Changing It Soon


Hello my friends

I hope you’re staying clear of that nasty
old virus.  Judy and I are.  Actually our
life has not changed much as of yet.  We
don’t live around a lot of people and the
only time we see anybody is when we go
shopping or for a doctors visit and yes we
wear our masks for both occasions.  Yep,
we live an exciting life.  Judy had to drive
to Presque Isle for a doctor’s update the
other day and I was without any sleep,  so
I stayed home and caught about an hours
worth of rest so I wouldn’t be a zombie for
the rest of the day 🙂  It’s looking as though
winter has finally released its grip on us 🙂
Right now it’s 68 degrees at 2 PM and it
looks as though according to my weather
program that it will be near the same all
week long.  It’s clear and sunny outside 🙂
My mom called a little while ago to check
up on us.  We try to always keep tabs on
one another.  It seems she forgot that I
called her last week and the week before,
but that’s OK.  I always like to hear from
my mom.  Judy just got up and joined me
in here.  Now I reckon I need to fix us a
bite to eat.  I just fixed us some oatmeal.
Yep,  it’s our breakfast being we go to bed
around 4 AM and don’t get up till around
noon LOL…  Judy stayed in bed a little
bit longer today being I think she didn’t
get much sleep.  Of course I never get much
sleep,  but I am sort of used to it hehehe.
So,  what else is going on in this neck of the
woods?  LOL good question.  I figure one
of us needs to walk out and check the mail,
but after checking my USPS notification
email,  I see that there’s not much there.
We didn’t go out and get it yesterday,  so
I figure it’ll still be there tomorrow.  Yes
I get an email telling me that I have snail
mail in our mailbox LOL.  Hey,  when we
have to walk all the way to the county road
to check it,  we needed a little help notifying
us so the trips were not wasted on nothing.
Anyways,  that’s how we survive 🙂 hehehe.
I might have to share some old pictures in
my stationery from a couple of weeks ago,
being I didn’t take any pictures this week
other than a couple of selfies of me in my
mask LOL.  I’m using one of my selfies
as my Facebook profile picture right now.
I’ll be changing it soon 🙂  No matter,  I’m
sure it makes no difference to anyone but
me LOL.   God is still looking out for us.
We’re so very thankful for all that He does
for us.  If it were not for God,  we would
have no hope.  Thank You God for all that
You do and all that you will do.   Thank
You also for sending many angels to keep
an eye on us and protect us as each day
comes to pass.  AMEN.  Now I do believe
it’s time for me to read back on all that I
have written here to see if I can find a good
word or phrase that I can use for the title
for today’s brand new poem.  So it’s away
I go to that place of my recollection that
I always like to call RECOLLECT VILLE.
I believe I may of stumbled upon a decent
title about a quarter of a way back in all of
my rambling and now after checking I see
that it has not been used as of yet,  so used
is shall be.  Here’s goes

Changing It Soon

Time is a window
a daily cuisine
cooked as morsels
often as a dream.
Change is a sight
a timeless array
ways come attune
for another day.
Allow your sight
to see what’s true
the better of now
and better for you.
Give God the reins
of how you move
and let Him then
show you a groove.
One that is better
than today’s stride
one that is better
to then live inside.
Find what is real
and bring it attune
for life has ways of
changing it soon.

©By Bill Pearce
May 17,  2020

There ya go 🙂  I hope you understood the
poem and maybe even liked it as well as my
rambling.  LOL I can ramble can’t I.  Yep,
I can find the weirdest things to talk about.
Whatever LOL.  If I gave you a smile or
even something to take your mind off of
your daily struggles for a moment,  then I
did my job.  So, I guess that’s about all I’ve
got for ya,  other than what I tell you every
week and that is,  I wrote some more poems.
Yeppers,  10 more poems.  I also wrote 22
more haiku for all of the haiku lovers out
there.  I hope you can find 1 or 2 of either
or both that you like.  Now with that said,
I reckon it’s time for me to begin my little
search for that hardly elusive off switch,
but not before I wish you a blessings filled
week.  Remember,  Jesus loves you and
we do too.  Now,  where can that ornery
off switch be trying to hide this week and
I use the term trying loosely hehehehehe.
Well,  that’s new LOL.  Climbing on my
PC speakers trying hide,  but also not to
fall off hehehe.  There’s not much to hold
onto huh!  I could hear ya slipping and
sliding around back there LOL.   Do ya
think it might of been a bad hiding spot?
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill,  Judy,  Benny,  Rocky
and the spirit of Milo Pearce

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Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Epic Thoughts

Thinking of winter
times that passed
scenes remembered
that did not last.
Maybe melted away
as ice and snow
the winter scenes
that come and go.
The past is shadows
glimmering true
a season becomes
a moment to view.
Life becomes sights
of yesterdays sun
beating of times
that now are done.
Seasons may begin
as a chill of frost
or the snow melting
as epic thoughts.

©By Bill Pearce
May 11,  2020

An Empty Well

So many hearts
are seen obscure
showing all that
they’re unsure.
They might show
in many frames
the lack of faith
their heart attains.
Being on empty
as time moves on
they might only
be a sad song.
Sung as a well
that has no rope
without a bucket
to help them cope.
Time may seem
an unending race
pouring within
a saddened face.
If it’s yourself
or just someone
then say a prayer
for a brighter sun.
Prayer for good
and better days
scenes to become
a brighter phase.
Find the blessings
to help you excel
and fill the void
of your empty well.

©By Bill Pearce
May 12,  2020

Rocks of Ages

Past and present
tend to bind
forming patterns
in our mind.
So many views
become perceived
as that of time
a web we weaved.
The ages we live
become a stage
as times designs
of a turning page.
We are shadows
of the scenes
echoes lifetimes
many dreams.
Repeating sights
we see and tell
rocks of ages
time’s ink well.
We are the feet
that travel upon
then to there
and dusk to dawn.
So many moments
become our stages
holding within
the rocks of ages.

©By Bill Pearce
May 12,  2020


The designs of times
might hold displays
found as an ocean
and daily waves.
It might look fluid,
it might look fine
as life’s unfolding
an awesome design.
Swift as designations
with evening’s breeze
time then envelops
sights of the seas.
Becoming a dream,
becoming a style
of the beginnings
waves can compile.
Scented of memories
as the salt air unfolds
giving a fragrance
a sailor beholds.
Life is as moments
minutes become
rhythms of waves
neath a rising sun.
A dawn’s devotion’s
a wonderful sight
seen as a memoir
seagulls in flight.
Time is a reflection
of an endless sea
that we can use
to find tranquillity.

©By Bill Pearce
May 13,  2020

Lesser of Views

God given times
that we ignore
may be the times
that open a door.
They may unlock
a window of time
seen as a moment
a sight so divine.
Our view may be
only reflections
scenes we devised
many deceptions.
The lesser of time
may be hard to see
for they’re hidden
within our debris.
Grasses of living
green of desire
can become life
as a burning fire.
Look passed want
and find your need
the grasses of life
and plant a seed.
Now’s a new day
so look and see
what God’s given
to you and me.
Now say a prayer
for God to infuse
much better times
in lesser of views.

©By Bill Pearce
May 13,  2020

Essence of Dreams

Waters of emotion
can awaken a time
becoming as dreams
rhythms and rhyme.
Simplistic moments
can unleash desire
in essence of dreams
with times in entire.
Exposing the view
of scenic emotions
painted so blissfully
just like the oceans.
The water’s so blue
reflecting the sky
as light of day flows
while minutes fly by.
Becoming portions
our eyes do not see
scented of an aroma
to set our eyes free.
Life giving scenes,
a dreamer’s array
become as a moment
from night unto day.
Within our illusion
we may see the past
reflections doorways
that leave us aghast.
Moments of beauty
become as cuisines
textured of lifetimes
essence of dreams.

©By Bill Pearce
May 14,  2020

Sudden Tracks

Heaven’s hallway
a scenic path
presents a chance
for a better past.
Thoughts as scenes
streets of gold
times may surely
then unfold.
Maybe the tracks
of trains desires
in a snowy scene
which inspires.
Displaying trails
of now and then
stages of ages
that did begin.
Let God help you
find your way
before the tracks
just fall away.
Lessons are there
for you to learn
times to find
bridges to burn.
Don’t continue
your deadly acts.
Learn before
the sudden tracks.

©By Bill Pearce
May 14,  2020

Xanadu of Summer

Dreams within dreams
scenes come alive
times that we find
reflections that survive.
Seeming as an illusion
time and place collides
crashing into reality
where truth coincides.
So many summertimes
display connections
as that of viewpoints
within our perceptions.
Times just like Xanadu
might seem an illusion
or as picture paintings
that create confusion.
Limitless are the scenes
as Xanadu of summer
created from a dream
a heartbeat of thunder.
Those heavenly sights
that become as dreams
are known as Xanadu
or as magical scenes.
They’re as imagination
reality poured in
designed by minds
of a summertime friend.
Scented of a dreamer
a sight that we behold
Xanadu of summer
from young unto old.

©By Bill Pearce
May 15,  2020

Times We Forget

We may grow old
and forget a day
as timeless scenes
a wondrous array.
We may even see
reflections again
the times we forget
of way back when.
Yet as a moment
becomes our view
what we remember
may also then too.
As a passing page
of a written design
the times we forget
may then rewind.
Friendly gestures
of someone true
as times we forget
become as anew.

©By Bill Pearce
May 15,  2020

Visible Fantasies

Sometimes illusions
might become real
our scenic desires
time might conceal.
Hills within dreams
of a fervent array
may unleash times
of a magical day.
Formed from desire
textured of time
life may encompass
a valley of rhyme.
Just like a doorway
to other places
filled with windows
a soul embraces.
Scented that of love
which time fulfills
life creates patterns
of distant hills.
Blossoming essence
time finds a way
to display windows
with words to say.
Hills may be rolling
on a distant stage
becoming a rhythm
a turn of a page.
Readers of the book
see oceans of seas
our pictures taken
visible fantasies.

©By Bill Pearce
May 16,  2020

for May 16,  2020

Seemless emotions
might be but only fiction
as an actor acts.

Living for right now
can give tomorrow problems
as right now meets end.

The midst of a storm
might hold many mysteries
in form of some clouds.

Searching through the weeds
trying find true signs of grass
you might encounter dirt.

Stories one’s written
can often be true and false
according to views.

Heard upon a stage
there might be lonely actors
in need of others.

Patience is a gift
that many are lacking in
as they get anxious.

Descriptions ones give
determine understandings
who, what, where and why.

As our pages turn
they may leave stories bookmarked
to then remember.

Lessons of desires
can become times of karma
created by fools.

A dreamer’s heartbeat
can be described as hopeful
even in a storm.

Stupid reflections
are found in the hearts of greed
as seasons will pass.

Doorways to the truth
find ways of being opened
when lies fall apart.

Shadows of ourselves
might be seen as reflections
within others minds.

Shaking off the dust
that the past has put on you
might shake off lessons.

Many images
are but only our desires
formed by what we want.

A mere glancing blow
might create repercussions
that bounce back at you.

The leaves on the trees
within autumns state of mind
might be colorful.

Changes in lifestyles
are the fears of so many
afraid of anew.

Our designations
are found in our wants and needs
creating our path.

Different windows
show different sights to see
and some might be bad.

Pouring emotions
as a sea of deep regret
can leave you empty.

©By Bill Pearce
May 16,  2020

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