Hello my friends

Boy we’re having some weird weather up
here.  Freezing with snow back then 40 F
and 50 degrees then back to the temps of
20 degrees and below.  As of now most of
the snow has melted,  but I predict that we
will have more snow coming soon.  When?
Well I don’t have that answer hehehe,  but
I am guessing within a few days.  We’ve
had winters like this before,  but always
had a white Christmas.  It may not snow
Christmas,  but there has been snow by the
loads full on the ground.  Anyways,  it’s
been raining off and on today with some
high winds.  Next topic,  Judy had a bad
case of Gallstones the other morning and
I had to run her to the ER.  They got her
fixed up,  but the doctor told her and me
that her gallbladder might soon have to
be removed.  The doctor called today to
check up on her.  She’s doing much better
and the pain has pretty much gone away.
The doctor prescribed her some pain meds
to take if she got to hurting too bad,  but
she has had to only take one since she got
home Friday.  She told me it doesn’t hurt
anymore.  Though I do continually keep
asking her,  are you OK LOL.  I’m sure
she is tired of that,  but I can’t help it 🙂
I love her and I worry.  Oh well,  next
topic.  I’ve made up my mind that I will
definitely start work on books 11 and 12
of my poetry pictures come the beginning
of next year.  LOL by then I might even
have enough poetry pictures done to start
book 13 hehehe. Yes I write a lot,  but if
it weren’t for my writing and photography
I would go nuts around here.  Let’s face
it,  there’s not much to do around this
place.  I do so enjoy watching all of our
favorite TV programs together with Judy.
Yep,  I do enjoy that as well as us taking
picture taking drives.  The boys are doing
well.  Benny and Rocky are as ornery as
ever.  They have been confused with Judy
being gone so often here lately due to the
hospital and having to take care of her lil
brothers things since he passed away,  but
we’re slowly getting back into our normal
lifestyle.  The boys have though gotten used
to staying home with me.  I have now been
put on blood pressure meds as I have high
blood pressure.  I have to take one of these
itsy bitsy pills once a day LOL.  I almost
lose them in my extra large hands hehehe.
So,  what else is going on around this place?
Well,  my mom seems to be slowly getting
used to the apartment lifestyle,  but she
misses her house in Greenville which is no
surprise being she lived there for over 40
years.  I try to keep in touch with her as she
also tries to always keep in touch with me.
Judy and I have been preparing for our
favorite time of year.  We bought only for
the children,  mostly the grandkids,  but I
am giving our landlord and new neighbors
one of my books for a Christmas gift being
that our landlord has been good to us and
our new neighbors have really helped me
in times such as clearing our driveway and
just being good neighbors 🙂   Yeppers,  we
love Christmas and yes I love snow,  but
at the moment we are lacking in that white
substance LOL.  So,  what else is there to
talk about?  Well it seems that I have told
ya about all I can think of at the moment.
God has been good to us.  Yes we have a
few problems,  but nothing that we can’t
handle.  Angels are most surely watching
over us.  We can feel their presence from
time to time.  Thank You God for all that
You do for us,  all that You have done and
all that You will most surely do.  AMEN!
I believe it’s time for me to begin my little
quest back through all that I’ve written here
to see if I can find a good word or phrase
that I can use for the title for today’s brand
new poem.  So it’s away I go,  to that place
of my recollection that I always like to call
RECOLLECT VILLE.  I think I may have
stumbled upon a decent title just a few lines
back and now after checking I see that it
has not been used yet,  so used it shall be.
Here goes…


Life is as artwork
a painting to see,
one that is flavored
of our history.
We need to prepare
for the future ahead
times we may find
a moment of dread.
Preparing for days
of old then so dear
lines on our face
with year after year.
Preparing for times
a new breath of air
the times we may find
we’re needing a prayer.
Preparing for life
as death joins the ride
preparing for scenes
that pains coincide.
Keep God real close
in your life every day
while you’re preparing
to head on your way.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 15,  2019

There ya go.  I hope you liked the poem and
maybe even my rambling.  I’m a rambling
man LOL.  So,  let me see if I can think of
anything that I may of forgotten to tell you.
Nope,  not a thing other than what I tell you
almost every week and that is I wrote some
more poems and haiku.  Yeppers,  I wrote
10 more poems and 4 of them are Christmas
poems.  I also wrote 22 more haiku for all
of the haiku lovers out there.  I hope you
 can find 1 or 2 of either or both that you
like.  Now I believe it’s time for me to be
searching for that hardly elusive off switch,
but not before I wish you a blessing filled
week filled with smiles and laughter.  Now,
where can that ornery off switch be trying
to hide this time LOL?  Hmm,  is it my
imagination or has my billfold learned to
dance?  Hahaha nope,  it seems that it is
being moved about by an off switch that
can’t sit still Hahaha.  Get some help dude.
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill,  Judy,  Benny,  Rocky
and the spirit of Milo Pearce

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Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Ocean of Desire

There might be scenes
painted in place
of oceanic moments
a time to retrace.
Found as a lifetime
a momentary view
as an ocean of desire
with waters of blue.
There might be a scene
of a dolphin to gaze
as the sun’s setting
in magical ways.
Creating a heartbeat
a time to be seen
in an ocean of desire
seeming as a dream.
Look within the waves
and find what is there
as an ocean of peace
that seems debonair.
Dancing with a style
of a wondrous hue
there may be waves
awaiting their cue.
Pacing back and forth
as waters dream on
times that of dusk
and then unto dawn.
Find within a painting
each moment’s empire
that might surely be
as an ocean of desire.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 9,  2019

Fertile Field

Passing seasons
bring in place
a time to change
creating pace.
Sewing moments
from the ground
seasons setting
each time around.
Life gives many
things to bestow
with life and love
and time to grow.
As a fertile field
begins its choice
it also displays
an earthly voice.
Speaking of life
as seeds are sewn
as we together
in flesh and bone.
The passing views
begin their life
often with pain
and a little strife.
For as we gain
we also may lose
from time to time
choices we choose.
Open your eyes
and see the path
the lessons from
the aftermath.
Fields of wonder
fields of release
planted correctly
can give us peace.
For as we plant
we also will yield
the facts of life
in a fertile field.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 9,  2019

Passing Phase

We might see
a time of desire
a wind of life
that we aspire.
Yet the sights
we wish to be
might be wrong
for you and me.
Passing scenes
of day or night
become a stage
a bird in flight.
It might only
be sat to rest
a passing phase
that you attest.
Yet the pages
of times we gaze
might be only
a passing phase.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 10,  2019

Winter’s Windows

Searching moments
of Christmas snow
life’s like a doorway
to a timeless show.
Wintertime displays
a place to remember
as winter’s windows
amidst December.
We will often pass by
a scene on the way
to a time and place
with winter’s array.
It might not seem
as a time to recall
in winter’s windows
that comes after fall.
It may not even seem
worth a photograph,
but yet in the future
it’s best of the past.
So when traveling
look to the ways
all of the things
in unique phase.
Take the time to see
the Christmas sights
a season of blissful
in days and nights.
Life can be found
as a photo parade
in winter’s windows
so heavenly made.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 10,  2019

Travels Memoirs

Some write a journal
of times they’ve seen
a road or railroad
in a motor machine.
The rolling wheels
of a moment in time
become the artwork
that lives in the mind.
As travels of instances
become what we see
they also are memoirs
unlocked with a key.
Our minds unleash
the dormant thoughts
scenes like dreams
that once were lost.
Traveling throughout
a moment’s flair
a time that reminds
of ones that care.
Memories become as
a doorway’s travel
as all the minutes
just seem to unravel.
Times can become as
some distant arrays
scented emotions
a moment displays.
That of a journey
with trains or cars
a pathway created
of travels memoirs.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 11,  2019

Painted Hay

Hopes and dreams
might come to be
as times of life
that others see.
Things we wish for
we do not need
life of emptiness
worthless seed.
Look for the truth
within a prayer
a time of life
of love and care.
God gives us peace
to just believe
found as answers
live and breathe.
Though some times
from day to day
might seem only
as painted hay.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 11,  2019

Morning’s Shine

Life as a wave
rolls within time
shimmering scenes
mind after mind.
Thoughts begin
as timeless views
as waves rolling in
times to infuse.
Living as scenes
within our gaze
we might perceive
a distant wave.
It might only be
a time and place
that’s of a moment
you can embrace.
It might portray
a magical time
a place that exist
as morning’s shine.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 12,  2019

Season of Glory

With just a sight
of a snowy day
time can unleash
a Christmas array.
A tiny little house
with snow above
displays the sight
of winter’s love.
Yet seen closer
it is much more
a place of grace
you might adore.
A season of bliss
a season of style
a glory filled time
with its own smile.
It is a blessing
a wondrous story
found in Christmas
a season of glory.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 12,  2019

Season’s White

Snow of Christmas
a seasonal flair
displays such a sight
that’s just like prayer.
It creates thoughts
that many will view
as a season of white
removes the blue.
Transposing visions
into such a scene
that many see them
as but a dream.
Fantasizing billows
of a snow white day
then as a dream
it becomes that way.
With dreaming eyes
of Christmas snow
Heaven can unleash
that seasonal glow.
Seasons as photos
that hang from a wall
lifetimes displayed
that heartbeats recall.
Time brought to life
as a childhood view
found as a memory
that lives in you.
Moments of passion
a time to delight
as a stage of winter
within season’s white.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 14,  2019

Wintertime Town

Driving winter roads
to a distant place
the times display
a wintertime face.
Snow covered houses
snow covered signs
season of grandeur
Christmas refines.
A gift from Heaven
that came to be
things to envision,
things we can see.
Just like a recording
of yesterdays views
a town then displays
what winters infuse.
It’s created to evolve
a smile from a frown
Christmas memories,
a wintertime town.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 14,  2019

for Dec 14,  2019

Bewildered moments
will come and go in our life
leaving us confused.

Time might seem as days
when it is actually
seconds and counting.

Many seeds of sorrow
are planted within our lives,
but time weakens them.

Finding a dewdrop
within a mornings journey
can bring you much joy.

When seeking answers
you might find some more questions
that boggle the mind.

Dormant illusions
can become reality
and become problems.

Years will multiply
creating doorways to life
that we never knew.

Some people only move
as that of a shadow’s life
mimicking others.

Breathing in a breath
unfolds a pattern of life
that some never know.

As a weed prospers
it smothers all those around
leaving only death.

Life is a blessing,
but many spit in God’s Face
and seek only death.

Fields full of flowers
can have hidden within them
a lot of vermin.

Change needs a reason
and to start from deep within
or it will not stay.

Living in the now
can often lose perception
as tomorrow thrives.

Patterns of heartbeats
many view as religion
and not of true life.

The heat of worry
can become as a mountain
from a small molehill.

As the sunlight shine
it puts in view many things
that night cannot see.

Looking upside down
you might see things right side up
as an illusion.

Painting with pictures
using them to create words
evolves a story.

Thinking as a thief
you might try to steal a day
when it cost a life.

Sinking in quicksand
you are better not to fight,
but to think clearly.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 14,  2019

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