Shores of Trouble


Hello my friends

I hope your September has begun on a good note. The weather
up this ways is beginning to slowly get back to its norm for this
time of year. Hehehe Wednesday through Friday of last week
it got a tad hot, for up here that is. LOL here’s ya a good laugh.
Judy came home from work Wednesday evening and said, “do
you remember me always laughing at Texas closing down their
schools because of an inch or so of snow hehe”? I said yes! She
said “well they closed the schools before noon due to the heat :)”.
She said “they don’t have air conditioners”. I told her that when
I went to school in Dallas back in the 60’s and 70’s they didn’t
have air-conditioning and believe you me, it got hot, but we still
had our regular scheduled school. They just opened windows
and turned on fans LOL. Yeppers even my sister got a laugh
out of that being she is an algebra teacher in Midlothian TX.
Yeppers, that also got a good laugh from her students hehehe.
Ok, so it’s onwards to yet another topic. This passed week
has been a stressful one for Judy and all the employees as they
have finally gotten the new/old Elm Tree Diner opened. They
are still a tad short of employees, so Judy along with some of
the others are having to work at both places off and on. Judy
in the process lost one of her days off last week, but this week
it looks like it’s back to her regular schedule aside from her
having to be at work an hour earlier ever so often. By the way,
did any of you down south of us get hit with Hurricane Earl?
We got a bit of the rain from it, but that’s all. We didn’t even
get that much rain. Just an inch or two. The weather today
is nice and cool with a great breeze a blowing. Our high today
is supposed to be 67F degrees. It’s supposed to begin raining
again around Tuesday and continue the rest of the week off
and on to next weekend as far as my PC weather program can
tell. Of course the weather can change at the drop of a hat 🙂
Only God knows what the weather will actually be hehehehe.
Boy, I’ll tell ya what, I have one heck of a breeze coming in
my window right now. Brrrrrr it’s a tad chilly. It’s 64F right
now at 10:40 AM. I’ve gotta stop here and don some clothes.
This robe ain’t keeping me warm hehehe. LOL I guess I could
close the window, but it’s nice getting some fresh air in the
house. Oh well, ya can always put on more clothes, but you
can just take off so many clothes before people start pointing,
staring and laughing hehehe. Yeppers, life up here is a tad
different than I am used to and I reckon I will never fully get
used to it up here. Hehehe come to think of it, I have met
many Mainers that aren’t used to it :). Judy can’t handle the
cold as well as I can LOL. Go figure. Of course she’s not
really from here. She’s from Connecticut, but even still LOL
Even there they have a lot of snow and cold weather. Oh well,
it just goes to show ya. it don’t matter where you’re from.
You still get cccccold or hot no matter if you’ve lived in it all
your life. Ok so it’s on to yet another topic hehe. My friend
Brian came over 8:30 Friday morning and said “ya wanna
go fishing” I said sure, so we heading out in the boat after
of course me camping out in the restroom for a good while
trying to make it where we could at least enjoy a few minutes
fishing. Ain’t no toilet in the boat LOL. Neither of us caught
anything. Not even a stick hehe. Yet I did take a few more
pictures and videos. I will one day hehehe up load all that
I have taken thus far up to my FaceBook. it seems I always
get busy doing something else and forget hehehe. Hey, I’m
old and I forget. Hehehe I know 54 ain’t old, but my 54 feels
like 94 LOL. Oh well, life goes on 🙂 So back to our fishing.
I got a lot of good pictures this time. Of course I got a lot
of good pictures last time, but this time I think I got a few
things that I missed last time. None the less, I will use a few
to make the stationary for this email, so those of you that
are receiving this via stationary format will see a few of the
pictures. For those of you receiving only the text version,
SORRY hehehe. Let me know if you are not on facebook
and would like to see some of the pictures. I will do my best
then to send em to ya! I have my work cut out for me to
edit out the repeats and blurry pictures that were taken
amidst the rocking speeding boat while trying to take a few
pictures of the scenery that was going passed me while I
was also trying to keep the splashes of water from the bow
of the boat where I was sitting from giving my camera a
bath. It ain’t water proof hehehe. My back and rear end
was wet as the dickens hehehe. I was facing the back of
the boat! It was great just getting out of the house, plus
the boat ride and scenery made it all worth while. I didn’t
care if I didn’t catch anything fish wise hehehe. I caught
a few good pictures. Life is good! Even with the aches
and pains. I reckon it could always be worse. That is one
reason I love to take pictures. It helps me to see passed
the aggravations of time and see what that God has put
before me. We all from time to time will get caught up
into the moments of trouble and overlook the wonders
of beauty that are there all the while. Often the views are
sights we walk passed every day, but due to us being
in our own little world, we will not see what’s painted
on the pictures. Take time today and yet another to see
what God has painted in the surroundings. You might
be surprised at all you have overlooked. For instance
maybe just sit in a chair outside and watch the clouds as
they float overhead and make their designs. You will
most surely find a moments peace within the sky of blue.
I know, sometimes it’s hard to find peace through the
rocky shores of trouble, but it can be found through
prayer. I guess it’s about time for me to begin my little
venture back through all I’ve written here and see if
I can find a good word or phrase that might work for
the title for today’s brand new poem. So it’s away I go
to that little place of my recollection that I like to call
RECOLLECT VILLE. I believe though that I may have
stumbled upon a fairly good title not too far back hehe.
So let’s see what I can do with it 🙂 Here goes nothing!

Shores of Trouble

Seas of patterns
sort of swaying
might turn into
pain displaying.
Within shores
of troubled views
their can be
some better news.
Shores of trouble
found in time
can become
a good design.
Lessons from
those rocky shores
can bring what
right now adores.
Shores of trouble
might be viewed
just a little
Let God help you
find release
with some shores
of inner peace.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 5, 2010

Hehehe so there ya go. It’s a sort of boating poem with a
meaning hehe. I hope you enjoyed my rambling and maybe
even got the meaning of the poem. I know it always helps
me to reread it to myself, being I do what most people call
automatic writing. Yep, the words just come to me and I
write em down or hehehehehe in my case type them down.
Well mister wind is still blowing profusely and the PC room
door slammed to because of the breeze LOL. I had to put
a box with computer stuff in it up against the door to keep
it from slamming again. Well, I guess that’s about all I’ve
got to share with you other than the regular stuff such as
me telling ya about the poems and haikus I wrote this time
around. I wrote once again 10 poems and 22 haikus for ya,
but this morning early I thought, hmmmmm I didn’t write
any Christmas poems and so I wrote one and also sent it
to my good friend Ben in Holland so he could put it on the
Old Fashioned Christmas site. Hehehehehehe by the time
Christmas gets here, I ought to have a ton of Christmas
poetry there to read. 🙂 I might even beat the amount of
poems I’ve done in the past years hehehe. I don’t care.
I ain’t competing against myself, so it don’t matter hehe!
Ok, so now before I begin my rambling mode again and
turn this into a long winded thought hehe, I guess I need
to be searching for that old off switch, but surely not
before I wish you a most wonderful week. Remember,
Jesus loves you and we do too. Now to find that blasted
off switch. I think I see it hanging on for dear life to the
curtains as they blow in the breeze hehehe swoooooosh.
Gotcha, see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haikus
10+1 and 22 hehehe 🙂

Deep and Blue

In the waters
deep and blue
I was fishing
there so true.
Seeking from
down deep below
fish to catch
of which to show.
Yet the waters
of that day
did not give
a swishing sway.
All the fish
made me a fool
as they swam
within their school.
I still found
a view so free
that was great
for me to see.
Sights so pretty
all around
were the pictures
that I found.
I saw flavors
different hue
amongst the waters
deep and blue.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 4, 2010

Thoughts Endow

Summers minutes
will be gone
soon with coming
winters dawn.
All the segments
we remember
will then be
a burning ember.
Left within
a summers day
will swim and play.
All the hours
then to now
will become
what thoughts endow.
In the minutes
we record
there are blessings
from Our Lord.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 4, 2010

Times Conclusions

Scenes from journeys
far and wide
find the magic
there inside.
Scenes transported
to a day
as remembered
far away.
Every second
ticking true
brings the scenes
of me and you.
Scenes of magic
in design
displays all of
time to time.
Left to right
and front to rear
is remembered
every year,
Times conclusions
that we see
might be just
our history.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 4, 2010

Raindrops Blowing

Through the windows
sights are seen
skies of blue
and leaves of green.
Assorted clouds
from everywhere
float real high
up in the air.
Soon they gather
sights and sound
lightning’s thunder
all around
and my displays
so much rain.
For the moment
I can feel
there upon
my windowsill
raindrops blowing
cooling true
in this house
with me and you.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 4, 2010

Some Common Ground

Good and bad
live day to day
in our will
and in our way.
Often goodness
will retire
due to our own
days desire.
Good and bad
in many seen
might be lost
in what they mean.
Our opinions
good and bad
might just be
a different fad.
Many lifestyles
here and there
good and bad
does not compare.
Our own minutes
daily found
might just need
some common ground.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 4, 2010

Maybe Laughter

Laughter is good
to heal inside
sometimes when
some bad’s applied.
A little giggle
might be best
for you to do.
A little laughter
in a day
can make good
a worsened way.
So if bad times
have displayed
don’t let it be
always made.
Maybe laughter
in recourse
might just be
a greater force.
Let God guide your
every path
as you find
some ways to laugh.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 4, 2010

Look For The Lessons

Some see perceptive
while some do not
as they go viewing
all that they’ve got.
Some see the flowers
and some see the weeds
with the perception
of all of their needs.
Some see illusions
and some see so true
fractions of blessings
for me and for you.
Some seek the distance
and some just will stay
in their own misery
day after day.
Some look forwards
while some just look back
at all the times
they fell off track.
Use the memories,
but don’t design
your own perception
from a bad time.
Look for the lessons
of dusk unto dawn,
yet then learn how
you’re to move on.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 4, 2010

Use Your Conscience

One might follow
while two ignore
as many others
walk through the door.
One might profit
while two do not
as many others
gain quite a lot.
It might be one
that is not right
that which guides
some others sight.
Don’t let one
to change your view
even if it’s
maybe two.
Use your conscience
as a guide
then make Jesus
as applied.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 4, 2010

Might Be Answers

Time might seem
a little fast
come to now
from minutes past.
Yet the time
of frames we see
are the needs
for history.
Times conclusions
then and now
sometimes show us
when and how.
Yet sometimes
the answers laid
are from now
of minutes made.
Then of course
the times ahead
might be answers
in our head.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 4, 2010

Now And Today

Playing with time
will surely portray
things we’ll perceive
as useless one day.
Taking for granted
sections displayed
might just become
mistakes we’ve made.
So many people
come and then go
leaving us lessons
for our to and fro.
So don’t just play
with now and agin
because it might cause
your Hell to begin.
Enjoy the moments
but do not just play
with your own life
of a now and today.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 4, 2010

New England’s Visions

Septembers breezes
blow in a way
that are reflecting
wintertime’s day.
Septembers mornings
bring into view
seasons of coolness
oh so brand new.
New England’s visions
seen at a glance
seem to entwine me
in its romance.
Septembers shadows
now at a gaze
seem to remind me
of Christmas days.
Times I remember
from Texas soil
now in September
Maine does uncoil.
Christmastime scenes
of temperature wise
seem to be seen
right now by my eyes.
Yet soon will be
sweet Christmas to shine
here in New England
with its design.
White snow a falling
onto the ground
making it look like
Christmas all round.
I’ll seek for sleigh bells
jingling true
here in New England
right here with you.
Yet of course now is
moments September
giving the essence of
Texas December.
So now I dream of
sweet Christmas day
while I go looking
for Santa’s sleigh.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 5, 2010

for Sept 4, 2010

Storms might be forming
in the lifestyles of many,
but sunshine can shine.

Coolness of raindrops
makes the day so much better
as evening concludes.

Tomorrows standing
at the threshold of today
awaiting its turn.

Similar flowers
bloom of different colors
while called just the same.

Dreaming of Heaven
brings to life magic of time
with no conclusion.

Out through my window
the raindrops fall profusely
and cool off the day.

Selections of time
might be misinterpreted
through our own eyesight.

Now has awakened
bringing then a chance to thrive
as a memory.

Many turns and twist
are the results of lessons
paved within our road.

Jumping to quickly
might cause your own destruction.
Careful how you judge.

In right now is then
paved with the many lessons
we may not have learned.

Within ones lifestyle
is a persons perception
of how that they choose.

Doorways will open
with choices to leave or stay.
Choose your doors wisely.

Planting a seedling
does not guarantee its growth.
It must be watered.

Wintertime’s paintings
are of snow covered hillsides
with presence of dawn.

Trails are laid to blaze
with footprints of tomorrow
sought out from today.

Seeking for guidance
might find you on a journey
through ones ignorance.

Tomorrow’s today
just waiting for its timeframe
to come into view.

Seeing’s believing
or that’s what so many think
when looking at us.

Illusion is life
if it is tainted by views
of misconception.

Within the raindrops
is a life giving blessing
of Heavens design.

Seeing a shadow
in the minute of fearful
might be in your mind.

Inner most feelings
might construct reasons of doubt
without a reason.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 4, 2010

God bless from Bill and Judy.
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