Hello my friends

I guess ya may of noticed that I did not
write anything last week.  I figured that
I would give it a holiday break HoHoHo.
So anyways,  here I am once again with
more of my rambling and poetry.  It has
been a rough few days since Wednesday.
I’ve had an intestinal virus that took it
right out of me,  but I am on the mend
now.  Being I do not have a colon and
have only 2 thirds of my small intestines
I do stand to have intestinal problems.
Oh well,  I am feeling a little better now.
I had to go out yesterday and clear our
driveway of snow so that if we did need
to go somewhere,  we could get out of
the driveway 🙂  Our landlord sent a guy
this morning to plow the way up to the
county road and also clear a little bit
more of our driveway.  It looks like we
might get more snow tomorrow evening
and Tuesday as well as few flurries late
tonight.  So it looks as though winter
is finally here.  I love the snow,  but I
hate the ice and slush that follows right
behind.  Yep,  I would not of minded
clearing the driveway yesterday if I had
felt better,  but I will not let a little pain
to keep me from my duties.  I’ve always
been this way or at least tried to be 🙂
I’m a hard one to keep down hehehehe.
I was retired against my will and that
brought me to tears.  I had worked all
of my life and not used to not working.
So,  life goes on.  We had a fairly nice
Christmas.  We went and delivered the
gifts to our grandkids before Christmas
and then Judy and I spent Christmas
home together feeding our faces and
watching Christmas movies.  Our gifts
to my mom and daughter as well as
my granddaughter got mailed over a
week before Christmas and we paid
extra to make sure they were delivered
before Christmas,  but my daughter
and granddaughter did not get theirs
till the day after.  My mom got hers
on Christmas Eve.  Oh well,  at least
they got them 🙂  Judy and I got up
Christmas morning and opened our
gifts from my daughter and of course
granddaughter as well.  Judy also got
me a couple of things,  such as a shirt
that she put an iron on which was of
the cartoon Animal and she bought
me a glass with the same picture :).
Judy’s gift was already given.  It was
a Laser Jet Color Printer.  She loves
it.  It makes me happy I was able to
do that for her.  Also her cell phone
battery died so I ordered her another
battery and now her phone is back
up and running and holding a charge.
Our new year was spent with me in
pain.  I stayed up till midnight and
said Happy New Year and gave Judy
a kiss and then I went to bed.  I am
so glad that pain is subsiding.  It’s
something I’ve always gotta expect.
Off of that subject,  I hope you had
a Merry Christmas and a happy and
safe New Year.  Hopefully prayerfully
all of this pandemic will soon be over
with so we can get on with our lives,
but I’m sure changes in how we do
things will stick with us.  That might
not be a bad thing 🙂  Look for the
best in life and don’t focus on the
negative stuff.  Find the blessings in
the moments and be thankful for
them.  God has watched over Judy
and I for many years the same as He
watched over me all the while I was
growing up and He has always been
there for me even when I thought He
was not.  Many angels have also been
with me when I needed them as they
are today when Judy and I are in need
of help.  God watches over us as we
stumble through life.  I’m sure He is
not going to prevent many problems
from occurring,  for it’s the problems
that make us stronger if we do not
give up.  So,  hang in there and do
the best that you can.  Not the best
that someone else can do.  We each
have our strengths.  I thank God for
my strength in writing as well as many
other things.  Thank You God for all
that you have done for us and all that
You will surely do.  AMEN.  Now I do
believe that it’s time for me to begin my
journey back through all that I have
written here to see if I can find a good
word or phrase that I can use for the
title for today’s brand new poem.  So,
it’s away I go,  to that little place of
my recollection that I always like to
call RECOLLECT VILLE.   I believe
I may of found a decent title near the
halfway mark of my rambling and now
after checking I see that it’s not been
used,  so used it shall be.  Here goes…


Seasons will come
and seasons will go
subsiding moments
times to bestow.
Showing the seconds
times may wear down
leaving some scars
in shape of a frown.
Allow for the past
to unleash the gain
subsiding sadness
with good to attain.
Let God to show you
a much better life
subsiding doorways
to hatred and strife.
Look for the blessings
and all then thereof
and let your regretful
be filled with love.
For as we move on
there will be deciding
to hold on to the past
or find it subsiding.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 3,  2021

There ya go.  I hope you liked the poem
and maybe even a little of my rambling.
I fixed Judy and I some oatmeal for a
late breakfast.  OK,  it’s not late for us,
but it would be maybe for you hehehe.
We stay up late watching TV and doing
whatnot.  It’s our regular thing being
we’re both night owls LOL.  When you
have worked night shift for as many
years as I have you tend to get stuck in
that mode.  Judy also used to work the
evening and night shift quite a bit so
she’s like me.  We’re often up till 4 AM
watching game shows or cartoons LOL.
Of course the last few days I’ve been
going to bed by midnight or before
being I’ve been feeling peaked,  but as
of today I am feeling more like myself.
So that’s about all I have for ya other
than what I tell you nearly every week
and that is,  I wrote some more poems
and haiku.  Yeppers,  10 more poems
and there are 5 Christmas poems in
the mix 🙂  I also wrote 22 more haiku
for all of the haiku lovers out there.
I hope you can find 1 or 2 of either
or both that you like.  Now with that
said I reckon it’s time for me to begin
my search for that hardly elusive off
switch,  but surely not before I wish
you a blessings filled New Year with
answers to prayer.  OK so where can
that ornery off switch be hiding at
this time?  It’s had an extra week to
find a hiding spot LOL.  Where oh
where can that thing be hehehehe?
Looking around the room high and
low.  Hmm,  nowhere to be seen 🙂
OH hahahaha,  I see ya,  posing in
front of my camera that is facing the
other direction.  So,  did you think
to set the timer on the camera or
were you just expecting me to find
you and take your picture hehehe?
Dream on dude,  dream on.  Try
a little harder on hiding next week.
Gotcha,  se ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill,  Judy,  Benny,  Rocky
and the spirit of Milo Pearce

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Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Time Within Dreams

Life is as artwork
painted as designs
as time’s creations
in dreamers minds.
Scenes come alive
as a Christmas view
times within time
from old to anew.
Life’s as a painting
with canvas of style
often as Christmas
creating a smile.
Roads may glisten
of an icy perception
time within dreams
of life’s detections.
Wintertime white
becomes as scenes
of Christmas allure
time within dreams.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 22,  2020

Christmas Belief

Many snowflakes
become the view
compiled together
with a whitish hue.
Forming as scenes
creation of bliss
Christmas belief
of a seasonal kiss.
Time’s as an ocean
with days rolling in
created from winter
as a seasonal wind.
Snowflakes falling
become as a sight
Christmas scenes
as a seasonal white.
Transforming time
into scenes of gold
as snow comes alive
with time to behold.
A scenic doorway
is formed in snow
Christmas scenes
with a winter glow.
It might be a day
of times memory
Christmas scented
of time we can see.
It might be a time
that’s oh so brief
living within as
a Christmas belief.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 23,  2020


Season’s sight
comes in view
of old and new.
Glistening trees
of winter’s ways
times memories
nights and days.
We might find
a snowy scene
with memories
like a dream.
Heaven’s beauty
like a window
songs of nature
life’s crescendo.
Becoming scenes
of timeless gold
with memories
young and old.
Allow the sights
to become seas
flowing as your

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 24,  2020

Moon So Round

Christmas comes
with a silent glow
a moon so round
the times bestow.
Just like an orb
a haunting scene
a moon so round
in winter’s dream.
It creates minutes
of magical sights
a moon so round
within the nights.
Formed as a time
of a magical view
a moon so round
of old and anew.
It is as a window
a wonderful place
a moon so round
way up in space.
A distant sight
and timeless age
a moon so round
on a scenic stage.
Each little glance
our eyes perceive
a moon so round
is a web to weave.
It creates dreams
without a sound
of Christmastime
a moon so round.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 26,  2020

Winter’s Desires

Life is a window
a time to view
a winter display
a wondrous hue.
It brings scenery
stages of white
as winter’s desires
becomes a sight.
Time enlightened
of scenic ages
as living books of
 Christmas pages.
Written as words
we remember
as winter’s desires
within December.
Children singing
warm by fires
of Christmastime
winter’s desires.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 29,  2020

Dream Memoir

Losing yourself
within a dream
it might create
a magical scene.
Fantasy places
living within
times we find
things transcend.
Passing phases
timeless views
sights to see
choices to choose.
A scenic breath
becomes alive
to help us all
somehow survive.
A winter dream
becomes a star
light so bright
a dream memoir.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 29,  2020

Sudden Views

Passing phases
scenes that dwell
become the times
remembered well.
Scenic moments
become our view
minutes passing
from old to new.
Time is wasted
when it is hidden
within a moment
sights forbidden.
Not letting scenes
enlighten a mind
as sudden views
passing of time.
Open your eyes
see living dreams
the sudden views
of winter scenes.
Seemless windows
might open wide
allowing sights
to come inside.
Displaying life
as wintery winds
giving us views
as scenic friends.
A wintery stage
the times infuse
are there for us
as sudden views.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 30,  2020

Spirits Move

Life and death
meet their stride
as spirits move
a cosmic ride.
Scenes we see
become a phase
as spirits move
to future days.
Just like a bird
that flies on past
a spirit moves
as shadows cast.
Love and light
join together
as spirits move
to live forever.
Becoming one
with then thereof
spirits move
with Godly love.
Heaven’s angels
can help improve
while they watch
and spirits move.

©Bill Pearce
Dec 30,  2020

Another Mind

Years have passed
and left in place
times to remember
times to embrace.
Scented in breezes
of passing years
time’s as a turnstile
a memoir endears.
Formed of desires
wantings array
another mind finds
years fade away.
Creating windows
to find a view
within our memory
of old and anew.
Years pass quickly
we seem to find
as now meets then
in another mind.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 31,  2020

For Me, For You

Life is choices,
ways to choose
as times to find
to win or lose.
Yet in the midst
time’s displayed
in ways of style
life’s lemonade.
Within choices
holds a place
the time to find
His saving grace.
It might be seen
as a dismal sight
coming in view
with Godly light.
It may become
a scenic style
the time to find
new to compile.
Blessings of time
that come to life
can form hearts
with lesser strife.
God gives way
to better stride
if you’ll let Him
to come inside.
He gives chances
for a better view
Heaven’s design
for me, for you.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 1,  2021

for Jan 2,  2021

Seconds continue
even after we are gone,
so lose the ego.

Trivial moments
become very important
in lost perspective.

Challenging a dream
to become reality
might become regret.

Rivers of lifestyles
might surely one day run dry,
so prepare for change.

Living for someone
can become as a death wish,
for people will fall.

Dressing for occasions
might display your confusion
if you are misled.

Various doorways
will open and close with time
showing good and bad.

The road to the truth
is widened so many times
by white lines of lies.

Fields of illusions
are often created from dreams
that become nightmares.

Looking beyond now
we might see things horrific
that are not to be.

The leaves of autumn
create emotions of life
found as they’re changing.

Minutes may pass by
amidst the many seconds
that are overlooked.

Wintertime flowers
can be hidden beneath snow,
but bloom time to time.

Threading a needle
needs patience and steady hands
or you will get pricked.

Time is a passage
that some try to hurry through
when they’re not ready.

Life creates lessons
from the mistakes that we make
that become as tools.

Seasons of shadows
are often our reflections
that we remember.

Living for today
can fill you full of regret
within tomorrow.

Leaving a lifestyle
that has but only anger
can open new doors.

Looking to the stars
you might see many windows
allowing a view.

Searching for a time
that you once let pass you by
might create sadness.

A snow covered field
can become winter’s artwork
if viewed correctly.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 2,  2021

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