Daily Path


Hello my friends

It’s almost July and the weather is
still bouncing around,  but it seems
to be cooling down at least a little
bit.   It’s 80 F degrees right now at
2:30 PM and supposed to be in the
70’s most of next week.  Anyways,
I plan on doing some mowing either
this evening or tomorrow.  There’s
not much left to mow being that our
landlord and next door neighbor did
a bit of mowing yesterday.  So that
makes me happy.  Still there is quite
a bit to mow.  Anyways,  as long as
I keep the grass cut,  the bugs are
not so bad.  We were expecting them
to be much worse than they’ve been.
I still cannot believe that June is its
last days,  but yeppers,  Tuesday be
the last of it for this year.  Though
with this COVID epidemic I don’t
think many people with brains will
be out gathering for the 4th of July
to shoot off fireworks.  It’s hard to
believe all of the stuff that has gone
on in our world.  I just hope it all
finds a place to return to a normal
way of life.  Judy and I are anxiously
waiting for a chance to go and play
Miniature Golf 🙂  She’s never played
it and I think she would love it.  If
so,  then we’re thinking of bringing
the families along in the future.  It’s
in our plans 🙂  Boy the TV programs
have gotten bizarre,  but they’re all
figuring out how to continue making
new shows and game shows during
the pandemic by using home cams
and joining multitudes of video cams
into a screen.  It’s weird,  but better
than nothing.  We’re glad they didn’t
just give it up and force us to watch
but only reruns for the next few years.
Of course many TV programs will be
forced to only show reruns,  being as
they cannot do a work around the
same as some of the game shows and
other TV programs.  Time will tell.
God is still watching over Judy and I.
We can feel His presence in our home.
We can also sense many angels that
are always with us guiding us in our
daily path.  Thank You God for all
that You do for us and for You giving
us Your Son to always be there for us.
AMEN.  Now I believe it’s time for me
to read back on all of my rambling
to see if I can find me a good word
or phrase that I can use for the title
for today’s new poem.  So,  it’s away
I go to that place of my recollections
I always like to call RECOLLECT
VILLE.  Hey,  it looks like I might
of found a decent title just a few lines
back and now after checking I see
that it has not been used yet,  so used
it shall be today.  Here goes…

Daily Path

Trials and errors
chances taken
our many views
may be mistaken.
Seeming trivial
seeming light
we often confuse
wrong and right.
Our daily gains
might be less
when all there is
but only a mess.
Search your heart
and find a view
one that’s best
for you to do.
Seek a journey
less of wrath
as God guides
your daily path.

©By Bill Pearce
June 28,  2020

Well,  there ya go.  I hope you liked
the poem and maybe even all of my
rambling LOL.  It’s about time for
me to head outside to mow the grass,
but I guess I’ll finish this first.  I’ve
already told you all that I can think of
to tell you other than what I tell you
every week and that is,  I wrote some
more poems and haiku.  Yeppers,  10
more poems and I also wrote 22 more
haiku for all of the haiku lovers out
there.  I hope you can find 1 or 2 of
either or both that you like.  Now I
do believe it’s time for me to begin
my search for that hardly elusive off
switch,  but not before I wish you a
most wonderful blessings filled week.
Remember,  Jesus loves you and we
do too.  Okie dokie now,  where can
that ornery off switch be hiding this
time????  Or better said,  TRYING
to hide LOL.  Hmm,  I think I see
a little bit of movement behind my
red flashlight that’s sitting on my
scanner.  LOL Oops,  ya bumped my
bifocals that are sitting right beside
the flashlight hehehe.  You’ve got
everything rocking up there now 🙂
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzz.
God bless from Bill,  Judy,  Benny,  Rocky
and the spirit of Milo Pearce

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Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Glow of Evening

Light of existence
may form a desire
as time awakens
in evening’s attire.
The leftover glow
of evening’s sun
becomes a photo
as daytime is done.
Forming shadows
of a leftover sight
a glow of evening
becomes the night.
Winter’s glimmer
in evening’s way
speaks so softly
its wondrous array.
It might be echoes
of a passing scene
a glow of evening
a shimmery sheen.

©By Bill Pearce
June 22,  2020

Tracks of Inspiration

Journeys of directions
become as our view
times that we find
as ways to head to.
Inspiring momentum
of a phase of time
many of our journeys
are wantings design.
Displaying perceptions
of a fantasy road
time is a doorway
of lifestyles abode.
Begun as a deception
with blinded eyes
the tracks we follow
may have a surprise.
They may have scenes
of hopeful arrays
wants and wishes
filled with displays.
The tracks might lead
a wrongful path
one full of horror
and a shadowy past.
Seek for the directions
of a much better you
letting the bitterness
to fade out of view.
Let God be the guide
to your destination
while on your travels
tracks of inspiration.

©By Bill Pearce
June 22,  2020

Jungle of Despair

Uncovering views
of distant places
may find jungles
of so many faces.
Many might seem
filled full of grief
within a jungle
of their own belief.
The leaves of life
might fall away
into the scenery
of day after day.
Minutes may pass
and leave a trail
seeming endless
with timeless detail.
Just like a jungle
time transcends
under a canopy
where life begins.
Becoming dreams
with scenic hues
found so divine
as the pages infuse.
Life as a doorway
might open wide
allowing choices
to not be denied.
Find the blessings
in a breath of air
and breathe out
a jungle of despair.

©By Bill Pearce
June 23,  2020

Country Miles

An imagination
can enhance
a place in time,
a certain glance.
Miles decisions
create sights
country scenes
a time delights.
Just like a story
a written view,
a place in time
that’s now anew.
Scenic journeys
times compose
sometimes as
a weed like rose.
Time as seasons
becomes seen
a place in time
within a dream.
Formed as life
of day to day
country miles
its own display.
Fragrant scenes
words of time
become a view
a formed design.
Such as a page
of written word
time becomes
seen and heard.
Imagining times
looking seeing
finding flavors
time’s repeating.
Becoming sight
of many smiles
this is lifetimes
country miles.

©By Bill Pearce
June 24,  2020

Dream a Dream

Find a moment
a time and place
such as a dream
a times embrace.
Hold it tightly
with your hand
dream a dream
of shifting sand.
Open your eyes
and look to see
all the blessings
for you and me.
Unlock windows
times to explore
as scenic places
a little bit more.
See the troubles
as what they are,
for they’re tools
that leave a scar.
They may expose
a sudden sight
as a time of life
in a better light.
Let time to find
a better display
a certain scene
a dream’s array.
Become so alive
as seconds pass
dream a dream
of blessings past.
Allow emotions
to see each view
moments times
from within you.
Open the doors
to life pristine
finding peaceful
dream a dream.

©By Bill Pearce
June 25,  2020

Glamour of Fall

Colors transcending
display a phase
autumn of grandeur
before winter’s days.
The season becomes
a view of time
as poems in motion
rhythm and rhyme.
Moments of artwork
as colorful seas
with autumn’s stages
the season of leaves.
Life is like a painter
minutes to view
seeming so timeless
as a magical hue.
From life unto death
time stands tall
as seasons of beauty
with glamour of fall.

©By Bill Pearce
June 26,  2020

Crossroads of Gravel

Finding discerning
times to explore
so many crossroads
will come to our door.
Giving us choices
ways that unfurl
with our perceptions
of a seasonal world.
Find in a moment
answers to prayer
rhythms of an angel
with love and care.
Crossroads of life
can cause pain
as time is repeated
seeming like rain.
Find the right path
for you to travel
and don’t get lost on
crossroads of gravel.

©By Bill Pearce
June 26,  2020


Fields of illusions
imagined displays
what we dream of
in so many ways.
Imagine a tractor
awaiting to plow
sitting in a field
as minutes allow.
Acting as an echo
the times perceive
formed as dreams
of a web to weave.
Life is a window
or an open door
our imaginations
for us to explore.
Life’s destinations
can uncover paths
times and places
that shadows cast.
We might be as
a tractor sleeping
waiting to plow
as we’re weeping.
So many illusions
can display peace
formed as designs
as a little release.
Find a perspective
of true formations
one with blessings
of imaginations.

©By Bill Pearce
June 27,  2020

Creation of Time

Passages forming
designs of a day
become as a stage
with time on display.
There may be grass
of thoughtful scenes
creation of time
as rushing streams.
Designs as timeless
passing sights
procured as life
within sudden sights.
Creation then shows
how minutes begin
just like a moment
that times transcend.
Uncovering scenes
of heavens grace
God filled dreams
as of time and space.
Evolving from truth
of the grasses green
a creation of time
is a starlight stream.
Find peace within
the starlit phase
and say a prayer
for some better days.
Change your views
and open your mind
discover the truth
of creation of time.

©By Bill Pearce
June 27,  2020

Prayer of Answers

Many moments
times of life
prayer of answers
can end strife.
Prayer is driven
by our desires
wants and wishes
daily aspires.
Answers become
as yes or no
that of needing
or that to go.
Find the rhythm
to your mind
prayer of answers
to then unwind.
Seek the lessons
tracks inlaid
prayer of answers
Heaven made.

©By Bill Pearce
June 27,  2020

for June 27,  2020

Limitless echoes
find their ways inside our lives
as our memories.

Versions of ourselves
are often within others
that mimic our steps.

Living as a lie
the truth becomes clear to see
as others get close.

Night might show nightmares,
but they might only be fears
that you imagine.

Chance is perception
for it might be a moment
that is only wished.

Behind a closed door
might be someone struggling
while trying to smile.

Thoughts and emotions
can become our dynamite
if held in too long.

Our doors and windows
into our minds and our hearts
need a little prayer.

Winning arguments
only counts when you’re happy
and not just gloating.

Gambling lifestyles
often end with emptiness
that’s fueled by wanting.

Opening a door
to the past and misery
can welcome it back.

We become shadows
as life only sees actions
and not the person.

So many gimmicks
are only scams to trick us
to think they will work.

Life is like a dream
that can become a nightmare
if not meant to be.

Reaching for the stars
you might see some that twinkle
only for a time.

When hearing thunder
you might think the sky’s alive
as it loudly roars.

Listening for rain
you can often here raindrops
that pitter patter.

Walking through the woods
you might lose your direction
and need a compass.

Looking in mirrors
we can often find ourselves
looking back as us.

In shallow waters
there are some that will find fear
only of the sand.

Scenes that we create
as life becomes our vessel
might fill with water.

Our footprints in life
are as shadows and mirrors
telling our journeys.

©By Bill Pearce
June 27,  2020

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