Spectacular Colors


Hello my friends

So, has the hot weather finally begun tapering off down your
ways? It has here! It’s 54F right now and supposed to only get
up to 65F Yeppers, it’s supposed to be like that for the rest of
the week with Wednesdays high of 58F. The weather will most
surely bounce around a bit, but I reckon we have seen the last
of summer for sure LOL. Not that we had much of a summer.
We did have a few hot days, of course maybe not hot for Texas,
but none the less hot for up here in Maine hehehe. The schools
even closed down for half a day due to he heat for 3 days which
I thought was hysterical, being the hot was the mid 90’s hehehe.
They said it was because they didn’t have air conditioners, but
back in the 60’s and early 70’s when I went to school, we didn’t
have AC either. Air conditioners had not been introduced into
our Dallas school back in the 60’s and early 70’s and so we just
opened windows and turned on fans while school continued as
it was scheduled. Of course in Texas they tended to panic and
shut down schools if there was 6 inches to a foot of snow hehehe.
Up here of course if they did that, they would never go to school.
Texas as well as many of the neighboring states down south also
would spend a lot of time closed if they were to close every time
it got hot hehehe and so they deal with it. Of course now days
most of the schools in Texas have air conditioning. So people
adapt to their surroundings. Life does go on. Ok, so what else
is happening up this way? Good question! Judy and I are still
doing our regular scheduled day to day routine. Her job on the
other hand is rather bouncy from one place to the other. I sure
hope they get some good employees hired soon so she can begin
working at the diner with regular hours. Of course when that
does happen hehehe she might miss the bouncing back and forth.
Nothing else to report up this way. I’m finally to level 109 on my
Farm in FarmTown hehehe. Judy is level 96 I think. I have a
sneaky feeling that before I reach the final score of 115, they
will up it once again as they have done so many times in the past.
Hehehe the final score when Judy and I began playing the game
was 34 LOL. Ya see what I mean! Each time we have gotten
close to the final score, it was moved to a higher digit hehehe.
Oh well, we both enjoy playing. I am thinking they are going
to add yet another farm to the game. We both already have 5
farms on FarmTown. There is a place to add another. We’re
just waiting to see if they do LOL. Yes we still play FarmVille
when of course we get the time hehe. So I am reckoning that
you might not want to hear about our loony farming games 🙂
So I will seek to try and find yet another topic hehehe. Back
to the weather. I can’t wait for fall/autumn. Yep that’s when
the colors begin their vibrant dance throughout New England.
Then most assuredly I will begin my little venture for pictures
to record and share. Maybe Judy and I will be able to take a
little drive to search for spectacular colors of nature that God
paints with His brushstrokes of time. Only God can paint the
colors of such in a way that a canvass cannot hold. No photo
can absorb the full depth of God’s paintings. If you live in the
city, then try and take a journey out of it time to time and see
the beauty of the leaves on trees or grass on a hillside. If you
are unable to do so, then take a tour through photography done
by another. I know it will not show you the full beauty, but
it can at least show a portion of it. I always try to publish bits
and pieces of my photography in my stationary. I need to get
on the ball and upload the pictures I’ve taken thus far to my
FaceBook photo collection. I might try to do that real soon!
If ya can’t tell, I love photography! Yep, that is one of the
things that keeps me from losing my mind up here. Without
my camera I would go nuts. I wish though I was able to drive
around and take pictures, but I have to wait for when Judy
is feeling up to it. Hehe heck, I would just get lost anyways!
None the less, I do from time to time get some great pictures
to share. Sometimes it’s just a picture of a mornings dawn.
Yes, God paints some glorious pictures. It’s humanity that
contaminates the views. Let’s all try to save some of God’s
work for others to see. Don’t waste away the environment.
Let God show you what its true beauty can be and become.
Now it’s time for me to hush my hehe preaching and begin
my little journey back through all I’ve written to see if I can
find a good word or phrase that I can use for the title for
today’s brand new poem. So it’s away I go to that place of
my recollection that I like to call RECOLLECT VILLE.
I think I found a good title just a little ways back in my
rambling hehehe. Now let’s see what I can do with it 🙂

Spectacular Colors

Scenes of beauty
found in phase
brushstrokes of time
paint the days.
God unwinds
His ways of color
that is like
not any other.
Spectacular colors
far and wide
are well painted
with God applied.
Scenes of beauty
none compare
ones will tarnish
without care.
Bring again
the colors scenes
added to the
leaves of greens.
Let God paint
the beauty found
into here there
all around.
Spectacular colors
can become
new to see
each setting sun.
Then in dawning
of each day
we’ll see colors
swish and sway.
God’s own paintings
will survive
if we’ll help them
stay alive.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 12, 2010

There’s ya a little nature poem. I don’t know about you, but
I sure get ticked off when I see God’s paintings getting ruined
by ones that do not care. He gave us this planet, but so many
just use it as a waste can. I’m not an environmentalist. I just
happen to care. Ok, off of that subject hehehe. It’s 1 PM now
and it is 58F degrees. This is what I call snuggling weather 🙂
During the summer, it’s too humid to even think of snuggling.
Looks like we might get a few rain showers this week. We need
some heavy rains. Our water level is down a few feet and Judy
reminded me that we are on well water and that made me begin
worrying a bit. Oh well, it looks like we are OK. This is a deep
well. Yet it suffices 4 trailer houses. The last time I was on well
water was in Texas back in the late 70’s and it kept running low.
This well seems to be doing just fine. In any case, I am sure God
is taking care of us. I can often feel His Hands of Love caress
me. Oh yea, did you remember that Saturday was 9 11? Yep,
Judy and me were sleeping on the phone to one another or at
least she was hehehe. I was watching the weather channel and
I saw the planes hit the towers September 11 2001 and said, did
you see that. She awoke and said what. Hehehe I forgot she
was in Maine and did not have cable hehehehe. I said a plane
just crashed into one of the twin towers and then a second plane
crashed into it. I descibed it to her on the phone as best I could.
I was sort of wishing I was already in Maine hehe being I had
to fly back to Maine October 1 2001 to marry her and getting
through customs was extremely hard then. It was sort of weird
having a guy with a machinegun or look alike standing over me
as I awaited my flight. Yep, my mom couldn’t even come back
and wait with me as she had before. That 9 11 sure changed
things. Anyways, I made it back to Maine Oct 1 and we got
married Oct 2 2001. She moved to Texas with me for 6 years
and now we are back in Maine where she lived before LOL.
That’s our life in a nutshell hehehehe. Now to begin my little
search for that confounded off switch, but not before I tell
ya what I tell ya every week 🙂 and that is I wrote some more
poems. 10 more poems with 3 of them wintry Christmassy
style poems and 22 more haiku for all of my haiku lovers.
I hope you have a most joyous week. Try and look for the
beauty that God has put all around for us to see. You will
be blessed. Remember, Jesus loves you and we do too.
Now to find that off switch! Found it hiding behind the
cardboard I put in the window to keep the sunshine from
blinding me in the evening. My freaking window faces the
west. See ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems
10 and 22 hehehe:)

Make Your Dreams

Now might seem
just like a dream
or bit of scare
from a nightmare.
Time will move
within its groove
of seconds found
of all around.
Flavors tasted
might be wasted
with a view
a bit askew,
Now might be
a sight to see
while the day
goes on its way.
Yet our choices
turned to voices
can become
a hectic drum.
Beating rhythms
certain isms
making scenes
of withered dreams.
So make sure
your thoughts are pure
with the scopes
of all your hopes.
Make your dreams
as running streams
from here to there
with daily prayer.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 11, 2010

Long Cold Winters

Skies above me
seem to show
sometimes signs
of winters snow.
Clouds so fluffy
white and gray
seem to dance
most every day.
Pirouettes seen
in the sky
are the clouds
that dance so high.
With their movement
here to there
they design
what none compare.
Skies of blue
so filled with white
show me winters
day and night.
White snow falling
from the blue
land and paint
each day anew.
Scenes of winter
find their place
painted in
a day with grace.
Long cold winters
nights I see
somehow live here
within me.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 11, 2010

Tomorrows Journeys

Inner most feelings
might be deception
needing a little
timeless correction.
Sometimes our view
of inner most thoughts
finds certain journeys
a little bit lost.
Maybe a venture
of some time ago
might be the reason
leading to woe.
Many times anchors
are let out to hold
timeless persuasion
of heartbeats so cold.
Often our judgment
is found in line
with that of hurtful
of our time to time.
Tomorrows journeys
needs to be done
without the burdens
of thens setting sun.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 11, 2010

Pages That Turn

Finding a moment
within minutes peace
might need some time
of a little release.
You might be found
with too much to hold
onto the minutes
from moments of old.
Look for the answers
written in age
that were the lessons
timeless on stage.
Seek for conclusions
of moments design
as you grow older
in your special time.
Finding a moment
might disagree
with what’s ahead
from your history.
So let the stages
of pages that turn
be as the minutes
to help you discern.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 11, 2010

Joyful Through Minutes

Pictures of Christmas
make their display
even in April
and maybe in May.
Pictures remembered
of which I delight
are of white snow
from day unto night.
Maybe just maybe
cans of white snow
bought from a store
how I used to know.
But of course Christmas
scenes at glance
seem to have snow
to help them enhance.
Lights all blinking
of red, green and blue
give us the pictures
the way that they do.
Even the snow globes
shaken around
seem to awaken
that special sound.
The joy of Christmas
found in today
helps me remember
a wonderful way.
Joyful through minutes
that timeless perceives
I find a smile
with snow on the leaves.
Trees in the distance
all covered with snow
help me remember
those times long ago.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 11, 2010

Through Every Turnstile

Many see turnstiles
coming and going,
yet many are not
goodness bestowing.
So many turnstiles
within our view
are not the best thing
for maybe to do.
But of course greed
in moments of gain
make many seek for
turns to attain.
Often the moments
are just a seed
planted in turnstiles
thinking you need.
Take care in times
of turnstiles of rage,
for surely anger
changes the stage.
Let not a turnstile
be from remorse
unless you’re ready
for that moments course.
Let Jesus help you
through every turnstile
and you will find some
good to compile.
Of course you’ll fall
with certain degrees,
but you’ll find strength
in prayer on your knees.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 11, 2010

Planes of Time

Planes fly high
up over the trees
seeming as birds
flying with ease.
High in the sky
these planes of time
make a trail
of a cloudlike design.
Signing their name
in the sky of blue,
it seems they make
a magical hue.
Then as the planes
fly off real far
I can still see
their ribbon type star.
Stretched in the skies
as their memories
I see their trail
above the tall trees.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 11, 2010

I See The Sun

I see the sun
so brightly today
within my window
as it does display.
It seems as magic
the sunshine I see
as it’s performing
right here before me.
I see the sun
with its special brand
left on each day
with its golden hand.
Streaks of sunshine’s
shimmer and shine
within my window
of now so divine.
I see the sun
as it fades away
when then by evening
it ends the day.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 11, 2010

Try Some Believing

Belief is a thing
that many don’t do
when they can’t see
a sight they see through.
Many will doubt
what does not appear
even if truly
it is very clear.
Many closed minds
will just not believe
in what that many
can surely perceive.
Open your mind up
to new ways of sight
and maybe see then
what is truly right.
Believing is seeing
or so many say,
but often many
will doubt anyway.
Try some believing
before you’re with doubt
and you might find then
what life’s all about.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 11, 2010

Christmastime Glory

Windows of Christmas
seem sort of glazed
with that of snowfall
I’m so amazed.
It seems the windows
Christmassy view
makes every moment
oh so brand new.
Windows so fragrant
with that incense
coming from Christmas
of times past tense.
Windows recorded
in a design
make their performance
of Christmastime.
Now I see windows
Septembers view
that are of Christmas
soon to come true.
Cool breezes blowing
letting me know
that soon December
will bring much snow
And as I remember
that wonderful day
I know it surely
will come my way.
Christmastime glory
in my windows scene
will be much more than
just but a dream.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 11, 2010

for Sept 11, 2010

Paving a minute
takes seconds of momentum
without any cease.

Now brings us chances
to rectify yesterday
through much better done.

The last flower blooms
with its own breath of silence
to welcome winter.

Time is a bad path
when it is taken with greed
of what others have.

Bright beams of sunlight
make their way through my window
while providing warmth.

Before flowers grow
they break the soil with passion
to seek for sunlight.

Many trails are blazed
with much anticipation,
but lack of knowledge.

Hearing a heartbeat
does not mean that there is life.
It means there is sound.

In mornings glory
brings pictures of a new day
in through the window.

Heaven is waiting
as we walk here on the Earth
with many choices.

Knowing another
does not mean you know it all.
We each have secrets.

Points of perspective
are determined by lifestyles
and what we decide.

Someone’s empty glass
might be actually full.
The view might evade them.

With summers ending
comes the beginning of fall
as winter concludes.

A breezes passage
has begun with the fragrance
seasoned of morning.

An echo of time
makes its way through the valley
in form of a smile.

Inner most feelings
might elude ones around you,
so let someone know.

Doorways to springtime
are fashioned out of dewdrops
gathered throughout time.

Many have their trials
in form of their delusions
inside of their minds.

A grand blue sunset
with the highlight of some clouds
is God’s Hands at work.

Tomorrows problems
are better taken care of
by seizing today.

Scents are around me
such as flowers all abloom
giving their last breath.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 11, 2010

God bless from Bill and Judy.

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