A Few Years


Hello my friends

It’s been a warm passed week and it looks
as though the next few days will be a bit
warm,  but thankfully they will pass soon.
I mowed last Thursday and got my allergies
enticed once again LOL.  It’s eased a little
since then.  I can talk LOL.  Last Friday
Judy and I took a little picture taking drive
down south to Bangor.  We got pictures
of the Paul Bunyan statue and of Steven
King’s house 🙂  Of course I took pictures
as she drove there and back,   but we did
stop time to time to take pictures of rivers
and pictures of many other sights.  Benny
and Rocky had to stay home.  We didn’t
think it would be good to bring them with
us.  They were happy to see us when we got
home as they always are 🙂  We love our lil
boys.  Judy’s flowers are still doing great.
Though the tomato plant we bought from
Dollar Tree doesn’t look so well hehehe.
Oh well,  it only cost us a dollar.  Maybe
it will make it.  Anyways,  all of her flowers
are doing great.  I got out this morning
and built us a railing for our front steps
so that we don’t fall off.  I even painted
it LOL.  Our landlord had promised to
make the railing for the steps a few years
ago,  but it seems it never happened,  so
I took matters in my own hands and used
some of the lumber that has been lying
around here for a few years.  It was hard
on me being I only have a hand saw and
not a skilsaw.  I am though planning on
buying a skilsaw one day in the future
when I can afford it.  The ladder I bought
sure came in handy today.  I had Judy
come out and hold it steady for me so I
could climb up and screw the railing to
the awning.  It doesn’t look professional,
but as good as one can do without the
proper tools LOL.  It should prevent us
from falling off of the steps.  Right now
at 8:30 PM it’s 74 F degrees.  It got up to
the lower to mid 80’s today which is what
it was while I was outside sawing boards
for the railing.  I painted it white and red,
but the lumber was so freaking old it acted
like a sponge and just soaked up the paint
so I had to do a lot of coats.  Oh well,  it
looks good enough for us. Judy likes it 🙂
There’s not much else going on here at the
Pearce’s Place.  I’m sure I’ll put a few of
the pictures that Judy and I took in the
stationery.  God has been good to us and
made sure we were OK.  I’m sure that we
have many angels watching over us and
some of them are friends and family 🙂
So I reckon it’s time for me to be taking
a little venture back through all that I’ve
written here to see if I can find me a good
word or phrase that I can use for the title
for today’s brand new poem.  So it’s away
I go to that place of my recollection that
I always like to call RECOLLECT VILLE.
It looks as though as I reminisce all that
I’ve written that I may have stumbled on
a decent title about halfway through my
rambling and now after checking I see
that it’s not been used as of yet,  so used
it shall be today.  Here’s goes…

A Few Years

When time plays games
as windows details
a few years might pass
leaving wind that sails.
Creating a picture
as time goes its way
a few years might pass
to leave much dismay.
Maybe of a doorway
or a time that ensued
leaving only patterns
of anger or a feud.
Yet as the years pass us
they give us a chance
to create from memories
a new song and dance.
Lessons from struggles
scented of the years
a few years pass by
to good and bad tears.
Look for the good times
and learn from the bad
as a few years pass by
showing what you had.

©By Bill Pearce
July 28,  2019

There ya go.  I hope you liked the poem
and maybe even my rambling and I can
ramble can’t I LOL.  Anyways,  there’s
not much else to tell you.  Judy’s brother
Ricky is still not doing good at all.  Keep
him and the family in your prayers.  So,
let me see if I have forgotten to tell you
anything,,,,,,,,,,, nope, all I have left to
tell you is what I tell you every week and
that is,  I wrote some more poems and
haiku.  Yeppers,  10 more poems and it
seems that there are 2 Christmas poems
in the mix.  I also wrote 22 more haiku
for all of the haiku lovers out there.  I
hope you can find 1 or 2 of either or both
that you like.  So now I believe it is time
for me to begin searching for that hardly
elusive off switch,  but not before I wish
you a blessings filled week.  Remember,
Jesus loves you and we do too.  Now,
where can that silly off switch be trying
to hide this week?   Hmmm and Hmmm
again hehehe.  I see ya you silly thing.
Hiding once again behind my nose spray
is not the greatest hiding spot being that
I use them often due these darned alergies.
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill,  Judy,  Benny,  Rocky
and the spirit of Milo Pearce

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Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Summer Evenings

As a drop of gold
in a field of green
lifetimes unfold
to a magical dream.
Summertime’s life
each page is turned
as evening arrives
and time’s discerned.
Summer evenings
display their views
seasons of stages
of greens and blues.
The sky up above
with clouds up high
tell us a little story
as they float on by.
Forming pictures
paintings of love
seasonal settings
in the sky up above.
Life is a doorway
summer enhances
some so timeless
a moment romances.
Found as sentences
worded in a way
an evening becomes
the end of the day.
Many might view it
as just but a time
as summer evenings
the nights in design.

©By Bill Pearce
July 22,  2019

Winter Wishes

Living for a season
with wishes galore
time begins ticking
as it has times before.
Summer may display
its seasonal sight,
but soon it is winter
a season of white.
Summer to autumn
brings so much to see
seasons of decisions
beyond you or me.
Winter has its beauty
of snowy white trails
a snow mobile travels
with wondrous details.
Often found scenic
is snow falling down
flakes as a painting
to land on the ground.
I find I am wishing
dreaming of white
thinking of Christmas
and all I delight.
For there is beauty
when winter explodes
decorating houses
and all of the roads.
This is the season
that I find delicious
Christmas time dreams
with my winter wishes.

©By Bill Pearce
July 23,  2019

Evening’s Glare

The glares of sunshine
seek on to display
an evening’s romance
at the end of the day.
Shining oh so brightly
with a yellowish tint
the evening’s sunlight
shines on to extent.
It seems a firestorm
surely as it glows
the evening’s glare
shows many shadows.
Displayed formations
it comes into view
to shine of its beauty
with a heavenly hue.
It lives as it leaves us
our view to the west
as it shines a bit more
with its glorious zest.
Giving ones sunlight
while now is displayed
stars and the moon
a night light brigade.
You might not see it,
but only for a while
as the sun fades away
and leaves us a smile.
Yet for a moment
it says a little prayer
within its wonders
as an evening’s glare.

©By Bill Pearce
July 23,  2019

Bright Summer Days

Points of perception
of summertime’s sky
displays the portions
of a seasonal high.
Sunshine shining
as a beacon of light
bright summer days
as day meets night.
Even the moonlight
shines bright as ever
bringing forth times
so many endeavor.
Yet in the sunlight
bright summer days
shine so heavenly
in healing arrays.
Giving the daylight
a time which to grow
flowers blooming
with waters that flow.
Though it is hot
as summer proceeds
it fills the blessings
of so many needs.
Seasons will come
and seasons will pass
creating memories
for ones to amass.
Life’s sorted pieces
in a mindful style
brings forth pages
to read with a smile.
Bright summer days
as a glistening blend
shines of the times
that surely transcend.
Created by God
as a seasonal stage
bright summer days
from age unto age.

©By Bill Pearce
July 24,  2019

Waters of Life

It may be a puddle
or a small little pond
that comes within view
before time is gone.
It might only ripple
a thought or a time
the waters of life
of our own design.
Simple as a dewdrop
on a venture within
poured out emotions
from beginning to end.
You may hear a splash
as the water runs true
that might just get
some water on you.
Seeming as the rain
of a momentum’s rush
scented that of water
with a heavenly hush.
Look within the waters
of a scenic display
and find what is true
as you kneel and pray.
Let your heart beat
of a peaceful desire
as the waters of time
are love’s brightest fire.
Lose all your worries
that cut like a knife
and find some peaceful
in the waters of life.

©By Bill Pearce
July 24,  2019

Peace at The Bay

Midmorning ripples
bring forth the days
scenes such as life
dancing in the waves.
Change is eventful
as ripples like wine
while dolphins dance
in their own design.
Creating their music
as a song by the sea
at peace at the bay
is a place which to be.
Allowing the echoes
of the ocean to roar
as a so distant view
a time by the shore.
Look for the signs
of life that abounds
and try to imagine
 more that surrounds.
Search up above you
and then down below
finding what’s good
for time to bestow.
Don’t allow worries
to be all you find
for the ripples can
give peace of mind.
So often dreamworlds
can enlighten a day
formed by the ocean
peace at the bay.

©By Bill Pearce
July 25,2019

Living For a Time

Pointing out errors
our time has gone wrong
without learning lessons
can repeat a dawn.
Look for the turnstiles
scenes we’ve discerned
while living for a time
that we might of earned.
Yet find the beauty
in the passing of days
while living for a time
of much better ways.
You might uncover
some scenic wonders
times within your mind
of laughable blunders.
Living for a time
can create a new view,
but if it’s not truthful
it’ll snap back on you.
Look beyond sadness
look beyond grief
and find you a place
that can give you relief.
Yet make me real sure
that the place is good,
a place of much better
doing what you should.
Find you a place
that opens your mind
living with goodness
living for a time.

©By Bill Pearce
July 26,  2019

Wintery Road

When you’re deciding
which way to go
a wintertime scene
might begin to grow.
It might display sights
as white snow of time
while the wheels roll
inside of your mind.
Choosing a pathway
a journey to drive
as the motor rumbles
with want to arrive.
A wintertime scenario
of lifetimes to see
can become one day
your own history.
When you’re deciding
which way to turn
the wheels within you
might start to churn.
A Christmastime scene
with glorious views
becomes as a dream
a moment to choose.
Look deep within you
and find you a place
a time to unwind
and then to embrace.
Search for a style
your heart can decode
a Christmastime mind
down a wintery road.

©By Bill Pearce
July 26,  2019

Cinematic Places

Oh so many memories
sentimental times
might be well hidden
deep inside our minds.
The cinematic places
with such a mystery
just like a doorway
that only you can see.
Maybe only dreams
of moments long ago
the cinematic places
that you used to know.
Moments of wonder
those places so divine
with the sweet aromas
of time after time.
Scented of heartbeats
scented of desire
displayed as a cinema
of true love afire.
There may be no sound
as the cinema begins
creating a journey
as some distant winds.
A cinematized novel
written in your words
becomes as a dream
a small flock of birds.
Those cinematic places
become so much more
as minutes tick away
and time starts to soar.
Places you remember
places you hold true
that are as a cinema
living within you.
Found with a smile
that time never erases
this is the passion of
cinematic places.

©By Bill Pearce
July 27,  2019

The Green of Life

Amass of so many
a place does arrive
formed as illusion
right before our eyes.
The seasons display
their point of view
seeming so timeless,
but yet very true.
The sounds you hear
might be only time
seasons of ages
found on your mind.
The green of life
is a true page to see
as a doorway opens
with a season’s key.
Living for a moment
the green is displayed
seeming so timeless
as life’s lemonade.
Poured out like water
a scene might become
essence of lifetime’s
bright shining sun.
Leaves that you see
on trees everywhere
may hold the key to
passion and prayer.
Hold to the moments
and release your strife
while you’re admiring
the green of life.

©By Bill Pearce
July 27,  2019

for July 27,  2019

Passionate feelings
can often confuse moments
and end up with lies.

When losing your way
the pathway to return to
is in memories.

Doors that we open
may hold many forms of life
so don’t hurry in.

Lessons of a storm
are that of lightning striking
giving strength through pain.

The limits we have
are often put on ourselves
due to having fear.

Searching for a path
that we can find peacefulness
might unleash some thorns.

Change can be found
hidden within illusions,
but real as can be.

Home fires burning
can be extinguished by lies
so keep true to love.

Luck can be riddles
with good and bad decisions
black cat or horseshoe.

Seeking for true love
might lead you in many paths
finding untrue first.

Mirrored images
are often as what we are
that others mimic.

Fields of destiny
bring forth many decisions
of which to choose from.

The leaves on the trees
are as speakers in the wind
as they rustle words.

Bringing your A game
can often become an F
because of others.

Learning from a bird
how to sing in the morning
can be a great tool.

Within a rain cloud
displays many points of view
that we may not see.

Looking across time
some hills might seem way too steep,
but be very small.

Meaningless chatter
does nothing but waste a breath,
so use words wisely.

Fear of the darkness
might display some illusions
found inside your mind.

Haunted corridors
are often filled with sadness
from all that’s gone wrong.

Tomorrows lessons
might be hidden in today
so take care and learn.

Sleepless emotions
will often cause much worry
with lack of slumber.

©By Bill Pearce
July 27,  2019

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