Climbing Down


Hello my friends

It’s been another peaceful week here at
the Pearce’s Place.  Yep,  Judy and I have
been just enjoying all of the colors that
autumn is displaying.  We’re planning on
doing a picture taking drive this week for
our 18 year wedding anniversary along
with eating out at a favorite place of ours.
Yep,  The Governor’s Restaurant.  We
might change our minds and go to some
other restaurant,  but as of now the plans
are The Governor’s.  So,  what else is there
to tell ya?  My daughter’s birthday’s today.
That big 40.  Yeppers and it makes me feel
even older LOL.  Oh yea,  I am hehehe.
I did a little work on our porch the other
day by climbing our ladder and attaching
the trim that had fallen off when it was
moved over here.  I found the trim under
the porch so I figured I’d screw it back
on.  It should protect the wood a little
more.  Sometime this week I’m going to
get Judy to hold the ladder for me so I
can try to climb on top of the roof and
fix the flange that prevents the roof from
leaking.  It’s blown loose in places and
I also plan on foam sealing it if I’m able
to actually get on the roof to do it that is.
We shall see LOL.  Not to worry,  I will
be careful,  being I am a bit scared of
heights due to the fall I had many years
ago at work which was one of the things
that helped to retire me LOL.  Yeppers
put 3 one inch holes in my skull when I
fell into some steel rods.  They had to
staple my skull back together.  LOL that
might explain why I’m sort of whacko 🙂
No matter,  it seems my brain is still
working fairly well.  Though before the
fall I was not scared of heights.  I was
like a monkey climbing the rafters,  but
I made the mistake of climbing the rack
to help my boss wearing my bifocals
and when climbing down I stepped off
of the ladder about 6 foot above where
I should of and fell head first in to the
oil sucker rods.  That was many years
ago.  So now I tend to get the jitters
when getting on a step stool hehehehe.
I think you know without me having to
tell you how scared I was climbing that
ladder LOL.  I did it and survived :),
but I did it very cautiously hehehehe.
I had Judy hold the ladder for me on
part of it,  being I wasn’t able to get
the ladder as secure as I wanted where
I had to be.  No matter,  on with more
rambling.  So as I said in the beginning
the colors of fall are coming alive and
as each day passes,  more are coming
out to shine.  That’s one reason that I
love living up here.  We see the autumn
colors and tons of snow,  but not near
the heat that Texas has for summertime.
Of course we’ve often still got tons of
snow on the ground all the way through
spring,  but springtime does manage
to poke its head through the snow ever
so often LOL.  Yep,  there’s bad things
about living anywhere.  You’ve just
gotta find what you can deal with LOL.
I can handle cold weather much better
than I can 100+ degree weather and
that’s a fact Jack hehehe.  Judy just
walked in.  She went with her sister
up to Caribou to celebrate her sister’s
great grandson’s birthday.  He turned
6 today 🙂  I checked a minute ago
and it looks as though one of the TV
programs that we always like to watch,
God Friended Me has began a new
 season.  I had set it to record being I
wasn’t sure if Judy was going to be
home before 8 PM,  but it seems we’ll
be able to watch it and not record it.
God has been good to us.  We have
received many blessings and we are
very thankful.  Of course we have our
share of struggles,  but it’s with the
struggles that we find the blessings.
So I reckon it’s time for me to begin
my quest for a new title looking back
through all my rambling and so it’s
off to that place of my recollection
that I always to call RECOLLECT
VILLE.  I think I may of found me
a decent title about halfway through
my rambling and now after checking
I see that it has not been used as of
yet,  so used it shall be.  Here goes…

Climbing Down

Ladders of life
to gather our wits
can become times
of momentous shifts.
Just as a doorway
opens real wide
a ladder life
takes us for a ride.
It might be a path
or a day’s desire
that ladder we climb
higher and higher.
We might one day
need some relief
climbing down
to find us some peace.
So don’t lose hope
and snatch a frown,
because so often
it’s best climbing down.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 29,  2019

Well,  there ya go.  I hope you liked the
poem and it made a little bit of sense to
you.  I also hope you enjoyed all of my
rambling or at least some of it hehehe.
So as I said in the beginning of all of this,
our 18 year wedding anniversary is soon.
OK,  I’ll tell ya,  it’s October 2nd hehehe.
It’s hard to believe that we have been
together for 18 years.  Actually a little
bit over 18 years,  being we did kind of
know each other before we got married 🙂
It’s been a multitude of experiences with
good and bad intertwined,  but mostly
good 🙂  I guess that’s all I have for you
in this rendition of my journal and it’s
time for me to tell you what I tell you
every week and that is,  I wrote some
more poems and haiku.  Yep,  10 more
poems,  but I believe I will add in the
birthday poem I wrote for Jamye which
will up the count to 11.  I also wrote 22
more haiku for all of the haiku lovers
out there.  I hope you can find 1 or 2 of
either or both that you like.  So OK,
I believe it’s time now for me to begin
my search for that hardly elusive off
switch,  but not before I wish you a
most joyous and blessings filled week.
Remember,  Jesus loves you and we do
too.  Alrighty then,  where can that
ornery off switch be trying to hide this
time????  LOL I thought I heard some
rattling of a small scale right beside
me.  Yeppers,  I see ya, dangling from
the little sign that my mom bought
me many years ago hanging from my
old printer that says Worlds Greatest
Computer Wiz hehehe.  That was not
the greatest place to hide,  being it
hasn’t got much to hang onto hehehe.
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill,  Judy,  Benny,  Rocky
and the spirit of Milo Pearce

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Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10+1 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Coming Into Fall

Traveling seasons
time goes around
creating journeys
upwards and down.
Autumns pleasures
are colors of time
scenes we discover
that are oh so divine.
Displaying artwork
of a passing style
coming into fall
with mile after mile.
Enlightened paths
of colorful hues
paints us a picture
that time does infuse.
Colorful moments
leaves falling down
time is a blessing
as they turn brown.
More colors join in
the dance of time
creating their songs
that moments refine.
Scenes of grandeur
time does display
maybe on the tracks
of time on the way.
Open up your mind
to see nature’s call
a season of beauty
coming into fall.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 23,  2019

Springtime Green

Life is a walkway
springtime begins
bringing in glimmers
time that transcends.
Trees then of life
with a green of style
enhance every scene
as minutes compile.
Springtime blessings
springtime arrays
give us each sights
of bright sun rays.
Seen as clockwork
springtime arrives
displaying colorful
scenes for our eyes.
Maybe just of hues
of colors combined
greenish of essence
as life is entwined.
Springtime aromas
come for the ride
textured as moments
that our hearts reside.
Painted as pictures
each scene evolves
as a dreamers dream
that surely resolves.
Becoming alive
as a magical scene
God given blessings
are springtime green.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 23,  2019

Dreamer’s Dream

An empathic notion
sought in a style
blossoms an evening
showing its smile.
Dreams come to life
as a ocean of blue
while time displays
a magical hue.
A song for the eyes
in a dreamer’s sky
scented with clouds
floating so high.
As heavenly morsels
of candied desire
a dreamer’s dream
is higher and higher.
God given hopeful
wished to attain
can become as a
summertime rain.
You hold the future
in now and today
in dreamers dreams
of a timeless display.
Allow for a heartbeat
allow for a breath
as dreams of life
with much success.
Don’t lose the magic
of a shooting star
as clouds drift on
from where you are.
See the shimmering
essence of views
in a cloud filled day
filled full of blues.
Seek God’s guidance
in a cloudy scene
and then create
a dreamer’s dream.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 25,  2019

Winter’s Door

Throughout time
that life displays
doors will open
in magical ways.
Unleashing styles
of a certain age
with winter white
as a snowy stage.
Doors may swing
as winds of time
creating scenes
for us to find.
Just like a page
of a story book
winter with words
for another look.
Scenes examples
scented of air
snowflakes fall
in autumns flair.
Colors of fall
still holding fast
in winter’s door
shadows they cast.
Leaves still show
the colors divine
distantly seen,
but easy to find.
Yet a cold breeze
comes to explore
and turn the knob
to winter’s door.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 26,  2019

Time For Now

There’s time for rain
and time for snow
with time for peace
and life to grow.
There’s time for then
and time for there
with time for you
to say a prayer.
There’s time for breath
and time for none
with time for life
up under then sun.
There’s time for me
and time for you
with time for others
to do what they do.
There’s time for laughs
and time for tears
with that of flowing
There’s time for yes
and time for no
as that of rivers
and how they flow.
There’s time for time
and time to end
as time for now
goes around the bend.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 27,  2019

Lost in The Leaves

So often our thoughts
are nothing but leaves
moments remembered
that sometimes deceives.
Time might be playing
with how and when sight
when lost in the leaves
of a wrong or right.
Often what’s displayed
is but only our dreams
as seconds counted
of emotional screams.
Look through the leaves
and find one that’s good
a time that reminds
of an old neighborhood.
A time skipping stones
on a pond of glass
watching the ripples
that come unto pass.
Find you a memory
that’s greater than gold
filled full of goodness
that cannot be sold.
So often our thoughts
are as an endless sea
as an humungous ocean
with a ton of debris.
Yet when looking closely
with love that believes
you might find blessings
lost in the leaves.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 27,  2019

Bridge Through Time

Walking in the moment
time might become
a season of discretion
to do what we’ve done.
Walking across a bridge
to a time and place
you might discover
a most frightening face.
It might be a reflection
of your own desires
an unfathomed bridge
that wanting aspires.
Look deep into your soul
and find what is true
a bridge through time
that’s meant for you.
So don’t let the moments
to fill up your mind
as you walk through life
on a bridge through time.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 28,  2019

Behind The Gloom

Darkness of a day
might be all we see
searching our lives
to find a new key.
Life can be hidden
right behind a door
smiles of a moment
for you to explore.
So look on beyond
the gloomy arrays
and find the sunshine
of much better days.
Don’t let gloominess
to be all that’s found,
open up your eyes
and look all around.
Find new perspective
on the scenes of time
and let gloominess
fade from your mind.
For even in sadness
a smile can compile
delivering blessings
another time’s mile.
Many viewpoints
become stained
with what others
surely ingrained.
Look for the truth,
don’t just assume.
There may be good
behind the gloom.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept  28,  2019

Awaiting Harvest

We’re in need
of love and care
awaiting harvest
with a prayer.
The days pass by
leaving memories
as now meets then
as plants and trees.
God watches over
our daily request
giving His love
that’s the very best.
We’re His garden
planted as seed
yet many only
blossom a weed.
Life’s a journey
that we must take
awaiting harvest
for Heaven’s sake.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 28,  2019

Waves That Roar

Finding a heartfelt
time frame so true
might unleash scenes
you’re wishing to view.
They might be times
of waves that roll
telling a story
of an endless goal.
You might even find
a feeling deep inside
that rumbles and roars
as a seafaring ride.
The scent of a time
might come in wafts
a so distant moment
found in the past.
The roars of a scene
of a time and place
becomes in the mind
as a flavor or taste.
A heavenly venture
of a mere memory
that brings into view
the deep blue sea.
It might even show
a place or time
that of a heartfelt
other design.
It might be a time
that crashes ashore
a scene as a dream
waves that roar.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 28,  2019

Daughter of Mine

My wish for You
sweet daughter of mine
is to have the wealth
of a loving design.
Not wanting money
and not wanting things,
but only the life
that carries our dreams.
Hold all your blessings
and hold all the truth
time in the past
together in youth.
Don’t let deception
to be all you see
sweet daughter of mine
of our history.
Take a look at this day
that’s coming to pass
and find the years
the truth at last.
Life is but only
a flickering flame,
but daughter of mine
you’ve much to gain.
A heartbeat of love,
a venturing quest,
a time that begins
and ends with the best.
Hang on to good times
and release the bad
sweet daughter of mine
with love from your dad.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 29,  2019

Happy Birthday Jamye

for Sept 28,  2019

Searching for a dream
in the midst of a nightmare
you might need a prayer.

A cherished moment
can thrive within a heartbeat
and not pass away.

Scented aromas
of Christmastime fantasies
can exist in spring.

Many challenges
are created in our lives
by our desires.

Stupidity thrives
in ones not wanting to learn
and never listen.

Chasing a shadow
could leave you empty handed
if there is no bulk.

Seasons of a dream
have their ventures to be seen
as that of glimmers.

When out of focus
the future can seem empty,
but it does have life.

Some are just dreamers
that aspire with no action
and don’t understand.

When raising your voice
make sure it has good purpose
and not just yelling.

Breathing in a lie
that you knew was not the truth
makes you a liar.

Gradient hillsides
can be just like daily life
for you might slide down.

Summertime hay rides
are like a traveling game
searching for needles.

Wasting a moment
that has come as an option
could come back to haunt.

Deception is life
as many hide who they are
because of cheaters.

Beginnings will end
creating more beginnings
until time is gone.

Favoring a style
can prevent you from growing
if you don’t step out.

Today will pass by
becoming as memories
of our hate and love.

Blessings from Heaven
are as anchors of the heart
to give us a chance.

Hiding from the truth
will only delay the facts,
for the truth will come.

With too much guesswork
the illusion of success
will create a dream.

Seeds of a garden
seek for the rain and sunshine
to push through the dirt.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 28,  2019

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