Hello my friends

Well,  this week has been a rather achy
one as I have still had a bit of pain in
my head due to the Shingles virus that
took home upon my head.  The doctor
prescribed me some meds to help ease
the pain and I am scheduled to get a
Shingles vaccination next month.  From
what Judy and I have found,  it won’t
totally prevent me from having a flare
up,  but it will lessen the chances being
that mine was the type of flare up that
had no blisters.  So,  I didn’t write any
last week,  but I surely made up for
it yesterday LOL.  OK so,  you’ll hear
more about that in the second half of
this article.  Judy and I took a drive
down to Bangor Thursday to visit with
her brother that is in a nursing home
down there.  He’s not doing very well.
Our little boy/dog Rocky apparently
was not feeling well.  He had a few
accidents there and back,  but he’s
doing much better now.  Thankfully
we have a pet seat guard on the back
seat which prevents anything from
getting on the seat.  We just stopped
at the rest area and on the side of the
road and cleaned it up and drove on.
Oh yea,  I don’t remember if I told
you this last week,  but we’ve lost
our neighbors with the kids.  They
had to move being they could not
pay the rent due to him not working.
I miss those little kids.  They did at
times get on my nerves though when
they’d come ringing the doorbell at
all hours to just say high or when
I went out side just to get a breath
of air,  they’d see me and come just
a running.  But yet,  I did so enjoy
playing with them and watching
them play.  I took tons of pictures
of them playing in the snow and
having snowball fights and I also
took a few videos with one of them
little kids coming at me with huge
snowballs trying to throw them at
me LOL.  Yep,  I already miss the
kids.  I hope they come back to
visit once in a while.  Anyways 🙂
next topic.  The county road crew
have been working hard doing a
lot of work on our roads.  They’ve
really resurfaced the roads.  Yep,
and the road in front of our house
is about an inch higher now LOL.
They also fixed a little inclining
ramp from our driveway so that
we would have no trouble coming
and going.  They’ve been working
steadily.  Judy said they do this
every 10 years and we moved up
here over 10 and a half years ago.
So I guess it’s time for resurfacing.
They work on the roads every year,
but only do minor repairs unless
more is needed.  LOL I wish they
would make their way down our
driveway.  Talk about a bumpy
ride hahaha.  Almost makes my
body feel like it’s in a paint shaker
LOL.  There’s not been much else
happening around here.  The boys
are still the boys as they run and
play all throughout the house.
Since we shaved their hair off they
have both become more active 🙂
We’ve decided to give them a good
shaving every month,  but maybe
not during the winter months LOL.
Although we do have doggy clothes
to put on them to keep them warm.
But then they only go outside to
potty and come right back inside.
OK maybe not the same for Benny,
being he loves the snow and will
often be seen bouncing around in
it and climbing snow mounds to
look around.  Rocky will play a
little,  but he’s not as much of a
fan of the snow as Benny 🙂 LOL.
Winter’s not too far away 🙂 and
I can’t wait.  I love winter and all
of the snow.  I know,  you might
think I’m weird,  but I couldn’t
care less what you think LOL 🙂
The only thing that keeps me in
a high stress is worrying about
having heating oil which is the
main reason I’ve begun putting
100 dollars on our tab at the oil
company every month so to make
sure we can stay warm.  So when
we need it,  I won’t have to deplete
my bank account to buy us some
heating oil.  Anyways,  that’s all
that I have for ya.  Yep,  God’s
been good to us.  We can feel His
presence all around us.  Thank
You God for continuing to give
us what we need and or help us
to find the ways to get what we
need.  Now I believe it’s time for
me to begin my search through
all that I have written here to see
if I can find me a good word or
phrase that I can use for the title
for today’s new poem.  So it’s off
I go,  to that little place of my
recollection that I always like to
it looks as though I did not have
to look far.  Just a few lines back
I saw a word that might work well
for the title today.  So now to see
if I can do anything with it LOL.
Here goes…


Roadways to journeys
time lingers on
continuing pathways
of right and to wrong.
We often will continue
what we know isn’t right
as we seek tomorrow
as the dark of the night.
Finding only sadness
and finding only pain
we’ll often just continue
what we always complain.
Yet there are many
that choose to turn away
and leave all those journeys
of a Hell bend array.
It’s then that the lessons
will become as our growth
as we travel rivers
in our life changing boat.
Learn from your journeys
what’s not meant to do
while you’re continuing
to learn something new.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 19,  2018

There ya go.  I hope you liked and
maybe even understood the poem.
I also hope you enjoyed all of my
rambling.  I’m a rambling man 🙂
So,  I don’t believe I forgot to tell
you anything and if I did,  I guess
I’ll tell ya next week LOL.  Both
of the boys are lying in the floor
between Judy and I.  Right now
it’s 69 F degrees at 7:30 PM.  Not
too bad huh.  Yep, it’s already
beginning to cool down.  Tonight
it’s supposed to get down to 48 🙂
OH yea,  Judy went to craft night
Saturday night and she made an
awesome birdhouse.  I’ll put a
picture of it in my stationery so
that the ones of you that are in
fact receiving this in stationery
style will be able to see it.  So,
I reckon that’s it.  Now to tell
you what I tell you every week
and that is I wrote some more
poems and haiku.  Yeppers I
wrote 10 more poems,  but no
Christmas poems and I once
again wrote 22 haiku for all of
the haiku lovers out there 🙂
Yep,  I wrote all of the poems
and haiku yesterday (Saturday).
I hope you can find 1 or 2 of
either or both that you like.
Now to begin my little search
for that hardly elusive off switch,
but not before I wish you all
a joyful weekend,  what’s left
of it and a truly blessings filled
week.  Remember,  Jesus loves
you and we do too.  Now,  to
find that ornery off switch LOL.
Hmm,  where can it be hiding
this time?  Hahahahahahahaha,
I see ya you blockhead LOL.
Hiding in one of your old places
isn’t that great when it proved
to be not so great back then
either LOL.  My camera hasn’t
grown any larger,  so if you’re
gonna hide behind it,  make
sure that you are actually behind
it instead of trying to take a lil
selfie 🙂  Try harder next time
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill,  Judy,  Benny,  Rocky
and the spirit of Milo Pearce

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Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Green Butterfly

Found in a story
a moment to tell
life comes alive
as a ringing bell.
Things we miss
as we look away
to the sky above
from day to day.
Beneath our feet
we might not see
a green butterfly
in a grassy sea.
It might be still
so to not be seen
amidst the grasses
of shades of green.
Look even closer
you might perceive
more of nature
that God did weave.
Times perspective
is a moment’s sight
often as counted
day unto night.
So take a breather
and look around,
see all the beauty
the sky and ground.
Don’t let the minutes
to pass you by
and not see life as
the green butterfly.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 18,  2018

Dreaming Memories

Moments pass
as time portrays
those memories
of distant days.
Dreams of times
that now are past
become the light
with shadows cast.
We all have days
that were divine
living breathing
inside our mind.
Those sweet times
we’ll never forget
as they come alive
much better yet.
Within our dreams
they seem so real
as colors binding
times to feel.
But yet they’re just
a mere memory
that comes to life
in you and me.
Remembered times
that we reminisce
found as a dewdrop
or a scented kiss.
They’re as the days
of morning’s breeze
we find when we’re
dreaming memories.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 18,  2018

Beauty To Behold

In sight of time
a day will come
as life moves on
each setting sun.
A flower blooms
then goes to sleep
as time will pass
from week to week.
We might not see
the seconds gaze
that ones behold
in heartfelt ways.
Now might seem
as just a sight
a timeless frame
from day to night,
but yet each scene
that comes in view
might have a sight
for me and you.
Although we may
not understand
the sights we see
in sky and land.
The views are still
the scenes to see
that may be peace
so scenically.
A moment’s time
that might unfold
to give to us
beauty to behold.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 18,  2018

Magical Places

With but a breath
a sight is born
some think illusion
and others forlorn.
Yet many places
have within them
magical powers
for time to begin.
Waters that ripple
in a passing lake
or lands so alluring
we have to partake.
The magic exists
maybe clearly to see
or maybe hidden
in moments debris.
Yet many seconds
will come and go
displaying magic
as waters that flow.
It might be found
as just but a time
a seasonal sight
that did so unwind.
The magic lives on
as a perfect desire
found for a moment
as a raging fire.
Look deep inside
as a heartbeat races
and find the beauty
in magical places.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 18,  2018

A Journey’s Mind

Roads we’ve driven
there and back
might of put us
a little off track.
A journey’s mind
begins its quest
with so many times
and so many test.
We might struggle
with our directions
finding journeys
with some deceptions.
Each path we cross
is a chance to see
the better or worse
within you and me.
A journey’s mind
is often confused
afraid of being left
broken and bruised.
Sometimes the road
is a choice to take
to learn all you can
through each mistake.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 18,  2018

Sticks And Twigs

Living as choices
changing with times
we’re often seeing
confusion in rhymes.
When looking down
at life in the grass
you might perceive
a shadow you cast.
As sticks and twigs
display their view
you might not see
what’s ahead of you.
Think about it clearly
as time moves along
we are the same
as dusk is to dawn.
We are with changes
the same as designs
as sticks and twigs
with confusing minds.
We’re often jumbled
in a stormy detail
scented with journeys
without a sail.
We’re sticks and twigs
of a destination
searching for truth
through investigation.
Looking to the sky
and the ground below
we’re sticks and twigs
that time does bestow.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 18,  2018

Take A Seat

Throughout time
we need to rest
to then move on
and do our best.
So take a seat
from time to time
and rest your feet
and weary mind.
Don’t let lifetimes
bring you down
so take a seat and
lose that frown.
Look for sights
to bring a smile
a sky of blue
as clouds compile.
Find some peace
within the view
and don’t let life
to weather you.
Find a bench
or place to rest
and take a seat
let peace digest.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 18,  2018

Beauty Of Life

A lake of beauty
a segment of blue
displays a glimmer
a wonderful hue.
Lily pads floating
with flowers upon
displaying colors
eyesight is drawn.
A special moment
with rippling scenes
begins a journey
for so many dreams.
The beauty of life
can be any sight
such as a morning
or darkness of night.
Far as a lakes shows
or pond in detail
the beauty of life
is time to inhale.
Breathe it in deeply
the waters of life
and then allow it
to ease your strife.
Look at the flowers
the lily pads too
and find much more
in waters of blue.
Find then a blessing
to fill your desire
the beauty of life
and all its entire.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 18,  2018

Swinging With A Smile

Find your perception
in life’s breath of air
and swing in the breeze
with true love and care.
Seek for your survival
at peace with the day
as you swing with ease
while smiling away.
Look beyond sadness
and look beyond fear.
Find you a swing now
with life to endear.
Swing with a moment
maybe walking about
or swing by the ocean
as it goes in and out.
Swinging with a smile
is something you can do
to bring peace to life
and store within you.
Allow yourself moments
to rest for a while
as you find recreation
swinging with a smile.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 18,  2018

Peaceful Comes

Seen for a moment
is a pond so blue
creating portions
of my certain view.
Hills in the distance
are echoes to see
found as a blessing
that God gave to me.
Peaceful is scented
with Heaven’s delight
painted with colors
of daytime so bright.
Peaceful comes slowly
as life moves along
singing its melodies
as words to a song.
Clouds moving slowly
across the days sky
as water reflects them
in the pond as reply.
The day writes words
as journals of time
as the peaceful comes
and lives in my mind.
It’s as an orchestra
instruments playing
beauty so heavenly
with time engaging.
It seems to be playing
guitars and drums
what that I perceive
as peaceful comes.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 18,  2018

for Aug 18,  2018

The virtues of life
are as windows to blessings
that we see clearly.

Time isn’t patient
for it stops for nobody
as it must move on.

Life is a mirror
reflecting all that we do
into others eyes.

Lost in a whirlwind
you might never see the end
until you’re thrown out.

On beyond the sky
holds a view from another
that might have answers.

The seams of a life
are often found as stitches
found through survival.

Looking for a time
to undo all that is done
might leave you searching.

Circles are doorways
found as repetitiveness
filled with redundance.

The light of a day
cannot follow into night
unless it is God.

Seamless are journeys
that seem to never change views,
but yet they’re changing.

Deserted highways
hold the void of destination
found as tumbleweeds.

When life gives lemons
look for lessons in the path
to make you stronger.

Raindrops from a cloud
are as blessings from Heaven,
but sometimes from Hell.

An opened window
can allow the outside in
and the inside out.

The Scientist’s thoughts
can create turmoil in truth,
for what they don’t know.

A book of ages
has many time frames to see
as the pages turn.

Our basic knowledge
is what we’ve learned throughout life,
but many have none.

As a doorbell chimes
it speaks without any words,
yet we understand.

The howl of a wolf
tells a story of its life
as it hunts its prey.

The wants that we have
are often confused with needs
and we don’t need them.

Throughout history
we’ll often make the mistakes
we’ve made time again.

Today is anew
as yesterday’s a shadow
that we remember.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 18,  2018

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