Stay Busy


Hello my friends

It’s little ole me once again with more of
my incessant rambling hehehe.   I hope you
have been staying well.  We’re still hanging
in there.  Yep,  life is Pretty much the same
old same old here at the Pearce’s place LOL.
We’re keeping our eyes peeled for snowflakes
as we do every winter.  We got a little snow
last week,  but we haven’t had enough days
in a roll of freezing and below temps to get
the ground cold enough to hold the snow,
so it melted quickly as soon as the snowing
ceased.  I’m sure the true snows of winter
will come forth soon to paint the landscape
with textures of white.  It could be this week
or next week,  but only God truly knows 🙂
The weathermen can only make guesses on
what they see in the distant weather.  They
rarely hit it on the button LOL.  Judy has
been knitting more and more and has done
many Christmas gifts.  I of course am doing
basically the same as always with my poetry
and such.  Yep,  I be rather boring.  Judy’s
the exciting one in our relationship.  All I
have to offer for entertainment is poetry and
conga drum music LOL.  Nah,  the truth is,
we’re both at times may seem a little boring
to others,  but we enjoy what we do.  I love
that gal.  I enjoy just being with her.  We
have our favorite TV programs that we like
to watch together as well as taking pictures
and other things.  LOL we were outside
late last night with our cameras trying to
take a picture of the moon.  Judy had her
cell phone trying to take a picture of the
moon and she actually got a better picture
of the moon,  so I may share one of her
pictures in the stationery 🙂  Mine came
out with a glare.  I had the camera setting
on indoor and that may have been the
problem along with the humidity in the
air.   The moon seemed to have a halo
around it.  So,  yes we have many things
in common aside from her crocheting 🙂
I used to crochet when I was younger and
lived alone,  but I didn’t do near what she
has been doing.  She’s made hats, scarves,
gloves,  shawls and other things that I am
unable to think of the name of at this time.
Yep,  we stay busy we our little hobbies.
Well it’s 30 F degrees right now at 5:30 PM
and showing 19% chance of snow tonight
followed by 91% rain and then 99% rain
all day Monday.  It’s supposed to be a
high of 50 F Monday and 34 on Tuesday.
Yeppers,  the weather is a tad confused 🙂
It’ll get its head on straight soon enough
or at least I hope it does hehehe.  These
weather changes are playing heck with
my body and my voice :).  Judy and I
love the snow.  Of course there is a bad
part that comes with it,  but isn’t that
the way it is with anything.  Along with
the good,  comes a little bad.  That’s
how life is.  If it weren’t for the bad in
life the good would get boring and that
is the truth.  I’m sure you see many days
that you are miserable with,  but when
the good comes about,  you are filled
with joy.  Sort of like the days that it
might rain for days,  but then on the
days that it doesn’t rain and it starts
getting hot,  you will be thankful for
the rains.  I feel blessed to be able to
see snow in abundance and be able to
go out and play in it and take pictures.
I have even gotten to where I kind of
like to snow blow,  but only our drive,
not the whole enchilada hehehe.  That
is more than this old body’s able to do.
I do not plan on pushing myself to have
another stroke LOL.  The last time that
I tried to do the long drive going to the
main road I ended up in the hospital
and  that was earlier this year.  Judy had
to call 911.  Fortunately I am OK,  but
I’m not pushing myself that hard again.
God has been good to us.  He has sent
many angels our way as well as allowed
many kindly spirits to watch over us as
each day comes to pass.  Yes we have
our share of problems,  but it’s with the
problems that we become stronger and
are thankful for the good times.  Judy
and I have found a place in each others
heart and we take care of one another.
Marriage isn’t about one doing it all.
It’s about doing what you are able and
then when one is down,  taking up the
slack.  Some days may be 50-50 and some
will be 80-20 or 20-80.  That is how it is.
We are so thankful that God brought us
together and He has watched over us
protecting us from what He knows we
cannot handle and allowing what that
He knows that we can handle or we need.
Thank You God for always being there
for us and hearing our complaints,  but
still loving us the same.  AMEN.  Now, I
believe it’s time for me to be reading back
through all that I’ve written here to see if
I can find a good word or phrase that I
can use for the title for today’s brand new
poem.  So it’s away I go to that place of
my recollection that I always like to call
RECOLLECT VILLE.  I think I may of
found a decent title near halfway in my
rambling and now after checking,  I see
that it has not been used yet,  so used it
shall be today.  Here goes…

Stay Busy

Don’t become stagnant
within your life
allowing your heart to
be filled with strife.
Stay busy with things
or maybe just prayer
allowing the peace
to be a breath of air.
Let yourself blossom
and grow with time
as you stay busy to
strengthen your mind.
Don’t let storm clouds
to wash you away,
seek for the blessings
as you kneel and pray.
Stay busy with living
the best that you can
and don’t let others
to mess up your plan.
Yet take some rest
when feeling real dizzy,
but still allow prayer
to help you stay busy.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 21,  2021

There ya go 🙂   I hope you liked the poem
and maybe even a bit of my rambling.  Yes,
I know,  I do tend to bounce around from
topic to topic hehehe.  Judy is behind me
crocheting more Christmas gifts.  My hands
would of already died from all of the needle
work.  Arthritis knows my name well LOL.
It seems that I’ve run out of things to tell
you other than what I tell you every week
and that is,  I wrote some more poems and
haiku.  Yeppers,  10 more poems and 22
more haiku for all of the haiku lovers out
there.  I hope you can find 1 or 2 of either
or both that you like.  Now I do believe it
is time for me to begin my search for that
hardly elusive off switch,  but not before
I wish you a blessings filled week and a
Happy Thanksgiving day.  Remember,
Jesus loves you and we do too.  Now 🙂
where can that ornery off switch be trying
to hide today?  Looking around the room
in all of the places it’s hidden before and
I see no off switch,  but HEY,  I see you
peeking out of Judy’s crocheting bag hehe.
Ya just couldn’t help to peek to see if I
could see ya could you LOL.  You’re silly.
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

God bless from Bill,  Judy,  Benny,  Rocky
and the spirit of Milo Pearce

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Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Traveling Views

Passing moments
might become
that of blessings
seasons of sun.
Views that move
as traveling times
open the doors
to many designs.
Some as roads
and distant hills
as eyes transfix
on all that instills.
Times own fusion
of then and there
traveling views
go everywhere.
Sequenced styles
formed on a path
time transforms
a shadow’s cast.
Bringing essence
of timeless hues
found on the way
to traveling views.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 15,  2021

Autumn Remembers

Seen within shadows
of time’s yesterdays
are leaves with colors
with scenic arrays.
Summer’s a glimmer
within scenes of gold
as autumn remembers
when seconds unfold.
Minutes bestowing
what time has begun
as changes of seasons
shine in the sun.
God is the painter
creating from mind
as autumn remembers
a perfect design.
Seeming as jumbles
leaves gold to brown
the painting is made
to fall to the ground.
Then with a moment
the scenes transform
as autumn remembers
how leaves were born.
They greet winter
as heartbeats of style
as autumn remembers
to put on a smile.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 16,  2021

Beginnings of Peace

Fuel that of echoes
becomes as a sight
endings beginnings
as day unto night.
The moon may come
and transform time
into a mere dream
to live in the mind.
Trees might reach
and seek the moon
branches stretched
time comes attune.
Creating a scene
that comes in view
with the beginnings
of moments anew.
Let lose of anger
and let it to cease
and allow the scenes
beginnings of peace.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 16,  2021

Endless Tales

The roads of life
that we walk on
might show ways
of then and gone.
The memories
that come in view
might be only
what’s living you.
Yet for a moment
wheels of time
might roll upon
the things to find.
Seasons of scenes
so often of dread
become the tales
of days ahead.
Lessons created
of what prevails
within a journey
of endless tales.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 16,  2021

Driven Miles

Rhythms heartbeats
are as scenic stars
driven as a journey
to Venus and Mars.
Found upon a road
the miles gather dust
becoming reflections
as seasons pass us.
Traveling concepts
with scenic desires
form life’s emotions
each second acquires.
Looking on through
seeing spring become
moments transposing
a bright season’s sun.
Summertime scenes
will pass us on by
becoming autumn
as the colors apply.
Leaves as artwork
become as the smiles
found upon the roads
of our driven miles.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 17,  2021

Dreams in Disguise

Looking like waves
some times may be
but only the actions
of you and me.
Find the moments
the best to become
dreams in disguise
in a seasonal sun.
Don’t let the waves
to carry your mind
into that of torrent
nightmares design.
Look in the waves
and find a dream
a sight so divine
as a magical scene.
Listen for echoes
of a heart’s desires
found in the waves
of illusions empires.
For so very often
within our own eyes
are only nightmares
dreams in disguise.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 17,  2021

Dog eared Pages

So many memories
become as a glance
times you remember
a song or a dance.
Scenes such as time
as an old red barn
held the sock hops
of past days charm.
Seasonal memoirs
become stories told
as dog eared pages
the ages of old.
Dancing having fun
in an old barn of red
becomes reflections
of a living thread.
Sewing together
the seasons of time
as dog eared pages
to somehow remind.
Seeming as dreams
of the distant ages
we may remember
the dog eared pages.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 18,  2021

Bridge of Echoes

Walking in memories
scenes become found
just like the echoes
of a sight or a sound.
Many walking bridges
may accumulate years
as seasons of sights
of laughter and tears.
Traveling concepts
unleash what we know
as ages we perceive
with life to and fro.
We might cross over
a bridge that we see
and find it’s illusions
of all that will be.
With so many echoes
of passed days views
we may lose ourselves
in yesterdays shoes.
Look for the blessings
in the highs and lows
and learn the lessons
on a bridge of echoes.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 18,  2021

Shadows of Ourselves

We might one day
look back upon time
and see ourselves
in a different mind.
Seasons may pass us
leaving memories
shadows of ourselves
as the deepest seas.
So often in pictures
portraits may hang
shadows of ourselves
we wish to attain.
Formed as memories
fluctuate through
bringing about life
of then thereunto.
The images recreate
themselves in a scene
found in a turnstile
that’s now a dream.
The minutes may sit
upon dusty shelves
as pictures of a time
shadows of ourselves.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 19,  2021

Close Your Eyes

Take now the time
to imagine a place
a time that you find
wished to embrace.
See in your mind
as you search within
peace that can be
as a moment’s wind.
Blowing as a breeze
with a heart so pure,
now close your eyes
find seasons allure.
Search the minutes
that seconds create
within closed eyes
of a time and date.
Find now the peace
in a season’s skies
as you stand still
and close your eyes.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 19,  2021

for Nov 19,  2021

With only a breath
life can become an echo
of our yesterdays.

Living in your head
you might discover lessons
that you need to learn.

Dreams of  illusions
formed from imagination
can become regrets.

Today’s decisions
either create or destroy,
so choose them wisely.

Breathing in troubles
and exhaling your worries
doesn’t solve problems.

Glancing at people
you might see some reflections
that look just like you.

The pages of a book
might have many words written
you don’t understand.

Catching a glimmer
of the moonlight in the night
you might find a prayer.

Scenes within summer
become reflections of time
dreamed of in winter.

Thoughts that come to life
can fuel the moments ahead
so make sure they’re good.

Singing songs of love
can bring it into your life
if you keep the faith.

Raindrops of heartbeats
can become a raging flood
filling up your life.

Willingness to change
gives hope for a better you,
but it might not work.

Tomorrows of life
might not ever come to be,
so take care of now.

Trees in a forest
are homes for animals
and air for our lungs.

Changing directions
can be either good or bad,
so take care the change.

When quickly thinking
your commonsense is weakened
and may cause problems.

Pages of a book
might have some that are dog eared
to help to return.

Laughing at someone
that has tried their very best
lowers you in life.

Looking side to side
you might miss what’s in front
and fall in a hole.

Many memories
of the voices that we’ve heard
can become teachers.

The legs of minutes
need the steps that seconds make
to travel hours.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 19,  2021

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