Hello my friends

Well,  it looks as though summer will soon
be over with up this way.  It’s cooling down
with each passing day.  Although it still has
a little ways to go before winter sets in and
there are many that are hating the thought
of winter,  but not me LOL.  I can’t wait
till I see the first snowflakes fall from the
sky.  To me it’s like magic as it begins its
white cascade down from the sky.  Some
think I’m weird,  but I couldn’t care less 🙂
I love snow and being that we have our
battery powered snow blower and snow
shovel,  it’s not as bad on my back when
clearing it as it was using a regular old
manual snow shovel LOL.  Yeppers I’m
ready for summer to come to an end 🙂
Although I still need to put a bit more
on our heating oil tab before it gets here,
so I guess I’m not quite ready financially
for winter,  but I will be LOL.  We’ve
still got about a 4th of a tank of heating
oil from last winter.  Hmm so,  next topic.
Well,  we didn’t do much this week,  but
Friday was my birthday and we went out
to eat at the Governors Restaurant in
Presque Isle.  It was a good day.  We
ended up bringing home half of our food
to finish off later that day.  We bought
a chocolate pie also at the restaurant to
have for dessert late Friday evening and
it was and is still good hehehe being we
have only eaten half of the pie.  Oooh
dessert tonight and tomorrow.  Not
much else has gone on around here.
Judy’s fixing to head over for a BBQ
at her sister’s house.  I’m staying home.
I really don’t care about being around
a lot of people that I don’t know and
there will be a lot of them,  plus Judy
usually ends up hanging out with her
sisters anyways and I end up being
just there taking pictures.  So,  I think
it’s best for me to stay home.  Judy
always wants to stay for a long time
anyways and I do not enjoy staying
for 5 or 6 hours or more as the case
is often.  She might not be home till
around midnight LOL.  So,  it’s me
and the boys and they’re lying in the
floor beside and behind me.  We had
a heck of time getting Rocky to come
in being he wanted to go for a ride,
but I went and got a squeaky toy
and squeaked it a couple of times
and he came running hahaha.  He
loves the squeaky toys.  LOL life in
the fast lane.  I wish I had some of
my family up here to visit,  but it is
what it is.  I just now called VIP to
see how much an oil and spark plug
change would cost.  I’m gonna get
that done hopefully this week.  I
know the spark plugs have gotta be
getting worn after 9 years hehehe.
If it cost too much,  I’ll get 1 done
and then the other next month,  but
hopefully it won’t cost too much.
So,  what else has gone on here at
The Pearce’s Place?  Well,  to be
honest,  it’s quite boring,  especially
today,  but that’s OK.  I’ll do a
little poetry writing today to put
in pictures 🙂  It doesn’t look like
VIP is going to call me back today,
but they are opened till 6:30 PM.
If they don’t then I’ll get a hold
of them next week sometime.  It’ll
get done.  I just called them again
and he said he’s been busy with
customers,  but he’ll get on it 🙂
and call me back with the price.
I reckon that’s about all from this
part of the world.  God still has
His mighty hands protecting us as
much as He sees necessary,  being
we all need to face reality as there
are many things we must endure
to give us growth.  If we were not
to of ever suffered,  then we would
of never grown.  I guess it’s time
for me to begin my little journey
back through all that I’ve written
here to see if I can find a word or
phrase that I can use for the title
for today’s brand new poem.  So,
it’s away I go,  to that place of
my recollection that I always like
I think I may of found a decent
title just a few lines back and now
after checking I see that it hasn’t
been used yet,  so used it shall be.
Here goes…


The things we do
and things we see
might be lessons
for you and me.
We might fall flat
onto our faces
with the moments
time embraces.
There are lessons
to be displayed
in the mistakes
of which we made.
Yet there are times
that God will send
protection from
a gruesome end.
But He knows that
you must find
lessons from some
points in time.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 2,  2018

Well,  there ya go.  I hope you liked the
poem and maybe even my rambling 🙂
I know,  I do tend to ramble,  don’t I,
but if I didn’t you wouldn’t have all of
my gobbledygook to read and keep you
entertained LOL.  Though I do believe
that there is nothing more to tell you
other than what I tell you every week
and that is,  I wrote some more poems
and haiku.  Yep,  10 more poems,  but
no extras or Christmas related.  I also
wrote 22 more haiku for all of the haiku
lovers out there.  I hope you can find
1 or 2 of either or both that you like.
Now I reckon it’s time for me to begin
my search for that hardly elusive off
switch,  but not before I wish you a
most wonderful weekend or what all
that’s left of it and a safe labor day
as well a truly blessings filled week.
Remember,  Jesus loves you and we
do too.  OK,  so where can that off
switch be trying to hide the time LOL?
I use the term trying loosely hehehe.
Hmm,  I think I see a bit of movement
behind my aspirin bottle.  Yep.  there
ya are once again.  It seems that you
would learn where is not a good place
to hide after being found there more
than a couple of times,  wouldn’t you?
After all of this time, you’d think you
would learn to stay still Hahahahaha.
I could even hear the bottle rattling 🙂
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill,  Judy,  Benny,  Rocky
and the spirit of Milo Pearce

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Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Just Like Flowers

We’re often judged
by life visually
and not how we are,
but what they see.
Becoming set in
a judgmental soil
as ones continue
acting so royal.
We are connected
in life’s daily game
just like flowers.
that moments attain.
Look a bit deeper
and see beyond sight,
find how they are
in a clearer light,
Often long hair
or tattoos ones have
make ones to judge
and then walk on past.
Look for the person
and not for the flair
for just like flowers
we need ones to care.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 27,  2018

Golden Field

Journeys of minutes,
journeys of miles
take on perspective
that can give a smile.
Sorted emotions
of a journey of mind
gives a golden field
a respectable time.
Scenes we remember
that time took away,
might be the difference
we wish for today.
A simple golden trail
in a heartbeat of life
could bring peaceful
to end your strife.
We all have mindsets
that many never see
for they are within us
and stay lock and key.
So unlock that doorway
and allow ones to know
the person within you
and how that you glow.
Though oh so many
might laugh real hard
at what all they see
with no disregard.
Yet still there are many
that give love to yield
as they get to know
your inner golden field.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 27,  2018

Place Of Peace

Days of wonder
with scented scenes
bring in vision
so many things.
Places remembered
that now are gone
might come to life
as you look on.
They might be life
of another style
a scented aroma
a wonderful while.
A place of peace
in a simple scene
might be a barn
in grasses of green.
We might one day
find a lost place
as a timeless past
with a smiling face.
Look on beyond it
and open the door
find the connections
to so much more.
Sometimes our eyes
see only some views
scenes we believe
and not what’s true.
Allow the minutes
to give you release,
God given moments
in a place of peace.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 27,  2018

Cattle Grazing

Traveling down roads
you might perceive
the sight of some cattle
that times interweave.
Grazing in the days
as they peacefully stand
eating and enjoying
the food of the land.
Then for a moment
you might find the day
watching interacting
as peaceful as hay.
Life can be blissful
if you’ll just let it be
and allow the sights
to be life’s chemistry.
Filled with the goodness
of love and true life
and not so corrupted
with hate and strife.
Watch as a moment
can become as love
sent down from heaven
as wings of a dove.
While cattle stand still
and graze in the grass
life begins a journey
of future and past.
Yes life can become
as a time so amazing
just from the sight of
a few cattle grazing.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 28,  2018

Standing On The Dock

Some days we may
just trudge along
standing on the dock
just singing a song.
So many days though
we might not find
peaceful at heart
a moment in time.
Standing on the dock
of windswept days
can procure lifestyles
of withered ways.
Don’t allow time
to just pass you by
as geese in flight
in the true blue sky.
Let your mind soar
and find better sight,
such as an ocean
or a lighthouse light.
Look passed sadness,
don’t focus on pain.
Find all the blessings
that life can attain.
Some might be hidden
in a moment or style
that needs uncovered
to find you a smile.
Allow your emotions
to see life unlock
and display the beauty
standing on the dock.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 28,  2018

Simple Visions

A passing breeze
can bring to mind
a special place
and point in time.
Children playing
mid December
simple visions
that I remember.
The snow of white
that time displays
of those blessings
wondrous ways.
My heart seeks
those times again
of simple visions
way back when.
Yes we all have
times recalled
simple visions
the age of auld.
Time continues
with its counting
adding details
life’s surmounting.
Through it all
we may remember
life and times of
sweet December.
They still live
in our memories
with simple visions
mindful seas.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 28,  2018


Legends of seabirds
flapping in the breeze
brings forth the echoes
of summertime seas.
Yet they’re not fables,
but of then pure truth
a seabird of nature
that time gives to you.
It might be a moment
or a place you recall
found in your memories
of summer to fall.
It might be a blessing
so sweet and so pure
that one day glistened
with a wondrous allure.
I can now remember
a place and a time
that’s found in pictures
of scenes so divine.
The ocean’s waves roar
became as a dream,
a time my wife and I
recorded each scene.
The pictures and videos
that now are displayed
became as a story
for a moment to wade.
For I can still remember
the crashing of waves
joined by some seabirds
in the so distant days.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 29,  2018

Life’s Survival

As summers pass
they leave a void
a time and place
you once enjoyed.
A walk on the beach
or riding a horse
turns into shadows
running their course.
Synched with days
that brought a smile
within life’s survival
that minutes compile.
A beach side scene
or a distant view
becomes as an echo
that lives within you.
Time turns to stories
that turn into pages
written in our minds
of so distant ages.
Just like a glimmer
that never goes out
our life’s survival
keeps running about.
Bringing into view
what minutes surmise
scented with life
we saw with our eyes.
For as time passes
with each arrival
our memories help
with life’s survival.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 29,  2018

Different Colors

Having of wealth
and many things
makes none better
than guitar strings.
Strumming notes
to make your place
often gives only
a disheartened face.
The poor are people
the same as us
so don’t act better
in front of the bus.
Sometimes life
will throw us a foul
making some grimace
and others to growl.
The wealth of life
should not be cash,
but that of love
of every class.
We all have things
that no one knows
problems hidden
filled with woes.
Different lifestyles
different hues
walking each day
to win or lose.
So don’t be hateful
to all the others,
even if they are
different colors.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 30,  2018

Flavors Of Style

Limbs of a journey
are better to view
when you are seeking
what that is true.
Not letting hopeful
to fill with despair
as time passes you
here unto there.
We are as flavors
that many will see
tasted by eyesight
a moment’s degree.
Though deceptions
might be of words
while many gossip
as busy little birds.
Sometimes scenes
we’re seen within
are just a moment
of remember when.
The past is portrayed
as an active view
that many think of
as now so true.
Don’t allow lies
to become your life
creating enemies
to fill you with strife.
Seek for the beauty
of life and a smile
found deep within us
as flavors of style.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 1,  2018

for Sept 1,  2018

Amidst a morning
you might surely discover
a new day to rise.

While in a doorway
we might perceive much better
within other doors.

The life of a breath
begins with ones breathing in
and then exhaling.

In search of true love
you might find a few liars,
but true love exists.

The essence of time
is found within the seconds
that many don’t count.

Looking up above
you might see a few rainbows
without any rain.

Challenges of life
are often within our eyes,
for we are able.

Right after the rain
the wait begins for sunshine
for roses to grow.

Yesterday is life
that we might not clearly see
until the time’s right.

As we find windows
into what we are wanting
our needs get confused.

Filling up a void
with our negativity
can still leave a void.

Chances for a rose
are the same as a tulip,
they both need sunshine.

Believing in truth
allows lies to intervene
if you’re not careful.

A page of our life
might of been dog-eared by you
and you never knew.

The breath of today
can become a stifled moment
that we may of caused.

Links to our lifestyles
are often found in others
that were watching us.

Change is indifferent
when it’s done for another
and not for yourself.

The sight of lightning
makes many wait for thunder
to complete its course.

Seen as a doormat
some will wipe their feet on you
thinking they’re better.

History of time
has many in confusion,
for no one is sure.

The links to a fence
are stronger when connected
than of lonely links.

Within a shadow
Satan shows what fears you most
which might be yourself.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 1,  2018

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