Time Together


Hello my friends

I hope you had a happy Valentine’s day.
We just stayed warm at home enjoying the
company of one another.  I told Judy she
can choose what to do for Valentine’s day
and this was her choice.  So I reckon when
I get done writing this,  we will watch a few
of our favorite TV programs on Discover +.
Yep,  all she said she wants is 4 creme drops
instead of the 2 we normally eat every day.
Of course we don’t eat them every day :),
but when we do eat them, we only eat two.
It’s 21 F degrees right now at 5:30 PM and
we are expecting 8-12 inches of snow late
tomorrow night through Tuesday evening.
So, it looks like it is finally beginning,  but
then we do have quite a bit of snow on the
ground already LOL.  It’s nothing like the
past winters though.  So, what else is there
going on around this place?  Well,  Judy
went and picked up her sisters and they
all went to craft night at her twin sister
Trudy’s house Saturday and I had the
privilege once again of staying home with
the dogs.  What a life huh LOL.  Yep,  my
life is chock full of excitement,  NOT 🙂
It’s quite boring here most of the time,
but that’s better than being amidst the
rat race of the city.  Though I still miss
having someone to play music with.  It
gets old playing music by myself all the
time.  It would be great to have a guitar
player or someone to play music with.
Oh well,  life goes on.  At least I have
Judy and the boys.  We do enjoy our
time together watching TV and every
once in a while taking a picture taking
drive :).  OK,  I might be the only one
that enjoys that,  but it’s something to
do LOL.  The one thing that I do a lot
of is write poetry and work with the
many pictures we’ve taken and Judy’s
paintings creating poetry pictures. That
keeps me occupied 🙂  Yeppers,  a real
exciting life Hahaha.  We are thankful
for what we have.  I know life may not
be what we want it to be,  but often it
is what we need.  In most cases it is all
that we need.  All other is just human
wants.  There are many things that we
do not need.  We only think we need
them.  Many of our blessings come in
form of things that we do not receive,
because if we had them,  we would be
miserable in the long run.  Most cases
we’re only seeing short term pleasures
and not the full picture.  Learn to be
thankful for what you have.  I try to do
that every day,  but often my humanity
gets in the way with wanna and clouds
my mind.  Yet still I try my best to be
thankful for all that God has given me
and all that He has not allowed in my
life.  God knows best.  Thank You God
for all that You have done in my life
and all that You will do.  AMEN and
AMEN.  Now I do believe it’s time for
me to be reading back over all that I
have written here to see if I can fine a
good word or phrase that I can use for
the title for today’s brand new poem 🙂
So it’s away I go,  to that place of my
recollection that I always like to call
RECOLLECT VILLE.   I think I may
have found a decent title about near
the halfway mark of my rambling and
now after checking I see that it has not
been used yet,  so used it shall be today.
Here goes…

Time Together

Life is artwork
painted displays
showing us times
of colors to grays.
Together we find
a timeless bond
minutes passing
going on and on.
Just like a ghost
fades from view
time moves along
from old to anew.
As our memories
become all we see
our time together
becomes history.
Look for the good
within the past
and find the best
shadows to cast.
For we are echoes
living on forever
with our memories
of time together.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 14,  2021

There ya go.  I hope you liked the poem
and maybe even a little of my rambling 🙂
Yeppers,  I can ramble can’t I hehehehe.
Anyways,  I think I’ve told ya all there is
to tell ya other than what I tell ya every
week which is,  I wrote some more poems
and haiku.  Yep,  10 more poems with 1
Christmas poem in the mix.  I also wrote
22 more haiku for all of the haiku lovers
out there.  I hope you can find 1 or 2 of
either or both that you like.  Now I think
it is time for me to begin my search for
that hardly elusive off switch,  but surely
not before I wish you a blessings filled
week.  Remember,  Jesus loves you and
we do too.  Oh yea,  Happy Valentine’s
Day 🙂  Ok,  so where can that ornery off
switch be trying to hide this time LOL?
Hmm,  looking in all of the regular hiding
spots.  Nope,  not there.  Hey it looks as
though you might of found a good hiding
spot for once,  but then I do need to get
this posted LOL.  Aha,  I saw you peeking
out from behind my books in the rack to
the right of me.  I was wondering what
was causing them to shift hehehehehehe.
So you figured you needed to be seen so
that I didn’t waste so much time hunting
for you hehehe.  Isn’t that sweet of you.
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill,  Judy,  Benny,  Rocky
and the spirit of Milo Pearce

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Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂


We might arrive
at many times
crossroads path
in our minds.
Scenes become
alive with sight
pathways found
within daylight.
Unique scenes
of unique styles
might unveil
paths of smiles.
A joyful trail
may open wide
letting treasures
to come inside.
Love of life’s
time and place
is a pathway’s
firm embrace.
Showing beauty
of past days
life gives lessons
with pathways.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 8,  2021

Windows of Illusion

Found as echoes
scenes might become
windows of illusion
a bright shining sun.
Creating doorways
to a magical view
time becomes dreams
of then thereunto.
Winters windows
come to life in a way
maybe as illusions
that dreams portray.
Transforming life
into a heartbeat
as a moment in time
that might repeat.
 Moments created
might live as designs
windows of illusion
as rhythms of minds.
A season awakens
creating its style
in form of a journey
of a wintery smile.
Seeming dreams
as timeless displays
a wintertime sight
is a wonderful phase.
Maybe of a dream
of a distant sight
windows of illusion
seen within white.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 8,  2021

Telling Winter

Telling tales
stories told
telling winter
times of old.
 Many scenes
may begin
telling winter
to transcend.
Bringing life
to the day
telling winter
of its way.
Seasons sign
is of white
telling winter
is with sight.
Stage of ages
times desire
telling winter
we admire.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 9,  2021

Fantasy World

Tempting thoughts
create a wave
of fantasy worlds
a seasonal phase.
Formed as illusion
created in dreams
timeless colors
become as scenes.
Fantastic moments
live on in leaves
times perspectives
a second conceives.
Creating a portal
a doorway in time
as a fantasy world
that is so divine.
Seconds to minutes
time is unfurled
creating the illusion
of a fantasy world.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 9,  2021

Fervent Attractions

The shimmer of ice
that winter bestows
glimmers of beauty
as seasonal shows.
So many ripples
oh so many rhymes
are with a river’s
wondrous designs.
Minutes reflections
are mirrored in tune
seasons of passages
morning to noon.
Time is as echoes
repeating the scenes
moments in time
appearing as dreams.
Moments memories
may form our desires
from time after time
as our raging fires.
Burning within us
as want takes ahold
fervent attractions
our reflections of old.
Times remembered
as rivers of passion
might seem today
an unused fashion.
Don’t let a heart
to forget the actions
found in view of
fervent attractions.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 9,  2021

Scenic Memories

Living for a moment
thriving in a dream
so many memories
continue pristine.
Cherished as a sight
a moment so true
as scenic memories
within me and you.
You may see a pond
with life of a time
splashing all about
in a scenic design.
Memories heighten
as time moves on
with scenic displays
of dusk unto dawn.
Stages of heartbeats
continue to thrive
becoming memoirs
that live so alive.
Time’s like a breath
that ones believe
found as a dreamer
strives to conceive.
It may seem illusions
these views of time
memories flavored
as a magical find.
Holding to a dream
a stage of degrees
a pond can become
as scenic memories.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 10,  2021

Shades of Time

Perspective visions
those timeless arrays
are stages of autumn
with bright sunrays.
Time is a doorway
or window’s glance
as shades of pages
of a life’s romance.
Beginnings of style
transform our views
into shades of time
with wonderful hues.
Colorful memories
become as our own
found in our hearts
as a magical tone.
Now’s just a dream
or what we perceive
as time comes alive
with colors to weave.
Eyes of perception
might view a scene
as echoes of a sight
colors from green.
Yet in the makings
the green may blend
with all the colors
the times transcend.
Life gives passage
for colors of design
found in autumn
as shades of time.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 11,  2021

Falling Snow

Snow of wintertime
fell from the skies
creating a window
filled with surprise.
Forming a doorway
to yet another view
as snow falls down
with old to anew.
The thrill displayed
is of a wonderland
as a scenic creation
held within hand.
Transforming sights
into glorious scenes
as the falling snow
becomes as dreams.
The transformation
might seem as gold
as of snow showers
a time to behold.
Living as a moment
so timelessly formed
the falling snow is
life that’s adorned.
Displaying moments
so many will see
as the falling snow
that lands in a tree.
A wintertime scene
that seems to grow
becomes a lifetime
of falling snow.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 11,  2021


Looking to the sky
you might see signs
as clouds flying by
that form designs.
The ground below
may also be scenes
dimensions of life
seeming as dreams.
Beginnings of time
as days pass on by
might seem to say
hello and goodbye.
Look up and find
the seasonal sights
within dimensions
of days and nights.
Find the doorways
to dreamers allure
and let them form
a scene’s contour.
Created with style
of a timeless array
dimensions of life
displayed in a day.
More than dreams
a sky’s wide awake
giving many sights
for us to partake.
Displaying clouds
as our extensions
creating Heaven
within dimensions.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 12,  2021

Fantasy’s Window

Sights and sounds
of then and there
become a window
as a breath of air.
Pages of artwork
form the designs
seasons of scenes
time after times.
Windows of sights
open with a view
as time is formed
from old to anew.
Links to seconds
become our stage
fantasy’s window
from age to age.
Time’s a doorway
that often is seen
as that of fantasy
found in a dream.
Perspective views
might only find
our old memories
deep in our mind.
Wintertime scenes
of holiday sights
may be Christmas
as colorful lights.
Yet there may be
only some snow
as Christmastime
fantasy’s window.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 13,  2021

for Feb 13,  2021

Time has no patience,
for it continues onwards
with or without us.

Reviving our thoughts
needs some knowledge of the truth,
for lies can evolve.

Living for a breath
can become suffocating
as you breathe harder.

Pacing back and forth
can wear a hole in your life
that spawns more worries.

Leaving out the facts
can become as just a lie
hidden in the truth.

Striving for true love
can often leave you empty
if it’s sought wrongly.

Legitimate tools
often come from our failures
that helped us to grow.

The size of a smile
determines how you are viewed
even if it’s fake.

Throwing a curve ball
can make ones doubt your meaning
and push them away.

Looking to the sky
you might see some images
that become as dreams.

Places and faces
often become confusion
as years multiply.

Drinking the water
that pours as stories of lies
might find you empty.

Temptation of time
can give you many worries
if not seeing facts.

Tomorrow’s today
might look like today’s today
if we’re not careful.

Sharing your story
with ones that don’t understand
can be waste of time.

Throwing out garbage
you might find some confusion
of what that’s garbage.

Cherished things in life
might look like a waste of time
as others view them.

Some doors will open
to only try and entice,
without any worth.

Timid as a wolf
some may be hiding the truth
and truly be sharks.

Bitten by love bugs
many will say and do things
hoping for true love.

True friendship blossoms
even if time has moved on,
for it never dies.

Age is a number
that some see as intelligence,
but it is just age.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 13,  2021

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