s news?
Well,  Benny and Rocky are doing
well.  Rocky is still as ornery as
always.  He still does stuff that he
knows he’s not supposed to do 🙂
He’ll mess up the bed and throw
the pillows off and when I come
in the room he’ll jump off quickly
and try to act like nothing happened.
Yes he does other stuff,  but hehehe
we won’t go there.  All in all we’ve
got some good boys.  They keep us
entertained for sure.  Judy and I
have begun using the treadmill as
often as able.  Of course there are
days that my feet and legs will
not let me use it,  but I give it go
as often as possible.  Judy is the
same.  God has blessed me with
a beautiful loving wife and some
little boys/dogs that give us smiles
when sadness is upon us.  Thank
You God for our families and the
love that comes from them and
our many friends that are in many
ways like family.  Now I believe
it is time for me to begin my little
venture back through all that I’ve
written here to see if I can find a
good word or phrase that I can
use for the title for today’s brand
new poem.  So it’s away I go to
that place of my recollection that
I always call RECOLLECT VILLE.
I think I may have found a decent
title just a few lines back and it
looks as though I haven’t used it
as of yet,  so used it shall be today.
Here goes…

Like Family

Some friends might
be more to view,
for they might be
real close to you.
Even with distance
and many a mile
a friend might be
your reason to smile.
They become more
than just a friend
as time moves on
from end to end.
Seasons display
the pages that turn
more like family
life to discern.
Thank Lord God
for ones so true
that came one day
and truly loved you.
For there are ones
for you and me
that God intended
like family.

©By Bill Pearce
July 29,  2018

Well,  there ya go.  I hope that you
liked the poem and maybe even my
rambling hehehe.  I have so many
friends that are so much more than
just friends,  for I consider them
as my brothers and sisters.  I’m sure
you have a few as well.  Sometimes
it’s them,  not your actual family
that are there to help in a crisis 🙂
Well,  Benny is lying on the bed
and Rocky (odd as it may seem)
is lying in the floor just outside of
our computer room.  So I guess
that’s about all from our neck of
the woods.  Now it must be time
for me to tell you what I tell you
every week and that is I wrote
some more poems and haiku 🙂
Yeppers,  10 more poems with 2
of them a bit Christmassy.  I also
wrote 22 more haiku for all of the
haiku lovers out there.  I hope
you can find 1 or 2 of either or
both that you like.  Now I reckon
it’s time for me to begin searching
for that hardly elusive off switch,
but not before I wish you a most
wonderful blessings filled week.
Remember,  Jesus loves you and
we do too.  Now,  where can that
ornery off switch be attempting to
hide this time?  Hmmmmmmmm!
Where oh where are ya hiding at?
LOL Oh,  I see ya.  Hiding in one
of your old spots huh.  Behind my
K2 meter hehehe.  Did ya sense
any ghost?   Hehehehe BOOOOO.
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill,  Judy,  Benny,  Rocky
and the spirit of Milo Pearce

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Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10+1 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

God bless from Bill,  Judy,  Benny,  Rocky
and the spirit of Milo Pearce

P.S  A link to our brand new books
Pearce’s Poetry Pictures,
Pearce’s Poetry Pictures 2,
Pearce’s Poetry Pictures 3,
Pearce’s Poetry Pictures 4,
Pearce’s Poetry Pictures 5
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Pearce’s Poetry Pictures 7
is at the end of the journal along
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Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Seaside Fun

When time found ways
of filling the void
with waves of life
that I truly enjoyed
it brought me sights
of a beach side view
found right beside
the sea of blue.
When it all came alive
in essence of style
it brought to me
a never ending smile,
for as I recall
those magical days
it gives me a smile
just like the waves.
When now so far away
as a distant memory
I can still remember
the deep blue sea.
It’s just like a ghost
of a magical hue
that displays life
the greatest to view.
When just but a memoir
and just but a time
it still lives as echoes
deep within my mind.
Even when it was over
and the days were done
I can still remember
that seaside fun.

©By Bill Pearce
July 26,  2018

So Timeless

This time remembered,
this wonderful view
is a creation of God’s
with a magical hue.
It’s winter’s recital
as an epic appearance
found within snowflakes
as a timeless romance.
So timeless remembered
as a page from a book
a winter white moment
gives life another look.
Scented as Christmas
with flavors in the air
found as so timeless
with God’s love and care.
Written as a journal
that recalls every sight
the pictures we view
show winters of white.
Textured as cotton
with a cold winter’s flow
so timeless is seen
that Christmastime snow.
It brings alive heartbeats
as love lives inside
while echoes of the time
take a memory ride.
Scenes become surreal
as a snow driven mile
while seeming so timeless
these moments compile.

©By Bill Pearce
July 26,  2018

Signs Of Winter

Spring came knocking
on wintertime’s door
seeking to make changes
on the old earthly floor.
Snow still was standing
within perfect view
as the signs of winter
soon bid their adieu.
But yet it still struggled
to hold fast to the sights
displayed in daytime
and also the nights.
Just like a good painting
with time in compare
streaked by a painter
with a wonderful flair.
Scented with the aroma
of a Christmas dream,
painted with the colors
of all that you’ve seen.
Some sort of brownish
and layered in white
while some escalated
to a dreamer’s delight.
Springtime brings colors
that are soon to unfold
in flowers that bloom
and sweet fields of gold.
A home in the scene
might also stand true
as the signs of winter
soon fade out of view.

©By Bill Pearce
July 26,  2018

Starlight Mermaid

I have imagined
a dream to set sail
such as a mermaid
with a long fishy tail.
Jumping up high
to reach for the stars
with water splashing
on Venus and Mars.
This is so magical
as it seems so alive
a starlight mermaid
of a wondrous size.
Seen as a rocket
as she reaches out
seeking for a star
and all it’s about.
Not understanding
how it stays in place
this star that she saw
with a twinkling face.
She saw the stars
as a nightly cascade
this I imagined
a starlight mermaid.

©By Bill Pearce
July 27,  2018

Angel Of Love

Life might seem
to be so cruel
that you’ve been
the daily fool.
Time can heal
the dismal days
that life displayed
in sordid ways.
An angel might
be there right now
to give you peace
to then endow.
An angel of love
might surely be
a friend in life
that you can see.
One may disguise
their smiling face
as that of friends
with true embrace.
So know so true
from up above
a friend might be
an angel of love.

©By Bill Pearce
July 27,  2018

Winter Hills

Those memories
of distant hills
now live on
as winter’s thrills.
Like an ocean
of white details
the snow glistens
time that sails.
Seen so heavenly
time moves on
winter hills then
there and gone.
God given scenes
of times displayed
as life goes on
with time to wade.
As mesmerizing
scenic sites
all come to life
in days and nights,
the winter hills
become a view
as a blessing
for me and you.
Times unbounded
or so it seems
those winter hills
of snowy scenes.
They give way
as God fulfills
more to life
than winter hills.

©By Bill Pearce
July 27,  2018

Autumn Glimmers

Just like a dream
that once came true
those autumn leaves
come into view.
Glimmering scenes
of orange and gold
begin their sights
as they unfold.
Found as a blessing
a shimmering sight
they come in view
as they take flight.
As but a moment
that time prevails
autumn glimmers
so many details.
Seeming as magic
a moment displayed
they fall to earth
a floating cascade.
Giving a welcome
to winters of time
they all give way
in their own design.
Pictures portraying
their colorful hues
tinted with seconds
the season accrues.
Painting the ground
to sort of shimmer
the colors left over
as autumn glimmers.

©By Bill Pearce
July 27,  2018

Storms Within

Skies within us
can change into rain
as we encounter
moments of pain.
Scenes within us
might not be clear
as we are viewing
a time’s yesteryear.
So many journeys
might become gray
as storms within us
from day after day.
Look on beyond
the gathering view
and find then a gaze
much better in you.
Allow your dreams
to become alive
just for a moment
to help you survive.
Don’t let others
to steal your joy.
Hold on tightly
to the real McCoy.
Those storms within
can create a show
as a time of life
of a great rainbow.
Let God to thrive
in time and again
as you encounter
your storms within.

©By Bill Pearce
July 28,  2018

We Are As Waves

Just like an ocean
our minds  procreate
creating moments
of time and to date.
Maybe as a wave
that comes into view
or a ship sailing
in waters of blue.
We create minutes
with seconds within
as a deep ocean
does time and again.
We are as waves
that roll onto shore
creating patterns
for us to explore.
Life is an ocean
with depths so deep
filled full of mystery
for us then to reap.
Asking the questions
that bring into view
choices with voices
for us to accrue.
Time is a doorway
to pathways to go
filled full of wonders
that moments bestow.
Flow as the ocean
and seek for a gaze
found as a story
for we are as waves.

©By Bill Pearce
July 28,  2018

Enjoy Life

Now’s just a moment,
for it will be gone
leaving in its shadow
how time moves along.
Don’t let the sad times
to become all you see,
for now’s but a moment
in life’s history.
Look passed sadness
and find you a while,
a time to be thankful
and then give a smile.
So enjoy life now
as best that you can
and choose to be happy
within this time span.
Find in a moment
a joyful sunrise
or a time in evening
with stars in the skies.
Remember a moment
in a boat on a lake
taking off quickly
and leaving a wake.
Take a recollection
of summers of then
and find the blessings
that did then begin.
Lose all the sadness
that cuts like a knife
and find you a moment
to then enjoy life.

©By Bill Pearce
July 28,  2018

for July 28,  2018

Above a dreamland
there can be stars that hover
and dance above you.

Sight can be a lie
for truth lives in a moment
that others can see.

Syncing your thinking
with the thoughts of many others
does not mean you’re right.

The charge of a bull
is not for the red it sees,
but for the movement.

Watching flowers bloom
can become a boring job
for it takes patience.

Loss of a minute
does not mean the day is gone,
but many will cry.

Throughout history
time displays many pathways
filled full of lessons.

Links to survival
are found deep within ourselves
as a will to live.

Soaking up sunshine
on a cloudy summers day
can still give sunburns.

Holding onto time
that has passed on from right now,
can become baggage.

Showering with hate
can soak into your heartbeat
and tarnish your soul.

Today is soon passed
as minutes become hours
and then memories.

Losing track of time
can often move you ahead
or behind in life.

Grasses of summer
speak volumes to lawnmowers
such as who’ll mow me.

A storm of anger
can become as lighting bolts
that strike out madly.

Scenes we remember
might become teachers of life
or bad memories.

Lost in a snowstorm
one might seem to be helpless,
but footprints can save.

Walking in darkness
leaves a chance for hitting walls,
so use a good light.

God provides lessons
through actions we were allowed
to be as teachers.

Looking to Heaven
can give you great peace of mind,
but prayer is better.

Senseless persuasions
might put you in a real bad place
if you allow it.

Through now and what’s gone
the future holds many doors
with chances in life.

©By Bill Pearce
July 28,  2018

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