Take Note


Hello my friends

So what’s up in your neck of the woods hehe? Is it getting
cold where you are? It’s getting cold up here. It got down
to about 34F last night. It’s supposed to be a high of 56F
today and repeat last nights temperature tonight hehehehe.
Yep, summer is done and gone. Fall is definitely making
its appearance. Judy and I are planning on taking a drive
to take pictures either Wednesday or Thursday towards
Haven ME. Also when Judy and I went for our anniversary
dinner at Smyrna Mills we noticed some great fall colors, so
we’re going to head out that way first. We might take a few
side roads as we’ve done in the past hehehe. I’m looking
forward to it and I know she is too. We both love to take
pictures. Hopefully next Sunday I will have some great
pictures to put in my stationary email . I took a few good
pictures out our front door Friday. So you can see that
the colors are coming alive. Of course there are a lot more
evergreen trees out side our front door view, but there are
enough of the other kinds to make a difference. I’m sure
that in the next few days, the colors will be even more
vibrant as also all the ones we are going to drive to find.
I can’t wait hehe!!! Onto another topic. It rained a bit
up here, but nothing like it did way down south of us. We
mostly got a lot of wind. The rains are definitely needed
up here. Oh well, we’ll survive! Oh yea, I got a bit of a
surprise Tuesday hehehe. My mom got remarried on the
27th of September (Monday). I am glad she found a good
man to share her life with. I know she misses dad, but
I am sure he would want her to move on with her life.
I haven’t met Vernon yet, but I will this winter as well
as him and mom are planning on a trip up this ways next
spring/summer. He has never been to Maine and wants
to come up and visit and explore. So after Judy and I
get back from Texas this winter, we will be expecting
company. Not sure if they will be bringing my sister or
not. She really wants to come back up and spend more
time than she did in 2008 when her and my mom came
up. In any sense, I am looking forwards to seeing them
and many of my friends when Judy and I make it down
in or around February. My old neighbor Brian is now
gone. I already miss being able to drop in on him on the
way back from the mailbox. I hope he stays in touch
like he said he would. Judy loved the ottoman storage
unit that I bought her as well as the perfume and candle.
I also wrote her a little anniversary poem. It will be the
first in the line of poems. I wish we could of gone out
somewhere and stayed for our anniversary, but it was
not only not in the budget, but the fact that she had to
be back to work this morning at 6. Oh well, we enjoyed
our dinner out. Not much else went on other than our
same old daily schedule :). We played farm games and
watched TV LOL. Oh what a life!!!!hehehe?? Yeppers
we had a nice evening together. I canceled my doctors
appointment, being it was looking more like she was not
going to do anything, but focus on all that cannot be
repaired. Yet, tomorrow (Monday) I am giving a call
to Medical City in Dallas and see if they can fax her
my records from there so I will not have to argue with
her anymore about whether or not I have a colon hehe.
They also have all the info on my blood disorder and
my low potassium which is caused by not only my 24-7
diarrhea, but my body not retaining potassium as well
as calcium and my many other problems. My blood
is screwed up and has been since I was born. Nothing
anybody can do about it though. I’ve seen all the top
specialist and they left me scratching their heads hehe
wondering why I’m still alive. That’s life with God at
work. He does things far beyond our comprehension.
There are reasons for everything in life. Sickness and
death play a big role in the whirlwind of life. I don’t
try to understand it as much as I used to, but I do still
time to time sit and wonder. Is something going awry
in your life today? Take note and understand that it
has a role to play in the future. Many lessons come
from the turmoil that comes into play. Have faith
that God has control. Just do your best and let Him
do His. Now with that said, I reckon it’s about time
for me to be taking my little trip back through all I’ve
written here to see if I can find a good word or phrase
that I can use for the title for today’s poem. So it’s
away I go to that place of my recollection that I like
to call RECOLLECT VILLE. I do believe I found
a good title. Now let’s see what kind of poem I can
stir up using it hehehe. Here goes,,,,stirring……

Take Note

Don’t let troubles
that you find
just live on
within your mind.
Take note daily
what’s been done
and then make
the new begun.
If you’re worried
now today,
let God show
another way.
Find your vision
now and then
and take note
of where you’ve been.
Many lessons
found in time
might have troubles
in design.
Yet those troubles
might have clues,
so take note
of how you choose.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 3, 2010

Well alrighty then hehehe…… I hope that made some
sense to ya! Yeppers, I’ve had my share of troubles,
but I can see how I’ve grown stronger through them.
Sometimes though, I do wish I hadn’t been such a tough
learner hehehe. Ok, so off of that 🙂 I think it’s about
time for me to be searching for that old off switch, but
before I do that, I need to tell ya what I tell ya every
freaking week hehehe and that is, I wrote some more
poems and haikus. Yeppers 10 more poems with the
first one our nine year anniversary poem. Yep, I also
wrote a couple more Christmas poems LOL and yes
of course hehehe I wrote 22 more haiku. I might even
add the Burma Shave poems I wrote Tuesday for one
of my egroups that was asking all the members to see
what they could come up with. I ain’t ever thought
about writing Burma Shave poems hehe but they came
out fairly well 🙂 Ok with that said I must be wishing
you a most wonderful week. Remember, Jesus loves
you and we do too. Now to find that confounded off
switch that loves to elude me. Found it in my bottle
of useless generic Imodium. Hehehehehe! don’t ask!
See ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 heheheheheheheh 🙂 hehe

Nine Years

In a time of moments gray
you brought me a better day.
You brought to me a life with joy
that which nothing can destroy.
With the minutes passing views
I see daily better news.
Written in the center stage
you and I with age to age.
Wedding bells within my heart
rang aloud yet far apart.
Time had passed unto the day
that the distance went away.
You and I were brought together
to live as one then and forever
and as we grow with each detail
our true love will never fail.
Time might throw a bitter piece,
but our love will never cease.
So now nine years has passed true
with you with me and I with you.
More years surely will pass by
filled with love that’ll never die.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 1, 2010

I Love You Judy
Love always Bill


Finding a rhythm
in patterns of time
might lead to fractions
of minutes of rhyme.
Finding a porthole
from here unto there
might lead to sections
that none can compare.
Finding a nickel
in a coin of phrase
might lead to knowing
what truly one says.
Often it’s finding
that brings into view
and then it’s losing
that clears it up too.
Finding a minute
in seconds of hours
might be the thing
that surely empowers.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 2, 2010

Wintertime Days

In midst of winter
comes moments of snow
displayed with Santa
and his HoHoHo.
Wintertime flavors
tasty and white
display most surely
each day and each night.
Cold weathers windows
open real wide
letting the feeling
of Christmas inside.
Christmas with blessings
of Heaven and peace
come through the doorways
with Jesus release.
Found in the middle
of seasons displays
Christmastime heightens
the wintertime days.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 2, 2010

How We’re To Grow

Our future standing
might not be seen
as that of greatness,
but just to demean.
Our past moments
of things that we’ve done
might be remembered
as seconds to none.
It’s what you’re doing
this minute right now
that will be showing
what we do endow.
So let this moment
to be seen as good
and not mislead ones
with what not we should.
Our future standing
that we need to show
should be of Jesus
and how we’re to grow.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 2, 2010

Autumn So Fine

Fall is surrounding
the scenes that I see
displaying surely
so abundantly.
Patterns of colors
are painting my view
within the season
of autumns ado.
Fall is surrounding
my own window scene
adding to colors
from tree leaves of green.
Shadows of autumn
display at night
only as echoes
until mornings light.
Now’s the beginning
of autumn so fine
as it continues
to make its design.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 2, 2010

Things Remembered

Sounds of harmony
heard by my ears
seem as the fragrance
of my yesteryears.
Many beginnings
and endings the same
harmonize surely
with time to attain.
Things remembered
from then unto there
echo as moments
that none can compare.
Found in harmony
time might display
moments confusion
from every which way.
Yet without then
our time could not be
for it’s the maker
of nows harmony.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 2, 2010

Could Be Lessons

Today’s venture
with so much to view
could be the meanings
a little askew.
Many will wander
without fully knowing
what they are doing
or where they are going
and their today’s
from yesterdays finds
could send destruction
inside of their minds.
Today’s a portion
coming from then
that could be lessons
to help us begin,
yet often many
will just fall away
as they’re repeating
their own yesterday.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 2, 2010

Through Our History

Pointless is thunder
if lightning’s not found
for it’s the wording
within lightning’s sound.
Clouds that have gathered
might just explode
leaving us raindrops
upon our lives road.
Clouds have a meaning
that we may not see,
for they are gathered
through our history.
They create moments
tornados and more
and also shadows
of hurricanes door.
They also bring us
a rainbow up high
sometimes as archways
across the blue sky.
So take a listen
and look then to see
all that’s created
through our history.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 2, 2010

Winters Explosion

Winters explosion
will soon be found
with its white snow
all over the ground.
Snow all around us
scenes far and wide
there will be glimpses
how trees do abide.
Under the white stuff
holding their own
they will be doing
as they’ve always known.
Helping the scenery
of which I adore
white in cloud ceilings
and also snow floors.
Wintertime’s headway
brings at a glance
oh so much beauty
from its own romance.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 2, 2010

The Dark Nights

Mornings will come
and end the dark nights
leaving remembered
our times hidden sights.
Yet sometimes minutes
from nights own array
someone will frightfully
see in the day.
So if you’re doing
what you shouldn’t do
deep in the darkness
that night does accrue,
remember that Jesus
sees you so well
and can determine
if it’s good or Hell.
Mornings will follow
our own history
so make real sure
it’s goodness to see,
because in the darkness
the evil will hide
only what problems
that you keep inside.
Let Jesus help you
with your darkened night
and He will brighten
and make it alright.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 2, 2010

for Oct 2, 2010

Minds of a flower
will bloom together as one
as springtime arrives.

Timeless of tempters
is a virtual standing
often with trouble.

Footsteps of others
are heard as many echoes
on yesterdays floor.

Peace from a tree leaf
floats gracefully to the ground
to be swept away.

Passion of winter
makes its way through the summer
and on through the fall.

Cities are growing
within our own conclusions
as moments of time.

Leftover meanings
from where that we have listened
might be delusion.

Answers to questions
sometimes will reveal truly
what we do not know.

Ignorance is one
that gets up and walks away
without seeking why.

Giving a second
to someone that is in need
might make a lifetime.

With white snows embrace
comes the coldness of winter
to welcome some warmth.

We will see winter
as it shows us its glory
through its snowy trails.

True oceans of life
swim deep down below our view
that we’ll never see.

Our very own heart
beats of life every moment,
so why can’t we too?

Tomorrows displays
might be seen through our insight
from our yesterdays.

Pictorial fragments
that are displayed by others
might not be so true.

Tasting the dewdrops
from a morning that’s arrived
can be most blissful.

Ignorant people
leave us wakes of stupidity
if they do not learn.

Jumbled up flowers
in a bed that is too small
might not grow too well.

Timid type people
will often just run away
and never know why.

Time makes a journey
that we many times don’t see
until it’s over.

Left over snow
melts quickly in the sunlight
as wintertime fades.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 2, 2010

Here’s a few of my efforts at Burma Shave poems

The car ahead
had brake lights on
and left me wishing
that I had known.
Burma Shave

In the phrase
of many men
they can’t wait
to just begin.
Burma Shave

Doors will open
letting through
times we thought
we surely knew.
Burma Shave

Time might pass
before we see,
but no matter,
it’s history.
Burma Shave

Left might always
seem as right,
but it sometimes
fades from sight.
Burma Shave

When in wonder
do you find
mere confusion
on your mind.
Burma Shave

In the primal
thoughts unclear
you might find
you’re filled with fear.
Burma Shave

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 28, 2010
Hehehehe I always loved those Burma Shave signs.
There were some just down the road from us in Texas.

God bless from Bill and Judy.

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