Moments of Weakness


Hello my friends

It’s been another uneventful passed
week here at the Pearce’s Place,  but
it did snow a bit more.  Of course the
heavy snow shouldn’t be falling until
later and nobody is ever on the mark
of guessing the exact time frame LOL.
It’ll happen when it happens. Benny
always wants to stay outside and play
in the snow,  but Rocky is always the
first to say,  it’s time to go in hehehe.
We love our boys,  but they do tend
to get on our nerves time to time 🙂
Judy’s birthday was Nov 6 and she
said she wanted to go to Tangs China
for her birthday,  so that’s where we
went last Tuesday.  It was raining
all day,  but I think she still enjoyed
her birthday.  I wrote her a birthday
poem as I do almost every year and
made it into a poetry picture.  I may
put in the stationery if I remember 🙂
It’s been getting colder as the days
move closer to wintertime.  I know,
it’s supposed to still be autumn,  but
up this ways it doesn’t look like it.
Autumn has passed and winter’s here.
Today’s high is supposed to be 30 F
and right now at 1 PM it’s 29 F.  We
were having small flurries of snow
this morning.  It snowed a little bit
yesterday and I made the mistake
of not raising our windshield wipers
to keep them from freezing in the
snow and ice,  so last night when I
was trying to get them free,  I broke
one of the wiper blades,  so we had
to go early this morning to Walmart
and buy another one,  because she
was driving up to Caribou today.
She’s gone and took her sister with
her to show her where Mandy our
oldest daughter has moved to so
she will be able to drive up for the
Thanksgiving dinner when it comes
about.  Plus Judy wanted to see
the house.  Mandy showed her how
to get to the house but Judy hadn’t
seen it yet.  She left at 11 AM so I
guess they are there now.  That was
the reason I was so urgent for us
to get up early and go and buy a new
windshield wiper blade.  Anyways,
that’s the most excitement that has
gone on around here hehehe.  We
live such exciting lives LOL.  The
boys just told me they wanted to go
outside,  so Benny and Rocky are
out in the snow LOL.  I’ll be hearing
Rocky barking anytime soon saying
he’s ready to come back in hehehehe.
Benny will come back in when he’s
good and ready LOL.  That wind is
blowing hard outside.  What else is
there to talk about.  Well,  I’m done
with all of the poetry pictures for
book number 9 and now all I need
to do is get to work making a front
cover and inner front and back pages.
Then off to get it published.  I’ve
already begun writing for book 10.
Yeppers,  I write a lot.  It keeps my
mind alert.  I’ve gotta go and let
Rocky in and see if Benny is about
ready to come back in.  I’ll be back.
I’m back Benny was right beside
Rocky standing at the front door
waiting to come in 🙂  So now they
are both back in here with me and
they wanted a treat so I gave them
some Bark’n n Bacon 🙂  They love
that.  Back to writing.  It looks as
though our landlord is showing
some people the house right behind
us.  Judy and I have kind of gotten
used to being without neighbors,
but it is what it is.  If they rent the
house then good I guess.  Life goes
on.  We’ll continue as we have for
the passed 11 years LOL.  Just sit
tight and continue with our lives and
if the neighbors want to get to know
us,  they’ll come knocking.  If they
have lil kids,  them coming knocking
is pretty much a guarantee HoHoHo.
Yep,  no matter what time of the year
or how I am dressed 🙂  It’s still 29 F
and now it is 2:15 PM.  I don’t think
it’s going to reach 30 degrees hehehe.
Judy just posted a message with a
picture saying lunch at Mandy’s 🙂
So it looks like they are having a
great time.  Judy said she was going
to come home before dark LOL.
She’s got less than 2 hours to do it,
because it starts getting dark around
4 PM hahaha.  Caribou is over an
hour drive north of us.  It wouldn’t
be an hour drive if there weren’t so
many small towns to go through to
make you have to slow down.  I’m
sure Judy will get home when she
gets home LOL.  The boys are in
their doggy beds right beside me in
the floor.  They’re good boys when
they wanna be hehehe.  God has
truly blessed our home as well as
our lives.  I know I’m not always
as grateful as I should be,  but God
knows my heart.  None of us is what
we should be all the time.  We all
have our moments of weakness that
we are not doing as we should do.
Give it to God and let yourself be
forgiven through His Son and it’ll
all be OK.  Life is full of ups and
downs.  It’s with the yin and yang
of life that helps us become more
stronger.  Look for the lessons 🙂
Now I believe it’s time for me to
begin my journey looking back on
all I’ve written here to see if I can
find a good word or phrase that I
can use for the title for today’s new
poem.  So it’s away I go to that lil
place of my recollection that I like
looks as though I may have found
a decent title just a few lines back
and now after checking I see that
it has not been used as of yet,  so
used it shall be 🙂  Here goes…

Moments of Weakness

Bewildered moments
become as a tool
a time to remind
to not be a fool.
Yet as a time bomb
life might explode
when you look away
a time down the road.
Focusing on one thing
and missing a view
moments of weakness
will tear you into.
Look beyond wantings
as you travel around
and see what you need
firm feet on the ground.
Moments of weakness
can enhance dark details
scented of heartstrings
as a moment compels.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 11,  2018

There ya go.  I hope that you liked
the poem and maybe even understood
it.  I also hope you enjoyed all of my
rambling.  If not,  sorry Charlie LOL.
Anyways,  at least if you read it all,
I kept you entertained 🙂 Hahahaha.
So I wonder if there is anything that
I’ve forgotten to tell you?   Well,  it
doesn’t look like it.  So I guess it’s
time for me to be telling you what I
tell you almost every week and that
is,  I wrote some more poems and
haiku.  Yep,  10 more poems with
2 extras and 4 Christmas poems in
the mix.  Judy’s birthday poem is in
the mix as well 🙂  I also wrote 22
more haiku for all of the haiku
lovers out there.  I hope you can
find 1 or 2 of either or both that
you like.  So now I reckon it is
time for me to begin my search
for that hardly elusive off switch,
but not before I wish you a most
wonderful weekend or whatever’s
left of it and a truly blessings filled
week.  Remember,  Jesus love you
and we do too.  Now,  where can
that ornery off switch be hiding
this week????  Hmm and Hmm
again?  Where is that little rascal?
OH LOL I see ya now.  You just
could not resist peeking could ya!
I see ya you little varmint.  Trying
an old spot that worked a while
back huh!  Well,  not this time 🙂
I’ve learned to look at the window
when searching for you and you
trying to hide behind the little
solar powered hula girl would of
worked if you hadn’t of tried to
hula too LOL.  You dance BAD.
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill,  Judy,  Benny,  Rocky
and the spirit of Milo Pearce

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Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10+2 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Vessel of Life

Rocking as a ship
that sails out to sea
we might then rethink
if it’s needing to be.
As the ocean’s rolling
with waves of style
the need of a moment
might present a trial.
A test beyond seeing
and what you can feel
as a vessel of life
displays what is real.
The truth is the waters
that flow as a mind
taking on distances,
an unfathomed time.
We might see waves
as the waters unite
giving many chances
to strengthen our sight.
Look for the lighthouse
that beacons so true
and let it be the guide
to show what to do.
God is the lighthouse
His beacon is there
to guide us through life
in a moment of prayer.
Look to the heavens
and seek for advice
as you go sailing
your vessel of life.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 5,  2018

Where We Stand

Our stance on life
and how it seems
might be illusion
might be dreams.
We might be stood
upon the grass
a timeless scene
that’s come to pass.
For where we stand
it might display
a timeless scene
of a yesterday,
We need to look
beneath our feet
and see the truth
that times accrete.
If we’re honest
and not just show
our standing place
will grow and grow.
Allowing scenes
of where we are
to show the truth
much better by far.
For as we stand
together in life
we grow stronger
husband and wife.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 5,  2018

Paths We Trod

Among a path
of distant time
I found a place
within my mind.
It held footsteps
to then unfold
that of nature
seeming as gold.
The paths we trod
might hold a face
a moment’s time
a firm embrace.
Beyond our steps
we might perceive
a timeless view
as minutes weave.
Leaving prints
upon the ground
our footsteps might
one day be found.
That of a memory
that of a time
that ones might see
as frame of mind.
The minutes pass
and turn to days
as paths we trod
ones may appraise
It might be found
an act of God
as others view
the paths we trod.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 5,  2018

My Gal

My best friend
that came to be
is the very
best for me.
I love her smile,
I love her eyes.
She ‘s like stars
within the skies.
The years display
some certain times
with her and I
as life entwines.
We found dreams
connected ways
gifts from God
for future days.
My gal and I
we walk together
love and life
in every weather.
No matter when
there’s pouring rain
we’re together
a loving chain.
Linked together
by God above
she’s my gal
my one true love
and today’s
a wondrous view
my gal my pal
turned 62.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 6,  2018

I love you Judy

Colors of Autumn

Looking beyond
the colorful hues
timeless becomes
a time to infuse.
Structured in life
scented of time
colors of autumn
are clearly defined.
Some as a texture
some as a taste
colors of autumn
so heavenly laced.
They bring alive
an insightful scene
often as a lake’s
charismatic dream.
Life is a pattern
connected in style
gathering seconds
times to compile.
Searching within
from then to now
life is a doorway
for more to endow.
We are as pages
words thereupon
written as seconds
to then and gone.
We remember life
that comes so often
seasons of timeless
colors of autumn.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 7,  2018

Winter of Bliss

Simple times
with simple things
Christmas rhymes
of wondrous scenes.
Winter of bliss
a time so alive
when many go on
a seasonal drive.
To search beyond
a timeless place
with eyes to find
a smiling face.
A Christmas glow
that eyes perceive
a wonderful sight
of Christmas eve.
Such as a sight
a heavenly kiss
of Christmastime
and winter of bliss.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 7,  2018

Christmas Mail

The seasonal glow
of wonderful things
becomes delightful
children and dreams.
Waiting for the mail
in a seasonal style
that old Sear’s catalog
brought us a smile.
The dreamer’s book
for Christmas wishes
wanting for things
so timeless delicious.
Things we could see
and taste with our eyes
a wagon or bicycle
of hopeful surprise.
That Christmas mail
such a wonderful sight
as it brought joy
for children to write.
Then mailing letters
to old Santa Claus,
for they’ve been good
and broken no laws.
So when it’s snowing
in a Christmas detail
many will be waiting
for Christmas mail.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 8,  2018

Decorated For Christmas

Remember the scenes
those Christmas lights
those magical times
with wonderful sights.
With houses lit up
that time of the year
to help bring alive
that Christmas cheer.
Decorated sweetly
roof to the ground
the lights all glittered
as we drove around.
So many glistening
scenes we could see
became as a blessing
a time’s memory.
A moment so heavenly
that we remember
decorated for Christmas
amidst one December.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 8,  2018


Roads to illusion
pathways of time
can become feelings
travels we’ll find.
Found on a journey
as life moves along
our elusive feelings
can sing a sad song.
Though for a time
a moment or two
feelings can begin
to see a new view.
A journey one way
an then to a gaze
feelings evolving
into better days.
Life is a roadway
that so many drive
seeking for peaceful
an ongoing strive.
Seek for guidance
pathways you trod
praying to Heaven
and almighty God.
For in the roadways
we travel thereunto
so many struggles
will come into view.
Making us stronger
in minutes discerned
as feelings discover
all that we learned.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 9,  2018

Tracks of December

As the minutes move
from time unto stage
the tracks of December
will flip a new page.
Scenes come alive
as Christmastime tales
on tracks of December
snow’s riding the rails.
As all our memories
that live deep inside
take off on a journey
as a train faring ride.
On through December
as a scene so sublime
while Christmas displays
that so special time.
A time within memoirs
of a written lifestyle
such as our childhood
a gift with a smile.
Dreams of old Santa
and reindeer that fly
our tracks of December
reach a glorious high.
Remembering things
such as Christmas lights
and riding all around
looking at all the sights.
So take now the time
for magic to remember
all of your memories
the tracks of December.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 9,  2018


Inside our minds
we can find the days
a time so wonderful
as ocean waves.
The sound is a place
that brings in view
a time of the mind
of a sea of blue.
While strolling along
in the island sands
time painted scenes
as a moment expands.
The sun is dimming
in the evening breeze
as ones are strolling
by the deep blue seas.
A moment of peace
a moment of prayer
a strolling moment
in an island flair.
The ocean’s scent
is a breath to breathe
a heavenly moment
for ones to believe.
Tinted as summer
with sounds of bliss
memoirs of strolling
is a moment’s kiss.
A fragrant aroma
of a distant place
is that of ones strolling
with a smiling face.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 9,  2018

Stream of Thought

Deep within waters
of a momentary mind
a stream might display
how minutes unwind.
Flowing as a moment
and creating a dream
a mind might become
a thoughtful stream.
Each drop of water
creates its own flow
as a person’s ability
soon begins to grow.
Becoming as a river
that once was a stream
flowing in existence
and creating a scene.
We’re as the waters
that flow with a style
drop by drop surely
sometimes in denial.
Though as ones deny
the waters still move
performing lifestyles
to win or to lose.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 9,  2018

for Nov 10,  2018

With eyes opened wide
deception has chance to breathe
so look with your brain.

As the raindrops land
they start yet another path
that only they know.

Believing in God
does not mean that you are saved,
but a choice to choose.

When blindly walking
you might run into the walls
created by others.

Confusion’s doorway
opens wide for illusions
that disturb the mind.

As two hearts unite
they may beat as that of one,
but still be as two.

Looking out windows
you might see some greener grass,
but it might be dead.

Storms of the passed days
might one day come back to life
if we allow them.

In search of a dream
reality might be exposed
to uncover truth.

In need of a breath
many will forget to breathe
and just suffocate.

In light of the truth
so many will still tell lies
thinking it’s normal.

Bringing your baggage
to a new relationship
can cause much failure.

Walking behind one
may become as a bonding
as you shadow them.

The length of a day
is sometimes deduced wrongly
due to impatience.

As many gather
and become one as a whole
they become stronger.

A leftover leaf
from autumn’s season of life
becomes a memoir.

Shouting in anger
can transform and argument
into separation.

A spirits choices
can reflect on locations
being stuck earth bound.

Time is no counter,
but many will keep counting
even after time.

Blessings of a home
give strength to those within it,
for they’re protected.

The chills of a night
can become warmth of the heart
as true love gathers.

Yesterdays dreamers
are the breath of life today
to help our future.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 10,  2018

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