No Jealousy


Hello my friends

The passed week turned out to be fairly
nice.  Though mid week Rocky had a lil
problem with a cyst on his right front paw
and it made it hard for him to walk,  so
we took him to the vet Friday and the vet
popped the cyst and checked him over real
good.  It seems Rocky was also running a
bit of a fever,  so he gave us a prescription
to deal with that.  Rocky is back to his old
ornery self.  It’s 52 F degrees right now at
4 PM.  Tonight’s low is supposed to be 31 F.
Yep,  we’ve been having some cold nights
being of course that winter is nearing and
soon snow will be falling 🙂  We didn’t do
much this passed week other than go and
pay bills and do a little grocery shopping.
Judy told me earlier on that she wanted
Chinese food for her birthday,  so that is
what she got.  Of course Friday after we
took care of Rocky,  we went and bought
her an ice cream cake,  which we still have
half of it left LOL.  Then Saturday on her
birthday we went to Tang’s Chinese and
had a nice dinner.  I had our waiter take
our picture.  He did pretty good 🙂  The
food was awesome.  We had pupu platter
for 2 and then our main orders which
were fried scallops for me and general tso
for Judy.  Yeppers we had to take most
of the pupu platter in take out boxes 🙂
That was a lot of food LOL.  Judy said
she had a great birthday.  I did the best
that was able to do.  I’m glad she enjoyed
it.  I also wrote her a poem and made it
into a poetry picture as I have done often
for her birthdays and our anniversaries 🙂
I might share the poetry picture in my
stationery,  but of course it will be very
tiny.  Although the text version of it will
be in with the poems.  The very last poem.
So what else is going on around this place?
Well, that stupid time change came and
messed up our sleeping being that to dogs,
the time change means nothing.  Their lil
internal clocks are still at the regular and
when they want us to get up or are ready
to eat is still the same time as always LOL.
They know not of daylight savings time.
LOL they can’t read a clock.  Rocky is
real good about taking his meds.  Judy
just holds it out in the palm of her hand
and he eats it up.  They are chewables for
his fever.  Now Benny is heck to take a
pill or anything of that nature,  but he
has no problem with getting shots for
his diabetes and arthritis being he knows
he will get a treat afterwards LOL.  Of
course Judy gives them both a treat so
that there is no jealousy or growling 🙂
I’m glad that Judy doesn’t mind giving
Benny his shots,  because I am scared I
will hurt him.  I don’t mind getting shots,
but not giving them to myself or another.
That’s just something I do not feel good
about doing.  I fear of making a mistake
and a costly one at that :).  I know there
may come the day that I will have to give
Benny his shots,  but hoping it’s a long
time from now.  Judy is still crocheting.
Now she’s making some headbands or
head warmers as she calls them 🙂  She is
so gifted with talent.  I am so very proud
of her.  It’s getting to the point that I’m
having trouble taking pictures,  being it
gets dark so freaking quick.  It’s dark
by 4 PM LOL.  Pretty soon,  there will
only be like about 4 hours of daylight
or near that and the nights will seem
endless,  but I’m sure it is not as bad as
it is in Alaska,  but pert near it hehehe.
Oh well,  there’s good with the bad and
bad with the good.  I try my best to look
for the good and not let the bad to get
me down,  but there are times it cannot
be helped.  God has been good to Judy
and I.  He has provided all that we need
and given us the strength to make it in
life through the struggles.  Yes we often
fall apart at the seams,  but God is there
to put us back together.  Thank You God
for all that You do and all that You will
most surely do.  AMEN.  Now I do believe
it’s time for me to be reading back over
all that I’ve written here and see if I can
find a good word or phrase that I can use
for the title of this week’s brand new poem.
So,  it’s away I go to that little place of my
recollection that I like to call RECOLLECT
VILLE.   I think I may have stumbled upon
one about the halfway point of my rambling
and now after checking I see that it has not
been used as of yet,  so here goes…

No Jealousy

What life gives you
to achieve your goals
might be much less
than others unfolds.
We might but only
see another’s gain
and not see all that
drives them insane.
For allowing greed
to thrive and run
might create stress
of an inpatient sun.
Letting jealousy
to motivate you
might expose times
that you never knew.
You might find hate
within yourself
sitting and breeding
lesser of wealth.
Turn loose wantings
and let things be
filled with acceptance
with no jealousy.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 7,  2021

Well,  there ya go.  I hope you liked the poem
and it spoke to ya.  I also hope my rambling
didn’t put you to sleep LOL.  Anyways,  Judy
is now the same age as me.  Our ages are but
only 2 months apart.  I turned 65 August 31
and she turned 65 November 6 🙂  I guess that
makes me her elder LOL.  So it seems as I’ve
told you all there is to tell other than what I
tell you nearly every week and that is I wrote
some more poems and haiku.  Yeppers 10
more poems and 22 more haiku for all of the
haiku lovers out there.  I hope you can find
1 or 2 of either or both that you like.  So now
I do believe it’s time to begin my search for
that hardly elusive off switch,  but surely not
before I wish you a truly blessings filled week.
Remember,  Jesus loves you and we do too.
Okey dokey,  so now where can that ornery
off switch be trying to hide the week??????
Looking in all the regular hiding spots and
no switch.  Hmm,  what is that dangling off
of the left PC speaker on the wall???  LOL
I see ya.  You couldn’t quite find a place to
hold on could ya.  Next time ya might want
to scope out for how you’re going to hold
on before dedicating a spot to hide LOL.
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill,  Judy,  Benny,  Rocky
and the spirit of Milo Pearce

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Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Scenic Passages

Timeless colors
become our views
seasonal scenes
of magical hues.
of life unto death
changing colors
giving a breath.
Time forms scenes
that will magnify
scenic passages
as leaves that fly.
The autumn winds
may open a door
giving perspective
sights to explore.
Scenes as colors
that slowly change
as the moments
that all rearrange.
Becoming sights
of love and style
as scenic passages
give us a smile.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 3,  2021

Echoing Memories

Seeming as dreams
time may become
a written memoir
of a seasonal sun.
Formed as minutes
fade from sight
echoing memories
daylight to night.
We may remember
a time and place
that we forgot to
surely embrace.
It may of become
just another day,
but now memories
come out to play.
Bringing to life
joy and laughter
echoing memories
in the hereafter.
So take the time
to remember today
before it is gone
and fades away.
Life can be found
as crashing seas,
but then be missed
echoing memories.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 3,  2021

Within Time

Sometimes things
that we forget
might be the best
to recollect.
Scenes so peaceful
times so sweet
found deep within
a moment’s feet.
Take a picture
to help remember
times and places
a burning ember.
Let the moments
become a trace
a sweet memoir
upon your face.
Don’t let moments
to pass you by
leaving but only
rivers run dry.
The best of then
might live in mind
remembered when
and within time.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 4,  2021

River’s Quest

Waters of time
flow everywhere
some as a breath
some as prayer.
A quest of life
as a river flows
becomes a path
a time bestows.
Flowing minds
pour as streams
as a river’s quest
endless dreams.
Hearts become
as beating minds
many memories
from many times.
Let life’s rivers
to create a path
as God gives way
for good to last.
Becoming seen
as time run wild
time moves on
and is reconciled.
Times will pass
as many scenes
with the changes
of our dreams.
Find the good
the times attest
locked within
a river’s quest.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 4,  2021

Many Reflections

Time upon a log
becomes a glance
seasons counted
as song and dance.
So many reflections
become as a dream
found as perfection
in a living scene.
Life is a doorway
swinging thereunto
sometimes fulfilled
as a magical view.
It might be simple
this view in time
reflecting moments
of a great design.
Scenes as smiles
within memories
found as a dream
our future sees.
Created from past
of our affections
time can display
many reflections.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 4,  2021

So Long Ago

With but a breath
a new day dawns
give of the essence
of past days songs.
Sung as a memory
sung as a sight
when so long ago
was times delight.
Scented emotion
as a dreamers view
times remembered
of then thereunto.
Found as shadows
seeming mirage
of so long ago
as days montage.
Pieced together
as a magical time
as so long ago
becomes a rhyme.
Time’s recollection
of days that glow
become shadows
of so long ago.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 4,  2021

Your Reflection

The views we see
within a mirror
might show life
a little bit clearer.
We may not see
the wrongs we do
when we look on
and don’t see true.
Life can become
a passing phase
found forgotten
in future days.
Yet in a mirror
time might recall
an essence of life
we stood to fall.
Within those days
we may of seen
a time or place
a passing dream.
It might reflect
what’s gone away
in your reflection
of another day.
Creating scenes
needing correction
of then and now
in your reflection.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 5,  2021

Seascape Desire

Life is a moment
a passing fling
as many aromas
that seem to sing.
Seascape living
in seascape years
create a memory
that time adheres.
Maybe an ocean
on a sailing ship
a seascape desire
is a distant trip.
Years are written
as words of time
found as recorded
within the mind.
Moments pass us
leaving memories
of seascape desire
within a breeze.
We found a place
a distant home
now a memory
dreams to roam.
Scented of a time
we did acquire
now remembered
a seascape desire.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 5,  2021

Morning’s Glory

It forms a sky
of colored light
a scene of style
the end of night.
A wondrous sky
that time begins
joins with life
within the winds.
It creates time
a wondrous view
morning’s glory
fresh and anew.
A breath of color
to then become
the sight of life
a seasons sun.
It’s as a blessing
formed from sky
morning’s glory
that seems to fly.
A magical flight
becoming a story
it is the sight of
morning’s glory.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 5,  2021

Birthday For My Love

The years have passed
leaving shadows to see
of you and I together
within scenic history.
Time is just a portal
a doorway to another
birthday for my love
a wife and a mother.
Leaving in the midst
a memoirs collage
gathered all together
as a dreamers mirage.
Formed as a window
we can look through
the ages that gather
within all that we do.
You and I together
walk on into the world
watching the new days
to become unfurled.
We’re joined together
by The One up above
with years presenting
a birthday for my love.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 6,  2021

for Nov 6,  2021

Time is just a place
that’s waiting for its moment
to become alive.

Wisdom of a dream
can often be a nightmare
formed from confusion.

Gazing at the stars
you might see a few moving
that aren’t stars at all.

Trivial moments
often become important
in trivia games.

Things we remember
might need to be forgotten
if they cause problems.

Thriving on others
can create weakness in you
if you do not try.

Living in a lie
will one day become nightmares
as ones learn the truth.

So many travels
are but only in the mind
as time moves ahead.

Seeking for answers
from the emptiness of lies
shows some illusions.

Varying lifestyles
might be unstable pathways
without any goals.

Living in the past
can prevent you from growing
and learning new life.

Tomorrow’s hurtles
are often made much larger
amidst our worries.

Autumn to winter
seasons form their connections
to be remembered.

The threads of desire
can entangle emotions
and create a storm.

When skipping a step
you might look back later on
and think of that step.

The cents and dollars
that a lifetime might cost us
compares not to love.

Reading ones faces
searching for what is the truth
you might find some lies.

Moments remembered
often need to be dealt with
if they cause you pain.

When following trails
you might encounter footprints
that resemble yours.

Today is anew
as tomorrow fades from view,
so let the past rest.

Seeking for sunshine
when storm clouds are upon you,
you must look within.

Hazards of hurry
can bring troubles as potholes
that knock you around.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 6,  2021

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