Can You Remember?


Hello my friends

So what’s up in your part of the world? It’s getting rather
chilly up this way. The weather is looking and feeling more
wintry every day. The trees have begun changing for falls
arrival. Today is supposed to be a high of 57F and cloudy.
It’s supposed to rain off and on throughout the week hehe
as usual. Yeppers, summer has left the room. Brian my
neighbor has been busy moving, being he’s gotta be gone
before the 30th. I hope the new neighbors are sociable 🙂
I’m sure gonna miss Brian and his wife, yet we will still be
in contact via telephone and Brian told me to get ready to
go fishing agin next year 🙂 Looking forward to it. Well
there ain’t much else going on up here. Oh yea, Oct 2nd
which is next Saturday, Judy and I will be celebrating our
9th wedding anniversary. I’ve got her gifts hidden away
or at least I think they are hehehe. She may have already
found them. No matter hehe she can’t have em until then.
We’re going out to eat Saturday to celebrate after she gets
home from work of course, being she has to work that day
darn it. Nobody said life was supposed to be perfect. Now
onto yet another topic. I got another call of ignorance the
other day when the doctor after seeing my blood results.
She said, “did you know your potassium is real low???”
That was the first thing I told her, plus if she had actually
read my doctors and hospital records that I went to all the
trouble to have faxed to her, she would of known of my
on going health issues. She even argued with me saying
that I must still have part of a colon LOL. I told her NO,
I haven’t got a colon and as a matter of fact I’m missing
a third of my small intestines due to the ulcerative colitis
that almost caused me to bleed to death. I don’t want
to get into that, but the fact is, if she doesn’t get on the
ball and take care of my hip of which I came in there
about, I am ceasing her as my doctor. What’s the use.
That’s my life. I guess I shouldn’t of expected different.
This is Maine LOL. OK, off of my bickers now hehehe.
Judy and I are still playing our farming games. I’m now
at level 119. Now being that they have moved the final
score to 135, I have more work to do hehe. Hey I do
enjoy it. It keeps me from going completely bonkers.
I still do Farmville, but prefer FarmTown being there
is much more to do, plus they gave options of buying
more farms with farm coins or farm cash. I’m building
my farm coins up so I can enlarge some of my farms.
I’ve saved up 63 million coins so far hehehe. Sure wish
it was real money LOL, Or better yet the farms were
real. I thank God for giving so many ways of dealing
with life. I do often walk outside and snap a few photos.
Judy and I drove to WalMart Thursday and I took a
few pictures out the window as she drove hehe. I might
use a few of those pictures as the stationary as well as
a few that I tool outside yesterday 🙂 I can’t wait till
fall gets here. Judy and I have plans on driving around
and searching for all the fall colors. Maybe the week
after next. In any case, I will continue to take pictures
around our house to keep tabs on the changes. I am so
amazed at how much beauty God gives us to view, yet
so many will insist on not looking. Don’t let sadness
contain your every thought. Of course there will be a
few problems in life. Those problems make the good
times to shine that much brighter. Without sadness
we would not notice the good times as much. In fact
we often overlook the good times due not having a few
downfalls. Can you remember having the flu or just
being real sick and how you felt when it all passed.
Wasn’t it state of ecstasy? I am guessing that it was!
So thank God for the bad times as well as the good
times, for without one the other is just a moment of
time that we might take for granted. I reckon it’s
about time for me to be taking my little virtual walk
back through all that I’ve written here to see if I can
find a good word or phrase that I can use for today’s
brand new title for today’s brand new poem :). And
so it’s away I go to that place of my recollection that
I like to call RECOLLECT VILLE. I believe I found
a good title. Now let’s see what, if anything at all, I
can do with it hehehe. Here goes…….

Can You Remember?

Times ever ember
November, December
brings us the moments of views
Can you remember
all through September
how October came to accrue?
Timeless the ages
move through the pages
written in sometimes detail.
Scenes in the stages
that time engages
display so very well.
Pieces of Heaven
seventy times seven
given to us oh so free.
Seeing a raven
seeking its haven
flying from tree to tree
These things so true
that daily we do
can you remember so clear
as it’s anew
from minutes adieu
what all that we so endear.
Pages are turned
times that we’ve earned
what we’ve not understood.
Bridges are burned
and some are adjourned
what God gives really good.
Don’t be too quick
to seek to depict
what you don’t understand.
You might contradict
the things that afflict
and how God’s holding your hand.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 26, 2010

Hehehehe Ok so that’s a little different style. I write many
different styles of poetry, but just happen to have my own
favorite style which I do most often hehe, plus I do enjoy
writing haiku. So I hope something I said made ya think or
at least smile a bit. Well there ain’t much else to tell you
except what I tell ya every week and that is, I wrote some
more poems and haikus. Yeppers 10 more poems with four
of em Christmassy style hehe. It’s getting closer every day.
Also as usual hehehe I wrote 22 more haiku. So ya have
a lot to read 🙂 I’m guessing that Judy will be home from
work soon, so I better wind this up and get started thinking
on what to fix us for dinner hehe. So before I begin my lil
quest for that off switch, I need to wish you a most joyous
week. Remember, Jesus loves you and we do too. Now,
to find that freaking off switch. Hehehe it’s hanging down
like a spider on a spider web. Gotcha, see ya CLICK

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haikus
10 and 22 hehehehe 🙂

Moments View

The winter winds
came blowing through
from the summers
skies of blue
and now fall
brings displays
as the colors
bright arrays.
Scenes transposing
all the sights
are in sequence
days and nights.
With the breezes
that which blow
soon will bring us
Christmas snow.
Times conclusions
will enhance
within winters
song and dance.
The winter winds
will bring a chill
showing on my
Paved as thresholds
swinging door
there’ll be what
I can’t ignore.
Scenes of white snow
oh so true
within my times
moments view.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 25, 2010

He Might Answer

In the flavors
of each view
there’s an essence
of God’s hue.
Found in patterns
day and night
are God’s blessings
in the light.
Maybe in the
flavors found
we might miss
their common ground.
God’s Own colors
in detail
might at times
look just like Hell.
It’s our vision
that might view
many minutes
not so true.
Often blessings
from a day
might not seem
what that we pray.
God gives answers
truly seen
that we might not
know what mean.
Let God guide your
days affair
as He answers
every prayer.
He might answer
no for you,
because it might be
wrong to do.
He might answer
no not now,
because you haven’t
yet learned how.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 25, 2010

Wonderful Hues

Painting a picture
without any paint
might leave standing
a little bit faint.
Making a lifestyle
out of the past
might just become
a time that’s aghast.
Not looking forward
as you walk on
might misconstrue
your minutes of dawn.
New days of moments
found in our way
give us the chances
we’re needing each day.
So paint your pictures
with many others
and use the sequence
as all the colors.
Colors of morning
then unto night
each with a lifestyle
God would delight.
Don’t let your paintings
become tarnished views.
Let them to display
wonderful hues.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 25, 2010

A Second

In but a second
our time flies on by
ticking and ticking
to live and to die.
Many will hurry
while thinking so true
they can continue
until they are through.
In but a second
time will be gone
leaving us viewing
another times dawn.
Often our seconds
and minutes alike
might seem to echo
a mere lightning strike.
Times of confusion
that seem as from Hell
might be a second
we thought to compel.
Not seeing clearly
the status ahead
might leave you standing
with visions of dread.
If we trust Jesus
each second of time
through all confusion
we will find sublime.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 25, 2010

Stars of Winter

Found within
the stars of winter
there is time
of which to enter.
Many clouds
may float on by
hiding the stars
up oh so high.
Stars of winter
may be seen
in a midnight
Christmas scene.
Moments wonder
found on cue
might be there
in a sky of blue.
Time will display
front in center
the conclusions
stars of winter.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 25, 2010

Past Prayers

Stages of life
are seen as a riddle
with us just standing
right in the middle.
People will stare
at then and before
while not allowing
to be the actor.
Stages of life
might be as a view
found by so many
not to be true.
yet often stages
are often meant
due to them being
truly God sent.
Heaven sent stages
days here and there
are sometimes answers
to our past prayers.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 25, 2010

Looking Profusely

In through the window
breezes will blow
sometimes with raindrops
sometimes with snow.
Looking profusely
I see in the breeze
the wind gently blowing
the evergreen trees.
Scenes are now changing
as each day I look
while many times they’re
a little mistook.
Often my vision’s
a little impaired
through all the sunshine
that which has glared.
Yet my window view
still on most days
sees so abundantly
on through the haze.
I see the minutes
changing in time
discerning moments
until wintertime.
Looking profusely
I try to see
sights out my window
so Christmassy.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 25, 2010

Jump The Gun

Onwards with thinking
without not a clue
might cause you problems
from here thereunto.
If you are clueless
then ask someone
that might know better
of which to be done.
If you move forwards
not looking back
while you’re not knowing
if you’re on track,
you could find trouble
right there in the end
found in the moment
that you round the bend.
So do your thinking
with maybe someone
before you just maybe
just jump the gun.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 25, 2010

Don’t Be Hurried

Inner most feelings
found hidden true
might just confuse
what ones think of you.
All those emotions
hidden so well
might be the cause
of a future of Hell.
Let someone inside
to know how you feel
showing them truly
what’s really real.
Inner most feelings
hidden from sight
might just conclude
to a sad day and night.
Though don’t be hurried
to let someone in.
Let them to earn your
time to begin.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 25, 2010

Winter White Views

Tree leaves are blowing
as times bestowing
wintertime’s escalade.
Centered and showing
all that I’m knowing
where soon white snow is laid.
Moments of glory
within winters story
paint us a picture so bright.
Scenes as a dory
in winter seas story
maybe with bright shades of white.
All we remember
of then in December
bring us the winter white views
found in the embers
that comes from November
Christmastime does then enthuse.
Time has awakened
what’s not mistaken
as just a mere memory.
Now has partaken
what winters making
soon much white snow to see.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 25, 2010

for Sept 25, 2010

Painted without brushstrokes
a picture has no value.
Take time for detail.

Wanting a flower
which blooms only in winter
might need some patience.

Leaving yesterday
before it is yesterday
might ruin today.

A trees leaf that falls
will become as nutrients
to help the tree grow.

Decisions we make
might conclude to bad judgment,
but they must be made.

Standing in the rain
a persons thinking deludes.
Come out of the rain.

Patterns of turnstiles
are entered and then explored
when entered blindly.

Walking with trouble
will surely lead to trouble.
Find a better friend.

Time might be rhythms
with a sequence of changes
that you’re unaware.

Beyond this moment
lives the shadow of the next
awaiting its turn.

In our own heartbeats
are lessons that we have learned
all throughout our lives.

Turns make conclusions
while there might be a surprise
around the corner.

Tempting intentions
might just mislead the venture
with motives astray.

Green leaves turn to brown
with auburn unto yellow
as fall comes to view.

Emotions jungle
is sometimes our clouded thought
with some illusions.

Minutes shall prosper
as time goes ticking ahead,
but many do not see.

Snowflakes will gather
while winter comes into view.
Life will become white.

Longing for true love
could cause you poor sightedness.
Let God guide your heart.

The lessons of time
are made up of our struggles
with a few mistakes.

Blossoms that will bloom
will also give out their seeds
for another day.

Hearing the thunder
does not mean there will be rain.
It means there’s lightning.

Strength in numbers
does not always hold so true
when they’re ignorant.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 25, 2010

God bless from Bill and Judy.
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