Structurally Sound


Hello my friends

It’s been a busy week for me as I’ve
been doing a lot of mowing and it’s
about taken the life out of me.  I’m
pooped.  I have mowed all around
our house and used  the weed eater
near our home and things I can’t get
the lawnmower near.  I’ve ran down
the batteries in the lawn mower and
the weed eater  quite a few times and
they are all on their chargers at this
 very moment.  That’s great,  because
my battery is done too.  My body
feels as though I’ve walked to town
and back.  My legs feel like mush 🙂
Anyways,  I had planned on going
with Judy today up to Caribou to
celebrate her oldest daughter’s BD,
(birthday),  but our landlord told
me yesterday that a man was going
to come today to fix our porch roof
so that wasp and birds can’t get in
the roof part,  but so far he hasn’t
shown up.  I went out and did some
more mowing and weed eating as
I waited,  but no show.  Maybe he
will show up tomorrow 🙂  Anyways,
I guess I stayed home for nothing,
but then I did not get any rest last
night being my body has been in a
ton of pain from overworking it
mowing and weed eating.  My old
body can’t do as much as I used to
be able to do.  Health issues are
taking their toll on me LOL.  That
my friends is life hehehe.  So,  it’s
just me and the boys hanging out
together.  Rocky is about to wear
me out LOL.  I opened the front
door so that if he needed to go out
to go potty,  he could go without
having to come get me to let him
out,  but it seems he likes for me
to watch him,  being he still comes
to get me even though the front
door is opened wide hahahahahaha.
Benny just goes out and does his
thing without coming to bother me
if the door is opened LOL.  We had
a doggy door installed on the porch
door so they don’t need that door
opened.  We’ve got some silly boys.
I just walked out to check the mail
and it looks as though our landlord
is putting up some new mailboxes.
Hopefully they are put in a little
more structurally sound than the
ones before that kept getting hit
with the snow off of the snow plows
and knocking them over.  I forget
how many times I had to go out and
dig out our mailbox and stand it up.
LOL  Last winter after it had been
knocked over a few times I went
out with a roll of strong duck tape
and rapped the post around and
around and around till it was not
going anywhere LOL.  Hey laugh if
you will,  but it held it up and even
to this day that duck tape is still
rapped tight.  Though the guy said
he is going to move our mailbox
onto the post that he has put up for
all of the mailboxes.  Anyways,  I
got our mail and it was all junk mail
as usual hehehe.  Oh yea,  as I said
last week,  I’m going to put a lot of
last Sunday’s (Fathers Day) pictures
in this week’s stationery.  So for all
of you that are receiving this in the
stationery format,  you’ll see them,
but for those of you receiving all of
my emails in plain text,  SORRY 🙂
Last Monday we took the boys out
for a little field trip.  I mowed us a
few pathways we could walk on so
we wouldn’t have to walk through
the tall grass.  Although,  since then
our landlord has mowed out there
with his riding lawnmower and it
looks a lot better.   I’ve taken our
lawnmower out and touched up the
places that his mower left clumps 🙂
So,  life is continuing on here at our
little abode 🙂  God is still watching
over us and I sense many angels
walking with us daily as they guide
us here and thereunto.  Thank You
God for always having Your mighty
hands over us protecting us.  We
praise Your name.  So I guess it’s
time for me to be looking back on
all that I’ve written here to see if I
can find a good word or phrase that
I can use for the title for today’s
brand new poem.  And so it’s away
I go to that place of my recollection
I always like to call RECOLLECT
VILLE.  I believe I may have found
a decent title about halfway through
my rambling and now after checking
I see that it’s not been used as of yet,
so used it shall be today.  Here goes…

Structurally Sound

Leaning on a moment
a time frame or two
might not be structurally
strong enough for you.
Things that we think of
and wonder about
might just be moments
to fill us with doubt.
Thriving on a journey
a hole deep within
might let in water
of Hell driven sin.
Don’t allow a doubter
to change how you view,
for they may be weak
just leaning on you.
Times that come quickly
can often fall apart
not structurally sound,
but just that of art.
Blessings are of Heaven
and God’s wondrous ways
giving that of heartfelt
for our eyes to gaze.
Poured in life’s tapestry
as time goes to town
God gives us blessings
so structurally sound.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 23,  2019

There ya go.  I hope you liked the
poem and maybe even my rambling.
I guess being that I am here all by
myself hehehe sort of,  I had a lot
of things to say.  LOL Rocky keeps
running in here and nudging me and
then running back into the kitchen
where Benny is lying on the floor 🙂
I just now went in there and they
were both on the porch,  so I told
them to come in and I shut the door.
I figure the bugs are waking up and
I don’t want to invite them in LOL.
Oh well,  I guess that’s all I’ve got
for you other than what I tell you
every week and that is,  I wrote some
more poems and haiku.  Yep,  10
more poems and 22 more haiku for
all of the haiku lovers out there 🙂
I hope you can find 1 or 2 of either
or both that you like.  Now,  I believe
it’s time for me to begin my search
for that hardly elusive off switch,
but not before I wish you all a most
wonderful and blessings filled week.
Remember,  Jesus loves you and we
do too.  Alrighty now,  where can
that off switch be trying to hide this
time LOL and I use the term trying
loosely hehehe.  LOL what is that
peeking out from behind my camera?
For Heaven’s sake,  couldn’t you
find a better hiding place?  That one
is,  how should I say,  right smack
dab in front of me and being you
can’t seem to be still for 2 seconds
I might as well take a picture of ya.
Nope, not gonna waste my time LOL.
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill,  Judy,  Benny,  Rocky
and the spirit of Milo Pearce

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Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Sunset Eve

Evening’s colors
of the rays of sun
begins a journey
as colors are spun.
Scenes of living
as a passing phase
a sunset eve
has much to gaze.
Its own perception
of colorful hues
displays a scene
the minutes infuse.
Aromatic vision
that eyes can see
scented of colors
the highest degree.
Look real closely
at an evening sight
and you might see
some rays of light.
Perceived as actors
in the evening sky
colorful moments
hello and goodbye.
They create time
for night to appear
a scene as a dream
starlight so clear.
Moonlight shines
to tell its tales
stories of evening
darkness prevails.
These are the times
we should look for
as night may show
a shooting star.
Look to the sky
a blessing to weave
and then enjoy
a sunset eve.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 19,  2019

Discerned Dimensions

Lost in a dream
found in the mind
times we discerned
then intertwined.
Scenery of nature
scenery of bliss
dimensions gather
to give us a kiss.
One within passion
one of displays
life is a moment
with so many ways.
Maybe as a bridge
to new dimensions
scented perception
timeless intentions.
Discerned as life
as it gathers speed
across a bridge
to want and need.
Often a prayer
can help us survive
as God from above
opens our eyes.
He opens doors
to new days of life
hopeful conclusions
lesser of strife.
Exhale confusion
and breathe in deep
discerned dimensions
lesser to weep.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 19,  2019

Winter’s Glow

Sent as glimmers
time begins
seasons standing
winter’s winds.
Glowing moments
become seen
within winter
like ice cream.
Time transcending
winter’s quest
written stories
then attest.
Clouds might form
as minutes meet
winter’s glow
to have a seat.
Resting snowflakes
on the ground
become scenes
seen all around.
Today’s reflections
might hold tight
winter’s glimmers
day and night.
So many emotions
might show true
a winter’s glow
with whitish hue.
Life is a walkway
a hall of time
filled with passion
like a rhyme.
Try and remember
things you saw
of winter’s glow
so filled will awe.
Look within you
see the snow
white as Heaven
winter’s glow.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 20,  2019

Perfection’s Mind

Our inner eyes
might foresee
a time and place
we wish to be.
A place of peace
a place of rest
a time of mind
we view the best.
Perfect places
scented sweet
mindful moments
a timeless treat.
Those might be
but only dreams
our perfections
life of streams.
Flowing rivers
standing lakes
perfection’s mind
a time relates.
It might be only
shadowed stars
found as minutes
near to ours.
Time’s perfection
becomes cast
found right then
as timeless past
Moments linked
as seasons chains
perfection’s mind
of wishful gains.
Life is opened
to our views
wanted moments
ways to choose.
Yet as blessings
we might find
truth within
perfection’s mind.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 20,  2019

Sitting Thinking

Points of vision
create sights
sitting thinking
wrongs or rights.
Life goes passing
passed our view
sitting thinking
what to do.
Hands upon a
picnic table
might just choose
what we’re able.
For as time goes
rushing passed
we might lose
the best contrast.
Sitting thinking
wasting time
as life moves
in its design.
God gives choices
to you and I
how to learn
or just get by.
Say a prayer
before you move
and then find
a better groove.
For if you’re only
sitting thinking
you might end up
only sinking.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 20,  2019

Amber Passages

Leaves of life
might hold a view
as minutes pass
from old to anew.
Just like the life
of people we know
leaves then begin
their time to go.
Blowing in wind
as time moves on
amber passages
then and gone.
People we know
and love so true
pass from here
to start as anew.
Life is a venture
Heaven or Hell
choices we choose
with each detail.
As that of leaves
on a windy day
our lives blow on
to another way.
Leaves as amber
we are as one
living breathing
till time is done.
God gives chances
to better our view
as amber passages
old to anew.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 20,  2019

Paintings of Age

Life creates paintings
so timeless forsook
often as a memory
with just but a look.
As forgotten pages
of a book of time
the paintings of age
are a timeless design.
Scented that of wood
or of echoes of style
the paintings live on
for a time for while.
Ghost of a moment
connected to rehearse
scenes as our dreams
that seem in reverse.
The paintings of age
are alive memories
flowing as a motion
of some timeless seas.
The waves of reality
might seem to sail on
becoming as pictures
moments long gone.
The paintings we see
may of faded away
becoming our dreams
of a so distant day.
We will often forget
about the rustic times
that now are but only
rhythms and rhymes.
Those days long ago
we took for granted
left within time
a moment enchanted.
Life has a memory
as that of a stage
found deep within us
as paintings of age.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 21,  2019

The Magic Begins

Transcending places
and times episodes
minutes and hours
show country roads.
The passing of scenes
and colors of style
displays a journey
of then and a while.
Scenes become gold
as a priceless piece
as the magic begins
to give us release.
Forming as a bubble
in a moment of time
found as so magical
it thrives in the mind.
Our lifetime’s events
are a mere memory
as the magic begins
with all you did see.
Looking within you
it might still display
the magical moments
of a forgotten array.
Allow for a heartbeat
and a breath of air
to instill upon you
an answer to prayer.
Found as the beauty
a lifetime transcends
are heavenly blessings
as the magic begins.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 21,  2019

Silent Passages

Through our eyes
we might perceive
a point in time
to stay or leave.
Silently waiting
for us to choose
passages waiting
to win or to lose.
Silent passages
as turns and twists
scenes of arrivals
just like the mist.
God given hillsides
with scenic views
give us the choices
of times to infuse.
Found as blessings
time stands still
wondrous aromas
of a seasonal hill.
We might not see
the views before
standing awaiting
for us to adore.
For as a moment
becomes as a view
time starts ticking
from old to anew.
Leaving a shadow
or a picture taken
as silent passages
for time to awaken.
Photos of scenes
God brought alive
as fields and hills
for times to arrive.
Times to remember
things to hold tight
silent passages
a timeless delight.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 21,  2019

Imagination streams

Pouring like water
with a colorful style
streams of a season
are as time’s sundial.
Flowing as a story
breathing into view
ripples of a landscape
for life to accrue.
Imagination streams
can grow as a thought
scented of a dreamer
a little or a lot.
The waters can begin
as little tiny rivers
showing how it grows
and how it delivers.
These can be displayed
as you and I together
flowing through life
in seasonal weather.
Often as a stream
that begins to flow
as our good and bad
and all we bestow.
Life is as a picture
awaiting to be taken
when deep within us
our eyes then awaken.
But yet for a moment
might be only dreams
found in a turnstile
of imagination streams.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 22,  2019

for Jun 22,  2019

Life can be tricky
as time displays opinions
that only it sees.

Time begins counting
in the mind of a dreamer
as hopeful finds prayer.

Synchronized moments
might become unsynchronized
if one falls away.

Windows of lifetimes
may hold keys to many views
found as confusion.

Fields of daffodils
become essence of summer
with dandelions.

An earnest request
without greed or desire
might become fulfilled.

Looking to the stars
you might see yourself alone,
but yet not alone.

Glimmers of freedom
might exist within our eyes,
but be just a dream.

Chance is a heartbeat
that presents itself in time
as hopeful moments.

In search of the truth
you might find many liars
that know what is true.

Busying yourself
so that you have no sorrow,
only delays it.

So many people
will hide their life’s emotions
inside of a smile.

Tomorrow brings chance
that needs now to prepare for
so chance can take seed.

Gathering flowers
from someone’s garden of dreams
can come back to haunt.

Losing a moment
makes room for yet another
to fill in the gap.

Treasure hunters
often only seek for greed
and not what they need.

Breathing in a breath
as life pours troubles on you
can help you get by.

In search of the facts
the truth shows new perspective
on how you perceived.

Grander scales of life
can be disillusioning
as size becomes void.

Cherishing a dream
can be a heavenly sight
if not all that’s seen.

Beyond a rainstorm
within a summertime day
there might be rainbows.

Fields of confusion
can enlighten ones worry,
but peace can be found.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 22,  2019

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