Needing Another


Hello my friends

Well,  I’m back once again to ramble.
Last week was fairly peaceful as not
much went on.  Monday,  we went to
town and did a bit of grocery shopping
and paying bills after we got paid.  It
sucks getting paid only once a month,
but it’s better than the alternative of
not getting paid at all LOL.  So what
else is going on up this ways?  For one
thing,  it’s still white outside with tons
of snow.  I’m sure it will snow again
real soon.  The weather channel can
only guesstimate so there’s no definite
knowledge of when it will snow again.
It’s a toss up of Mr. Winter hehehehe.
Last night it got down to -2 degrees F.
We had to leave the faucets dribbling
a bit to prevent the water from freezing.
It might not of froze,  but no sense in
taking a risk.  I have been busy getting
our mailbox stood a bit stouter and
with some reflectors on it to try and
prevent it from getting knocked down
again by the snow plows.  My work
may have been in vain though hehehe.
We shall see 🙂  I have yet to of begun
formatting my poems for book 9 yet,
but I will LOL.  I might try to get to
work on it tomorrow a little.  Though
once I begin,  I have the problem with
not quitting until I am done Hahaha.
So what else is going on around this
place?  Well,  I had an appointment
with my NEW PA (wanna be doctor)
last Thursday and it looks as though
nothing has changed accept of course
my PA,  being it seems that every time
I go,  I have a different one and if it
happens again I am just going to quit
and when I need anything,  I’ll go to
the walk in clinic LOL.  I am sick and
tired of having to repeat myself to each
nut case to fill them in about me and
my health issues and it looks as though
she may be gone as well being she was
very pregnant and might not return.
I don’t care.  It’s not like they can do
anything for my health.  Actually the
only thing I need a doctor or whatever
for is to prescribe Ventolin and Advair
for me.  I am set with them now until
May so it will be after then that I will
be needing another prescription.  Life
goes on 🙂  So,  what else is going on
around The Pearce’s Place?  Well,  it’s
beginning to look a lot like Christmas,
everywhere we go.  The snow is on the
ground as we take our trips to town
and when we get there we see many
things LOL.  Oops,  sorry hehehehe.
Judy and I love to look through the
Christmas aisles at Walmart as well as
Dollar Tree hehehe.  I wish we had
more money so we could afford to buy
gifts for the whole family,  but we can
only buy for our grandchildren.  Oh
well,  Christmas isn’t about all that we
can buy for ones.  It’s about Jesus and
His birth.  LOL it’s also a popular day
for Santa Claus HoHoHo.  Anyways,
we’re going to have a great Christmas
I can feel it.  God has surely blessed
our little home as well as our lives 🙂
I know things don’t always go as well
as we would want them and at times
they even go very badly,  but we will
survive as God gives us strength to
make it through our many struggles.
I reckon it’s time for me to begin my
journey back through all that I have
written here to see if I can find a good
word or phrase that I can use for the
title for today’s brand new poem.  So,
it’s away I go to that little place of my
recollection that I always like to call
RECOLLECT VILLE.  I think I found
a fairly decent title about a 3rd of the
way back in my rambling.  Now to see
if I can do anything with it.  Here goes.

Needing Another

When in the middle
of a destination
time might display
some devastation.
A time with fear
and fate in disguise
losing a loved one
with sad good byes.
We might be found
we’re needing another
a heart of a life
to carry us further.
That’s when a friend
comes into play
to give us strength
for another day.
We might still find
we’re needing another
a sister in life
or yet of a brother.
To help us along
a roller coaster ride
a time of life
we’re empty inside.
So allow Jesus
the true best friend
when needing another
to help you transcend.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 9,  2018

There ya go.  I hope you liked the poem
a little.  Also I hope you enjoyed all my
rambling LOL.  I know,  it was sort of
BORING hahaha.  No matter,  It gave
ya something to keep you busy hehehe.
I fixed Judy and I some oatmeal for a
belated breakfast.  Eating it now LOL.
I just saw in my weather program that
it’s supposed to start snowing in a few
moments and thought,  I didn’t put our
windshield wipers up and ran out to do
that and found that they were already
frozen to the windshield LOL.  I had
to break the ice and spray them down
with deicer to get them free.  Now they
are up LOL.  It can snow all it wants
to now hehehe.  Last night when we
let the boys out to go potty,  Rocky
didn’t want to come back in for some
reason.  I found out that it was due
to him having a poopy butt,  so we
got him inside and I took him in the
bathroom and washed his butt and
then trimmed the hair around his
behind so to lessen the chances of
that happening again for a while 🙂
He was happy that I did that.  You
could see it in his strut hehehehehe.
I had thought it weird that Rocky
wasn’t ready to come back inside 🙂
Benny is normally the one that wants
to stay outside and play in the snow.
No matter,  the problem has been
resolved 🙂  Now Rocky is back to
his barking at the front door being
the first to be ready to come back
inside LOL.  So I guess it’s time for
me to tell you what I tell you every
week and that is,  I wrote some more
poems and haiku.  Yeppers 10 more
poems with 1 extra and there are 9
Christmas poems in the mix.  Also,
I wrote 22 more haiku for all of the
haiku lovers out there.  I hope you
can find 1 or 2 of either or both that
you like.  Now I believe it’s time for
me to begin my search for that silly
hardly elusive off switch,  but surely
not before I wish you a wonderful
weekend or whatever’s left of it and
a blessings filled week.  Remember,
Jesus loves you and we do too….
Now,  where can that off switch be
hiding this time????  Hmmm,  does
my eye deceive me or am I seeing my
little Animal figurine dancing LOL.
Nope,  I see correctly hehehe.  Did
ya get bored waiting for me to find
you?   LOL Try a little patience 🙂
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill,  Judy,  Benny,  Rocky
and the spirit of Milo Pearce

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Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10+1 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂


Dreams of a moment
begin with a time
a place you remember
that lives in your mind.
Maybe a dreamworld
that you wish to be
as a time and a place
so happy and free.
Sitting on a bench
that’s laden with snow
dreaming of a time
that was so long ago.
Finding tranquillity
in a winter white day
begins then within
in a magical way.
The whiteness of snow
that’s gathered around
can bring your dreams
right then to be found.
Scented with aromas
of a Christmassy world
textured with snowflakes
as moments unfurled.
Tranquilizing sadness
and illuminating smiles
will give you hopeful
as prayerful compiles.
A Christmastime essence
of a moment you see
can be the thing
to give you tranquillity.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 4,  2018

Midmorning Christmas

Crispness in the air
of a wintertime’s day
brings forth emotions
of a Christmassy way.
Midmorning glimmers
of a seasonal hue
displays the fractions
of a wonderful view.
A moment of grandeur
as a season’s delight
becomes a dream world
for time to ignite.
It may seem as a story
of a wintertime tale
as morning’s arrival
and snowflakes set sail.
You might find a dream
that becomes so real
midmorning Christmas
that moments reveal.
Scented as snowflakes
and pictured as bliss
tinted of morning
with a wintertime kiss.
Life begins moving
as the day’s begun
bringing the glimmers
of a seasonal sun.
This is but a story
that a picture displays
midmorning Christmas
of wintertime’s days.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 5,  2018

Light of Day

With the arrival of snow
in a scenery glance
time brings to mind
what snowflakes enhance.
A pageant of feelings
displays with a cue
a Christmastime day
with a magical view.
Many miss moments
that lifetimes explore
choosing not to see
what they may adore.
Within the light of day
comes a radiant sight
a time that enhances
with snow of white.
Thoughts become life
as a scene displays
the Christmastime view
of wintertime’s days.
Don’t be one to miss it
the sight so sublime.
Take time for a view
of the seasons design.
Snowflakes of Christmas
have a special chemistry
that brings to life love
in the things that we see.
Look beyond greediness
and look for a way
to find joy in Christmas
in the light of day.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 5,  2018

Christmas Morning

It was a night to remember
with snow on the ground
sights of pure splendor
and love all around.
A child stayed up late
on a Christmas eve night
to attempt to hear Santa
on his magical flight.
He heard some jingling
from the roof up above
then looked out the window
with eyes full of love.
He wanted to go outside,
but went back to bed
and listened real closely
to hear what Santa said.
He heard the cracking whip
and jingling of bells
 as he bid them goodbye
in his Christmas farewells.
The child listened closer
to try then to hear
the sound of old Santa
and all his reindeer.
The child went to sleep
and dreamed of the night
the time he stayed up late
to hear Santa’s flight.
Then Christmas morning
he awoken with glee
and ran down the stairs
to the Christmas tree.
He searched for presents
from old Santa Claus
as he joyfully gave him
a Christmas applause
This is just a story
about a child’s delight
found Christmas morning
after Christmas eve night.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 5,  2018

A Simple Dream

The simpler times
we find so great
are times of life
of another date.
Those distant years
with us so small
a simple dream
stood oh so tall.
Those great days
of simple sights
the times we recall
in snow of white.
Christmas scenes
in great detail
the simple things
our hearts compel.
With just a sight
of a time or two
a simple dream
can come in view.
Just like a page
from a storybook
a Christmas theme
gives another look.
Alive and well
with pages turned
our eyes may seem
a bit concerned.
For as we look at
a Christmas theme
we then remember
a simple dream.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 6,  2018

Just A Time

With life there’s times
we might forget
the moments found
much better yet.
They might be a time
we’ve just forgotten
a wintery scene
with snow of cotton.
It might be a season
a Christmassy day
found just a time
in a magical way.
The stages were there
with wintery themes
images of Christmas
found as our dreams.
Yet as time passes
in seasonal skies
life is remembered
in a dreamers eyes.
Movement of seconds
becomes as a sight
seen as our journeys
day unto night.
Those special days
of Christmas desires
burn in our hearts as
life’s raging fires.
Yet as we look back
we often will find
glorious moments
as not just a time.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 6,  2018

God Lives Within

As a home stands firm
in a snow covered ground
God lives within it
and all there around.
Yet there are many that
push Him away
and leave Him outside
their day after day.
Ones cold perception
and times empty heart
makes life a doorway
for Hell to impart.
Some within Christmas
will often lose sight
of what that the season
should shine so bright.
The love for The Father
and His only Son
that helps us in struggles
before they’ve begun.
Life might have burdens,
but it also has prayer
with blessings arrival
of God’s love and care.
Allow for the moments
to become better still
leaving all the sadness
on yesterday’s hill.
Life is but a journey
for us to begin
and find in our hearts
that God lives within.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 7,  2018

A Child’s View

When winter’s upon us
with tons full of snow
time displays children
with hearts all aglow.
Their view is a dream
of which they can feel
as a time on a mound
of a snow laden hill.
Inside of their minds
are scenes of style
the times that awaken
as snowflakes compile.
The magic is a blessing
that comes from the skies
as it floats from Heaven
to land in their eyes.
A child’s view is sweet
as a blessing of time
found as a painting
inside of their mind.
Christmas is a moment
that they can find dreams
wanting old Santa
to bring many things.
A child plays happily
in cold Christmas snow
waiting for the day
for time to bestow.
Dreaming of old Santa
in the nights thereunto
as Christmas enhances
to show a child’s view.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 7,  2018

Lifetimes Expose

Just like a flower
that life displays
moments become
of another phase.
A simple change
within our view
can bring to life
a time so anew.
For as a flower
may one day die
it is remembered
as life’s apple pie.
Seen for a moment
to then fade away
leaving memories
for yet another day.
Time’s its window
that minutes accrue
bringing the stages
for many to view.
Life is a challenge
that times enhance
some as a flower
some as romance.
Look on beyond
what time bestows
and find a flower
our lifetimes expose.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 7,  2018

Sunrise Stage

Days of peace
and mindful prayer
a sunrise stage
gives breath of air.
As life moves on
and times begin
a sunrise stage
brings seasons wind.
With each minute
and gathered hue
a sunrise stage
shows what is true.
Maybe blue skies
or maybe rain
a sunrise stage
shows times attain.
A fisherman’s quest
with rod and reel
a sunrise stage
gives times to feel.
Within the artwork
of summer’s sky
a sunrise stage
has much to apply.
It’s with gleaming
and essence of time
the sunrise stage
shows peace of mind.
Many a pattern
gathers so true
in a sunrise stage
for us to view.
So often as shadows
or our memories
a sunrise stage
has a moment’s keys.
Found as a blessing
the turn of a page
we can find peaceful
in a sunrise stage.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 8,  2018

Envisioning Christmas

White as a memory
scenes come and go
times we remember
smiles that we know.
Envisioning Christmas
in a scenic detail
brings alive doorways
snowflakes set sail.
A time passing by us
that displays a view
awakening portions
of a dream come true.
Envisioning a moment
that’s clear to see
a time we remember
in our history.
Driving in the country
just looking around
seeing many things
as snowflakes fall down.
A Christmas recital
that begins with a phase
a moment envisioned
of some magical days.
Such as a snowscape
a Christmassy sight
or a wintertime feeling
that you so delight.
Envisioning Christmas
as a wonderful time
can then unlock it
inside of your mind.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 8,  2018

for Dec 8,  2018

So many journeys
begin with only a thought
that some never see.

Time is an ocean
that rocks many ships to sleep
and lands them ashore.

Peace is a concept
that so many misconceive
and then start a war.

Looking out windows
you might see versions of life
that you wish were yours.

Lost in a doorway
that spins in revolutions
inside might be out.

Gazing at the sun
as it sinks slowly from view
you might lose yourself.

So many lessons
are gathered through a few dares
that were ignorant.

Knowing what’s better
and still living in a lie
you will hurt many.

Each breath that we breathe
has a affect on others
as a domino.

Traveling through life
without seeking for a guide
can leave you broken.

Time’s always ticking
even when we’re not moving,
so don’t fool yourself.

Perception is ours
as we each choose our pathways
to Hell or Heaven.

A space flight through time
finds many stars in motion
that can hold our dreams.

Exploring choices
gives us possibilities
to greaten our minds.

Some things are our gifts
as others are our talents
that we’ve learned to do.

A flower will die
even when it is watered
if it’s not cared for.

Now is just a time
that has arrived through moments
we might not of seen.

Discerning our lives
many view from the outside
while just looking in.

A starry evening
puts forth many dreams to have,
so let the day rest.

Belonging to one
is often misconception,
for we are not owned.

Beyond the starlight
holds dreams to become alive
within our slumber.

Now is to cherish
for it is a lesson learned
no matter how small.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 8,  2018

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