New Directions


Hello my friends

It’s a rainy looking day today with a temperature
of 50 degrees.  It might get up to 59 today.  The
rest of the week temps are forecasted as near the
same other than Tuesday which has a bit of rain
and snow in the forecast LOL.  Yeppers,  this is
Maine hehehe.  So,  what else is happening up
this way?  Well,  the snow has finally melted in
places that the sun shines,  but there are still a
quite few spots where the sun doesn’t shine that
have snow lingering about LOL.  Our grass is
finally turning green which means I’m going to
have to put our snow blowers away and pull out
the lawn mower.  Yep,  time to get my summer
workout mowing the lawn around our house 🙂
Judy and I went to Presque Isle Friday for her
doctor visit and we stopped off at KFC/Tacobell
and got some dinner to last us a couple of days.
It was a nice ride as I took pictures there and
back like I usually do.  Last week I finally took
the time to reformat book 13 and get it ready to
be published and then I worked on getting book
11 published.  Right now I’m waiting to receive
my proof copy to check out for errors and if it
is good,  I’ll click to publish and then I can start
working on 12 and 13.   Of course due to all of
that I didn’t get much poetry writing done,  so I
only managed to write 6 poems LOL,  but that’ll
keep ya busy hehehe.  Yea,  I know,  I’m sure it
doesn’t matter much to you,  but I always like to
stick with a format.  That’s how I work hehehehe.
Anyways,  that was pretty much our week.  Not
much excitement.  Nope,  it’s fairly mundane in
our tiny abode.  This abode will be ours come
October as our landlord has told me that he is
signing it over to us being we have lived here for
over 12 years paying rent.   Of course we’ll still
pay him for the land that we are living on,  but
it’ll be a few hundred dollars less than we pay
now.  Of course Judy and I know that he could
change his mind if so wished,  so we’re not going
to hold our breath hehehe.  He has become part
of our family along with his wife.  I have lived up
here longer than I have lived anywhere :).  Yep,
I moved around quite a bit in my past.  Of course
that’s not counting my younger years 1-12 when
I lived in Dallas.  Of course that’s the only other
place that I have lived that long in one home 🙂
Yeppers,  life has a way of slowing you down as
the years put gray hair upon you hehehe.  Now,
I look more like Santa Claus than ever HoHoHo.
Monday I’m going to take our car in to get some
work done on it using our stimulus check and
then going to put some money on heating oil and
have them come and top off our oil tank so we
will be ready for next winter.  I’m also going to
go to Walmart and do a little shopping for a few
things we’re needing.  LOL One of the things is a
doorknob for our computer room being that the
one on the door now is just about to the point of
not working at all and the bathroom doorknob
is almost in the same predicament.  God knows
we don’t wanna get trapped in the bathroom or
computer room and have to beat down the door
to get out hehehe.  Anyways that’s my plans for
tomorrow.  LOL Like I’ve said many times,  we
live such an exciting life.  I’m sure it seems like a
roller coaster ride to you 🙂 NOT.  No matter,  it
suits us and we can feel the hands of God as He
watches over us as do many angels in our daily
life.  We feel blessed to have one another as we
know that it was God that put us together and
gave us new directions to grow.  Thank You God
for all that You do for us and all that You will do.
We are very grateful for Your guidance and love.
Thank You Lord.   AMEN.  Now I believe it’s
time for me to be taking a look back on all that
I’ve written here to see if I can find a good word
or phrase that I can use for the title for today’s
brand new poem.  So,  it’s away I go to that lil
place of my recollections that I always like to
call RECOLLECT VILLE.  I believe I may have
stumbled on a fairly decent title just a few lines
back and now after checking,  I see that it’s not
been used as of yet,  so used it shall be today 🙂
Here goes…

New Directions

Pathways stride
journeys ways
become of us
in future days.
Many people
might connect
new directions
to intersect.
Points of vision
may be seen
often nightmares
often dreams.
Yet perspective
churns a course
new directions
ways of force.
Let your journey
find corrections
lessons learned
in new directions.

©By Bill Pearce
May 3,  2020

There ya go.  I hope you liked the poem and
maybe even a little of my rambling hehehehe.
LOL I do ramble don’t I.  Yeppers,  in midst
of silence I can utter gibberish and make it as
things to read 🙂 or not LOL.  I think I’ve told
you all there is to tell though,  aside from what
I tell you almost every freaking week and that
is,  I wrote some more poems and haiku.  Yep,
as I stated before earlier in my ramblings,  I
only wrote 6 poems this week,  but I did write
22 haiku for all of the haiku lovers out there.
I hope you can find 1 or 2 of either or both
that you like.  Now I do believe it is time for
me to begin my search for that hardly elusive
off switch,  but not before I wish you all that
celebrate Cinco De Mayo,  a happy and safe
1.  The rest of you,  have a great and blessed
week.  Remember,  Jesus loves you and we do
too.  Now,  where can that freaking off switch
be hiding or better yet trying to hide this time?
LOL I see ya you silly thing.  Hiding behind
my other bottle of blood pressure meds LOL.
Hey,  that bottle is no larger or smaller than
the other 1 that is sitting right beside it hehehe.
You still do not get the point of size and ratio
as well as understand you must be still or else
rattle the bottles LOL.  Try harder next time.
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill,  Judy,  Benny,  Rocky
and the spirit of Milo Pearce

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Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
6 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Evolving Echoes

Past remembered
becomes alive
as many echoes
jump and jive.
Evolving scenes
to there and then
becoming pages
seconds transcend.
Moments recalled
as our memories
become a sight
or ocean breeze.
Maybe even then
time moves on
dawning dreams
of then and gone.
We might become
bouncing balls
timeless moments
that life recalls.
Maybe a memoir
time wrote down
written in colors
green and brown.
Time’s a turnstile
a sight to see
always evolving
as a mystery.
Becoming times
that life bestows
within patterns
as evolving echoes.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 30,  2020

Love is Magic

As an endless ripple
a timeless wave
love begins flowing
with a life to save.
Beginning a journey
of a heart’s desire
true love is magic
as a wondrous fire.
It burns of emotion
it burns with fuel
of time that defines
the heartfelt rule.
Just like a painting
as an artistic style
love begins growing
and giving a smile.
Love can be a sight
or a feeling to feel
or moments delight
a wondrous appeal.
Finding the blessings
that God gave you
shows love is magic
from old to anew.
You may see a wave
that gently rolls
just like a heartbeat
that time unfolds.
A wave that creates
moments dramatic
showing the truth
that love is magic.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 30,  2020

Chill of Frost

Frozen waters
times consume
scenes we see
to come attune.
Sights of snow
winter’s design
create a path
within the mind.
Pictures taken
life finds way
to show designs
from day to day.
Lighting a fuse
a heartfelt fire
burning love
of wanted desire.
We are rivers
we may be lost
life consumed
as chill of frost.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 30,  2020

Distinct Arrays

Forming springtime
flowers bloom
from April to May
and then to June.
Beginning passages
of a seasonal stage
God provides time
from age to age.
Becoming a window
time moves on
created from seeds
of a living song.
It forms emotions
of a seasonal quest
as distinct arrays
for time to attest.
It may seem to glow
of certain light
as pictures of style
shining so bright.
Springtime begins
with magical scenes
time comes alive
essence of greens.
Formed as decisions
scenic surprise
waiting out winter
to open its eyes.
These are the times
of springtime days
that are unleashed
as distinct arrays.

©By Bill Pearce
May 1,  2020

Memory’s Doorway

Seen as reflections
windows enter in
doorways of design
as times transcend.
Mesmerizing times
that come and go
becoming memoirs
written in a flow.
Just like a portrait
of ripples of time
the doorways open
moments to find.
Becoming a dream
of true blue skies
as seasonal stages
seen as surprise.
Time opens widely
with much to say
that’s recollected in
memory’s doorway.

©By Bill Pearce
May 2,  2020

Unending Views

When through time
we get a glimpse
as times so divine
so timeless intense
there may be hills
of a distant day
a scene so serene
as a magical way.
Views that become
as a windowsill
scented of sights
that we cannot feel.
Like a stage of life
that’s there beyond
found as a sight
going on and on.
Times so unending
as a seasonal sun
found perception
as moments begun.
Seeming as times
that we can explore
unending views
with an open door.
Times can continue
in a photograph
picturesque scenes
a timeless contrast.
Presenting scenes
for you to infuse
times remembered
of unending views.

©By Bill Pearce
May 2,  2020

for May 2,  2020

Through life we may find
that so many alibis
are without the truth.

A cloud’s reflection
within a pond of ripples
might become alive.

Living for today
can bring many miseries
as tomorrow comes.

Many challenges
come in form of reflections
and how they’re perceived.

Bringing illusions
to reality’s table
can cause a failure.

Yesterday’s trials
can be the tools for today
helping tomorrow.

Various pathways
contribute to the future
and some take away.

Listening for sounds
that the darkness unleashes
can create much fear.

The lines on ones face
can determine your laughter
or age of your smile.

Beginnings we find
are the endings of others
connecting their stride.

Belief in values
opens doors to others minds
and how they perceive.

Lengthy discussions
can create stories to tell
as ones get confused.

Counting your blessings
in the midst of your struggles
can provide your peace.

Within your worries
you might find many answers
that are best not done.

Looking deep in life
some shallow times may appear
that show you the truth.

Grief of a lost soul
needs prayer to open their eyes
and help them to grow.

Mystical scenes
open doors to illusions
that many believe.

Fields of a dreamer
are as magical journeys
awaiting a stride.

Beginnings of time
often hold many visions
that some determine.

Breathing in life
as a breath of deception
can suffocate you.

Cherishing money
is what emptiness blossoms
unleashing sadness.

Need of a moment
might be but only a want
within disguise.

©By Bill Pearce
May 2,  2020

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