Connection of Sorts


Hello my friends

The end of March has arrived and April
is knocking on the door saying hello.  It
looks like today is gonna be a warm one
as right this moment it is 56 F degrees
and it’s helping the snow to melt away
of course at a slow rate.  Tomorrow it’s
supposed to be a high of 33 F and that
might slow it down a tad LOL.  None
the less the snow is melting,  but it’s
supposed to snow a little this evening,
although it doesn’t look like we will be
getting much more snow,  being it’s a
little too warm and the low for tonight
is 27 F 🙂  It’s supposed to rain a little
bit before it begins snowing and that
should cancel out the snow quite a bit.
So,  next topic.  We haven’t done much
since last week.  Judy didn’t have any
doctor appointments in March so that
cut down on our drives to town other
than to do a little grocery shopping 🙂
Being honest,  I’ve seen all of the snow
that I want to see.  6 months of snow
is plenty LOL.   Yep,  I’m ready for
a little warmer weather,  but not too
warm.  We went to town yesterday
(Saturday) and bought a few groceries
and when we got home,   I stumbled
on a mound of ice as I was headed
out of the car to our front steps and
I fell and hit my head and messed up
my arm and ribs pretty good,  but I
think I’ll survive.  My right arm is
bruised and swollen quite a bit and it
has been hard to breathe. Also when
I banged my head it took me a while
before the world stopped spinning.  I
couldn’t stand up and when I did I
felt as though I was on a merry-go-
 round.  The world stopped spinning
after a little bit,  but Judy made me
stay sitting while she brought in all
of the groceries and put them away.
At first before unloading all of the
groceries she loaded me up in the car
and was going to take me to the ER,
but just a little ways down the road
I told her I was feeling better and I
thought I would be OK,  so she in
a hesitant manner turned us around
and headed back home.  She worries
about me and I love her for that 🙂
Last night our dumb butt dog Rocky
peed on my side of the bed and made
it where I had to use my right arm to
flip the mattress after we cleaned up
what we could with Oxiclean.  That
hurt quite a bit.  Almost made me cry
which is something I don’t have habit
of doing unless I am in a tremendous
amount of pain or real sad.  Kind of
like when I had shingles on my head.
That freaking hurt.  Judy thought I
was having an aneurysm and come to
think of it I was thinking the same
being mine didn’t have a rash like
most.  Anyways,  as I said,  it takes
a lot to make me cry or more to the
point for tears to start pouring LOL.
Anyways,  that is all about that topic.
Next 🙂  Well our landlord never got
our mailbox repaired,  but I am sure
that in time he will,  but until then
I may go out in the next day or 3 and
stand it up and wrap it with duck tape
and put a few screws in it to hold it
up LOL.  Yet,  as of now it’s leaning
to the left quite a bit.  The mailman
is still able to put mail in it :),  but
I bet it’s hard for him to reach from
his car window.  Anyways,  life is
continuing at a crawl up this way 🙂
Judy just got up and came in here
with me and the boys.  LOL I told
Rocky if you ever pee on my side
of the bed again,  he’s gonna be put
outside and have to spend a lot of
time chasing weeds hahaha.  Judy
said he peed on my side because I’m
his favorite.  I said you don’t pee on
your favorite owners side of the bed.
LOL  I’m sure Rocky understood all
that I said hehehe,  NOT.  Oh well
that’s life.  Shih Tzus aren’t the most
brightest dogs ya know Hahahaha.
We love him and his brother Benny.
Though we’ve never had the problems
with Benny that we have with Rocky,
but that could be due to him not
being a Shih Tzu LOL.  Benny’s is a
Peekapoo,  half Pekinese and half
Poodle.  The wind is really blowing
outside .  It’s singing a song such as
whistle while you work hehehe.  Yep,
the Pearce’s Place is a real exciting
place LOL.  Judy and I enjoy the
peace when nothing is going wrong.
She’s been doing a lil bit of painting
lately and I used one of her paintings
of an alien that she did a while back
for one of my poetry pictures.  She’s
painted a few more in the last few
days 🙂  LOL I know what you may
be thinking right now,  aliens.  Well
she paints whatever she happens to
want to paint or feels like painting
just as I write about whatever that
I feel like writing.  It’s called life.
The poem I wrote for her painting
came out quite nice and I believe it
fit the painting pretty good 🙂  We’ve
got a connection of sorts that many
people don’t have.  I thank God
for that connection and for bringing
her and I together.  It’s great having
someone that enjoys pretty much the
same things as me as I her.  We have
our downfalls and disagreements in
life,  but that’s normal.  Nobody sees
eye to eye always.  But we let our
love to pull us through and God is
always helping.  Thank You God 🙂
Now I believe it’s time for me to be
looking back over all that I’ve written
here to see if I can find a good word
or phrase that I can use for the title
for today’s brand new poem,  so it’s
away I go to that little place of my
recollection that I always like to call
RECOLLECT VILLE.  I believe I may
of found a decent title just a few lines
back in my rambling and now after
checking I see that I have not used it
yet,  so used it shall be.  Here goes.

Connection of Sorts

Thoughts and desires
become as we are
while time continues
to near and afar.
A connection of sorts
becomes as a style
bonding ones together
a frown or a smile.
We’ve got connections
that we may not see
as time goes its way
throughout history.
So look for sameness
and not only seek
what that is different
or maybe antique.
We have connections
red blood that flows
with heartbeats beating
our sameness grows.
Look beyond color
and what you believe
and find the sameness
the greatest degrees.
Let God to guide you
to love less of hate
a connection of sorts,
find a familiar trait.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 31,  2019

Well,  there ya go.  I hope you liked
the poem.  I also hope you enjoyed
my rambling and I didn’t bore you.
It’s raining now and Judy just went
outside to take a picture of the rain
as well as the magnitudes of snow
that we still have LOL.  Yep,  we’ve
still got quite a bit of snow on the
ground,  but the rain will help it to
melt 🙂  I did a few selfies a couple
of days ago and I’ll put maybe 1
of them in my stationery.  So that
seems to be all that I have for ya,
other than of course the normal.
Yeppers,  I wrote 10 more poems
and 4 of them are Christmas poems.
I also wrote 22 more haiku for all
of the haiku lovers out there.  I
hope you can find 1 or 2 of either
or both that you like.  I believe
it’s time for me to begin my search
for that hardly elusive off switch,
but not before I wish you a most
wonderful blessings filled week.
Remember,  Jesus loves you and
we do too.  Now,  where can that
ornery off switch be trying to hide
this time???  Hmm,  I do remember
putting my list of telephone numbers
down in front of me,  but they used
to sit flat LOL.  Hey,  are you ever
gonna try to actually hide?  Silly!
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill,  Judy,  Benny,  Rocky
and the spirit of Milo Pearce

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Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

The Bee Eater

Mother nature
creates its own
ways of life in
wondrous tone.
Plants displaying
greater scenes
and some animals
just like dreams.
Just like a bird
that eats insects
predominantly bees
it finds the best.
It has a way of
not getting stung
hitting on wood
its stinger is flung.
Most are found
in Africa and Asia
the Bee Eater style
just like fantasia.
Seeming like a song
or a similar tune
the Bee Eater way
is life’s opportune.
Nesting in burrows
of riverbanks
vertically dug
in colony flanks.
A Bee Eater thrives
its eating array
existing through time
in a magical way.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 25,  2019

Our Christmas Memories

Those wonderful days
with presents all wrapped
waiting for the day
for time to adapt.
Our dogs all dressed up
in Christmas clothes
and we hear the songs
on the old radios.
Scenes become alive
as a page from a book
our Christmas memories
that can’t be mistook.
The tree’s all lit up
and twinkling away
as the presents beneath it
await for the day.
Those wonderful times
that became as a glow
as outside displayed
that white Christmas snow.
It glitters and shimmers
of a Christmas hue
our Christmas memories
from old to anew.
We will always remember
the times way back when
we had our dog Milo
that made Benny grin.
Those times will always
be as oceans of seas
found as true blessings
our Christmas memories.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 25,  2019

Season of White

Blessings are children
that play in the snow
seasonal playgrounds
our winters bestow.
A moment endearing
as a seasonal kiss
filled with the wonders
of Christmastime bliss.
Found within Maine
of a seasonal time
white snow’s well laden
in a wondrous design.
The season is a stage
that performs in style
giving oh so many
a Christmastime smile.
Snowflakes falling
as angels from above
creating great moments
that fill full of love.
That Christmassy scene
is a wondrous display
with children in snow
on a wintertime’s day.
It might be a picture
or a moment you recall
that’s from the past
that came after fall.
None the less the beauty
is a Christmas delight
found in the moments
of a season of white.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 26,  2019

Returning To Seed

Passed days remembered
are seeds that are sewn
seeming as timeless
a moment we’ve known.
Seeds were implanted
in our distant memories
that we may remember
to the slightest degrees.
A page of our lifetime
will turn in our book
while returning to seed
for a much better look.
Lessons from moments
that we’ve been through
are the seeds we planted
for a much later view.
Maybe with the passing
of a day or a year
the seeds that we planted
might not be so clear.
For as our journey finds
the minutes to move
we might then encounter
a dissimilar groove.
The roads we go down
as life moves along
might throw a few seeds
to show a new dawn.
Yet with the passing times
we’ll get what we need
as our lessons in life are
returning to seed.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 26,  2019

Unending Thoughts

Reliving the minutes
as seconds tick on
I find I’m reminded
of another time’s dawn.
A lifetime’s existence
that came into view
and then faded out
to an undying hue.
It’s of a Christmas
a time long ago
as scenes from a play
well written in snow.
Unending thoughts
of a seasonal time
that I still envision
deep inside of my mind.
It’s as a heartbeat
a true rhythm of love
with a family united
by Lord God above.
We all have moments
that we wish to return
echoes of the past
that we surely discern.
Those times recorded
inside of our brain
each time well forming
as a moment of rain.
Look for the beauty
the memoirs not lost
found in the moments
of unending thoughts.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 27,  2019

Sunshine Escapes

With views of winter
in snow of white
the sunshine escapes
to expose its light.
We might not see
the sudden scenes
Christmas moments
as sunshine dreams.
Yet in the making
of a cloudy sky
wintertime displays
 what times apply.
Sometimes fragments
and sometimes more
as sunshine escapes
through a winter door.
It might seem cold
as the view displays
white snow of winter
in wondrous arrays.
It is so magical
unfolding a style
as sunshine escapes
and gives us a smile.
It might be a passing
of a roadside view
a time you remember
that now lives in you.
For as the season
shows cloudy drapes
Christmas snow falls
as sunshine escapes.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 27,  2019

Looking Out To Sea

The scenery of the sea
as a mere looking glass
displays a sight to see
of the future and past.
A scene that’s so serene
as a life’s music box
as the waves of the sea
are a moment that talks.
Telling a wondrous story
 of a time and a place
while one stands watching
the moon changing face.
Life is but a dreamland
and a seasonal glance
as the waves of the days
do their song and dance.
Singing oh so sweetly
as a graceful lullaby
while the minutes pass
and thoughts multiply.
While one stands alone
looking out for designs
the waves then complete
their own style of rhymes.
Recreating journals
that we’ve written down
telling of a moment
that waves surely found.
Speaking of a segment
of a time’s memory
this is what is heard
when looking out to sea.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 28,  2019

A Skyline Journey

A late summer’s day
on a seasonal drive
time fades from view
as seconds come alive.
Minutes are gathered
as life’s atmosphere
a time so golden
to see and to hear.
Driving down a road
beneath a cloudy sky
you might see a stage
that seems to fly by.
A mesmerizing scene
with blue skies displayed
a time that you find
heaven’s waters to wade.
A God filled moment
and a dream come true
a time so divine
that lives within you.
It lives as a memory
it lives as a thought
a time and a place
that cannot be bought.
It’s a skyline journey
to another world
driven down a road
with moments unfurled.
A place you’ll remember
as time goes its way
a skyline journey
of a so distant day.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 28,  2019


Breathe in a moment
exhale then a time
a scene you remember
a photograph find.
Loosen your collar
and seek for a view
breathe in a turnstile
that opened for you.
Exhale the sadness
and breathe in a smile
and let it blossom
with more to compile.
Search for a photo
or a mere memory
and then breathe it in
much better to see.
Don’t allow yesterdays
to constrain your view
look for a new breath
to exhale in you.
Seek for tomorrows
with glimmers of past
found as our memories
only shadows to cast.
A view of a puppy
or a kitten can become
a sight for sore eyes
on a new setting sun.
So breathe in a blessing
a true breath of air
and then find hopeful
to exhale as a prayer.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 28,  2019

Traveling Minds

Looking passed sorrow
and looking passed pain
time becomes a doorway
that drives us insane.
Often with cloudy skies
and often with blue
as our traveling minds
say how do you do.
Hello to the bitterness,
hello to the smiles
as our minds travel on
with so many styles.
God gives many choices
for us to perceive,
but our traveling minds
might just misconceive.
All of the distant roads
that we each look upon
might have within them
a new dusk to dawn.
A new day well hidden
that now does not see
as today marks a journey
within you and me.
Let God show the roads
the best for us to drive
finding new pathways
to keep us alive.
Don’t let your mindsets
to be locked on today,
because in a moment
it will be yesterday.
Leaving just a memory
of our rights and wrongs
that many sing about
in their daily songs.
Those special places
that Lord God unwinds
as all of the lessons
within traveling minds.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 30,  2019

for Mar 30,  2019

The mind’s perception
can be controlled by shadows
that a moment sees.

Living within lies
the truth is still living proof
that will be exposed.

Inside a dreamworld
our imagination lives,
but shows illusions.

Illustrated quest
are done without our footsteps,
but gauged as our steps.

Rosebuds of today
are also thorns in our lives
that we must deal with.

From winter to spring
life shows us many pictures
as our photographs.

Dandelions thrive
through summertime’s beginnings
ending in autumn.

Shadows of ourselves
are as mirrored images
that show what we do.

Depicting the truth
often needs good descriptions
for ones to believe.

Life in the fast lane
can cause you to miss what’s good
and see only bad.

Chapters of our lives
can be real hard to believe
if they are too vague.

Often our lessons
come as struggles we don’t want,
but we must deal with.

Leaders of many
might find a few that lose stride
as they look away.

The truth of a plant
is its roots within the soil,
not just what’s above.

Glimmers of a life
can become time’s emotions
contained in a thought.

Living on the edge
can be very hazardous
as you may fall down.

Changes in reasons
show our wants and desires
in explanations.

The windows of life
are often as confusion
that we’re looking through.

Now is just a time
that will soon be as the past
no matter how far.

Various viewpoints
can become as a war zone,
so seek common ground.

The links to a rose
are as that of a flower
that might be a weed.

Sharing a lifestyle
through a moment of peaceful
can harness a prayer.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 30,  2019

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